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Found 46 results

  1. This is my first time using autopots and I've come across a massive salt buildup problem to the point where I'm starting to see it appear on top of the coco and my plants are turning pale green/yellow. I think the problem is that since starting on the autopots they have only had one feed of ph'd water (around 3L each from res over 4/5 days) between veg and flower. I'm now on day 27 of flower and my guess is that the salt buildup has caused the ph of my medium to drop and lockout some nutrients. I first noticed a week ago that my plants had started to turn a lighter shade of green and one plant had started to get yellowing fan leaves. I thought this was an N deficiency so I upped the N in my next feed and shit has got way worse, now almost every plant has yellowing fan leaves with some getting rusty blotches spreading from the inside out. I have cleaned out my res and filled it with ph'd water, I'm planning on flushing them for 3/4 days and going from there. Is this the route you would take? If anybody has any experience using autopots how often do u feed just water and what nutes do you use? I'm currently using the full ionic range with the coco base nutes. Any replies would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm starting my second DWC grow (5 plants in one big pot) and one of the things I hated was lifting the lid and checking the PH/EC (especially when the plants grew big). I was thinking to get a Hanna or Bluelab Guardian/combo meter type setup where I could leave the probes in continuously to make my life easy. I was wondering if the probes can be left entirely submerged (including some of the cable that goes back to the meter) or is it just the tip of the electrodes that can be submerged. I cant find any info on how these things are installed and would be grateful for any advice from someone who's is in know. Manufacturers always show the setup on the left, whilst I just want to dunk it in the drink like on the right....if you guys do it like the setup on the left, how do you ensure that only the end of the sensor is submerged (I always fill up to slightly different levels and also as the plants drink the levels lower). I don't feel brave enough to permanently install them by cutting holes in the side of the basin. +-------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------+ | | | | | | | | | METER | | METER | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------+ \--- | | \- \ - | \ ----- | / | -----/ \ | \ -\ | / | -- / / \ | / | | | | / \ +----|-------+ / / | | | / | \ | | | / | | | \ / \--------------+----+--+----+-------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------| | | | \ / \ | | | / | | | \ | \ | | / / | | | | | \ | | / / | | | +---|-------+ / \ | | | | | | | | | | / \ | | +----+-+----+ / | | | | | | \ +--+ | | / | | | / \ | | | | | | / \ +-+ / | | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Cheers
  3. Evening UK420, this is my first post. This Is also my first grow, I’ll get straight to it I’ve got a flexi tank which I fill with water, I let it stand for 24 hours whilst pumping air into it with air stones and an air pump, I ph my water to 6.5-6.8 just before watering and I’m growing in soil. I’ve been told to water using water that is 18-20°C, how does everyone maintain this temperature ? Also I bought a tank heater however it’s made for fish tanks so was wondering what heaters do you use to heat the water ? Also I noticed my humidifier has been hooked up to a tank of water that’s got algae running through it I’ve since drained, cleaned and replaced with fresh water but will the couple of days that it was running with dirty water affect my grow ? lots of questions, I know. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help with anything
  4. Hey all, Need some help with my plants!! They're all buggered!! So they were all healthy until two weeks back when i added some cannazyme to my fed to help get new roots and clear the dead ones. PH was fine. They were looking good for a day and then all started to droop. Didn't want to water straight after so waited until they dried out. Fed them with AN Revive and they were fine again for a day and then drooped. The PH had dropped somehow to 5.5ish (PH'd the feed 2 days later when they looked droopy. Fed them again when dry at PH 7.2 - to try and balance it out. Again droopy. G13 Labs Maltezerz PH meter I was using was now broken. Got a bluelabs meter checked the feed i'd previously given and it was 6.7ph - not 7.2 Came in today and they all look screwed - close to death! The stems are all flimsy and they look awful. This is one of them below. Just fed her plain RO water hoping she'll bounce back. Anything else I can do? I tried to PH the run off but it wont read. What else can I do to save the other two plants? Any help would be appreciated
  5. i'm about to go nuts. when i have to adjust my pH, which i already did just 12-24h earlier, one more time, i will fucking kill myself. AAAAA somebody pls send help. jk but seriously, how do you guys get your pH to stabilize? mine is out of control, it's crazy. how is it even possible, i can put 3-4mL of ph-down in my res (filled to 40L at max) every day to get it down to ~5.8 and not even a day later it just jumped back to insane 6.8 again. every fucking time/day, when i check it. huge upswings again and again. it doesn't stop. there has to be 50% ph-down in there by the time it gets down to the last litres. i don't get it. just R.O. water, with 10-20% tap (EC .7) mixed in nutes: canna coco a+b, rhizo, cannazym, calmag ah right, sometimes i also use some citric acid in addition to ph-down. even tried adding NaHCO3 to buffer. only helps a little bit. and mineral magic (silica) ... fuck that shit
  6. Hello everybody I’m going for my 1st indoor grow and I’ve chosen to give DWC a go as I’ve always wanted to master hydro. ive got a 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8m hydrolabs tent...which is bloody lovely to be honest ive got a 600w digital ballast light with parabolic hood Rhino pro carbon filter 125x300 Ruck hi power fan with a digital fan speed controller attached to that 70l oxypot xl reservoir (with two oxygen stones) I’ve got aquarium water heaters to maintain solution temperatures A fan to circulate air inside the tent I’ve gone with canna Aqua Flores and vega , and have canna start, cannazym, rhizotonic, and canna boost accelerator as my nutes....(I’m sure there is better out there in regards to cost and results but I thought I couldn’t go wrong with them for now) i got got some silver bullet roots too just to be safe ive got a PH and EC meter with buffer solution for both ive done a test run and generally my environment has been running at... LIGHTS ON; 24.5 degrees Celsius 50% humidity LIGHTS OFF; 16.5 degrees celcius 50% humidity IM REALLY HAPPY WITH THOSE RESULTS what do u guys and girls think???? I WILL BE TRYING TO WARM THE GROW ROOM UP WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF DURING THE 1ST 3 WEEKS OF FLOWER THOUGH...AS IM AWARE THAT THIS CAN PREVENT UNNECESSARY STRETCHING OF THE PLANTS DURING THAT PERIOD...would anyone be able to confirm this to be true??? Just going off previous research on that one but thought it might be a valuable tip to any grower if it’s true...? my main area of concern is the PPM of my local rap water... an R/o system is a no go for now but if all goes well I will invest in one for future grows... anyway... the PPM of my rap water is 212ppm (after I’ve put it through a filter jug)... is this fine for seedlings? Baring in mind I wanted to add some cannastart to the seedling solution... And once I start early stages of veg...will this ppm level have too much of an affect to the amount of nutes I can add at one time? Or am I just worrying about nothing? My ph is 6.5 so I will probably need to adjust with ph down to get to around 5.7-5.8 and I’m aware that this will bump my ppm levels up too...? sorry for for the essay! And cheers for reading! Experts please feed me with ur knowledge Cheers
  7. My plants aren't happy and I don't know why I'm using - 10ml tomorite mixed with 2l water every two to three days - liquid seaweed now and again, as foliar spray, sometimes with neem - 10 liter pots filled with organic peat based soil and perlite. Photos - - - -
  8. Hi all, I am trying to build a really simple system to adjust PH automatically for a coco grow. Basically the idea is a permanently submerged PH sensor in the tank talks to a rasberry pi or similar which then releases the required amount of (in my case with my water supply it will always be) PH down. I have a buddy who can handle the coding, what I am really looking for are suggestions as to a dripping mechanism or some type of optic (like for pub spirits) that could be manipulated with a motor or in some way switched on/off by the controller. Ultimately we would use the same mechanism/optic to dose the nutes into the mix but for now we just want to identify a suitable mechanism for administering the ph adjustment liquid. Have done loads of google searches but still havent a clue. have read over the rasberry pi threads on here but they seem to be mainly for environment controllers etc. and WAY more complicated than what we want/can handle just looking for a simple but accurate mechanism/tool for dosing small amounts of liquid that we can automate mechanically with some kind of motor (or failing that gravity) any suggestions very welcome, cheers MM
  9. Hi Everyone, I am new here so firstly I would like to say hi to everyone and that I look forward to what I hope will be a long journey here on this forum. I have never grown before and I am currently prepping for my first, I will be germinating this weekend. I have just been calibrating my new pH & EC readers (both are Essentials) and getting base readings for our water. Here's where things are getting a little strange, we have an undersink reverse osmosis filter (we've had this for some time now as I don't want the tap water for obvious reasons, I have however replaced all the filters a few days ago to get the best of the best for my girls-to-be) and I know manufacturer (iSpring Water Systems) specification is that water pH should come out at 7.4, it came out at 8 which is fine for myself and will just have to use a lot of down, but the EC reading has come out at 0.8, which even as a virgin grower I know is waaaay higher than the majorities. I know that during filtration some ionised minerals are added (calcium, magnesium, sodium & potassium), but this has thrown me off completely as I now have no idea where I'm at with nutrients. My plan was to start the seedlings off with around 0.5-0.6 EC (assuming a base of 0.2) as I am growing in coco, so 0.8 is already higher than that without any nutes added. Should I just treat this as my base? Should I use normal tap water? I really am lost and have no idea how to even find the answer. Any help or general beginners advice would be hugely appreciated. I'm so excited to be joining this wonderful community and can't wait to progress, happy growing!
  10. Hi all muiti strain 600 watt green power bulb terra pro plus 15 l pots terra vega rizatonic cannazime ph’d to 5.8 ( as canna say is best for veg ) long time away from the sport an I’m back so I keep haveing the same issue I think it started with ph issues but I’m hoping some one can help b4 they end up in the bin So never used to ph my water (over 10 years ago) as I’m sure the terra pro plus a buffered to 6.6 but now after speakng to canna they have said earliy veg 5.8 late veg 5.9 early flower 6.0 late flower 6.1 feeding strenth 0.9 first the plant started to yellow out an then it’s been all down hill from there seems like it’s just problem after problem an it’s breaking my soul now I think it’s a calcium deficiency but the plants all round look terrible any advice ice would be really appreciated very new here so unsure on how to add pictures but I have a few to show when I can fuiger our how to post them cheers for reading advice is needed
  11. ph

    Ok, the new problem... My PH is a bit low for my feed. So that is going to be adjusted. However, for those who asked in a previous thread what the PH and EC were, well I splashed out and bought myself a crissy prezzie of an EC and PH meter, they arrived today. I have tried el-cheap-o route, splashed out on a couple of middle of the range meters that were about the £35 mark each. Normally about £99 the pair, got then on deal via a trader that I have used several times for substantial purchases and got them both for £69.99. So these are not your £20 grow shop cheap as chips, ok for a grow meters. The PH meter was easy to set up, there is an option to set the alternative end standards of 4.0 and 10.0 on the PH scale, I just went with the Neutral PH 7 standard for now. The EC meter was pretty much same sort of deal, I happened to have bought, quite by accident a month or so back, EC28 buffer... Single button push calibration... Couldn't ask for more. OK now, those people asking what my water EC and PH is. This is a current state that IS GOING TO BE CORRECTED. Feed mix... PH 4.3 EC 1.3 Separate Water (for all uses, including adding more water to the pot when dry between feeds) PH 4.8 (Originally I set the PH to 7 for a baseline, was aiming for PH5 when PH was too high) EC 1.0 The water I used to water and other things like spraying was aimed at being PH 5 as I needed to drop the PH of the water in the pot as it was a bit high, the test paper system I used was pretty good guide and PH had risen to above 7. So now I can make the required changes to the current feed mix, readjust the water back to PH of 7.
  12. Hi all, running Coco, I usually feed with a consistent pH of 5.9. Doing some studies into Nitrogen and it's major component chlorophyll I came across some range charts. I've previously seen people use Cal Mg with Coco, this would tell me I'm dropping both to potentially zero on feeds. With this in mind, I noticed a 5.9 pH feed actually prohibits the absorption of other compounds. Would it be good practice to range the feeds at 5.9 then 6.5 (progress or at the very least repeatably) to ensure the full range is taken? Any experience on this welcome.
  13. Hi, The 100L reservoir in my hydro setup requires constant adjustment upwards, as for some reason the water (RO water+weak-mid strength plant magic DWC mix) ph keeps dropping. It will go from 6.5 to 5.2 in one day, top back up, then it goes back down, then I top up etc. Each time, I'm adding more ph up chemicals so the mix has both ph down (from the original mix) and ph up which I cant imagine is good for the plants. However, I flush the whole lot and do a res change every week. I've read this is not normal and may be root rot (although the roots look ok, they are not pure white), in which case I suppose that my constant ph chasing and frequent change is managing to keep the plants alive. They look good, so I'm not sure whats going on here. Has anyone gone through this also? Can I keep on doing this until harvest? Cheers
  14. Hi, Does anyone know of a good summary like a table of sorts maybe, that covers all the combinations of PH/EC behaviour, perhaps something like: EC PH PLANT IS DOING stable stable <chilling> down down <needs more nutes> etc etc I keep reading like tit-bits here and there but is there an authoritative reference? I'm in hydro if that makes any difference. Appreciate any info/links Thanks,
  15. PH Down.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Looked everywhere, trying not to leave too many pawprints on the interweb or visa. Found this in a great hydroponics shop called London Grow in Finsbury Park.
  16. Hi guys, I need some help with my new Autopot setup. Long story short the pH under the pots in the tray is way lower (4,9 ~ 5,4) than the pH of the reservoir tank (5,9) and I think Im having multiple problems because of that. Im using coco Biobizz "Coco Mix", Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids and Mostly Sativa fertz, Cal Mag of Grotek and RO water. The pots are 8,5lts and Im using 3cms of washed clay pebbles in the bottom with coco coir only. The values of my reservoir tank are pH 5,8 ~ 6,0 and EC of 1,2. Before of this I had grow only in soil with tap water and without checking the pH with average results for years. Then I had the money and I wanted to improve so I bought an Apera PC-60 pH/EC combo meter and Autopots (8,5 lts easy2grow kits) and started growing with coco coir. I can see the amazing results of checking pH and EC but I had a lot of problems in this grow and I think Im at 40% of full potential. In fact following the Powder Feeding schedule of Green House I overfert to death some plants. Searching in the forum I discovered then than in a multi feeding setup like Autopots you cant go beyond 1,2 EC. I learned. But my actual problem is that like I said the pH of the tray is lower than the pH of the reservoir. I understand that the "run off pH thing" is not accurate but the problem is that in an Autopot setup you dont have "run off", and I think if you have the pH of the feeding solution under each pot way off than the correct value it will cause problems. Right now my reservoir is pH 6,0 and EC 1,2 but the water under each pot is pH 5,4. How can I grow big and healthy buds with that pH? With soil as substrate Im having the same problem with the autopots (the pH is lower 5,2). What can I do? I flushed the pots and checked the run off and effectively the pH is way off too. I think I can grow like this but my buds are very thin in this moment. Maybe can work if I flush with like 7,0 water until the run off is corrected? I think that the plants will not eat all the nutrients if the water of the tray is pH 5,4. Just in case, I googled the forum and the internet searching for answers and I dont have found nothing than helped me. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi all I posted a few weeks back, asking for some help and advice as my friend (@maverick40b) and I are getting set-up for our first grow, we got some good feedback across the various posts we put up and some great help along the way. It seems like this has now been going on for a while but we believe we are now very close. We have put together an itinerary of the equipment we have gone for and think is necessary to get everything setup. This is now our final step before committing and spending alot of money on this, we would appreciate any feedback and advice from you guys, what do you think of the list? have we forgotten anything? would you change anything? reasons for changing any equipment? Any other valuable information? Itinerary • 1 x BudBox Pro - 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m • 2 x Adjusta-watt digital dimable 600w light kit • 2 x Easy Rolls & Hooks Set (Pair) • 2 x LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed light switching) • 1 x Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 6" (150mm) x 12" (600mm) • 1 x Systemair RVK 150mm L1 In-line Duct Fan • 1 x 5 metre length of 150mm Flexi-Ducting Aluminium • 3 x Duct Clip 60-170mm • 1 x 5 metre length of Jack Chain 2.5mm Width • 1 x green power 6 way power box • 1 x Agrolab Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer • 8 x 12 litre Root Pouches • 8 x Round Pot Saucer (Black) 12 Inch • 2 x Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme 50 Litres • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow 1 Litre • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Bloom 1 Litre 1 x Bucket (for mixing nutes) • 1 x 10ml Syringe with 0.5ml Graduations • 1 x 2 tube t5 propagation kit • 1 x pH and EC test kits thanks for taking the time to read through this post and we appreciate any feedback or advice given no matter how big or small. Happy 420 everyone
  18. Hello everyone, i have two plants two weeks into flower... a gelato 33 which is doing just fine!!! and a green ninja which has started showing some signs of a problem that I need some advice on please. the ninja’s leaves started to curl down at the tips which I noticed this morning...upon checking them tonight the leaves are completely curling down...I thought it could be one of two things, and thought peeps on here might be able to help me pretty please... basically my ph pen died yesterday! It won’t calibrate anymore so I think the readings are completely off! (I’ve ordered a new one and will be here by Sunday). This morning I had to reluctantly guestimate my water ph as my ninja was in desperate need of water...so I’m thinking incorrect water ph may be causing leaves to curl down.... OR... the plants a bushy beast! In a 3 gallon pot and I can see fair amount of roots underneath via the drainage holes...so thought it might possibly be root bound?? Temps are constantly 26-27 degrees Celsius with lights on....21.5-23 degrees Celsius lights off...with a tower fan and clip on fan moving air around so I don’t think it’s heat stress.... Advice massively appreciated!!!!!
  19. green ninja

    From the album n

    2 weeks into flower...curling leaves
  20. Hi guys and girls I’m flowering some: Sensi Jack Herer Sensi Purple Bud Arjan’s Strawberry Haze Plant Magic soil supreme is what they’ve been growing in, in air pots, and I’m feeding them plant magic oldtimer bloom at the moment. I thought this might be a Magnesiun deficiency, or maybe some other trace elements. The PH of my tap water is 6.9 - 7, as is the soil. Temps are between 14C (night) and 27 (day).
  21. Excuse the - its-been-a-long-day-stupidity - please... Water is a tad alkaline (not, as mentioned before, acidic) - I've lowered it with a bit of lemon juice - will dig out the citric acid tomorrow... Thanks! Mods, please delete - post was pointless and a mistaken problem.
  22. Hi guys, I've been messing about outdoors on and off for the last 10 years now. This year I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could set up my first indoor grow at last! Currently got some exodus cheese clones in coco which will be coming down in 2/3 days I also have 11 Disco Biscuits (thanks @VRG for the extra bean and free Blues!) in 1" rockwool cubes. I originally went with the coco as that's what my friend who helped me set up uses. I thought it would be handy in case I ran into any problems, at least I'd have someone with experience to guide me. Luckily no major probs and although I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with my first attempt, I have decided I will be using soil this time round. I've always used bio bizz nutes in the past outdoors and from reading I've realised soil is a more suited medium for them. Plus it's what I've been used to in the past. Just trying to get a game plan together in my head so I don't panic when it comes to doing something and fuck up! I spoke with@FARMER G via pm and he kindly answered my queries, but I keep coming up with more and don't want to pester the man so thought I'd ask a few on here and hopefully someone else can learn from the info too First question is potting up.. I've read that several re pots are good through veg. I've bought 0.7, 1.5, 3.5, 6 and 11ltr pots. Do you think 5 re pots is overkill and will stress the plants more than do them any favours? Also I understand the idea is to fill each pot with roots before moving them on to the next. With the final pot, do I want to fill that with roots before flipping them to 12/12 or do I need flip them soon after the final pot up, so as to leave room for roots to grow in flower and not become root bound? Or do the roots stop growing in flower!? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.. Just can't learn enough at the minute! Aphat
  23. Hi Guys,So currently I am panicking. I've have searched the internet and can not find anything that looks like what I have.Currently using Canna Pro Plus alongside Canna Terra and Flores. I'm at the start of the 3rd week into flower.I water them regularly every 3/4 days and I've been feeding them 1.1/1.3 EC canna Terra. I watered them at 1.6 EC Canna Flores for the first time yesterday as Canna Personal Grow guide has told me to. I'm wondering if this is nutrient burn or PH issue?I don't PH regulate my water as the soil has a natural PH buffer in (Apparently) however I was regulating this between the weeks of 2-4 using Hydroponics up or down between the regions of 6.2/6.8. I briefly thought this may have killed the microorganisms in the soil but I have had no problems until now week 9. They had 6 weeks veg. Oddly it does only seem to have affected 3 out of 10These symptoms are appearing at the top of the plant and the leaves that are colored have gone almost soggy and orange, Any input would be massively appreciated (I have no idea how upload a photo. If anyone could help a brother)
  24. Good morning everyone Bought myself Essentials pH & EC meter pens, CF calibration fluid and Buffer 7 & Buffer 4 solutions. pH meter's manual states: The problem here is that I'm unable to find ESSENTIALS pH Storage Solution anywhere on the net, it's like it doesn't even exist. Am I missing someting? Thanks
  25. Hello all, I've found a plot which has great security and to my rookie knowleadge seems like it would get decent sunlight. However there is one main problem, the soil is extremely acidic any further than a few inches down is 5.0 on a ph meter but the top few inches appear to be a useable ph range of 6.5. Could I did the topsoil from around the plot to make a bed and grow it that ? Or will I need bring in compost its very tomorrow 30 minute walk by foot through the woodland. Also the mostiure retention is of the charts should I add perlite to I'm prove the drainage ? Kind regards to all peace ✌️