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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys and Girls, welcome to my Humboldt adventure. Happy to have you all along for this (touch wood) epic ride! I'm Green Demon and I'm called that because my appetite for the herb is comparable to that of a Demons thirst for souls. (A thirst that cannot be quenched!) I just blagged my mum for a few hundred quid to tide me over. Of course my priorities being, well, what they are, I bought an Oz for £180. So what? Well I'd already blazed my last oz in less than a week. This oz looked good when he showed it too me, quickly glanced, trust him to supply decent chronic, always has. When I got home I realised too late how mistaken I was. On closer inspection the bud hadn't formed right, it was too airy. I assume because the growing conditions were too hot. It hadn't been dried properly and some of it wasn't even dry. The flavour was as you'd expect and potency? Well, this oz barely lasted half a week. So that's me, broke, empty jars, and on one hell of a mission to never be in this position again. Happily I could blaze a pound of bud a month. Ideally though I want to get into making Rick Simpson Oil and have enough on hand to treat cancer. None of this can be achieved under a 600w light so I plan to upgrade to a 2m2 flower tent and keep the 1.2m2 tent for veg. Ive seen many reports of 16oz yield off of single lamp 315w CMH setups on a 3x3 footprint. So I was thinking four lamps should be perfect for the space. Yet Golden Syrup and a few others are using a smaller footprint for the lamps just over 2x2. Which would mean more like nine lamps in my new tent. I plan to go with dimlux and run it all through a controller. So this evening I've been toying with the idea of putting a 1000w in the centre and having a 315w in each corner. That way I've got the HPS as the work horse to provide the weight and the CMH to raise the quality. Anyone with experience please feel free to chime in. I've never gone above 1.2m or 600w, so 400v DE & CMH tech is all pretty space age right now. Sounds bloody good though. I'm loving coco and multiple feeds so drip fed is the next step. My own DIY solution to remove runoff has been to create a drip table (patent pending ). This has worked well but it is high off the ground so unsuitable for flower. I looked into getting a big NFT or Ebb and flo table with a res underneath but these are 25cm tall and with pots ontop this too is pushing it. I noticed Golden Syrup uses a system to collect and remove runoff and he kindly pointed me in the right direction. It seems amongst others Growell have come up with a solution in their Rhizosystem. Pots sit on a stand that collects run off and feeds it back to a brain res that dumps itself when full either down a drain or into another bucket. Sweet! So thats my now my evolving plan. In veg I have X2 Dinafem Critical Jack & X2 GH Exodus Cheese which can be followed here. Now the the start of this diary, which will combine my other two Humbodlt diaries and continue where they left off. HUMBOLDT HEAVEN Right now I have 10 fems in veg with five regs. To guarantee 16 fems for flower I've decided to crack on with the Chocolate Mint OG. A couple have some tiger pattern on them, Homer Drool. The seeds went into wet kitchen towel. Warm 23 degree tap water ph'd to 5.8 The seed tub then went nice a cozy under the T5. While I was there here are the Chemdawgs This tune always makes me feel good. Biggie knew about living through hard times, but ya know what? It's all good baby!
  2. Hey guys, Can I pick your brains? I want to know if some Moroccan pollen hash is likely to be contaminated... I'll explain: So we were in Spain - Andalusia, met a Moroccan dude, and got some pollen hash from him. It was about E50 for half an oz (14g). We smoked about a 1g chunk and it got me high (we didn't smoke all of it). My friends said it had the smell of weed and plastic. (It was wrapped in cellophane but I had definitely taken all the cellophane off). Anyway, that got me a bit paranoid, so we made an infusion with some coconut oil (c. 70ml) and about 5, 6g of the pollen. Coconut oil smokes at 177C, and I brought it to smoke then cooled it down. It was a consistent, dark brown/black colour. We couldn't see anything that didn't look like hash, so we continued. Two of us mopped up the greasy pan with some cake. We could feel some grainy, gravelly bits. Then we went out to pick up chicks, and came home right after dinner because of the high. Reality had become unstable. The shit was potent. We almost wrote goodbye notes to our parents ^_^ What I'm wondering is, does the Moroccan hash you get in Spain come contaminated with anything? Do they bulk it up with anything? Is the grainy-ness normal with pollen hash? I left the remaining 7g with some dudes in Spain. I'm kinda concerned that they shouldn't take it (they are sick and using it as medicine) if it has been contaminated. I've had a look around the forum and haven't found much on this specific topic. So any pointers would be welcome. Cheers GG
  3. Long time no post, hello folks.... Quick question, I've got a palm sized block of pressed kief/pollen and just wanted to be reminded of the best way to cut this into smaller manageable bits to mix in with my joints.....ta muchly
  4. image001

    From the album Swamp tubes 2015

    WS07 pollen 10-5-15
  5. Coz I will be cropping soon I've just read up on this problem on other forums and searched for ages on here for a similar post, gave up and started this one instead. This seedy problem is something that's been bugging me for ages. Years ago and growing from clones from a tough old bird but true female from regs I never once had the mini seed problem. Or from other clones donated by other growers from selected females from regular seeds. Then came the dawn of feminized seeds, I was dubious and I'm still not convinced , that said I am on fems at the moment cos of time/space. Yes it could be a bollock, yes it could be a hermie or grower error but the problem seems epidemic. In the past I came across hermie's , runts, males or females but none of these inbetweenies . I have a friend and when batch's of gange come by his way like this he calls it "seedy morallis" bud, , so if it's been named then logic says it's common. Plus smoking seed husk gives you a headache. There are a few posts out there that agree with my original assumption that the gene pools have been desecrated and the way to go is still select true females from regular seed. I haven't the memory to write down all the info I just read on this and all the suggestions that have been put forward as a possible cause of these joint poppers and I wasn't sure about copy and pasting off other sites so didn't. So I would really like to hear some opinions from users on this forum and chuck them in the ring.
  6. Hi Guys. I was hoping that the amazing people on here could give me some advice. I have an Egyptian strain that has done really well in my grow room. I have several females that have been in flower about 4 weeks now, I also have a really nice male that I want to make seed with a couple of the females. The females are bursting with pistils all the way up the single stem, the trouble is the male is lagging behind, it has balls but no flowers opening up yet. Is there some way to speed up the male flowering maybe by shortening the light time to 8/9 hours. The females look like they are in their prime and I don't want to miss this opportunity. Thanks. OSB
  7. I was wondering how long males take to shoot their pollen from the switch to 12/12. I was wondering because my tent is rammed and can not get to plants at back they in nft. So if I had a rough timescale so I only have to crawl in once and defo get all males in one go. How this makes sense. Thanx in advance for the replies ....Drops