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Found 1 result

  1. GROW REPORT - Tent - 4x4x7 ' Light - Mars Hydro TS3000 450w LED Medium - Biobizz light mix with added worm castings, dolomite lime, perlite, and malted barley in flower. Feed - Organic dry amendments (4-6-4 grow and 1-4-8 bloom) Water: Tap water with some PH down (no need for calmag as it's very hard here). Fairly straightforward grow. I trained her out hard around week 3 when preflowers started showing, she took to training like a dream, every cola round the outside looks like a main. I don't really defoliate autos, but one thing I did do when I had all those colas trained round the edge, is remove the biggest fan leaf from the inside of each of those tops, which I think really helped get the light down to the middle of the plant and turn those little bottom shoots that normally become larf into proper nugs. I'm confident this plant will be 90-95% nice buds with a tiny bit of popcorn. I planted her a month after the others I had in the tent (I had a samsquanch OG that I stunted and I didn't think would make it so I planted the Pinot, but they both made it - things got rather cramped towards the end with 6 plants in a 4x4!) Because of this, she had the light to herself for the last few weeks which I'm sure helped the development of the lower/side buds. She suffered through some cold nights and underfeeding in flower, and she powered through like an absolute trooper.