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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I germinated some seeds but due to not being ready with all the equipment, I had to leave them a bit longer than I probably should have and they ended up sprouting leaves in the paper towel. At least some of them. The tap root was 1-2 inches, so I dug as big a hole as I could to put them into the rockwool, and now have then on a heat mat (buffered by some plastic containers). I hope I didn't leave them too long but this is my first time, so I dont really know. I was hoping some experienced people can guide me on the path to best save them or should I bin them and peg this down to beginners luck? Some of them look ok, but seem a bit tall. Do you think this is recoverable? They are covered by a clear lid, although the pic doesnt show that. They have 110W T5 and they are in 50-90% humidity (I spray them to maintain) with about 26-29 deg C. After letting them down by my mismanagement at the start of their life, how can I best take care of them to hope for a recovery, if that is possible. I have rockwool ph'd overnight to 5.5, and then formulex added at EC 0.6 for an hour or so. The two cubes on the left, have two seeds germinating (hopefully) directly in the rockwool. I figured I should try that in case some of the others don't make it. Thanks for any guidance.
  2. Hello there boys and girls. I got new babies for my new grow. I usually wait till some roots are sticking through rockwool before putting them in NFT. Then maybe once a day I use a pump to wet the spread mat and feed them with a syringe for couple of days before more roots appear. But once I put them in NFT, one day later they started yellowing, so I took them out to get more roots, and then gonna put them back in. And this is how they look like: As you can see, they are developing lighter stripes. Im not sure what could be wrong here. It would be normal if the lower leaves where yellowing, but this is the whole plant. Anyone has any ideas? or suggestions what to do? Thank you everyone!
  3. Before anyone comments, yes, I have been stupid. For whatever reason I cannot fathom, I decided to plant some seeds I'd gathered over the 6 months or so. No proper plan in place except, 'wing it, give it a go & see what happens.' Here's my dilemma: I now have 3 viable seedlings without a clue as to how to plan to care for them properly. I half expected nothing to happen, in my defense. Two of the seedlings shot up out of nowhere. They took quite a while to germinate, but once they did they had rapid growth in height in 48 hours, the tallest was not far from the lid of the propagator tray. A good friend tells me they are maybe 'reaching?' I'm not sure what this means. What equipment do I need for the next couple of months, if I were to try and bring them on? And, what can I do short term over the next few days to try and save them as I can't get out of the house until Tuesday to gather/purchase equipment? I was thinking of re-potting the largest seedling at least and popping a temporary cover it. They are just sat in my bedroom closet at the minute receiving a good amount of natural daylight. Help! I feel responsible for starting these babies, I'd hate to lose them. Any help appreciated and any further questions needed then feel free to ask them. Thanks