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Found 13 results

  1. Simple question, how close do you guys usually get before you catch a whiff of your plot?
  2. Long time lurker, thought I’d join in the fun this coming season and try my hand at some guerrilla growing. I live in a tiny village in the Midlands which is surrounded by farms, crops, fields, small patches of woodland etc, but there are a few issues; 1. HS2 has a major site running through a significant amount of the local land/woodland which obviously rules that area out. It also means workers, security etc are around, so trying to keep well away from that. 2. The vast majority of the rural land is private, with public footpaths through, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of areas where you are well away from a farm building or house/cottage etc. There isn’t much derelict or disused/overgrown land anywhere (that I know of). 3. The 6-8 decent spots I have found are already being grown on, and the majority last year by the look of them. So obviously trying to keep out of the way of what they have going on as well. So I’ve been out walking/searching a lot over the last few weeks, and using google earth as I go, to try pinpoint some areas of interest to have a look at. But I’m just not finding anything, other than those already occupied. What should I be looking out for? Build ups of nettles that I could hollow? following the river maybe? There’s not really any vast areas that you can walk and disappear into, so really it’s looking for things off the footpaths, maybe bits I can break off etc. Would appreciate hearing how you guys go about finding spots and things you look out for on those scouting missions. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places or perhaps not thinking creatively enough. Cheers.
  3. Funny thing happened today as I was walking my dog over the fields, i am fortunate enough that my family own 1000acres out in the countryside and as I do most days I was out with my dog walking through a bit of the woodland area and as you get to the far side of the wood the tree's thin out and it's an excellent place for the sun. south facing and I was actually going to plant there this year but hadn't had the time. So anyway my dog starts barking like crazy and I thought he had seen a rabbit but no,crouching behind a tree stump I see someone hiding. I asked him to come out and asked what he was doing, his reply was "I'm just out on a country walk" so I replied "well I'm sorry but this is private land" now this location is a long way from any road so I knew something was up! It's one of those areas us growers look for I noticed his back pack then I took a look around and noticed the soil was different in areas there were some canes on the floor and yes the beloved chicken wire! At this point he started getting a little panicky and rather than play dumb I just came out and said to him "your a grower ain't you mate" he seemed astonished I had been so blunt but his reply was "yes mate" he then proceeded to apologise and said he will go and he's sorry for trespassing to which I replied don't bother your alright. To cut the story short we shared a smoke which he said was his speciality haze cut, we spent a good two or three hours chatting exchanging story's etc and this guy is in his 50's and been growing longer than I've been alive so I was soaking up the information he had to share and now I've give him full permission to use the land and even give him a key to a gate so he can get a car a little closer. The only condition I've set is for him to teach me everything he knows so it's a Win Win. He asked what made me want to grow so I explained about my illness and that cannabis helps to relieve some of the pain and helps my muscles relax. He then said we will split the crop in my favour to which I declined and said I'm more interested in learning the art of growing than having half of the crop and I think I earnt his respect at that point. However as we all do we always doubt someone at some point so yes he could come along and take the crop and disappear and would have to find a new spot next year or he can share his knowledge and grow treble the amount of plants he intended and come back every year We've exchanged numbers and are meeting up tomorrow an I'm taking him round other parts of the land to get some more plots as even though it's our land and no one really ventures onto it, the age old rule comes into play....don't place all your egg's into one basket! Enough rambling from me I just wanted to share it with you guys and get your opinions. Am I being extremely stupid or could it be the start of something brilliant?
  4. Hey everyone been awhile now and noticed a lot of peeps out there readying up, so here’s a tiny insight into what I was up to over winter so I started off finding the place first Stuff definitely grows here. So I had a little clear out and finished first visit like this Went back a couple weeks later and dug it all up, then went looking for nice top soil which I found under a oak tree and collected as much as I could without it looking obvious, took it to the patch and dug a load in then laid a blanket on top, left it like this for a couple months So I came back around jan time to chuck down a good couple handfuls of pelleted chicky poop, thought I’d dig a couple holes and chuck some poop in them too Added a little dusting of coco I had left over from last year and left again So this is from the most recent visit and well I thought it may have got easier.... haha nope shit got real, started off by digging up the holes to give them a little turn and chuck some more poop down, the clay is absolutely horrendous here I have nearly lost shoes and even an ankle to this shitter but come early summer this squishy gloopy slop turns to concrete and is impossible to work with just hope I have done enough, well let’s wait and see until next time peace
  5. Just signed up . Contemplating a 2020 grow. First time grower here, well actually it's a second time, my first attempt resulted in being caught entering/leaving and the plants were destroyed a week after planting. I'm struggling to find good plots because it seems that any natural area (i.e. not a field or urban area) here is criss-crossed with walkers' paths. I have found some potential plots, but they are about 10m-20m from a path. Is this stupid? I am thinking about strains such as Durban Poison and Passion #1 + some autos or semi-autos I have not decided on. I heard Durban doesn't smell that strong so my chances might be higher than if it were a Skunk #1. What are the odds that I can make it to harvest? I may keep the plants spread out, even lone plants, so that I can afford some discoveries/losses. I'll keep looking for better and better plots, but there is basically no expansive woodlands or scrublands here without paths criss-crossing them. Thanks
  6. rsz-f.jpg

    From the album Year 2

  7. I found someones plot today I'm sure! I was out "walking my invisible dog" when I came across it. There was about 30 holes all dug out. I searched the area and found a spade, some bags of manure, chicken wire and half a bottle of Lucozade lol. If this is a guerilla grower preparing for this season then I'm not sure what to do? I personally think this area is way too easy to come across and wouldn't bother if it was me. Advice lads?? Provocateur.
  8. Heys guys looking for some opinions on my plant out this year. Using the usual plot, decided this year i don't want to use pots at all and would like to plant in the ground, or near enough it. Let me explain: so my plot has not got much soil in it, really more of a carpet of moss, grass and soil a few centimetres/inches deep in some places with a bed of solid rock underneath. There are these strange moss covered "mounds" at my plot. In previous years i had used them as a place for the pots to sit so rabbits and the such couldn't get at them as the tallest of these mounds is about 2 foot off the ground. While attempting and failing to dig this morning i realised that i could, in theory, hollow out these mounds and use them as big pots! I started to excavate one and there was actually quite a lot of earth inside and not many roots. I did see about 20-30 mites/ants scuttling around (some were ant coloured, some were pale brown, yellow almost) So my two theories as to what these mounds are: A. Ant colonies or B. The remnants of felled tree stumps from god knows how long ago. If they turn out to be 'B' then happy days. excavate away. If they turn out to be 'A' then i am wondering will there be a problem, will the ants or whatever they are fuck with the plants?? Ill try and attach some pics of the plot from last year so you can see these mounds
  9. Went to clear a well loved plot today and for the first time in 5 years, heard the ominous fucking, big brother, sound of a drone buzzing about over this beloved clearing... Not really sure whether this is an abort mission point, or fuck it and defy... Anyone had had this problem yet? I suppose this is the beginning of a new era of electronic fuckery and I'm trying to find ways around being busted by a grampa in a 90s anorak.
  10. Turning over soil and digging in horse manure

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Clearing my patch out in the bush and turning over top soil and digging in horse manure (10L Per plant of horse manure as well as high quality soil
  11. IMAG0638 (550x311)

    From the album xx

  12. Weeeeeell just the other day, i was joking with my friend, what would we do if we find an intruder at one of our plots? At the time i laughed it off, but when i sat down and thought about it, I was kinda lost for words, how awkward would it be? I mean, do i smash the fuck out of whoever it is, then destroy all our plants? do i have a word in his shell like, and cut a deal? I think not I think i would just say "Right, i am gonna destroy all my plants, and if you are still here when i am finished, you are fuckin next" ha ha Zog
  13. i don't think this would work i think they would drown however lets say yo found a perfect plot good security sun exposure however he ground was really soft like when yo walk on i your foot sinks 2 or 3 inches when you walk would digging holes and enriching the soil be worth it ?