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Found 20 results

  1. Hello UK420 Family, I've got a quick question, so I've just gone in the room and thought I'll do the 'Paper test' where you grab a piece of a4 paper, hold it under the plant and shake the plant to see if any pests or anything falls off the plants. This is a method I've used since I had mites few grows back and have been clear so far, up until today. I did the test and noticed small worm like creatures walking around on the paper, I grabbed one of the most unhealthiest leaves in the room and lo and behold, there was a small fucker walking around on the back of the leaf as well. Now I am almost at week 3 of flower and have budsites show up since week 2 of flower, I've read a lot on neem oil but everyone says not to use it when buds show as it will taint the taste of the final product, so I've decided that if I need to, I will go the predator route to tackle the problem. Shaking a plant in a 20l pot, only produced about 3/4 of these so it must be very early stage, and on the leaf I could only see a single one. Only issue I have, is that I do not know what the heck these are, and this is where I need you guys help. Anyone have any idea what this might be? I've took these pictures with a digital microscope and the ones with white background is on the a4 paper and the one with the green background is directly on the leaf. You can see them with naked eye and there's literally no damage across the plants in the tent except for one which was a very old mother and I decided to flower her this round as I won't be keeping her around. Any help is appreciated
  2. Tiny little c**t

    From the album Caterpillar

    What to do about this as literally not long left
  3. Im wondering if there is something non toxic I can use to control spider mites in late flower and that which would not harm the flower or diminish the taste something other than IPM since predatory mites are gamble and hard to get from where Im from. Im asking both for greenhouse and indoor (my go to alternative for indoor would be keeping it really clean and in low temps, but Im not sure if it would be enough) Outdoor better said greenhouse is more of a concern for me, Im not sure if oscillating fans would be enough since s.mites are called borg for a reason. I can use D. earth on around the roots and only feed from bottom but Im not sure if it would help anything since those mf are smart as fuck. In the pest I bring home little travelers from africa (bed bugs) they were pitta to get rid of but diatomaceous earth helped like nothing else. The reason why Im mentioning this is that I found a little bag of shroomie leftovers that got lost behind a cabined, those little critters were in it munching on it. I then realized that those motherfuckers go hard af evolving rapidly tripping on shroom probably plotting their new adventures and tactics Forgot to say, I know how painful is to lost plants before harvest because of pest problem. It hurt my heart badly and I stopped growing for many years afterwards. Still Im looking for a solution, I found one for grow but not yet for flowering Im wondering if essential oil blends like those from build a soil can harm the plant in late flower or mess up the actives like thc and cbd I would really appreciate your help with this
  4. What are the best ways to protect plants from the deer and similar animals when put in the ground? Do things like hydrogel helps in high humid foresty areas, which are very close to water source, stream? Could I go without watering at all? I was thinking that the plant can basically plugin and get water from the underground stream, fog at the morning. Is the hydrogel needed at all there? thank you very much guerilla growers I would appreciate your opinions and help
  5. Wassup chaps....just spotted my first bug. I have some clones in a DWC setup. They've been in there a week and have been okay so far. I changed out the res today and noticed some tiny bugs around the pots. They look like mites and would like to know the best way to get rid before transferring them to their main DWCs. Excuse the state of the pics....using a loupe and cannot focus. They just look like specs of dust but they're moving and move quite fast. Any help would be appreciated. Peace.
  6. As you can see, my plants are indeed fucked. i cant figure out whats going on. but they were struggling from the very beginning. the one plant has these bright green/yellow splotchy leaves, which were turning into somewhat normal leaves after some time. at some point they all did ok for a little while actually. still they always showed signs of some kind deficiency/nutrient/water problem. (Twisty leaves, droopy, hollow stems, the 2 bottom leaves necrotic and kind of dark/greyish in color) and now since the last topping, i would say, their health seems to get worse and worse. there are so many weird symptoms, i'm completely lost by now. almost no growth, chlorosis, abnormal/twisted growth, spots, burns, mutations … just every shit imaginable. like i'm feeding them with radioactive trash or something. I really need your help. I want to know, the source of the problem/disease before I dumb them, at least. checked all plants for pests with a microscope already, but couldn’t find a single bug. so maybe its really TMV or something similar? i definitely hope not. Feed stuff: R.O. water + some tap water + canna coco a+b, rhyzo, cannazym, vitalink calmag EC: 1,3-1,4 pH: 5,8-6,5 (it did rise a few times way too much over night) watering: 2-3x/day with some run-off (too often, too much ... probably) environment (min/max): 19,5 night – 24,0°C day / RH around 55-66% depending on spot and time / climate house lights: ~400w cob cree leds; distance 50cm; cycle: 16/8 I think these are the most important information. Just tell me, if you need anything else for diagnosis. (more&better image in my gallery)
  7. Alright guys ! So my tents in the garage at back of the garden and I’ve noticed some little wankers laying turds in there I’m sure of it ! So I’ve took a picture of it because I don’t have a clue what could be leaving it behind !? , it’s on top off the reflector so it can’t be big and it’s not dropping witch is what confuses me ! If any one has a clue please help us out and let me no So I can get it gone ! Thanks guy much appreciated !
  8. Creature.jpeg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Not sure what this is. looks like a cricket
  9. mirid bug damage

    From the album First grow

  10. Mirid bug 2

    From the album First grow

  11. Mirid bug 1

    From the album First grow

  12. new unidentified pest

    From the album pest problem identify

    Hi, so im not new to growing but in the past year i have been under attack by some sort of pest i cant identify or even see (just the damage it does). Basically it only happens in the 3rd to 5th week of veg and as the new sprouting leaves open up they look like they have been eaten by a Caterpillar or something, mainly at the base of the leaves but as the problem increases almost all the leaf is missing as it grows into full size. There is nothing i can see on the leaves or plants anywhere no bugs or flying insects. I had thrips and got rid of them with a sulphur burner, this worked on the thrips but didnt seem to touch whatever it is destroying the new leaves. And it is only the new leaves, old growth is not affected and looks healthy. So far I have only had this problem in the mid to late stages of veg. Only some strong insecticide worked, only after setting my grow back almost 3 weeks.... Has anybody else had these pests? If so what are they and how do i prevent them? indoor grow in soil with organic nutrients. (my friend seem o think it may be a mutation of the tobacco virus sometimes carried by thrips, but this confuses me when the sulphur works on the thrips but not the other things...) heres a couple photos anyway....
  13. Hi all,Would like to get some advice.I've started 3 x OG Kush auto May 7 2017. Outdoor.Have sprung up nicely, however I noticed ( as with a previous outdoor grow) the oldest leaves ( bottom of plant) seem to be getting white spots and it seems gotten so bad that the bottome leaves looke 'burnt' and have crisped away.What is happening? Google research(!) and a visit to a garden centre I came away with a few things:1. Some sort of pest/fungus : I have used onion/garlic puree to coat the leaves last couple of days. 2. Over/under nutrient (Nitrogen)?3. Too much water ( has been wet spell for last couple of weeks)Was thinking to go get some pesticide/fungicide? See images : http://www.rollitup.org/attachments/img_20170607_143814-jpg.3956628/ http://www.rollitup.org/attachments/img_20170607_143823-jpg.3956629/ http://www.rollitup.org/attachments/img_20170607_143832-jpg.3956630/ http://www.rollitup.org/attachments/img_20170607_143841-jpg.3956631/ Any advice much appreciated!
  14. Hi there! After latest inspection of gurilla grow I have lifted 2 of the 6 pots to find a big ants nest underneath and they are also all inside the drainage holes and imagine the soil too? What do I do ? HELPPPPP
  15. My first grow in an English cellar so not ideal conditions. This is a grow of medical cannabis for oil for my son - a philosopher and musician who enjoys the side effects - but more importantly, maybe the only real hope we have for the cancer in his brain. And I've found these in the grow. Can anyone tell me what they are and how to get rid of them safely without damaging the flowers? Hardly any room to manoeuvre down there so hoping an organic spray that's ok to use with the lights on that I can get in the UK? I'd really appreciate any advice.
  16. Today I've noticed white and yellow spots on leaves, which I don't recognize as a sickness or some nutrient problem. I think it could be thrips, although I could be mistaken, as I couldn't spot any with a magnifying glass. Maybe its too early to spot them yet. I havent had any problems with pests yet. So I'm very worried. I made a gallery and will update it accordingly. I have 10 plants. Half of them are effected by these white and yellow spots. Please let me know comrades!
  17. I have found a few horrible looking things eating my leaves, not sure what they are they dont look like the traditional spider mites or thrips that I have seen pictures of. They dont really seem to be causing much leaf damage (yet) but I have found a few thrip like markings. Anyone know what that is? looks like some kind of horrible alien to me but seriously got me freaked out in case it is spider mites or something just as bad. I am in week 5 flower with some 8 weeker clones so I am limited in what I can do. Any advice appreciated.
  18. Hey, Just wondering if its possible for whitefly eggs to lie dormant in soil and then 're-animate' once plants are introduced and the environment warms up with the light above?
  19. Hi all I'm three weeks from chop, growing 9 girls under 600w.# Top feeding in coco, plants look healthy, no negative signs, nothing living on a single leaf. I noticed something in my runoff bucket and in the tray as I was removing the runoff from the tray that the plants sit in. They are mostly white, the odd one is black. I can't tell if they're springtails or symphilids. I took the best pics I could. They don't seem to be jumping around much from what I can see, more crawling. Lifted the plant out of the pot for the first time to check today, roots look white, plentiful and healthy and I only saw one bug emerge from the rootmass. The rest appear to be either in the tray or the runoff bucket. I have plants in compost in my veg area next door, duno if that's where they may have come from. View of the tray where the bugs are sat. The water I can't collect evaporates inside an hour or two My runoff bucket; the bugs are all on the surface mostly wriggling around just left of centre A pic of the only bug to emerge from the rootmass