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Found 3 results

  1. Hi @HSO-Markkindly selected San Bacio Gelato and Purple Matcha for me in this wonderful seeds4diaries promo. I've got my 400w HPS out of retirement. Currently with a Philips veg bulb soon to change to a flowering bulb. Plus a 220w Strip LED Both lights slightly to the side and angled a little to add some side lighting. It's busy in there. They are on 24/7. I have flowering plants on large drip trays which slide across the tiled floor into a nearby dark bedroom with an oscillating fan set up. So I rotate two sets of flowering plants. It also means I can veg in the same space. So the San Bacio Gelato and Purple Matcha are joining this rotation. They arrived really early and I planted them that night 29/05/20 I planted 2 of each into a seed tray with new compost. A Purple Matcha broke surface in 4 days, the San Bacio Gelato took 7/8 days. One Purple Matcha didn't make it. It germinated and I could see the cotyledon leaves but it didn't grow any stalk and after about 4 days started going brown. I potted them into 1 litre pots 3 days ago. They look happy. SBG @ 8 days old today. The brown blotches on the first true leaf are from an accidental splash from a nearby Neem oil spraying. My mistake, I thought they were out of range. It only hit the Purple Matcha and she's fine. PM @ 11 days old Looking forward to growing these. They sound a bit special. Fun Summer Grow 2020 ... fat fruity nugs is the goal.
  2. hello and welcome to The Cave, This will hopefully be a record of a successful grow but, I'm promising nothing more than a really good go from a crazy old bear. First the Space(s): I will update each space as we reach it (veg and flower are also separate) Nursery is a small cupboard with mish mash lighting and clip on fans for air (not ideal but it is only a nursery) The lighting for the seedling stage is 1/2 a T5 4 tube (half is fookeded) Nutrients and compost : Thanks to @Intense Nutrients Matt for kindly helping out so I could run the full organix range on this run! Top man So, I'll be using ; Granules Runzyme Foundation Grow Bloom These will run according to schedule, I will make any adjustments as we go but from what I have seen that won't necessarily be required... we shall see. Compost: Clover Multi-Purpose (on it's own for seedlings) Wormcast Kelp Meal Dolomite lime Ecothrive charge Other information: Water - my water is horrendous out of the tap (very mg heavy) I amend it with Canna Mono Calcium to a ratio of 3.5 : 1 Cal : mg I add this information as I get asked a lot about water and I hope this will be a good reference point for future enquiries. Ok thats it for the intro on space etc .... heres the pics, 2 of each got dropped in for a soak and all came up! Out of the gates and we have 4 runners Cheeky shot to show non destructive seed removal Runty PM on the right was the last to show and has been a tad slow in getting herself going but its only very early and everyone is alive!!! and now , in keeping with bear necessities... We have the "Pandometer" for measuring level of excitement Week 1 rating is .......... back in a week to see if its getting the Panda up SSAS (Stay Safe and Stoned) Obie
  3. Ey up folks. Hope we're all keeping well n that. Recieved my seeds kindly from @HSO-Mark t'other day. Being a single dad wi kids means time can be hard to find. If its been a busy one, saturday and sunday morning i grant to myself on principle. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So thought id do summat exciting and pop some of these beauties into some muck. Read a few days ago about melting the wax and just pushing the vial out. First time i ever tried to open some hso seeds i ended up making a right piggin mess. So top tip there ..... knowing me im the last on to this and just made a knob of me self. Not much to document other than how i choose to germinate seeds. Tried a few ways but straight into soil always works for me. Less handling, less faffin about. Just pop the blighter in. Warmed up some soil on top of a nice warm veg box. Did this last thing last night. Im using lightmix at the moment because its what ive got here. I intend to use allmix by the final pots. Suppose it depends if they have any in stock at the shop. Seen a few different types geared towards growing cannabis online. Any recommendations for an allmix replacement would be greatly appreciated. I popped some mycorrmax partway up the pot layered over a little more compost like so. I did give it a quick nudge about after this pic was taken to distribute it a bit better than in big piles After this bobbed me seeds in and covered with a little more compost. Then bagged up and put onto a tray sat on top of a heated prop. It'll stay there until we get the tray a bit warmer. Youll notice theres 6 pots ready and only 5 bagged up. Decided to be sensible about numbers so decided to do 3 lingerie and 2 velvet octane. Ive already got 2 purple matcha and an LA Gelato vegging so i might cobble them into this diary and just veg them a little longer than normal and see how these go about catching up. 8 is probably my limit. Usually see something in 3/4 days. Once they above ground they'll go under the T5. Im gonna bob me lickle prop tent up for this, so thats a job for tomorrow. Once theyre done under there theyll move to the bigger sized veg tent under a 150MH, im hoping to replace this with something from diyleduk at some point. Then, once they get here, under a couple of lumatek LEDs. Only 200's mind. But its enough for the space and some poor twat has to pay the lecky bill so 200's it is. Wish they'd get a wriggle on. Paid for them early march i think. Bloody corona. When its time for feed ill be using biobizz fishmix and bloom. Also have some biosys tea ill use now and again during veg especially. Regarding potsize ill play it by ear probably end up using me 10" pots. So fingers crossed folks and ill si'thi in about 3 days.