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Found 6 results

  1. Ladies and Gents - Welcome to my Sweet Seeds diary! I'll attempt to make the best out of the 12 strains I've selected for this grow. Here the 9 photoperiod strains Here the 3 automatic strains I'll be growing them in compost and will be using mostly Biobizz products along the way. In total, there will be 20 plants (12 photos and 8 autos) At some point, the plants will be divided into 2 grow spaces. The automatics will be growing under 20h light with a 400w bulb. While the photoperiods will get the bigger space with 600w light. I've placed them all into germination yesterday and hope the will show their heads in the next couple of days. Thanks again to Sweet Seeds for hosting another great competion and providing us with their delicious strains - Good luck to all the other competitors!
  2. Sweet Seeds® Sweet Tai®, Psicodelicia® & Jack 47® Sweetly Sativa (leaning) Diary Competition 2018/2019 Introduction I chose these three strains (Jack47®, Sweet Tai® and Psicodelicia®) as they are all at least 70% Sativa and It would be nice to have a smoke that boosts creativity rather than renders me disabled on the sofa, I’d like to see how they perform under the Quantum boards which tend to keep node spacing tight and hopefully control any stretch although height/headroom is not necessarily a problem. My intention is to keep a concise diary, monitoring plant health and growth rates and environmental conditions along the way. Many thanks to Sweet Seeds for their generosity and the opportunity to take part in this competition. There’s some stiff competition this year and I hope this will inspire and motivate me to keep a detailed, interesting and up to date diary. Strains: (all info reproduced from seed packs) Sweet Tai® - Fantastic crossbreed between our elite clones of Super Tai and Early Skunk. The resulting hybrid features a very tasty, deeply spiced and exotic flavour that is typical of Asian varieties. The Early skunk genetic side shortens the flowering period, but also allows for denser and more resinous buds, with a more compact structure that turns it into a strain adapted for indoor growing. Produces a very cerebral high. Psicodelicia® - This strain is a cross between a clone form the United States and a plant from Nepal whose spices aromas bring to mind places where coffee is toasted. A mostly Sativa plant with very short flowering period, producing generous buds all full of resin The effect is typical of a mostly Sativa hybrid: energetic, clean and exciting. An ideal strain for artistic and creative activities. Jack 47® - This super hybrid is the result of the cross between wo of the most potent genetics of all time, Jack Herer X AK47. Jack47®(SWS08) is a very productive plant with strong effect that grows with an extraordinary vigour. This allows for big buds with copious amounts of resin. The tastes and aroma of this variety are sweet and fresh, complemented with a lemony hint and tones of incense. As a result of its genetic freshness and hybrid vigour, this plant adapts very well to every kind of growing technique. Besides that, it allows for the production of strong and healthy clones that show roots in only 7 days. Grow Room Profile Equipment and Used: Seedlings - .8m2 grow cupboard Lighting 65w 4000K Quantum board. (courtesy of DIY led) Veg/Flower Area – Tent, Dimensions 240cmX120cmX200cm, Mylar lined. Extraction – 10inch Mountain Air Carbon filter (1870m3/hr) System Air 10” RVK fan (780m3/hr) Intake: Passive, Several. Lighting: 1 X 530w Quantum board V2 LED Kit (DIYLED) 2 X ISH250W Quantum Board (Invisible Sun LED) Growing Medium: Soil, Jacks Magic. pH 5.5-6.5 Nutrients: Maxicrop Seaweed for seedlings and during veg to promote root health/disease resistance. House & Garden Soil A & B: ingredients: Calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid anhydride and magnesium sulphate. House & Garden BUD XL for flowering period. Ingredients: Ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and potassium hydroxide TNC Mycorr Max (The Nutrient Company) 8 endo – Mycorrhizae 7 Ecto-Mycorrhizae 5 Trichoderma 13 Beneficial Bacteria Seaweed Humic Acid Vitalink Cal Mag (NPK 1.8-0-0) Minimum Guaranteed Analysis. (N) 1.8% (NO3)1.8% (CaO)4.0% (MgO)1.7% (Fe) – chelated by EDDHA 0.04% (Fe) – chelated by DPTA 0.05% All liquid nutrients measured by pipette Hygrometer/Thermometer. 4 way lighting contactor. Oscillating floor fan. Iphone 7 for Pictures. 3L square black pots 7L square black pots. Tape measure MS Excel Two seeds of each strain were put into Jacks magic soil in 0.1L pots, the soil was pre-wetted with maxicrop Seaweed extract made up at 1.1ml/L This solution is now in a spray bottle so I can keep the pots moist without flooding them out and washing my seed away to the bottom of the pot. The pots have been positioned under the 65W Quantum board where temperature is a steady 24.1 C with a piece of paper over the tops of the pots to stop the light stunning them when they initially appear (at which point I'll move the light higher) The plant labels are sticky on one side so that any pests can be detected and dealt with early if necessary. The date on each label refers to the date the seeds went into soil but will be updated with the dates they break ground in due course. Growth rates, Environmental conditions and observations will be tracked and monitored throughout the grow, using Microsoft Excel. If anyone's made it this far through my long post, Well done! and thank you I'm a little intimidated by the quality of contestants in this competition but I'll be happy to finish with some great buds and a smile on my face. Good Luck to ALL
  3. Psicodelicia.jpg

    From the album Misc.

  4. Thanks for running such a great competition Jayyp,Tommy and all the sweet seeds family. Hello and welcome to my Sweet seeds competition diary. I thought I would kick things off with a drawing (since i’m an artist) as a way of introduction. As you can see I went for Psicodelicia, Wild Rose and Sweet Afgani Delicious. My choices were easy as i’ve wanted to grow wild rose for years, Psicodelicia is in a book i’ve got and Sweet Afgani Delicious just sounds excellent I love growing in water so whatever system I use it will be water based, nft,dwc, r-dwc or waterfarm. I’ve got a few options maybe try 3 girls one cup again... ... This is the setup for this grow. No1 a mop of course ; ) Small veg tent 60x60x80cm Light: 300w CFL euro shade Heated propagator Small Desk fan for air movment Flower Tent 1.2m (GreenQube) Environmental Controller G SE set at 25c, 70% humidity lowering to 50% late in grow 600w Hps with a 5” air-cool shade 2 5” inline fans (one for filter, one for shade) 2 6” desk fans (one high, one low) 1m scrog net Nutrients are simple GHE 3 part formula Grow, Micro, Bloom Cal-mag Superthrive Silicon (ph up) Lemon juice (ph down) I’ve got H2O2 for if I see any root rot and TaNiLin for if I see any fungus gnats. I will be using EC truncheon and PH meter to keep everything in happy zone for hydroponics Lets get growing, the seeds and lovely catalogue got here really fast (within two days) Fantastic! I put them straight in some room temperature water over night then transfer directly into Jiffy pots and put them in the heated propagator with the lid on just to stop the coco pots drying out. Keeping a close eye on how heavy the coco pots are and keep them wet but not soaking. You get a feeling for it I used the paper towel method for years, then tried this way and its just as good so far Within one day the seedlings are starting to show Over the next few days all the seedlings made it the to surface This was the 1st seed to show S.A.D S1 won that round I’ll see how much they stretch and decide if they are going into grodan block or into clay pebbles Sorry this is such a big first post I just wanted to cover how I start out in detail I got six weeks to wait until the flower tent is empty , then the fun will really start. I’ll do another update soon as anything is happening. Bye for now : )
  5. Right I got a question in the hopes that someone can answer it and I know that @@Sweet Seeds-Jaypp likes his Psicodelicia A few years back now I remember readin somewhere that you could find a purple phenotype of this plant but I can't find the thread now so I might just have been stoned and imagining it has anyone ever come across such a thing? and if so how common or rare is it to find? Cheers in advance folks. Hazy