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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys.Im newbie here and im planing to grow in a pc case.Generally indicas are short and easy to grow for beginners.I learned bunch of things like lumens,cool air and etc.My case is about to 48cm height and i'll use 7cm pot with 6 liter soil.These are the items that i'll use in my grow box. 3*50W full spectrum cob led (with fans and alluminum block leds have to stay cool) 10 liter of biobizz light mix soil 48cm height pc case 2*120mm good fan with good rpm(one will be exhaust fan with active carbon filter the other one will inhale fresh air from outside) 1*white widow auto or something that mostly indica and dwarf And im gonna cover inside of the case with alluminum car sun visor. I checked real statistics of leds.They are real 50W. 1*120mm fan for the leaves can feel the wind At the growing stage i'll use biobizz nutrients like bio bloom-grow and all mix. Do you think is there any problem about my system?50W led can produce 80lm/watt and 3*50W can produce 12K lumens.I searched for the lumen thing and i saw for the 1 plant it has to be 10K lumens minimum.Do i have to change something or system will be ok with 1 plant? Btw i'll use 18/6 at veg stage,12/12 at flowering stage.And i'll try to use low stress techniques for control my yield in case. Is that all?Do you guys wanna help for the better result? If this system will success this topic can be the best for people who wanna grow in a pc case.So please dont hesitate to fix something if its wrong on this setup.
  2. Hello all Lurking for a couple of weeks but thought I'd be as well signing up. Hope everyone is doing good. Messed about with a couple autos in my younger days (literally two grows) - a very primitive setup with poor results. Now I'm planning a bit more fun; after a good bit of reading; but albeit on a nano level! Should I enjoy the hobby, might stick at it and create something more substantial... The build will be in a shed, out of sight and out of mind. So the plans are as follows: PC case - 520 L x 200 W x 540 H 100W LED - Would be interested to know if this will be useless and/or what everyone would recommend https://tinyurl.com/y6j3tn2j 240V 80mm 20CFM axial chassis fan with 25mm DIY carbon filter (with a pessimistic 50% CFM reduction, this works out at almost 5 air changes per minute) Passive air intake with black louvre style light baffle 12V 80mm internal circulation fan 60W anti-condensation heater (gets pretty cold with me) Asymmetrical cycle timer (for 18/6 likely) Inkbird controller for heater Foil bubble insulation (chose this over mylar for any potential insulation gain) 4L pots (will be able to fit two of these inside, leaving 300mm of vertical height) PM Plus Soil BioBizz Bloom Also already own a pH meter and solutions to lower pH. Now just a case (no pun intended) of ordering the parts and assembling, will hold off for suggestions first though. Again I'd just like to say this is for fun rather than yield. It's more about the process than the end result. After lurking over some of the noodle comp entries I'm pretty confident I should manage fine on this nano scale. Thanks