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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone I'm going to start by saying that this is my first post here and hopefully I'm in the right category for the questions and that I don't go on for too long So I've been considering growing indoors for about a month now and I think I've got everything sorted out in terms of things to buy, the process and so on. Although lately I went down the rabbit hole of the internet for answers about the smell that it produces and ways to counter it. Let's just put it this way, the answers were unclear and the times I've posted this question was met by people basically telling me everything but the answer to my question. (Why I'm maybe overthinking it) In my current situation and probably for the future to come I'm living in a shared house meaning that what I envisioned for this project would be growing it in my room, I have a decent size room and a grow tent 60x60x140 would fit nice into one of my corners and not take any real space from me, near a window so the exhaust air can flow out. Now obviously stealth is of the most important because I wouldn't want my housemates to find out, so the question of smell comes up. From what I could gather some people say a outflow fan with a filter will make it smell proof, other people on the other hand say no that it will never work to keep the smell only in one room. So here I am, some things that may help is that the fireproof door in my room actually does a good job of not letting light scents get out into the hallway. If I open the window in my room it looks like it creates an airflow that brings air from the hallway and exits the window. Is it possible to do? What do you guys recommend? Best quality filter for effectiveness? I'm lost due to this. ((Take in mind I do not want to grow 5 plants at once just one at a time for personal use)) TL:DR Does a grow tent fan+filter set up eliminate the smell enough to be manageable in one room where the smell cannot get out due to reasons. If not is there a way? + Hows the fans in terms of noise (if I'm to sleep in the same room as the grow tent) Thanks in advance and sorry if there is some type of typo or wording mistake as English is not my first language, all the feedback is greatly appreciated hopefully I'll be growing by the end of the month!!
  2. (Sprouted Seed Teas) I have the basics but I'd like to hear from longterm users, Anyone using them? What can you tell me about their uses tia eg When do you start? How often? Do you use the same tea during veg and flower? Can you freeze them? and any other snippets you can throw my way tia