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Found 8 results

  1. hello guys! here's a photo heavy insight into my first time greenhouse grow.. soo much preparation went into it that was not documented as i only decided to take pictures etc after the site was pretty much complete.. untill i made many changes as it was my first time and my OCD's where kicking in hard when i wasn't happy with something, as you will see in the photos! i designed a self watering system and also a solar fan system. so far i have 3 strains growing.. 4 sensi skunk autos but one seems to have different genetics to the other 3.. maybe from a different mother or different strain all together, who knows! these are now the biggest and are all now flowering (for picture reference) 1 pineapple haze feminized still vegging, and 4 magnum autos not long transitioned.. ill be updating this post from now on
  2. Eyup... I figured i may aswell post a new thread here of my last finishing plant. Some of you will have already seen my other thread but that was auto flower heavy.. This is my only photoperiod i put out unfortunately! But.. This year was a trial and error with fortunatly very little error few mold issues here and there but hopefully that holds off now untill the end! Its going to be touch and go this one! Atleast a 9 week flower minimum and its probably only 3-4 weeks in.. Here she is! Shes a big un! I have to completely remove one cola that had many side banches due to stem damage. In a 6ft by 4ft GH, the canopy fills the whole space. pineapple haze
  3. 6 weeks going on 7 weeks now... The rain and humidity was a killer last week! The floor was literally puddling around my feet when i stepped inside and pools were forming in dipped areas, which made the humidity and condensation inside really bad! New level'ish floor with a new damp proof membrane, completely dried and wiped the inside and now that the weather has picked up - conditions are amazing!! Too good! (Dry and the heat) new fan system coming next week! Heres a few recent pics!
  4. image.jpeg

    From the album Secret greenhouse

  5. Outdoor, secret greenhouse

    From the album Secret greenhouse

    5 week update! Nice little surprise when i went to see my babys today :)
  6. image.jpeg

    From the album Secret greenhouse

  7. Water system design (self feed drip)

    From the album Secret greenhouse

    Heres the design for my self eatering system.. Slightly changed to the design.. It is now one full circuit.. Feel free to tell me how good or bad it is :)
  8. (UPDATE TO LAST POST) So i should probably start of by saying and should have said before, i am not really sure how this works (forums) or what to do really, but i'm sure ill get the hang of it... Me and a accomplice decided this year we would give it a go at gorilla grow for the first time and went in search for the right location, This is way harder than expected. We eventually found somewhere but again had little doubts. We tried to make the area unaccessible plus hidden with branches etc, this took weeks.. in the end we went in search for another location (i advise google maps as a base point in locating an area) and this time when we started venturing into the dense thorn and vines we found a nice open spot, we was that happy with the place (you know when you have the right location) we decided to put 2 6ft greenhouses there instead In the meantime having the babys germinating at home under a little fluorescent light until ready for transition to the new home. And also planning and designing the layout and self watering system for low cost and no electrical source.. i have many pictures to follow of the design (slightly changed to the image) and Also the babys from early days to the present. Once i figure out a way to get them on *facepalm lol.. I am pretty confident you guys will appreciate the effort and thought put into it all.. Im sure i will get criticism about somethings (my watering sytem maybe) good or bad but its all trial and error right now im sure i will find out in the near future! Stay tuned stay patient (if anyone would like to share the best way to get images on im all eyes