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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, can anybody be helpful enough to explain the difference between 2 meanwell drivers for me. HLG320H-48B HLG320H-C2800 It will be connected to 3 quantum boards 42-48V max 2400mA if that info is needed.
  2. Alright there Uk420, How are you all doing? I have been enjoying the fruits of the kingdom a little too much,but now I am back, with a selection of strains from HSO that @HSO-Mark has kindly sent me Cheers buddy. I am starting this year off with a couple of the Ogzk fast versions with the hope of getting some cuts outside somewhere, also to mix it up a bit I have a pair of accompanying plants, one Green Crack and one The New. Both of the Ogkz have been growing well and are almost at the reppoting stage, from 3.5 to a 6. Both of them are very similar almost identical, the only real difference I have observed is that one is slightly taller than the other, nicely spaced nodes on both, big seven fingered leaves,here’s a Couple of pics. The Green Crack is easily the most vigorous out of the bunch of them, gobbling up the feed and sprouting out good new growth all the places where I want to see it, just the one picture I took, here it is, That brings me around to The New, well to be honest it is a bit of a gangler, really large internode gaps, probably from its Larry Og parentage? Kinda excites me that little bit more the difference in it. I tried a gentle bit of training but it laughed at me, so I assaulted the main branches into a better position to allow the lower shoots to do some shooting, mainly the plant looks a bit battered but I did go in heavy sure she’ll perk herself up in a few days, here’s a pic, As for the lights, I have been running two boards @ 100 watts each,18/6 won’t be long before the other two go on. Still using my Mountain Air filter attached to a four inch rvk fan controlled with a sms thingy bob probe jobby. Couple of heat mats for under pot heating, controlled with another one of them plug in watchca me call it’s, and a couple of tube heaters, and it’s still freezing. Feed this year is going to be bio bizz, probably next year too. Next up, who knows maybe some Chemdawg regs, or some Three blue kings, or perhaps I’ll finally get around to growing out some bubba kush, the possibilities seam endless. Take it easy. Jj
  3. Hello Uk420, As the title suggests a new Hso diary this year, starting with two of the six new strains, Sugar Breath and Ogzk. Four have been germinated too of each, at the moment I have started them off in little plastic (kids party) cups, they have some company with them in there at the moment, some Dinafem Dinamed Cbd + Remo chemo and hopefully a couple of the quick hacks I have,when/if they decide to come up, if they fail, which is looking likely I’ll fling a couple of Mango Sapphires in to make the numbers up. Heres me nibblers,first up Sugar Breath Above one of the starter leaves is kinda forked ^^^^^ see, not seen anything like that before, but I am not concerned about it at all, Now the Ogkz, I have started them off in about 50/50 mud mixed with recycled coco, the coco was treated with enzymes before hand, still a few smaller bits of old root tho, but for 69p for 10 litres you won’t catch me wasting it willingly, until the spring arrives for a restock. For feed I will be going with will be Formulex for my roots with some bone meal blood worm granules on pot up into 100%coco, from then I will use Advanced Nutrients ph perfect for coco grow, I know AN has had a fair bit of bad press over the years, but it works well I can grow pretty much all year for £50, I only use the A&B as all the additives are to expensive for me, I have grown with other nutes but I got bored quite quickly of constantly adjusting/checking, calibrating, so that’s why if you wanted to know, tho that said I am quite sure that there are nutes out there that will complement a specific grow style. Lights, will be Hlg Quantum boards,Lm561c the older ones,a variety of them, at the moment they are gonna under 100watts, which they will stay under for another week then I’ll double it and give it a little raise, as the 100 watts are around 16 inches above the nibblers. So then there I am all started, any questions or things that I have forgotten to mention you know what to do. Happy new year folks, and Take it easy.Jj
  4. Alright there Uk420, Right then the year is almost over so time to get some beans cracked, so thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for the prizes So far I have popped two Remo’s and two Dinamed cbd+ which from now on I will refer to as cbd+ or something like that, I placed the beans in separate jars of water with labels on each,some time later both the remos cracked along with the cbd pair, so into their little party cups they go, both the cbd girls are up but only one of the Remo has joined the party, hopefully the other one will arrive by tomorrow. Remo chemo that has joined us, Pair of Cbd girls. Lights i am using are Quantum boards, currently running one at 100 watts around 16 inches, feed wise I am on formulex at the mo once they are a bit more established probably potted up into 1L pots I’ll start with the grow, Advanced nutrients, easy peasy. Ill back on a mostly weekly basis with updates, Take it easy,Jj
  5. Afternoon Uk420. Right Dinafems Gorilla is what this one is going to be all about, I did pop a pair a couple of weeks ago. They came up lovely but after 48 hours they gave up, I have no explanation as to why as the others that I popped next to them were ok, but let’s not dwell on a spot of murdering the good news is that the next two that went down came straight up, and at least a week later that are still going so here we go. Again these are under my newest leds, Nicha Quantum boards by Hlg, thought I would give them a go, not anything bad about them, I know they are massively underpowered, anyway before I break into full on jabber mode I am off. Take it easy Jj
  6. The full range of quantum boards uk products is now back in stock. Plenty of new kits that feature a 900mm long heatsink, great for you large area or even just to get the boards spread out. https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards Also the xmas promo offer is £30 quid off al 260w quantum board kits, these are a bargain at that price. (ive 20 at that price then it goes back up, be a week or 2). https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/260w-hlg-quantum-board-kit-dimmable Next shipping day is the 26th but if i get busy it may be a few days dispatch. No rush to buy one, just hang on till were back if you want as ive plenty of stock in now.
  7. Good mornings Uk420, Firstly a big thank you to panik for cutting me in on this, appreciated, thanks. I have germed a pair of pips, and they have popped up lovely, I thought I took a picture last night, but unfortunately I have not, I’ll put one on shortly. As these are regular I am going to take my time to find a mum, possibly even a dad. cheers.Jj
  8. Afternoon Uk420, Right then I decided to crack on, as I couldn't remember when the start date was, or if there was one,but needless to say I remembered the important part, I am in I am going to run no medium, except a root plug, I was going to rig up a bubbler but the pump sounds like an undersized person with the fastest hammer in the world, possibly even the universe,so unfortunately that is a non runner, instead I am doing something similar, only using one teeny weeny small pump,that's all I am going to say. What I will say is that I solemnly swear that no roots will be growing out of the pot.Not on my watch. I'll update every week or so with progress reports and pics of full pot, bottom and top shots and hopefully some amazing root structures. So I have a bubbas gift from Hso cheers @HSO-Mark put into soak this very day, Properly prepared pot products preform pretty pukka, peachy,Jj
  9. Right then, firstly I would like to say thanks to @panik for the opportunity to grow some of his new cross. I put 4 in a jar of water to soak, about 6 hours later they had all sunk, so I prepared some root riots and in they went, placed onto a heat mat for 24 hours and have started to pop up. Just a standard simple no thrills grow, I'll probably flower in 3.5 pots of coco, with AN a&b. The veg will continue for approx 8/9 weeks. Ill be back with more pics next time cheers.Jj
  10. Flower Cab Lights All Samsung.jpg

    From the album The White House

    Top level of cab are the original HLG Quantum Boards that I have been using since release and the bottom level Samsung Hinflux Single Row Led Strips provided by diyleduk.
  11. Right first off, Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for the opportunity to run these beans. They turned up this morning so I have wasted no time at all as there are 2 of each currently floating in little jar bowl things. Once sunk to the bottom, I will put them into little root riots in a lunch box on a heat mat, probably indoors, just till they poke their little heads out, then it will be into the veg box, in approximately 9weeks my flower room will/should be empty, so I am looking at a 8-10 week veg, depending how this goes I might flower in 3.5 again, i will see how it goes, Feed will be AN, A&B, formulex for the roots and a bit of bone meal/blood worm dust on pot up, oh yeah and in coco of course. Ill be back with more pics as soon as they have popped up, cheers Jj
  12. New DIY Flower Cab and LEDS

    From the album The White House

    Little shot of the new diy cab designed around the led setup. 4 Plants at the front left to right are Dinafem OG Clones. Last plant on the front right is the just defoliated to hell G13 Labs - Blue Cindy Mother. Rear 7 plants are G13 Labs - Blue Cindy clones.
  13. Day 1 12/12.jpg

    From the album LED Quantum Board Grows

  14. Day 1 12/12.jpg

    From the album LED Quantum Board Grows

  15. 4 Quantum boards full power combined.jpg

    From the album LED Quantum Board Grows

    4 Quantum boards full power combined Meanwell HLG-240H-C1050A Driver
  16. 2 Quantum boards lowest power.jpg

    From the album LED Quantum Board Grows

    2 Quantum boards lowest power Meanwell HLG-240H-C1050A Driver
  17. 2 Quantum boards full power.jpg

    From the album LED Quantum Board Grows

    2 Quantum boards full power Meanwell HLG-240H-C1050A Driver