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Found 19 results

  1. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 39

  2. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 36

  3. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 36

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Vegging along nicely
  4. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 34

  5. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 34

  6. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

  7. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    I removed the bottom 2 leaves today as they were touching the wets, dont want them to rot.
  8. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

  9. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    After the transplant
  10. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Placed the smaller pot in the bigger pot and filled around a bit to shape a hole.
  11. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Using Liquid orca Mycorrhizae, my roots look lovely!
  12. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Roots coming through from the bottom, ready for transplant.
  13. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 33

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Before transplant
  14. For anyone growing some Dutch Passion varieties outdoors this season! Please share and talk about your grow here
  15. Hi guys, gals, Most of you will probably not be looking at our website every day/week, nor will most of you be subscribed to our newsletter, which is totally fine ofc! But this way it is clear you are missing out on some of the promo's that we run on the website. That's why we want to share this with you all Just in case anyone is interested in some seeds, it would be better to buy them with a discount right -------------------------------- This week we have a special promotion on the website : For anyone who is interested in some original Dutch Passion seeds, we are having a 20% discount on the complete collection via our website : Get 20% off all seeds with this promocode: UKOUTDOOR *The promocode can be used until 22-05-2022 and is not valid in combination with running discounts. --------------------------------- We will use this thread to update the promo's once they go live so you can all have the chance to get our beans at a cheaper price. Should there be any questions regarding a certain variety, you can ask them here too
  16. IMAG0657 (339x600)

    From the album xx

  17. My Dutch Passion Foursome Setup 1x StarRyder 1x Think Different 1x Blue AutoMazar 1x AutoWhite Widow 90hx60x60 Grow Tent 200w Dual Spec CFL 2x 30w CFL Side Lights 4x Airpots Plant Magic Soil Supreme Plant Magic Bio Silicon Plant Magic Old Timer Bloom AN Overdrive Hello All and welcome to my fourth grow. I was lucky enough to win the Dutch Passion Photo Contest for July 2013 and promptly ordered 3 StarRyders, 3 Think Different and 3 Blue AutoMazar (with a special offer you also got 3 AutoWhite Widows!). So thats 12 seeds and I decided to spit that up into 3 grows of 4 plants each and as I could not decide, I opted for 1 of each and here we now are on the first of 3 (hopefully) successful grows. My setup has not changed too much this time round. The biggest changes are with my Airpots and side lights. With my second grow I was using 6L Airpots, then on my last grow I lopped a few cm off of them, but this time I have cut them in half! My reason is because I only have 80cm +/- vertical height and I found on my last grow that the plants were growing beyond that, so in an effort to keep them at a good height for me I took the drastic measure of cutting them down. They were 30cm tall (so thats a third of my entire space) but they are now 15cm tall. So i suppose you could call them 3L Airpots! Side light have been changed to 2x 30w Low Energy Sticks that I saw in asda for £3 each. I started the 4 seeds off by soaking them in tap water for 24hrs, then I planted them straight into the final pots, I would normally use the paper towel method but this seems a more natural way to me. It took 36hrs till the first one popped her head, that was the TD then at 48hr mark SR & AWW had appeared - this evening is 72hrs with no sign of BAM. I have not given up on BAM, will give her another few days before I go digging. Here are some pics for you taken today, Day 2, firstly a group shot then individual shots. My Foursome StarRyder Think Different AutoWhite Widow I will probably update this diary once a week, but please pull up a chair and join me on this journey Cheers