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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning everyone Bought myself Essentials pH & EC meter pens, CF calibration fluid and Buffer 7 & Buffer 4 solutions. pH meter's manual states: The problem here is that I'm unable to find ESSENTIALS pH Storage Solution anywhere on the net, it's like it doesn't even exist. Am I missing someting? Thanks
  2. I've been testing this one out for a little while, and I've been so impressed with it that I've decided to carry it in the store. It's really a strong competitor for that Pax- it doesn't look as pretty, but it outperforms the Pax in almost every other way. Small and simple to use, yet surprisingly powerful the Inhalater XP is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the vaporizer world's best kept secrets. At roughly the size of a marker pen, the Inhalater XP is the only vaporizer of its size to feature full temperature control, allowing the user to specify the density and volume of vapour produced to suit their taste. The Inhalater XP is also the first vaporizer to feature an "auto" heat setting, which slowly increases the temperature over the course of your session. As well as this, the Inhalater XP combines the power of both convection and conduction heating to ensure that your herbs are evenly vaporized for maximum efficiency. The Inhalater XP makes use of truly space-age technology, featuring a capsule and vaporization chamber made out of super-strong and heat-safe polyimide, an organic resin used in medical devices and NASA space orbiters. This unique technology allows the Inhalater XP to reach vaporization temperature faster than many other portable vaporizers, with start-up times of under a minute. The Inhalater XP is also highly efficient at regulating its temperature, so you can inhale as fast and hard as you like with very little draw resistance, and still draw satisfying clouds of vapour every time. There are also no knacks or techniques to using the Inhalater XP- you simply turn it on, allow it to heat up, and inhale. It even has an eight minute auto shutoff feature, so you don't need to worry about accidentally running down the battery. Robust, lightweight, safe, virtually foolproof, and with battery life of up to two hours on a full charge; the Inhalater XP is on the cutting edge of portable vaporization technology, and deserves a place in every pocket! Technical Specifications: 284°F to 392°F Temperature Range (140° to 200° Celsius) Electronic Adjustable temp using dial from 1-9 + Auto-Temp Setting. Device Weight: 4.4 Ounces / 125 Grams - Weighs less than an iPhone! Heating Chamber Capsule holds up to 0.5g of dried substrate. Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery provides for up to 2 hours of use or between 12-16 Power Cycles. Includes USB and Worldwide Voltage (100-240V) compatible mains charger. Made in Canada. One year manufacturer's warranty against defects. Package Contents: 1 Inhalater INH004 XP Vaporizer Unit 1 Black Delrin Mouthpiece Cover 5 Sanitary Mouthpiece Extenders 1 USB Cable (for charging) 1 (100-240V) Worldwide Wall Power Adapter 2 Vaporization Capsules (with built in mouthpieces) 20 Vaporization Capusle Cleaning Tools 1 Instruction Manual One Year Manufacturer's Warranty - See more at: http://www.vapefiend.co.uk/InhalaterXP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWvbO6MuV0Y Feel free to ask me about it!