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Found 11 results

  1. Salutations DynaVap (VC) & IH-driven DiY enthousiasts!! , Recently i happened to comment various topics which i'd illustrate as follows, essentially: Now lets make an effort to stimulate the imaginations of a DynaVap-focussed audience, eventually. For starters i'd suggest starting with my conclusion linking metal susceptor mass to its elevation of temperature, while considering specific heat capacity to be practically constant over the range of application (hopefully)... If you're a "1-Hitter" who expects a single 20 mg toke from a single temporarily-stored IH-driven "Heat Charge" then perhaps you may also accept that the hard fact that DynaVap's present VapCap alone just weights too much already when compared to my ¾g 17-Holes Metal Disc, at least 5-fold using a 500+ Watts IH driver if delays are to remain compatible with the sort of "Micro-Bursting" i get access to myself, thanks to the power of fire as well. The juxtaposition of Silicon Carbide foam and fire is patented intellectual property owned by Dan Steinberg (VaporGenie's inventor), but i yet have to find references which legally forbid IH-driven scenarios based on electromagnetic power injection combining SiC foam technology in absence of fire, precisely. So, it seems to me this idea is worth a direct response to a basic question: how much does the DynaVap Circumferential Compression Diffuser Screen weight exactly? And even better yet, what's the VapCap internal metal contact-surface area actually converting temporarily-stored energy from conductive/radiative vectors to a more convenient re-balanced mix of convective, radiative and conductive factors interacting in a context of delayed heat transfers and other transitional events that i find puzzling enough to recourse to a DiY challenge (read invitation rather than ultimatum!)... Pardon me if i must sound crude but i'd investigate radical transformations centered on the helix path inside a VapCap if that needs to remain the main source of temporarily-stored energy, which implies cutting the rest of its metal handle, if not trimming a VapCap's mass down by removing wasted contact-surface somehow... Honestly i feel challenged myself all the sudden, not to mention it would cause the loss of DynaVap's most desirable feature under the circumstances: its audible clicks! But then i'd respectfully point out that a custom-designed IH driver may as well "scan" the susceptor during some "calibration phase" with the purpose to adjust IH power injection in such way to match the Heat Charge to its final cannabis Workload. It turns out DynaVap can certainly attempt to selectect Curie-effect alloys to enhance the electro-magnetic scanner process relatively to temperature - which is the point where to connect with my last (formula) picture. Briefly put it's an exceptional opportunity ignored for no fair motives. So, honestly, if i were as much an enthousiast DynaVap VapCap owner than i'm a Customized VaporGenie Micro-Bursting user then i'd suddenly feel an ugent need to verify what the weight of my CCD Screen inside. If lucky it's near to 0.75 grams and i've gained sufficient perspective to strongly insist that DV CCD Screens get evaluated in a context where Loto Labs (Evoke/Lux) AND Dr. Dabber (Switch) flatly failed in terms of Dry Herb, so far... No doubt the DV CCD Screen can be inserted pretty much the same as i do with my 17-Holes Metal Disc inside the Hybrid Core - and then lets also consider a single IH driver coil may as well manage with 2!... That's where the fun becomes obvious at last, once the trained eye knows where to look: e.g. a single cannabic bowl can undergo pulse-heating from both sides and inflict the convective heat vector a change of 90 degrees while it serves as a Release/Transport Agent, releasing noble goodies through "The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation" effectively. You can't do that with a genuine DV VC as sold, yet in all fairness i'll admit it's not specifically designed to get IH-driven neither. Who knows, perhaps if users stare long enough they'll realize too that it's actually been done before, just not yet. Good day, have fun!!
  2. Salutations, At some point during the spring of 2012 i acquired my very 1st VG pipe, out of curiosity, only to give it away within the week as i recall: i just didn't have the required operator skills! Meanwhile, after only 6 months or so, using an HerbalAire v2.1 table vaporizer (ballons, custom whip) some nuisible side-effects gradually appeared. Eventually i later concluded there was a lack of proper "conditioning", though i remember instead i've actually selected this particular ready-made commercially-available product simply to help promote future easy/convenient replication, e.g. solely based on my preferences for its SiC Core, exactly. Honestly, the Self-Moisturization/Auto-Conditioning aspects only arrived some while after my "Prototyping Platform" experiments started, the year after. Then a succession of trial & error "iterations" took place until i managed to approximately identify a suitable "Sweet-Spot" for my target "Range of Applications" - though i must highlight that doing so equally affected that pipe's fundamentals significantly enough to have a change of its corresponding ritual as well... One old problem i faced was VG's preference for yellow flames: real progress didn't happen as long as i was stuck with this limitation, i needed a radical solution which was to cut into wood and metal in order to shorten the Inlet/Flame-Catcher/Monobloc path ending with my Hybrid Core "Front Puck (removed): The Flame-Catcher (not shown) fits on top, separated by a tiny space inside a wood Sphere. The genuine large VG cavity seemed to result in excess exhaust accumulation threatening to extinguish my blue flame... This is my "4-20" Hybrid-Core configuration: Take note that switching to a blue flame also caused a paradoxical need to move the core structure closer to my cannabic bowl: longer delays promoted worse errors... So that how the new custom-made 17-Holes Metal Disc ends up at the top of the Screw-Base Cavity located right next to the main Core Cavity in the Monobloc, euh... Which means only the larger 3.33 mm thick SiC Front Puck is installed in place of the previous 7.5 mm thick SiC Puck, with its complement parts displaced into that auxiliary cavity. So, the Metal Disc and Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck are slightly smaller in diameter, especially the later as it is wrapped by a screen of brass with a double function: a) shield action by redistributing heat; b) mechanical resilient support. This is the whole finished set (at right) beside an obsolete smoker artifact many decades older (at left): The flexible PVC Extension Tubing provides a "socially-acceptable" feature by promoting "Harm-Reduction" aspects as self-awareness (via direct visual feedback on accumulating condensed water), "Micro-Bursting"/"Micro-Dosage"/"Packetization" of the "Heat Charge", nearly separated "Pre-Heating" and "Vaporization" phases (with adapted inhalation force depending on the presence or absence of potential butane-related by-products), gentle filtration meant to preserve aroma/taste, etc., etc. Here's my "Lava" concept in schematic form, maybe the changes will be grasped more spontaneously: It's a thermal bottle, essentially. In "iddle" state no airflow occurs so the 2 sides made of SiC appear like thermal insulators, while the screen side that was relatively cold turns hot once the aerial stream inside is set in motion. In other words the structure behaves in contrasting ways depending on airflow, which is a transitional event no longer than a few seconds compared to the minutes of other vaporizers. The trick is to use brief/dense heat pulses to pre-heat the core, then the flame is removed, then inhalation can gain in force to begin having real fun... Also note that this configuration should prove readily compatible with Induction Heat combined to Curie-effect alloys for increased precision: temperature and mass of the "susceptor" would then define the amount of replicable "Heat Charge" that can be temporarily stored, etc. Lots of day-dreaming in perspective! The final goal i guess is to vaporize only the surface and not the underlying vegetal substrate under, or avoid "baking", over-heating, whatever, etc., etc. In pure "Plan-A" (Induction Heat) mode there would be no butane to supply super-heated gases (H2O and CO2) but i figure that can be dealth otherwise, since 1 coil can energize more than 1 "susceptor" simultaneously. For example, it would be no trouble having an auxiliary boiler/evaporator besides the main Hybrid Core: Instead of trichomes this one would pre-heat distilled water to feed a moisturizing adjustment valve, etc... M'well, that's it. I've shown what it has become and even what could be awaiting next - too bad the manufacturer doesn't want to be bothered with it! Yet the gain from a moddified version vastly overrides a lack of warranty IMO... Good day, have fun!!
  3. Salutations, It felt appropriate to launch a dedicated thread to evoke this topic as announced, little conceptual abstraction effort is required to fill the gaps. Here's my proposal to solve an old apparent dilemma opposing inert/pure glass vs hot metal altering aroma/taste, just imagine some coaxial set of glass tubes being integrated to such simple KISS-inspired idea: Sorry if i won't be able to provide a full 3D drawing, envision an SiC Foam pellet contained inside a clear glass tube transparent to heat, itself surrounded by a ring-shaped Curie-alloy susceptor, all of it inserted inside a larger glass tube... The consequences?? Your internal glass tube which now actually corresponds exclusively to the lungs/cannabic path shall contain ZERO metal as it is separated by an air-tight glass barrier from the susceptor ring. So far so good. M'well, there's going to be Silicon Carbide though it's just as chemically-inert i think. As for the metal screen i'm not too confident i'd need it, but i like that hot Top-of-Bowl screens apparently got a tendency to stay clean, so it's to be considered optional. At least this will simplify what's coming next: Power Injection. I'm afraid the presence of a glass layer between such tubular susceptor and its SiC Foam target implies significantly increased delays and losses, yet this doesn't defeat the idea of storing heat THROUGH that same glass: after all heat can also be carried by near-invisible radiation, hence passing the barrier practically at the speed of light - which translates as no delay compared to conduction in glass... Too bad the received energy won't transform instantaneously, but i'm most confident using sufficient Pre-Heating time and IH Power can "inject" a fair amount of temporarily-stored energy, long enough to allow matching it to its WorkLoad during a final inhalation phase. While soaking a bowl with heat only requires its associated Release/Trasport Agent to displace from the SiC-contained air pockets right nearby. In addition lets mention the bowl is expected to be made of glass or ceramic, in order to preserve "purity" of the path, evidently!... The trick i believe might be to adjust the size of that SiC Foam pellet so it only contains the required Heat Charge (or "Q"), as a function of a bowl's capacity. Curie alloys would be most desirable but i suppose other metals are also suitable if "scanned" to help evaluate a safety operation temperature: power injection cycles can be stolen to reduce IH output anyway. Presence of a continuous magnetic field (from some electro-magnet or a natural magnet) would open the door to audio/ultrasonic applications IMO. An other hypothesis of mine would be that air-shaking during the IH Power Injection phase might cause a gain of speed, in a "Micro-Bursting" context where more brief + more dense promotes aroma/taste appreciation a great deal. In conclusion i submit that it may be worth having an energy budget where parasitic losses get redirected for more useful purposes, this ALL-GLASS concept conversion for example. M'well, of course YMMV and it's still missing Inlet Water, but at least that's rational and potentially beneficial all at once! Good day, have fun!!