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Found 34 results

  1. Hey folks looking for advise. I decided to re-pot my Photoperiod, the Special Kush, as My plant wasn't looking very well in the 11 Litre pot it was growing in. When I pulled it out of the pot it was very root bound. I don't know if i have left it to late but I have done it anyway. It is now in a 30 Litre pot. I didn't disturb the roots, when I transferred to bigger pot. I just lifted it out of the old 11 Litre pot, and put it in the 30 Litre pot. I used some fresh compost, and re used the compost from my Autos, as I have harvested them and are now drying, ready to be jarred, either tomorrow or Thursday. I was just wondering in a 30 Litre pot how much water is advisable, when watering. at a guess I think abouut 7 litre, going by I used to give 3-4 litres to my 11 litre pots, so rouighly the pot is 3 times bigger so 3x the amount with feed. What do you folks think?
  2. I wanted to show a pic of my light leak to ask if it was potentially bad enough to cause hermies, I know there is so much debate about light leaks , I have had Strawberry Lemonade {Barney's} Biscotti {Barney's} and Gorilla Zkittles {Barney's} herm --not every plant, but enough to make me check for light leaks in what was what I assumed was a lightproof room. Not very tech savvy, so hope I can manage to upload a pic ..Hmm, having real difficulty. can anyone help tell me how to add an image? Cheers
  3. Hi Folks just wondering if anyone has grown RQ Special Kush #1 outdoors before. I planted mine 20th May, Although the plant seems to be doing ok, Due to the crappy weather we have been getting I was wondering if I will get anything from it. Out door temperatures I think haven't been good for it, as the plant genetics are from a hot climate, and because I thought we were going to have another hot summer, going by all the BS predictions, I chose Special Kush as it would fair ok in the heat. How wrong was I regarding the weather. I am worried that because the temperatures haven't been great, it slows the plant down, and because I planted last bit of May, I may have been to late, and by the time it starts to bloom it will be to cold. What are your thoughts.
  4. Hi Fellow growers, We are going to still throw it in a little late to the show, but better a bit late than never right anyone interested in joining our 2023 Outdoor growing competition, please just reply here and send me DM with the title: DP Outdoor Growing 2023 The strains Pick one Dutch Outdoor strain from the following cultivars : Hollands Hope / Shaman / Frisian Dew Strictly auto growers/enthusiasts can pick Auto Euforia What we need from you Make a full separate diary of the variety of your liking with regular updates/pictures, at least once every two weeks with some pictures and info, and share the best pictures in this overall growing thread as well. You can win Top 3 best diaries will win a seedvoucher for the Dutch Passion webshop (selection will be done at the end of the year in December). 1st place 100 euro 2nd place 75 euro 3rd place 50 euro Only growers that do regular updates and complete the diary from start to finish are eligible to win! It is as simple as that, last year we have seen some pro's and first timers doing very well, so hopefully we will get some of you on board again! But anyone is welcome ofc! Any questions, please let me know... I'm looking forward to welcoming you here!
  5. Hello please can someone tell me what is going on with my plant. I have tried to grow my 1st ever photo period plant this year. Special kush, from royal seeds. but how ever i have noticed the leaves are very deformed and not growing right. I have done my usual, grow in 11litre pots in PM soil. but the leaves are looking deformed on the new growth. It did have a small infestation of aphids and i used bugicide, which didn't really do much, I then used just plain water and washed off the aphids. could it be down to weak bad genetics, or something else. I started to grow May 20th.
  6. What's going on here

  7. week 4 day 6 flower

    From the album GrowNumeroUno

    I defoliated for the last time 3 days ago. coming along nice.
  8. So iv done a few auto’s an been happy with the results but also planted some fast flowering an normal photo seeds, they have grown well since I put em out, an are getting fed on fishmix for now, but when are they likely to start flowering an needing some bloom added? They are showing there sex with white pistols but don’t think they ready for bloom yet but wanna double check, thanks
  9. Hy guys I wanna know is there any EU based seed company that has best/dank strains?? I'm searching something like karma seeds,but with fem. seeds.
  10. Hi, new here and just started growing again mainly for a hobby, here's where I need the help; I thought I'd just get a grow going while I read up on all this new stuff over the last 15 years since I last grew outside. I had a mix of Pakistani Ryder Auto & White Widow photo. I have never grown a photot before, they were free seeds but I mixed them up years ago in the same bag, so can anyone tell me what this is? It's been 5 weeks since it first broke the surface, just plain coco, spider farmer sf1000, coco a & b and now PK heavy currently giving her 1600ppm every other day, she's loving life in a 25liter tub. I have done a little work on her as she was growing up to keep her short because of height restrictions. I have had her on 12/12 now for three days to see if it is a widow BUT, should I be seeing more pistil/flower growth than this? Any advice/ideas would be good. Hello everyone
  11. Just thought I’d create this to find out what soil mix you guys use for outdoor growing. Last year I ran biobizz all mix which didn’t seem to be working fine then my spot got compromised. Good luck in 2020 gorillas ✌️✌️
  12. So here it is, I finally get to write up my own attempt after looking at everyone else's stunning examples. GreenVision's "6th Sweet Seeds Grow Diary Competition"..... Diary. For my grow I chose: Do-Sweet-Dos This is a 65% to 35% Indica / Sativa strain containing Girl Scout Cookies, Face Off OG and an unknown strain. Crystal Candy. A 60% to 40% Indica / Sativa strain created by Sweet Seeds. Gorilla Girl. This one is a 40% to 60% Indica / Sativa strain made by crossing Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies. I've germinated all 4 seeds of each strain kindly provided by Sweet Seeds making the total 12 seeds. They were first soaked in a mix of light seaweed extract for 12 hours... Once the seeds had sat at around 23C in a very light seaweed mix they were placed into Kitchen Towel to help them along. They were then placed into my small propagator tray. Which was then wrapped in cling film. And marked with the traditional Sweet Seeds Sticker! A small amount of water was misted into the prop tray before the cling film was completely sealed shut. I use cling film at this stage of germination to help aid RH inside the prop. I feel the lids is too high as well as having the vents. As a result you usually need to open the Kitchen Towel once or twice and re-soak it, meaning the seeds and any tap roots are subjected to stress due to sudden temp changes. The cling film allows me to just leave the seeds alone for 72 hours.... Once sealed shut the tray was placed into the tent and the environment was kept at a steady 24C. After 3 days the cling film was removed and the seedlings were ready to touch some soil. All 12 seedlings had opened up fine and were a picture of health. Onto the first pots. I used small 4.5cm pots to get them started. Plant Magic Plus soil. And a small 1ml / litre of Plant Magic Grow feed to keep them happy for the next few days. The pots were labelled up as I went along. Then placed under a 4 tube T5 light where they will stay for 3-5 days. The environment has been sitting at a comfy 25C for 3 days under the T5 now. After 3 days in the soil I have 11 out of the 12 up and reaching for the light. Just waiting on one Do-Sweet-Dos to show. Absolutely everything I can see at this moment in time is doing really well, nice and healthy all round. I will be continuing the next 48 hours under the T5 and then switching over to the 315w CMH. I would like to thank @Sweet Seeds Apolo @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp @Sweet Seeds-tommy and the Sweet Seeds team not only for sending me though these seeds to try but also for organising this competition. A huge thanks guys, well done. And last but certainly not least...... GreenVision's first ever Video! I know most of the folks taking part this year are well ahead of me, so I wish everyone the best of luck with your bloom phase over the next few months. Thanks for reading through. And as always, take it easy all! GV.
  13. Hey chaps, I have a question about potting up. First the history... Germinated 3 G13 Maltezerz in a root riot - popped 22th Aug. 9 days later a decent amount of roots coming through the cube and I added them to 4 inch rockwool cubes. Temps were 25-29ºC due to the weather. They were doing ok after a few days of top feeding to establish to roots with one doing better than the others. 7th Sept top fed and left for two days. Checked and two were struggling - a) over watering b) high temps c) stress due to transplant to rockwool. The next day both were shrivelled and crispy and dead. Checked the roots and since being in the cubes the roots had not done anything. I transplanted the one survivor to BB light mix. When transplanting I checked the roots in the RW but they were brown. She's been in the 200ml solo cup since 11th Sept and after a bit of transplant stress she's looking a lot better. Do I transplant her to a 1L or larger 3L pot so she can get some growth? I was thinking a mix of biobiz light and batmix & worm castings?? Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. just wondered what your thoughts are with my progress so far. 16 days since germination Organic soil6.5 inches tall45 inches light to plant40/50 humidity23/32 tempBoost start nutrition 0.5 per lr/weekGrow a and b 1ml per lr/weekAll nutrition by pro xlExperiencing some yellow spots to first leafs but all new growth has great colour and smell already Thanks in advance guys How do I add photos
  15. Hey again, I'm looking for some tried, tested, and trusted genetics, I've been looking at dinafem, they seem pretty good. I tried the 'Sweet Deep Grapefruit' strain from a friend of a friend, was at least two years ago but can remember decently was very nice herb, superbly tasty, nice indica high, i'm going to be growing in a 1.2m x 1.2m space under a 600w hps so i'm thinking around four plants, aiming for three ounce or so plus a plant, more the better, two of us and we're heavy stoners, was thinking about doing a few different strains but will settle for 1 I think as I want to really dial in the eviroment as good as possible, and i'm thinking different strains will like different enviroments, seems to be the case with my greenhouse plants anyway, so I'm thinking, what strains would you guys recommend and why?
  16. Hey everyone! Just another general question wondering if any of the experienced guys can recommend what I should look into! I want to grow photos after my second auto grow but not sure the best way. I don't really want to veg for 2-3 months I know the yields are awesome but there must be good ways to grow quickly and get a good yield Long run I want to take a clone off one the photo plants and make a mother from it so future photo grows are quick as possible. Would it be quicker to grow one plant in DWC or 9 small plants, is the yield comparable between the 2 etc. Likewise what should I do with future clones one in a dwc/9 in coco or something Any recommendations greatly apreciated
  17. Sweet Seeds® Sweet Tai®, Psicodelicia® & Jack 47® Sweetly Sativa (leaning) Diary Competition 2018/2019 Introduction I chose these three strains (Jack47®, Sweet Tai® and Psicodelicia®) as they are all at least 70% Sativa and It would be nice to have a smoke that boosts creativity rather than renders me disabled on the sofa, I’d like to see how they perform under the Quantum boards which tend to keep node spacing tight and hopefully control any stretch although height/headroom is not necessarily a problem. My intention is to keep a concise diary, monitoring plant health and growth rates and environmental conditions along the way. Many thanks to Sweet Seeds for their generosity and the opportunity to take part in this competition. There’s some stiff competition this year and I hope this will inspire and motivate me to keep a detailed, interesting and up to date diary. Strains: (all info reproduced from seed packs) Sweet Tai® - Fantastic crossbreed between our elite clones of Super Tai and Early Skunk. The resulting hybrid features a very tasty, deeply spiced and exotic flavour that is typical of Asian varieties. The Early skunk genetic side shortens the flowering period, but also allows for denser and more resinous buds, with a more compact structure that turns it into a strain adapted for indoor growing. Produces a very cerebral high. Psicodelicia® - This strain is a cross between a clone form the United States and a plant from Nepal whose spices aromas bring to mind places where coffee is toasted. A mostly Sativa plant with very short flowering period, producing generous buds all full of resin The effect is typical of a mostly Sativa hybrid: energetic, clean and exciting. An ideal strain for artistic and creative activities. Jack 47® - This super hybrid is the result of the cross between wo of the most potent genetics of all time, Jack Herer X AK47. Jack47®(SWS08) is a very productive plant with strong effect that grows with an extraordinary vigour. This allows for big buds with copious amounts of resin. The tastes and aroma of this variety are sweet and fresh, complemented with a lemony hint and tones of incense. As a result of its genetic freshness and hybrid vigour, this plant adapts very well to every kind of growing technique. Besides that, it allows for the production of strong and healthy clones that show roots in only 7 days. Grow Room Profile Equipment and Used: Seedlings - .8m2 grow cupboard Lighting 65w 4000K Quantum board. (courtesy of DIY led) Veg/Flower Area – Tent, Dimensions 240cmX120cmX200cm, Mylar lined. Extraction – 10inch Mountain Air Carbon filter (1870m3/hr) System Air 10” RVK fan (780m3/hr) Intake: Passive, Several. Lighting: 1 X 530w Quantum board V2 LED Kit (DIYLED) 2 X ISH250W Quantum Board (Invisible Sun LED) Growing Medium: Soil, Jacks Magic. pH 5.5-6.5 Nutrients: Maxicrop Seaweed for seedlings and during veg to promote root health/disease resistance. House & Garden Soil A & B: ingredients: Calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, potassium hydroxide, phosphoric acid anhydride and magnesium sulphate. House & Garden BUD XL for flowering period. Ingredients: Ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and potassium hydroxide TNC Mycorr Max (The Nutrient Company) 8 endo – Mycorrhizae 7 Ecto-Mycorrhizae 5 Trichoderma 13 Beneficial Bacteria Seaweed Humic Acid Vitalink Cal Mag (NPK 1.8-0-0) Minimum Guaranteed Analysis. (N) 1.8% (NO3)1.8% (CaO)4.0% (MgO)1.7% (Fe) – chelated by EDDHA 0.04% (Fe) – chelated by DPTA 0.05% All liquid nutrients measured by pipette Hygrometer/Thermometer. 4 way lighting contactor. Oscillating floor fan. Iphone 7 for Pictures. 3L square black pots 7L square black pots. Tape measure MS Excel Two seeds of each strain were put into Jacks magic soil in 0.1L pots, the soil was pre-wetted with maxicrop Seaweed extract made up at 1.1ml/L This solution is now in a spray bottle so I can keep the pots moist without flooding them out and washing my seed away to the bottom of the pot. The pots have been positioned under the 65W Quantum board where temperature is a steady 24.1 C with a piece of paper over the tops of the pots to stop the light stunning them when they initially appear (at which point I'll move the light higher) The plant labels are sticky on one side so that any pests can be detected and dealt with early if necessary. The date on each label refers to the date the seeds went into soil but will be updated with the dates they break ground in due course. Growth rates, Environmental conditions and observations will be tracked and monitored throughout the grow, using Microsoft Excel. If anyone's made it this far through my long post, Well done! and thank you I'm a little intimidated by the quality of contestants in this competition but I'll be happy to finish with some great buds and a smile on my face. Good Luck to ALL
  18. I thought I’d do these ladies as a stand alone diary in the Sweet Seeds forum. I won these seeds months ago in the photographic competition (under my previous name - I think most people have worked out it’s me) I’ve got two more strains by SweetSeeds in the garden, both autos - trainwrecks and XL green poison, so to say I’m a big fan of Sweet Seeds would be telling no lies. I’m not sure what magic is sprinkled into their seeds before they post them out but I’ve never had a bad grow from them yet. Ok, the set up- Tent is a secret jardin Lodge 120 (120cmX90X145) the lamp is my old old LED (Apollo 12, drawing 420w +/-5% actual watts) Phresh Filter (massively over sized) and 8” black orchid extraction fan. Passive intakes. Soil - Jacks Magic, no amendments, Nutrients. - House & Garden Roots Excelurator BioBizz Fishmix Biobizz Bloom Vitalink Calmag Great white micorhizal fungi. the seeds were put straight into dampened soil and hatched under a T5 on the 16th June. They were all up on the 18th and repotted into these pots on the 24th. All with miccorhizal (I spell it many ways but hopefully you know what I mean) except the one at the centre back, indicated with the plant label. It’s considerably smaller than its co-stars, it might be its lack of friendly fungi, but as all were seeds and not cuts we’ll never know from this grow. Today they recieved 1.5ml/l of Biobizz Fishmix and .25L/L of root excelurator. The weather in the tent over the last week has had highs of 32.5C and lows of 22.8C (not happy with this large swing in temps but it’s summer and the tents still finding its happy place -so I’ll suck it up) the humidity - which I personally don’t give a hoot about until I’m in flower- has seen highs of 55% and lows of 33% RH. Im new to fish mix and biobizz in general so I’ll be seeing how I get on and possibly making the move permanently.... I do love a bit of snake oil though... Theres 6 girls in the tent, but only 4 will be flowered this time round, I’ll pick the lucky 4 nearer the time, the two remainders will be assigned to a life of being abused to practice new and old training/cloning techniques. Fingers crosses this will be a text book grow... who am I kidding?
  19. Charlotte's Angel (Photoperiod)

    From the album 2018 - Lowryder auto, CBD White Domina, Charlottes Angel (photo/auto)

    Soooo, Here's my Charlotte's Angel photoperiod plant. She's feminised and has been a right fussy girl. I started with very minimal nutes, the lowest recommended by biobizz and there was nutrient burn almost immediately and the leaves were lime green for a long time. I decided to flush her completely just to be sure and then no nutes for a good two weeks after that. After doing some reading on low stress training I started tying her down and training. Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed and snapped the stem a bit :/ . Luckily with some bamboo and rubber band surgery, she was back in the game. A knuckle appeared at the snap site and she's been fine since. I didn't realise that this was 'supper cropping' , it just happened by accident. I think she's probably around 6 or 7 weeks old now maybe. The side shoots are growing up fast. I've been trimming or tucking the fan leaves when they've been covering anything. I think this plant would be around a foot and a half tall vertical. I'm considering cloning when she gets a bit bigger but I've stressed her plenty so far so not quite yet! Bags.
  20. April 2018

    From the album 2018 - Lowryder auto, CBD White Domina, Charlottes Angel (photo/auto)

    Charlotte's Angel auto (left) , Charlotte's angel photo period fem (middle top) , Lowrider auto (right) , CBD White Domina (bottom)
  21. Eyup... I figured i may aswell post a new thread here of my last finishing plant. Some of you will have already seen my other thread but that was auto flower heavy.. This is my only photoperiod i put out unfortunately! But.. This year was a trial and error with fortunatly very little error few mold issues here and there but hopefully that holds off now untill the end! Its going to be touch and go this one! Atleast a 9 week flower minimum and its probably only 3-4 weeks in.. Here she is! Shes a big un! I have to completely remove one cola that had many side banches due to stem damage. In a 6ft by 4ft GH, the canopy fills the whole space. pineapple haze
  22. In the night garden... Welcome to the night garden my fellow tokers of this most wonderfull herb and first off before any ado, the acknowledgments and my gratitude extends to Sweet Seeds for not only running this fantastically awsome compo but for putting up the beans for us peeps to run in it too! A given it is also that my thanks are also reach out to Sweet Seeds Tommy and Jaypp for their input to these boards, setting up this competition and their work and efforts in assisting peeps get the most from their Sweet Seeds plants Some folks may have followed my diaries before and some will be new, but first up I like to keep a tidy affair around the place (so wipe your feet when you come in), it's an open house and all are welcome but I ask that folks move up and let peeps share the bean bags if it gets busy (hope so ) and I'm sorry the jars are a bit non existent at the moment, however they will be getting topped up soon ...in the meantime there's water in the kettle, biscuits in the tins and you're welcome to help yourselves, good to have you in here The Plan & Equipment Well the plan is as always with my grows, (it goes outta window, when things change ) 1) 0.5 L Starter Pots - Start life under CFL (4500K 75W) for the first 14 days in my little starter cloner box. 2) Pot up into 2 L and place in the new vegging cabinet (to be constructed) under my CFL reflector I DIY'd with total 200W mixed spectrum CFL's (4500K & 2700K), and veg until phase 3 3) Pot up into 5 L pots and veg out for a further 14 days, introduce training etc (this all depends oin the structure of the plants and I will determine when the time comes as to what methods etc) 4) Transfer to the bloom cab and put under 250W Metal Halide (Sunmaster Cool Deluxe) for 21 days and stretch period. 5) After 21 days, switch the lamp over to Sodium (Sylvania Grolux) and run at 400W 6) 10 days before the harvest switch back to the halide to up the trichomes' psychoactivity. In the beginning So today is pre germination day and earlier on I filled the 0.5L starters with Westland MP compost, settled it in with a liquid seaweed solution at 2ml/L, used my dibber for the holes, place some RHS Rootgrow Miccos in the holes, placed the seed in said holes, covered them up and put them all into the propagtor with the lid on and put under a CFL in my starter box to keep them warm in order to germinate. Initially I had thought about running two diaries in order to run all 9 beans (the night garden is only capable of running 6 in my 5 L finals) however I've decided that it's best to keep all three in the one diary so I'll only be running 2 of each in here, I know this will hinder my chances of winning prizes but well I think it's better all done in the one diary as it keeps it all tigether and tidy Today's photo show then and not much, just the beans and packaging and the newly planted starters. And so that's it for today folks, when the beans are up, I'll update accordingly and thanks for watching
  23. Deficiency2

    From the album Grow Uno

    The other dying leaf