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Found 12 results

  1. flowering day 13

    From the album Hydro grow

  2. Hello all, Looking to take some clones before the weekend and don't have time to go to the store. So was wondering if anyone has had success on putting them direct into soil or 100% perlite? Also, storing clones in the fridge. Does this actually work? Cheers, CSG
  3. Not a massive coco user, but I'm trying to get away from perlite and clay balls for more natural substances. Rice husk or buckwheat? Any thoughts anyone? They would not break down in one standard cycle. My main concerns were sprouts rotting in the coco, cation exchange.
  4. Coco hempy bucket

    From the album CPK & BS

    Roots on the smallest lack Sugar
  5. Hi everyone! I'm just about to start my first ever grow, Auto blackberry Kush, as I've heard it's a good beginner strain, I'm certainly a beginner!! I have a couple of things I am confused about and wondered if any of you guys might be able to help shed any light please (Setup) I'm using 2 x 11 litre airpots in a 70x70x140 growtent Marshydro 300 wat led 2 x 6 inch clip fans A rhino hobby 6 inch extractor fan connected to the carbon filter 2 x 11 litre Airpots (Nutrients) Canna Rhizotonic Canna A+B Canna Flush (Grow Medium) Canna Coco natural/Perlite I'm confused about how much water and also what ratio of nutrients to add to the water too, I've seen various answers to this question, but I suppose it all relates to grow medium and pot size etc...(i'm using 11 litre airpots) Also I'm unsure if I should keep the clip fans running all the time (even when the LEDs are turned off - I'm going with 18/6 light schedule) I'm also assuming I should keep the carbon filter and extractor running constantly throughout the grow? Sorry if these are dumb questions and I've missed something obvious! Any advice or help would be very much appreciated Thanks guys!
  6. Perlite Gro-sure.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Bought from Wyevale
  7. 59c3966fd8eb7-SL371582(640x480).jpg

    From the album Perlite Hempy bucket

    © ursus1000

  8. just ready to harvest the last plant from a pretty poor first (proper indoor) grow and giving all autos a try this time round. planning on doing 2 x rqs nl auto in plagron all mix, 1 x rqs cheese auto in plagron all mix (using biobizz nutes for they 3 if ok ? as i used biobizz allmix last grow ) and either 1 x dinafem ww cbd auto or 1 x dinafem critical cbd auto in coco coir with vitalink nutes as i fancy giving coco a try first off ill be growing all 4 in 11L fabric root pouches, i bought 50L of plagron all mix and 10 litres of perlite, any decent ratio i can mix for the 3 soil plants ? people using vitalink in coco do you have a kind of base line nutes schedule with the vitalink to get going ? can i use biobizz root juice in the coco ? all info appreciated cheers
  9. Hello people of uk420! I've recently found two great plots in between a motorway and a field with about 30 meters of trees and nettles that look to of been about 6 foot tall last year which to my limited knowledge indicates good soil. I've dug over two beds and added loads of manure pelts and a coco coir a few 70 litre blocks. The soil is clay however and can be rolled into a ball in my hands 😞 Will adding perlite 50 litres to each bed and more cococoir around 140 more litres. Will this be enough to allow good drainage and good root development ? Peace ganjagollum
  10. Hey what up, wanting to know what pot size to use and how long to veg so in coco/perlite (60/40 mix) 9 clones currently in small 3 inch pots after showing roots in jiffys they will have to be under 130w of CFLs in 60cmx60cmx80cm for at another 4-5 weeks then they have 400mh or 600w hps to play with my set up is 120m x 120cm x 200cm tent planning on flowering with 7 plants 600HPS / 400mh parabolic canna AB, rhizo, pk13/14 hand watering POTS - 1.5L, 5L, 10L. can also get 1L, 6.5L(which seems very popular for coco) and 15L if needs be (but ideally not 15s) so i want to reach full potential with what ive got, i plan on topping and bending to fill canopy upto max 50cm height as these clones will pretty much double in height when flipped to 12/12 i was pondering what size i should pot up to and what to use along the way and how long i would need to veg to fill out the pots my thought, from the 3inch, to 1.5L to 10L with them been under the CFLs for those 5 weeks, then 400mh for 1-2 weeks, then flip them so what would you guys do ??
  11. hi people i have a big bag of irish sphagnum peat moss now my question is could i mix it with coco coir and perlite as have both lying around i also have vermiculite aswell i need a list of amount of each to put in ect and if people have used them together what problems if any have you incounted ? many thanks for any advice bless
  12. random seed hopefully cheese

    From the album random seed in a cardboard box

    This plant is being grown in a perlite cellmax mix, being fed with ionic both to the roots and foliar, im bringing her on in a cardboard box 80cm x 60 cm x 60 cm under a normal household 15 watt energy saving bulb. the box is lined with total blackout an ther are 2 small fans running from the pc inside.