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Found 13 results

  1. First, thanks to all who posted information on this forum. Very helpful. I have just started doing environmental testing for my setup and I am currently fighting heat issues, wondering if anyone can spot any mistakes. My setup is: Dr120 in a smallish room (with 1 window left ajar and 1 door closed with gaps frame in the allow some air flow through room) 600W magnetic ballast (placed outside of room) 1m parabolic reflector (raised to the ceiling as much as possible). 6 inch CAN fan (470m3) for an exhaust. Exhaust vented through approx 3 meter ducting to a discreet window adapter (6inch circle to rectangle converted which ive taped to the bottom of the window sill. Its not perfect, but I put a blind down the close it off as much as possible in the vertical direction, and also have a curtain behind the blind which I can pull across to close off the horizontal, so that the only gaps are just around the rectangular exhaust, and also small gaps around blinds. This is to maintain some room airflow. 4 inch CAN fan (270m3) for an intake as well as opening some passive vents to regulate pressure to just about maintain negative pressure to ease fan stress. The 4 inch active intake is routed up through the attic (via about 15 meters ducting - its ridiculous it even works at all with this poor fan) and out to fresh air. My outside duct is fixed at 4 inch, otherwise I may have considered going from 6inch exhaust-4inch intake to 8inch exhaust-6inch intake. SMS fan controller hooked up to both the intake/exhaust fan. little clip on fan in the tent. For example today I started with 19 degrees room temp /55 RH with nothing on. I then fired everything up and the temp started rising and the humidity started falling. Nothing I do seems to be able to get the temps down from around 32-33 deg C in the tent, with about 23 deg C in the room. I hung some wet teatowels in there and this only bumped the RH levels up a few percent before the teatowels dried. Now one meter reads "--" and the other 21%. What is the consensus on parabolic reflectors? It seems most people think they are cooler than horizontals, but I have also read that they restrict heat flow (which I can feel with my hand). Are paras used mainly in bigger spaces with more space around the shade to suck away the heat? If they can be used in smaller tents, is the heat flow issue not an issue - How does one get around this? - Ive seem people blowing air at the reflector, which I tried, but no luck. If the solution to this is more extraction, then how can I limit the reduction in humidity, as I am already struggling with humidity. I suppose any output of the humidifier will just get sucked up by the exhaust fan. Whilst my teatowel idea worked a bit, i fear it is not sustainable Would the tent get much more naturally humid from having plants in there when the time comes? What kind of temp differential would you expect as normal in the above setup between the tent and the room the ten is in? 9-10 degC difference with intake and exhaust running flat out seems high. Thanks for any suggestions info in advance guys. This forum has been really helpful so far, just reading everyones comments. I'm trying to avoid an AC, as then I will be heating up the world with my slightly ajar window and recently modified door frame with air gaps (for the exhaust, I have no other option to vent out window as there is no outlet in the roof for a 6 inch, and I don't want to blow it directly into the loft, possibly blowing air back into the house). It doesn't strike me that with 600W in a 1.2m tent with outside temps of 19degC/54 % RH I should be having problems, but alas, I am! I am pretty sure it is because I am effectively double wrapping the light with a tent in a room, but its all I can do for now. Cheers
  2. Evening guys. Not sure if I am posting this in the right section, if not, hopefully a mod can move it. I have just been out and bought the Shinobi parabolic made by Lumatek. Put it together and have noticed that there are a few sections that fit poorly or that don't overlap enough allowing light to escape. I was thinking about a quick fix (using heatproof metal tape along the joining edges) but wondered if it would be better in the long run to try and fix it properly. Can the sections be reshaped and re-drilled easily? Has anyone attempted doing this previosuly? Should I just live with it until I can get hold of a Grostar?
  3. Afternoon all Just after some information regarding the secret Jardin daisy parabolic shades, I’m currently using a adjustawing in my 1x1x2 budbox pro but thought I would upgrade everything to make environment as best a possible. Ive seen they do three sizes 60cm,80cm,100cm all from what I can see will take a 600watt bulb. I’m guessing the 100cm will be to big for my space with the negotiable pressure so have written that off. I don’t want to waste money in the 60cm if the 80cm will be much better for my space. Does anyone run these shades in my size tent? Would appreciate any information in people’s experiences. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all Does anybody know the answer to the question in the title? Reason im asking as I am in week 4 flower, starting week 5 tomorrow and I feel the plants are coming on very slowly, and my Swiss skunk is supposed to be renowned to be a fast finisher, well I can tell you now it isnt. So I can only think 600w is not enough for the size of my room. It is hung vertically inside a 1m parabolic. My room is 2.3m wall to wall wide (7.5ft) by 2m long from wall to door. But the plants dont come that far forward, when they were vegging and small I could keep all plants in a 4ft sq space but as they will out they are literally filling the while 2.3m width now. But I don't think the flower production is that fast at all, do I need to upgrade to 1000w to kick out the most of that space? Parabolic is hung around 1.7m tall The only other thing I can think of is it sleeping temps are high because of being in a loft. Lights come on at night and off during day, now I can see why that would cause stretch and stress but I dont see that in the plants. If you would like to see I have a diary (link in sig) this is not an advertisement but if I might need to upgrade my lights then today is the best day to do so as I am busy rest of week so it all depends what you guys think. MMT
  5. Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are on this setup, I’m planning on 4 plants scrogged, each one under a 250w hps in a 1m parabolic reflector, reckon it would be enough light? Some of you may have seen the test plant I’ve got in at the moment, it’s a little purple bud auto and I’m playing about with lighting really just to test it out, can’t make my mind up about the lighting though, I know I could get away with 4x 600w hps but it’s in a loft and I don’t want it to get too hot up there, cheers and happy Toking, RGB
  6. Hello, I am looking for the best reflectors to cover 2m per square, on each meter I want finally 3 plants in scrog. Do you think Adjust-A-Wings Avenger is really worth the price? I could buy two parabolic reflectors for the same price like one Avenger so please advise me if it is worth it?
  7. Ugorg Blues Scrog day 0 of 12/12

    From the album UGORG Blues Scrog

  8. Recently i had to dismantle two white parabolic reflectors as they were being replaced by Gavitas and i discovered both had yellow discoloration on the inside only. It looked like they were nicotine stained but this was impossible so I can only assume the white enamel coating has degraded due to UV exposure and heat. The discoloration was only on the inside which led to my assumption. Both parabolics were about 18 months - 2 years old. Cleaning with isopropyl did no good. This has put me off using them again as they have clearly lost some of their reflectivity. I would suggest that any white parabolic users check the insides of their shades by undoing a bolt and looking at the overlap area inside, there should be a contrast to the exposed enamel. Does anybody think carefully placing strips of silver/alu foil tape down the insides would be better than the plain white?
  9. DIY Parabolic reflector

    From the album Double white 12lt coco hempy scrog potty

    Made from bits from the poundshop
  10. DIY Parabolic reflector

    From the album Double white 12lt coco hempy scrog potty

    Made from bits from the poundshop
  11. Day 1 of setting up.....

    From the album z1st Grow, Hyrdo, Wilma 4 DS120

    So day 1 of opening boxes and setting the tent up, bigger than I thought it would be, hey ho, the filter also looked massive, the straps with the tent don't really seem fit for purpose, but I think I have it secured o the far edge bar as seems only place to fit it.. not much room around the light so will be interesting if it fills out how to get to other sides as only one door on this tent ......good luck me I guess...in at the deep end..
  12. From the album UGORG#1 & Killerskunk

    New setup! Hydrolab tent, 2 Lumatek Turrican parabolic shades linked to adjustable Lumatek ballasts (up to 1000W) with a 250mm Rhino carbon filter for extraction with a reducer attached to 200mm ducting. 2 automatic fire extinguishers.