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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, I'm in the process of setting up my new groom. Once I've hunted and found 3 or so good mums I'd like to try my hand at a perpetual SOG - cropping, trimming, cloning etc every 14-16 days. Mixing up 4 different flowering feeds each time and hand-watering isn't an option as I'll be working 55+ hours a week. I'm not lazy but have limited free time so want to make the whole process more efficient. I was thinking of using a DIY RTW system with drippers and a single res, plants in either coco or rockwool slabs. Has anyone here had any experience running a perpetual grow with the same feed throughout? I recall reading through a Heath Robinson perpetual diary where he had 3 modded Wilma systems running from the same res - I think he kept it a 1.2EC throughout the entire flowering phase. Results were fantastic. I'm thinking strain choice would be key here, especially if alternating between a few different ones. Obviously it's a compromise but a major labor and time saver, plus the simplicity of it appeals to me. Any thoughts, ponderings or advice on this would be appreciated
  2. Hey guys. I'm just about all set up with my grow space, ready for my second indoor grow (first at this new place). I'm growing from seed in coco, but ideally, I want to end up with a mother I've selected after flowering them all, that I can reveg and then take cuttings from, to then grow those genetics exclusively. Now at the same time, I want to maximise my currently very limited space of 1.2mx1.2m, by applying the ScrOG method. My question is: would it be best to get myself some feminised seeds that I can ScrOG almost immediately and keep the best mother to reveg (or clone in advance if a scrogged mum would be problematic), or is there a way for me to grow 2x the amount of regular plants that I can sex and remove males from, while still simultaneously scrogging them all? I'm thinking it would be best to just do a preparatory grow by cracking as many regular seeds as possible, remove males and let the females grow untrained, just to maximise my chances of dankness with a sizable initial genetic pool from regular subs and UGORG seeds. But with 4-5 months between each harvest, I'd like to get a mother going in as few stages as possible. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks! SVS
  3. So there's magistrates guidelines saying a personal grow is 9 plants per person with no more than 24 in one location before those guidelines supposedly change but it says nothing about how much light is used!!!! 9 x 1 plant 1000w scrogs would surely be taking the piss will domestic uk electricity suppliers notice that kind of thing ? even if you are paying for it, or is it they are not bothered as long as your filling their coffers ? So how much is too much for a perpetual personal grow in the average uk household ?