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Found 8 results

  1. Ok guys! This thread is for you out there that have a perticular liking to the cannabis plant photography of it's beauty, morphology and it's trichomes..... So,i suggest that people post nice old pictures of paradise seed strains they personnaly feel really do reflect the specific genetic traits of the strain they where growing at the time, or right now, or in the future. I would like to emphasize that amateur photographers are more than welcome, but for the sake of clarity and accurate analysis of the pic, please take the pictures with a flash just before the light opens, or in the first 2 to 3 minutes after they open, as to get a good overall image of the plant. Those of you that are already accustomed to cannabis photography and it,s tweeks, i have nothing to add. You can also go post your Paradise Seeds picture on our website's photo contest for the chance to win prizes! https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/media/photocontest.html Now, for this little personnal thread of us Paradise Lovers here, i will personnaly donate gifts and genetics to the most Artistic and professional Quality picture of either a dried flower top (10 inches and up), a live flower top, a whole plant shot or a whole field shot if you guys are so fortunate in this day and âge. Everybody is welcome! Remember this is all in good fun! JF
  2. Runtz Auto - Mid Flowering

    From the album 1st grow - Runtz Auto

    First attempt to use my DSLR + macro lens to photograph this plant, this is my first grow. I might post more pictures later. Any constructive feedback regarding the growing or photo welcome!

    © don't save or share anywhere outside this website.

  3. So after Saddams idea of a seperate thread for anything heaveny imaged/astro related i thought i would start one, Out tonight to see if i could see any geminids still afetr 2 nights from there peak and to be honest saw about 20 an about 15 night before i few crackers proper shooting half way across the sky and a few quick ones lasting half a second while out i had a crack at M42 which is the brightest nebula in our sky(northern hemisphere) after actually good polar alignment i shot 15 30s subs at iso 1600 with 5 darks shot at the same, deepskystacker didnt like them all but it did however like 9 of them So this is a stack of 9 with 5 darks added as when shooting at iso 1600 with my 300d the noise is really bad tbh i would of like to got some more subs, but can be added to at a later date which i will do Still not the best at deep sky objects but practise makes perfect 9 lights, 5 darks 7,30 min exposure alltogether M42 The Great Orion Nebula So much more to be had from this target with more subs/longer exposures, have to be caerful with this one as the cor(trapezium) is easily burnt out atb hari
  4. :lucky: :lucky: Photographic Contest Monthly photographic competition in which we award the 3 best pictures among all the pictures presented by any user of the Sweet Seeds subforum at UK420.com How to Participate + Contest Rules 1. How to Participate: 1.1 - This contest is only for registered users from UK420 with a minimum of 15 pots published at UK420 in the moment of the participation. The contestant has to fulfil all the rules imposed by UK420 by the moment of the registration in the forum, which he/she accepted; 1.2 - Publish a post with a picture of a plant from the Sweet Seeds genetic collection in this precise thread, including a title for the picture. The title must include the name of the photographed strain(s); 1.3 - We will not accept pictures of plants that are not featured in the Sweet Seeds catalog; 1.4 - We don't accept pictures of extractions; 1.5 - A picture is accepted as valid participation when published between the 1st and the 25th day of every month. When published by the 25th, the time limit is 23h59m (UTC time, London); 1.6 - Commercial mods, as well as forum users who have any kind of professional relationship with Sweet Seeds or any other company that advertises at UK420, can't participate in this contest; 2. Contest Rules: 2.1 - We only accept pictures uploaded directly in UK420, in the personal gallery of the participant; 2.2 - Each contestant can participate with only 1 picture per month; 2.3 - The pictures have to be originals, authorship of the participant. Using pictures from other person, when detected, originates the permanent elimination from the contest automatically and without previous warning. Besides that a report will be sent to the forum administration so that they can decide if any additional measure should be taken; 2.4 - The contestants can use pictures that were published in the forum in previous months/years, although they can only be used in the case that they haven't yet been used to participate in previous editions of Sweet Seeds contests; 2.5 - Sweet Seeds reserves the right to use the winning pictures in marketing campaigns, articles for magazines, catalogs, Sweet Seeds websites, publications in the Sweet Seeds fan page at Facebook (always rigorously respecting the anonymity of the author), Twitter, etc. Even though, the authors of the pictures can keep using them to any other means as they keep their rights over the pictures; 2.6 - The contest is ruled and administrated based on the most elemental fraternity and fair play principles. Any lack of respect, offence or attempt to discredit or defame the contest will leave the prevaricator out of the contest and at the mercy of administrative sanction; 3. Election of the Winners: 3.1 - The election of the winning pictures will be performed internally by a Sweet Seeds jury (winners are decided by between 3 and 5 members of our team); 3.2 - The winner announcement will be published in the Sweet Seeds subforum in a thread created for this matter between the 26th and the last day of every month. 4. Shipping the Prizes: 4.1 - Sweet Seeds is responsable to send the prizes in within 30 days after the announcement of the winners; 4.2 - Sweet Seeds denies any responsibility regarding packages that do not arrive to the addressee every time that there are evidences that its the winners fault (example: false names that impede to receive the package; mistakes in the address details; prolonged absence of the addressee during the several attempts of the delivery company; etc). In this cases we will not send the package again and the prize will not be attributed; 4.3 - The winners have to send the complete details for delivery until the 10th of the following month. Like this, the prize winners have around 10 days to request the prize and share the details for delivery. The users that fail to do this within this deadline lose the right to the products, which will not be attributed; 4.4 - UK420 internal rules only allow the usage of the Private Message (PM) system to users with more than 50 posts. That being said, we accept the participation of users with 15 or more posts but then in case of getting a prize we can only contact them when they reach to the 50 post mark. If this does not happen within the timing mentioned in the previous point (4.3), the prize will not be attributed; 4.5 - The total amount of the prize is presented in euros and it can only be used to order Sweet Seeds seeds. The shipping costs are paid by Sweet Seeds, which means that the prize winner can ask for seeds with a total amount that is equal or inferior to the value of the prize in euros. Every time the order exceeds the value of the prize won by the contestant, Sweet Seeds will reduce the number of seeds in the moment of the shipping until this limit is accomplished. For example, if you won 75 euros in seeds and you ask us for 78 euros in seeds, we will take 1 seed out so that the prize limit in euros is accomplished; 4.6 - The 3rd prize (1 pack of Sweet Mix Auto) can be changed for any other package of equal or lower price. 5. Validation of Participation: 5.1 - All the users of this forum that submit a picture to this contest automatically assume the full reading and full acceptance of this How to Participate + Contest Rules text. ★ Prizes ★ 150 euros in Sweet Seeds seeds 75 euros in Sweet Seeds seeds 1 pack of Sweet Mix Auto (10 seeds)
  5. Dragonfly and wasp

    From the album Nature pics

  6. Sunflower

    From the album Everything

  7. Sunflower

    From the album Everything

  8. Spindle berries

    From the album Everything