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Found 5 results

  1. I have nerve damage from the middle of my spine down to my feet putting me in constant pain leaving me unable to walk i am in a wheelchair on top of that i have arthritis in both my hands i have to buy of the street with some stuff so horrible and overpriced but smoking is better than taking pharmaceutical drugs i haven't had a decent smoke for just over a year this year will be my third attempted grow the other two failed but i came close i think. I am growing all autos i keep reading books and trying to read up on the best for pain i am planning on planting in two weeks and doing a diary if anyone knows any good strains please let me know
  2. Hello, i have just been diagnosed with TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction/disorder) and Myofascial pain syndrome. After over 3 years of suffering this face pain its got so bad it drove me to suicide. I saw a maxiofacial specialist just after xmas who was that negligent our local trust had to let him go, it didn't inspire much confidence in seeing another but finally this morning i had an appointment with another maxiofacial specialist. I couldn't have hoped for a better guy, firstly they x-rayed my whole jaw, and after about 20 minutes of talks and tests with him, it became clear to him what was wrong, the good news is i finally have a diagnosis of something i dont think is going to get any worse and i have been given techniques to ease the pain, although its something he says i will probably always suffer with. Just having a diagnosis is a massive relief, i almost cried i was that relieved. It is exasperated by stress and anxiety which is something im hugely affected by due to another physical disability and mental health issues too. Im wondering if anybody else suffers with any of these disorders and if anything makes it less painful or less regular, i wake most nights in pain, im clenching my jaw and have marks evidently on my teeth from doing this in my sleep and indentations on my tongue, my tongue really hurts along with all my right jaw muscles up my face, down into my neck, it feels like my nerves are on fire and my teeth are being crushed, i know now why the diazapam have helped, im reluctant to take them but they make a huge difference. I know stress must have made it worse because this year has been the worst the disorder has been, likely due to opening up old wounds about other traumas i have buried deep over the years and finally opening up about them, but its a long traumatic journey of healing..i just feel relief right now that i know what is wrong with me.
  3. Hi! Not been about much as had accident last year and have spent half my time in and out of hospital. I have finally been supported by my GP and I am going for 2nd opinion and she is marking me down as long term unable to work...after claiming £70 for a few weeeks then giving up!! Weed didnt much...but when vaped cbd oil and vaped bud noticed a drop in pain. Looked LONG AND HARD finally a distant friend (now my hero!)....stepped in and got me the best smelling import hash to try!!! Worked a treat oh god!! was like a dream come true!!!!!!! Now smoke 1-2 mixed joints as vape broken!!! Been smoking years, growing years....told me this a year ago would of thought yeah right etc, same old medical we want it legal hype..... Been on here years and NEVER SAID that!! AT best a distraction! I think it MAY POLLINATE my morphine or pregablin....or BOTH... Though I would share in case helps anyone else....the pain I have is NERVE pain. It 100% makes difference between walking talking laughing and being locked up in agony.,.. Not tried bubble or shatter etc...oil helped me sleep....have a feeling will only get this from import as highCBD and other noids we dont understand.... PS...hash on own doesnt help......weed I have all hybreeds BUT MID-HIGH THC!!! Only down point...back to dealers as cant make sun grown high cbd hash I guess.....
  4. Hi guys Earlier this year I was diagnosed with this http://www.m.webmd.boots.com/a-to-z-guides/hip-osteoarthritis-degenerative-arthritis-hip?page=1 hope link is OK Its starting to flare up pain and discomfort wise and its also effecting my balance. Just wondering what strains or the best way to take weed to help. I smoke it pure at the moment. Thanks R.t
  5. My girl is in some real pain right now and I wanna grab her some herb but don't know what strain would help with the pain more I need her getting high just want her to be able to cope with the pain