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Found 4 results

  1. Ok seeds arrived in the post this morning so thank you goes out to @Dinafem-Mark and all at @Dinafem Seeds. I will be running Dinafem - Quick Gorilla and Dinafem - Ocean Grown Cookies. All seeds will be planted starting with the Ocean Grown Cookies and a few weeks later followed by the Quick Gorilla. I will be growing in Coco from start to finish. I will be doing a few pot ups and flowering some of the plants out in 11 litre Air Pots. Veg time for the Ocean Grown Cookies will be 8-10 weeks or when the flower cab has free space. Grow style ie scrog, xmas trees etc I have not decided on yet. Nutrients of coarse is being kindly supplied by Intense Nutrients @Intense Nutrients Matt, I will be using the base nutrients, and some calmag. There will be no additives at all, including microbes etc, as the idea is to show how the plants can grow with the basics. Light source as usual for me will be 100% leds from @diyleduk. So with all that out of the way lets get this show on the the road. I have taken all 5 Ocean Grown Cookie seeds and put them into small pots containing moist coco and will put them in a warm dark place until they surface. Using tap water atm and the background EC is 0.4 to this I added Calmag Agent to reach EC0.6 and PH 5.5.. At a later date I will most likely switch from tap water to rain water from the water butt in the yard. The rain water will go in a res and be sterilized as normal with a little pond UV Sterilizer. The Diary will follow along the same format as usual, more photos, less crap and just relevant information to keep the diary clean and easy to view. That's it for now, have fun everyone this should be a fantastic competition and keep the community on uk420 buzzing. Toke… ps ignore the pencil lines they are from a different project and I need to wipe them off.
  2. Hi A big thanks to @Dinafem-Markfor the surprise seeds. A bit of a story too ... I planted the Quick Gorilla along with her Half-Sister Gorilla on 25/6. Gorilla popped after 3 days, Quick Gorilla after 5 days. May have been planting depth or shell thickness. But, who cares? They are both healthy and above ground! Here is Quick Gorilla at 4 weeks. She looked much smaller than my usual indoor plants at this stage. I'd planted her very close to mid-summer and in my head thought she'd be getting great natural light. But by mid-July it was obvious she wasn't. When I actually calculated the light she was getting it was around 15 hours, but only 9 direct and the rest was becoming poorer. So I took her inside and gave her an extra 8-10 hours under a 125W CFL. She picked up immediately. She was topped on 10/8 and flipped on 16/8. As rule of thumb I veg to 15", top, wait 5 days, flip and if she really stretches I manage the top of the plant with a light wire screen or I leave more vertical and severely lollypop for better nugs. 16/8 was chosen because it is 8 weeks after mid-summer .... Which means ... ... it is 18 weeks before winter solstice. Which gives ... 9 weeks flowering plus 1 week drying plus 8 weeks in jar. 16/8 last date for a 9wk strain with a 2 month cure ... it's Christmas weed! cheers @Dinafem-Mark She was smaller for 4 weeks then overtook the Gorilla (which is really 2 nodes bigger) in physical size quite significantly. Which is why this diary is a catch-up. She was a kind gift and I wanted to do a good diary. But she was always a lot smaller than the Gorilla and I messed up with the natural light veg. So I decided probably not a good advert ... sorry Mark ... But then with more light and a little time she recovered and is as big as my plants usually get in these pots. So here we are ... Quick Gorilla by Dinafem. The genetics surprised me. Gorilla of course but the cross is with an OG Kush Auto ... I was expecting some fast finishing indica. OG Kush Auto is ... OG Kush x Haze 2.0 Auto ... now this is getting intriguing ... Haze 2.0 Auto is ... Haze Auto x Jack Herer Haze Auto is .... Roadrunner x JYD Haze. Roadrunner is ... Lowryder x unknown Dinafem strains. So some amazing strains in her genetics ... OG Kush, Haze, Jack Herer as well as Gorilla. I'm looking forward to seeing how all these combine, could be an amazing vape. Here they are around a week into flower. Here she is today ... 15 days into flower. She's outside when the sun shines, under the 400W HPS the rest of the time so she's getting 12 hours of excellent light. Soon to get better as I've just ordered a Scope 220W from @diyleduk so she'll spend the final six weeks indoors under that. Should improve things ... She's a easy plant to grow. Doesn't like Nitrogen too much ... I'm into soil/organic tea feeds and never usually see any nutrient problems, but both Gorilla and Quick Gorilla had Nitrogen burns on a few tips. Nothing at all serious and it self corrected.
  3. Quick Gorilla2.jpg

    From the album Geoff 2019

  4. Quick Gorilla.jpg

    From the album Geoff 2019