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Found 18 results

  1. Evening all I’m after some advice please, anyone who has experience in dwc. I moved my pair of seedlings into there main system as the diy starter box I made was getting abit warm. My main system has chiller plumbed into it, Temp is set to 20c on the chiller so temps fluctuate between 19.7-20.7 I think I left two much of a air gap between water line and bottom of net pots, the roots are looking shrivelled up and dark coloured above water line below water like they are bright white and look thick and healthy. Is this something to be worried about or normal? Couple pictures not the best quality sorry. I have topped up the res so the roots are further covered now. Just panicking as it’s my first time dwc/hydro. Thanks in advance.
  2. Evening all I’m after some help as I’m lost and don’t really know what to do I didn’t want to high jack @candybuddy post so have started my own. I’ve got two girls in Dwc oxypot xl Using RO water EC0 sensi grow a and b voodoo juice b-52 Chiller is keeping res at 19c res is sitting at 0.6EC and girls look happy and are growing quickly but the roots just look a right mess. What could I do to resolve the issue or should I not worry about them there is no funny smells or anything YET. Should I ditch the additives and make a fresh res with silver bullet roots as I have it sitting here. A couple pictures of the mess
  3. I was wondering if somebody can tell me what's wrong with my plants, I am on week 10 super lemon haze auto GHS strain. Been feeding advanced nutrients under 2 x 600 watt, 8 x 12L fabric pots and one 15L autopot (just trying it out) Soil. Past few weeks they have been getting Bloom A and B 1.5ml per litre and last week switched from Big bud to Overdrive 1.5ml per litre aswell. So they're on: Cal-Mag 2.5ml per litre B-52 1.5ml per litre Bloom A n B 1.5ml per litre Overdrive 1.5ml per litre 3 fans plus extractor fan so plenty of airflow. 16/8 light cycle 55% humidity 30 degrees Celsius day temps The leaves at the top have turned yellow and crispy but the buds look and smell absolutely fine. I just want to know why leaves have turned yellow and crispy? Will the buds be fine after harvest? How do I avoid/fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  4. Hey guys I’m growing some white diesel haze, I’ve got 2 of these going , one is a lot bigger than the other , I think this is due to me over watering the smaller one when it was young... any way I’ve noticed over the last couple of days I’ve started getting rusty looking sugar leaves on the bigger one. I don’t think it’s light intensity as the “smaller” one is actually taller and that ones fine.... any other ideas what it could be ? so info 1x1x2m tent coco , hand watered Dutch pro auto flower nutes 2ml/L Dutch pro explode 1ml/L lights : Spider Farmer SF2000 (x2) on 18/6 pH is good ec 1.2-1.3 I’ve noticed it’s spreading across the plant, it started with the main kola now it’s on pretty much all of them. im on week 5 of flower with While Label Seeds saying they take 5-7 weeks , so I’m assuming it’ll take a little longer than what they say . any advice , things to consider ?
  5. Im having some problems and im not too sure whats going on, first time grower, taken extra care with the nutrients. I use coco A & B , rhizotonic. I had my mix at 6ml a and 6ml b per 5 litres of water, Ph'd to 6.2 but i noticed these spots on my plants, so i thought it was a cal mag defiency, as my tap water has an EC of 0.0! So i added the recommened dose of 1ml per litre of cal mag vitalink to get the cal mag up a bit. Also added an extra 1m a and b to a fresh mix of nutes as the new growth was very light green. And a day after i fed the plant this new mix, the new growth got much greener but now im seeing some of the leaves curling under and looking glossy? Using coco coir, 40% perlite and rest coco coir for good drainage. Its also just had its first transplant to a bigger pot. Any help would be greatly appreciated! For some reason i cant add photos... shows in the edit box but doenst post.
  6. Hi all, didn't really know which bit to post this is in as I'm having a few problems. I have posted before and @blackpoolbouncer gave me some great advice but I'm still having problems. The background: I grew successfully in coco coir, starting my seeds in rockwool, for about 2 years then I switched to hydro and the wilma system. I had one successful grow and then decided to switch from rockwool to root riots due to rockwool being bad for the environment. I grew 8 Barney's Farm Blue cheese from seed using root riots and there were no issues. Then the problems began,. I bought 8 Big Bomb seeds, started them in a prop, did exactly like before, put them in the root riot and none of them even germed. I posted here and got some great advice which I followed. This time one out of 8 popped up. The others didn't even germ. I decided to try different seeds so I bought some Super bud and this time decided to try the paper towel method. All of them germed just fine and I very carefully transferred them to the root riots, careful not to overwater as I suspected this was the issue last time. They all popped up just fine and began to look good. I gave them quarter strength nutes. Then 3 of them flopped over and died (I'm guessing dampening off) and the remaining 5 are still upright but have completely stopped growing. They are under an 85watt CFL. I'm tearing my hair out here. It's like I'm destined not to grow anymore and I've lost my confidence. I still have the first Big Bomb which is a seedling now but it doesn't look super healthy. I'll post a pic ina bit. it has healthy new growth but the old leaves are yellowing and the stem looks very thin. any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to go back to rockwool I think. I have 8 more Superbud seeds. Wtf am I doing wrong people?
  7. Hey, so I purchased a dimlux 315cmh and it has been great until a while back it just died mid flower first grow on some autos. I messaged the company I got it from and sent it back as it was still in warranty and got the postage paid. They sent it back to me repaired and it was the ballast that had died. All was working fine until tonight I checked on my kids and it seems it is gonna do the same again. It’s not emitting the same amount of light as yesterday and has a strange hot plastic smell coming when you get really close to it and take a sniff. Has anyone else suffered similar problems?
  8. I have tried to trouble shoot, even taken the drastic action of investigating whats going on. I have tried various things to resolve the problems I have had. 1st, leaves were turning up at the tips and some were drooping, so I held off on watering, after about 5 days of it perking up and the pot feeling like it was empty, I watered it with a small amount of feed as prescribed, included some Rhizo as it may be a root problem. Keep in mind I been round that block twice after resolving what the issue might be, the plant responded. So after I had decided to help air I increased the perlite mix ratio and returned what was removed and the plant perked right up. So I kept air going 24/7 A couple of days later, watered again with CalMag + Rhizo nutrients and feed. This was 1 Litre mix of water in to a 10L pot. SO I didn't dump all the water in one area, I spread it about so that it would seep down. quickly in the higher mix medium. It perked right up and then progressively over 8 hours, some leaves were still turning at the tip. I had investigated once more and found that the likley source of the problem and found that the roots were in a clump of something that seemed to resemble compost that has compacted, so I gently brok it up and this seems to be the main issue with the water logging. The leaf tips are still turning brown but not curling. One has spots of brown on it, is this a nutrient problem? I have added Cal Mag and Rhizo to the water / feed, what now? Any ideas? To give an idea of its current growth rate, Its pushing out its 3rd set of 5 fingers It had pushed out 3 sets of 3 fingers prior to that The lowest leaves have already been removed to prevent any rotting or fungal growth. A friend who started a few weeks earlier with the same seeds, his are like need taming. He has already had one agressive cut back on the lower leaves because they are not getting light, interfering with air so he pruned them and his are putting out 9 fingers. My environment has adequate air circulation, is kept at around 20 degrees at night, the grow space is around 24 to 25 degrees when lights on. Humidity varies from 50% to 70%, depending on watering. All excess that drains through is collected and removed from the space to prevent stale air conditions, it gets fresh air from the environment so its around room temperature. Your ideas on next steps, I have laid off water and feed for a few days now.
  9. Hope this is in the right forum... Found this interesting and informative article on too much light and the domino effect / catch 22 it creates... Probably second nature to the experienced growers, but this really helped diagnose the crazy problems I just had in my tent!! A revelation to me! Feel like I understand a whole lot more http://www.growweedeasy.com/too-much-light Cheers
  10. okay guys sotoday whilst feeding my girls i noticed 2 buds had yellowed in the middle. the beast from the east has been over and iv had my ballast on 660. the plants have stretched even more and im guessing this pheno is slighlty more sensitive than its sisters. is this light, nutes, bad ventilation ? iv rearranged and retucked some buds through the scrog again, im just hping to get reasurrence. so what do you guys think light or heat burn ? got a normal bud below and here we have the estranged bud. obviously im a novice this could be simple and im overthinking. but i just want reassuring theyre not herming out or anything any response would be appreciated guys
  11. 4X4 grow tent soil - 16l pots 4 blue cheese 1 royal ak 1 pineapple chunk watered every 2-3 days fed every 3rd watering with old timers grow. 5 weeks into veg from seed this is my first proper grow last one was a mesely 2 plants i got a half oz off. the light cycle is on 20/4. i took cuttings today from one blue cheese because i though it looked monster, before i swapped to flower in 2 weeks time. after i examined the cut i realised there were little hairs coming out the stems and clicked it had gone into flower (i wondered why it got greedy and stretched 5-6 inches) and i have no clue why ? may have possibly mixed up nutes on a feeding and gave it a shot of bloom but that wouldnt have affected it surely? im just gonna flip the tent to 12/12 and get em all under way but anyone got an idea as to why this has happened ? i dont want it happening again because i could of done with the extra week or 2 of veg. any help would be appreciated.
  12. So in the first 3 days of flower my timer was set in 24/7 and caught it after 3 hours so first times were; 7:30pm on-7:30 am off, caught it at 10:38ish something like that anyway I changed it to 11-11 and Everything is going fine it's just its abit of a chore doing things so late at stupid times and what not plus it's cheaper electric for me 12:30-7:30 on economy 7 anyway my question is; Can I just turn them off at 7:30am today give that would have give them a 8 1/2 hour day and would revert my times but would it cause any drastic harm 3 weeks into flower? A quick reply would be lovely if not I could do it tommorow but the sooner the better imo Many thanks james
  13. hello, hello, Hi. taken the long overdue dive into the world of growing. have been set up 5 days now. setup is as follows, 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 tent, 600w hps light, 5" fan and filter, 9" oscillating fan, nine 16l rootpouch pots filled with canna coco 60/40 pebbles mix and im using canna I got my babies on sunday, they came looking healthy in rockwool cubes with decent rootage. I transplanted into the 16l rootpouches pretty much as soon as. I watered them with room temp water with a little rhizotonic untill I had run off in the tray. really thought they would have livend up a little by now but they seem to be drooping and the leaves curling down, the little ones at the top seem to be curling round the most and are a very pale green. they also all have purple stems more or less all over. also some yellowing of some of the nine. i am going to try take pictures and upload tonight very shortly. so hello everybody and anyone have any inclination of what could be happening?? any info would be much appreciated
  14. I left my friend to take care of my friends because I wanted to go on holiday for a week. So the temperatures were too big, I know that. And he once forgot to put the water pumps back to the tray after lowering down the ph, which I asked him to do. Next day he returned when lights turned on. and Three plants were completely dead. Like their leaves were all hanging. He obviously understood it was the water which girls wasnt receiving. and turned pumps back on. They survived, and the others have suffered as well as I now see when I returned. All the lower parts of leaves are yellowing. Although there are so many leaves, maybe the plant tries to get rid of them naturally. Those who where effected the most by water shortage, the lower leaves completely dried off. And I have nutrient burns as couple of times when water was lowering in its quantity EC rised to 1.8-2.0 I've emptied the tank and refilled with EC 1.4... and today is EC 1.6... Too much again... It is a fourth week of flowering. Could it be that, because of the stress they received, they just drink water and dont want to uptake any nutrients? Why EC is rising so fast? PH is rising was aswell, but at least there is ph down for it...
  15. Hi All, My friend has a couple of plants which he is having issues with. He's using RO water with a PH of between 6-7. He's not used any nutes except sprayed diluted super thrive and bio-silicon. The soil is Plant Magic. They have been vegging for over 4 weeks and a few other plants have signs of extreme stunted growth, as they are only 2 inches high. I haven't taken photos of the really small ones. Also, they have been since taken out of the prop and onto an e-pap blue light adjusted to 750W and about 3 feet from the plants. Temp is 23 during the day and 19 at night with humidity between 60% 70%. Apparently they have hardly been watered in the last 4 weeks because the pots are quite heavy. They were grown from seed, i can only think that he left them in the propagator for a wee bit too long? He has a double height propagator and thought that he could veg them inside that until they reached a larger size. I think may be they could't breathe very well inside the propagator. Although they have been out in the open for about 2 weeks, some are very slow to grow and others show signs that they are not in the best of health. These first 3 photos show Amnesia Haze by Soma strain and the last 3 are The Ultimate Can anyone shine some light on these issues he's having. Thanks,
  16. rite guys easiest way to put this is i have 2 600w silverstar hoods in my room with a 6 inch fan and filter. problem is i have smelly air outside my room due to the fan sucking air out of booth my light hoods first before sucking air through my filter (really poor air flow). i was thinking of putting a 6 inch end cap on 1 of the hoods so that the fan sucks out the hot air from booth hoods out through the ducting . then using the filter with another fan to suck the smelly air out of my room i was thinking of using only 1 vent hole so i was gunna just fix the 2 ends of the ducting to a y shape ducting to vent out of my room . do you think this is a good idea or would there be a better solution (also thinking of going back to standad reflectors like the a wing ) cheers
  17. hello all! This is my first post and my second solo indoor grow.., My. guru moved back to the uk So, last time I grew channel + in coco, 7.5l pots, 16 per mt and got a yield of 1.4 kg... Thistime, I'm going blind with new strains, a couple of whoch got mixed up in the labelling process so now, I can only be sure of the Ed Rosenthaals due to their persistent purple stem... The rest may be channel+, lavender or no name... They've al had a 3 week veg now ( though massive discrepancy in size, some have already been snapped!) but I'm hesitating to put them on flower cos they don't look 100%... any ideas?
  18. 20130725 144534 566445846

    From the album Colourblind queries

    I few of my leaves without explanation. I find personal research on this topic hard because I am colour blind with a blue/green deficiency