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Found 7 results

  1. Quantum boards uk quantum board uk hlg quantumboards Due to the amount of preorders there's only a couple of kits left. If some pre orders cancel ill put more up. Restock soon The 135s will go out on monday and the 265s will go out tuesday/wednesday depending on if i sleep this weekend or not. 135w kit. good for a 60x60 area. https://www.diyleduk.co.uk/product-page/135w-quantum-board-v2-kit-dimmable 265w kit. good for a 80x80cm area. Or i can extend it for a 1.2x0.6cm area. https://www.diyleduk.co.uk/product-page/265w-quantum-board-v2-kit-dimmable Ill the info is on the page. Sphere data/SPD/par maps/wattage. HLG are one of the few companies to post this publicly. Heres the 550 TEST REPORT the kits come in a little lower (data on products page) due to the 1% lower driver efficiency. Good luck
  2. Quantum boards uk Quantum board quantum board uk hlg quantum boards horticulture lighting group. https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards Quantum boards are now back in stock. Ive no backlog so they should last at least a couple weeks and orders will take 5 working days max, from order to delivery. Ive got a new range of kits up called the XL kits. They feature a 900mm long heatsink for excellent spread and are available in a few different sizes to suit different areas. 150w designed for a 60cm x 60cm area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/150w-hlg-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 260w designed for a 80cm x 80cm area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/260w-hlg-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 275w XL designed for a 1.2m x 0.6m area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/275w-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 360w XL ideal for filling up large rooms https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/360w-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 550w XL designed for a 1.2m x 1.2m area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/550w-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable 720w XL designed for a 1.5m x 1.5m area https://diyleduk.com/collections/hlg-quantum-boards/products/720-hlg-xl-quantum-board-kit-dimmable There is a free shipping code but the uk420 code is going to get you more off in most cases.
  3. Hi all After completing two consecutive grow diaries on here I am at the point now of looking to change a couple of lighting aspects in my room, you can see my lighting set up on any of my sigs below. But as a long story put short, in my loft room, (which has a grow space of 2.3m wide, 1m long with lights hanging at 1.8m high), I am currently using a 400w Meizhi unit for the left hand side of my space, with a 600w HPS in the middle raised slightly higher due to hot spots they give, with a MARS 600w on the right side of the room. After using these lights now for 2 grows on the bounce now my findings are that the MARS light is crap and kicks out popcorn IMO. The meizhi grows well in the middle of its footprint but does not give a high enough par in the corners of its footprint, so nice buds in the middle but popcorn again on the outside, but with the HPS next to it gives good crossover and this is where the best colas are formed. Now, as a skint northerner I cannot afford top dog equipment (like the Gammablaster or a KIND), but I do okay. I am looking into the possibility of upgrading my setup and want to know if making a quantum board or an equivalent of these is possible to do in the UK right now? Or at bare minimum a unit that can replace the MARS bar piece of turd. Longer term, I also want to get the HPS out there before the summer comes as lofts get really hot, and while winter is manageable for keeping temps up with the HPS and a heater, summertime I need the coolest units I can run. So me and a friend are looking at learning how to make a unit, I am aware I can buy QB's online, but does anybody know how to, or if its possible right now? Ive seen them in action and they do look good, but what would the cost of the parts be to supply and run in a 2m x 1m area? This would be for flowering only, given a week or so of veg time, but I have another cab for that. So thats where Im at, or do I just buy that big ass kingbo unit on amazon lol? At this stage, any information would be useable right now, if you need to see my setup the critical orange punch diray is the lastest and you can see the dimensions/space I run this hobby in. Thanks for your time in reading. Peace MMT
  4. Hi Grow room Grow area 2ft d, 4ft w, 7ft h. T5 4f 54w ho 8 tubes. exhaust fan 6". Oscillating Tower Fan inkbird temperature controller. Inkbird humidity controller. greenhouse tube heater 4ft. 3 autopots. (Maximum Grow Area Height 5ft.) I am just about ready to buy my LED strips. I am confused which strips to buy and how many. I prefer to use strips because I can get a more even canopy and from what I have read you can bring these strips closer to canopy i.e. 8,10 inches. 1. I was thinking about mixing Samsung single row LED, veg and bloom I don't know the wattage of strips. what I have read and seen on YouTube they are mixing these strips. LED MOD FSERIES GEN3 3500K STRIP. LED MOD FSERIES GEN3 3000K STRIP. I was thinking about buying 5 of each 2. diyleduk Samsung H-inFlux LM301B 3000k for veg and bloom Led strip (75w max) double row LED. Thinking about buying 6 strips 3. Looking for a driver which I can dim, don't know which is best series or parallel.. Would this mount up across 2ft x 4ft, Maximum grow area height 5ft. is what I'm trying to do is equal 600W digital ballast HPS bulb, or am I doing it the wrong way. thanks.
  5. Good evening all Welcome to Magiks attempt at a first grow. I have just tried to pop my beans using the wet kitchen roll method in Tupperware - as the title says I am going to be attempting to grow OG Kush and Bubba Kush. Both of these are autos and will be grown in a DR60. just getting together all the equipment and working out the timing logistics to ensure I'll be here for the during has been difficult, so I am quite concerned about all of this really and fucking it up! Thank you to all the folks on this forum who helped me with my set up. It is much appreciated. I still have some final touches to complete tomorrow on my tent but I should be ok (ducting). Product list: QB 135w (driver attached) KSA acoustic fan 125mm Rhino pro 125mm CF sms pro 4 amp 1l pot and transfer to 11l - might drop this to 7l if needs be. Biobizz lightmix for 2-3 weeks. Biobizz all mix Biobizz Bloom and Grow I will get more nutes when needed. I think I will also wire a DIY pc intake fan and run it off the controller if needs be. Tbc.....
  6. Quantum Boards.jpg

    From the album LED Quantum Board Grows

    4 x Quantum Boards mounted on 2 x Quantum Board Heatsinks