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Found 3 results

  1. First off, a massive thank you to all the staff involved at @diyleduk I know you guys have been working extremely hard to get units out to people and you have continued to provide a stellar service all while moving location and being affected by the lockdown measures - bravo. So we're here finally! The QX Boards have arrived, I have 2 of the 75 watt versions and already I want more! It's been in my plans for a long while now to establish a Nursery to house genetics and root cuttings to move in to the flower chamber but space has been a major issue, I have a space where I have a small propagation tent set up (Secret Jardin DP60) this is only 60x40 cm floor space so I thought why not buy another DP60 propagation tent and stack them, keep mothers in one and root cuts or start seeds in the other great so I asked Adam for 2 boards as I wanted to replace my old 48 watt T5 system. I went in to my local(ish) hydro store just for my normal browse and I came across one of these Garden HighPro Propagation Tents, soon as I saw it and walked over to it the missus knew I was already buying it, this tent is the same footprint as my DP60 but it's 2m high! 5 shelves all of which you can pop out to create less but larger spaces I absolutely love it, there's space to root cuts or start seeds, space to hold cuts or mother plants or even males for breeding. I hate tents but this went up fast, it was up weeks ago and I've just been admiring it since and waiting to get it lit up. What a beauty! I love the low profile it saves so much headspace compared to the T5. That's only on the lowest draw as well so we're covering a 60x40cm area with a good spread and decent light level at 5(ish) watts! As you can also see each shelf has a waterproof lining so I wont have to worry about water dropping down the levels on lower fixtures. This is the second shelf down from the top so the top has nothing in it. The shelf under is left empty. We can take out the shelf liner and lift the wire rack shelf out.... This gives us double the headspace for larger stock or even vegging out a plant or two to give them a head start before going to the flower chamber! The second unit, again the bottom is left for expansion so that's 2 decent spaces which is great because as you'll all see I have plenty of seeds to play with! The front door is double layered, the inside door is clear and the outer light proof material velcro's to it if you need total darkness. Really chuffed with this little set up, low watts, small foot print, big potential. Genetics I've got a good collection of regular seeds that I've bought based on nostalgia and my love for Skunk, there's some Sativa in there too as I'm looking for something lifting. We have Subscription Seeds - Pineapple Skunk x The New (aka Dirty Larry) by @Smokebelch, Super Manny and Skunk Liver by @Highburyway, Psycho Animal Stomper x MAC 1 by @buddy13, Lemon Amnesia x (Cheese x Blues) and (Cheese x Blues) x (Cheese x Blues) by @highgrower, Smile F2 by @dannychoo, Smottie Remix by @Budelaire and Psycho Animal Stomper x Moonshine Haze by @golf.007 KGBeans - Psychosis BX2, Psychotropic and Wine Gums Seedman Seeds - Early Durban Underground Seeds(france) - Amnesia IBL, Sour'Kush and Durgan Chitral Mr. Nice Auctions - Angel Heart, N.H.S., ASH, Mango Widow, Nordle and NL5 x Skunk I also have some feminised seeds some gifted, some won and some bought all have something interesting. Dinafem - Orange Juice, Blue Widow, Amnesia Kush, Original Amnesia, Critical Cheese, Quick Critical+ and Critical 2.0 Seedism Seeds - Champagne Kush and Kush Valley Lemon Sorbet G13 Labs - Maltezerz Sweet Seeds - Sweet Zkittlez Izzy Whizzy, Let's get busy!
  2. QX Queen

    From the album Basstards Buds & Bokeh

    Dutch Passion | Auto Night Queen | Day 91 | DiyLedUk QX 75
  3. DIYLEDUK Competition time has officially landed! One lucky member will be winning £1000 worth of DIYLEDUK vouchers! Additionally, we're offering members a chance each month to win another fantastic prize for the best photo. Currently, our monthly prize will be a QX75 board (more details to come, in separate thread) Here are the details for how you can enter our £1000 prize draw..... Entrants must have purchased a light from us or from an authorised reseller OF OUR PRODUCTS and must submit a completed diary by 01/01/2021 in our diary section (*Please see FAQ's for more info) to be eligible for entry into our £1000 prize competition. Now we want everyone who's using one of our lights to be able to create a diary and enter into this competition. We're not looking for every entrant to be a growing master. What we're looking for in these diaries are regular, honest, detailed and engaging posts by the grower. A shortlist of potential winners from the best diaries will be drawn up by myself, Adam, @Joolz and @tokenroll. We'll then present our shortlist in a new thread and give you all the chance to vote on which of these diaries you think is most worthy of winning the prize. Once a winner has been chosen by all of you and announced by us, they will recieve a gift voucher from us - at the value of £1000 -to spend in our online store. Please keep reading below for some additional information. If there's anything we've not covered or made fully clear, please feel free to post below and we'll do our best to clarify. FAQ Q. Can I buy a light just to enter? A. When stock is available yes, you can buy a light anytime this calendar year and still enter (providing your diary with said light is also complete by the closing date). Q. I run your LED's mixed with HID/CMH or other LED's.... Can I enter? A. Yes. Mixed equipment is fine, providing you're not entering with a 75w LED light in a 5,000 watt HPS room . Q. I have a product you sell but I didn't buy it from you, can I enter? A. Any PAR+ products are accepted. Anything else would not be, unfortunately. Q. I made my light myself, can I enter? A. Providing you purchased some of the parts from us. Q. Can I use a preexisting diary I've already started in this section? A. Yes. Q. *Your section isn't private to non members. Can I post my entry in the grow dairy's forum and just link it here for security? A. Yes, of course. WE MAY ASK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER NUMBER AT ANYTIME DURING THIS COMPETITION, FAILURE TO PROVIDE THIS WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION! WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISQUALIFY ENTRANTS AT OUR DISCRETION, IF WE FEEL THE INDIVIDUAL IS OPERATING WITHIN AN UNFAIR OR UNSPRITIED INTERPRETATION OF THE COMPETITION Good luck everyone! DIYLEDUK - Craig