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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks as this is my first grow I honestly don’t have a clue how long to veg these things for. Any advice please. 120x60x160 tent they are now 4 weeks in veg. I topped them again and removed all large fan leaves yesterday. many thanks.
  2. The electric company are planning to turn off my electric for 9hrs to do some maintenance. How would this affect my plants if theres no bubbles in my pots for that length of time? Many thanks
  3. This is now my second 2 x Oxypot XL (4) grow. The first being an unmitigated disaster. Things are going Ok-ish this time at best. One of the things I've seen conflicting information on is the nutrient levels in Oxypots. I've seen one post saying that they never go over 0.7ec in their setup and others elsewhere saying go from 0.7-1.5ec in weekly increments during flower. At the moment I have one XL on 0.7ec and the other on 0.9ec at the 4th week of flowering. Is there a definitive answer to this? Now the woes... *sigh* As mentioned above I'm now coming to the end of the forth week of flowering. Most plants are 2 feet tall and have started to flower nicely since last week. However, after doing a few Wilma grows a few years ago, this seems woefully small. I also have a couple of plants, one in each XL with lower larger leaves going yellow and dying or going yellow with brown spots, curling up and dying off. For no reason I can fathom. Here's my current environment: Grow room/tent temp: low 15c high 28c, humidity low 27 high 50. Nutrient temp: XL1 = 19.6c, XL2 = 20.2c Nutrient levels: XL1 = 0.7ec, XL2 = 0.9ec (Canna Aqua Flores) PH *sigh*: 5.8ph (or as near as I get get it as it fluctuates all over the place. Before adjusting, I stick a water pump in the tank to throughly mix for 5 mins and then treat). Going to get a new meter next week, just incase. Each XL has a 600w lamp over it, new bulbs at start of grow, ballasts second hand The nutrient level is about an inch and a half below the basket. Pulling one of the plants out today, the roots are a muddy brown rather than white. Added some liquid oxygen today at 1ml per litre in case this is indicative of some algae buildup. Where am I going wrong here or am I panicking over nothing? This grow needs to be a good one, as I'm spending a small fortune on medicine for my wife!
  4. Long time reader, first time poster. Where do I start? My first dozen or so grows where in Wilma systems in clay, that went without a hitch with great yields. However, after selling my kit and a few years going by I've started up again, this time with 2 Oxpot XL's (4). My first outing was a absolute disaster. Truly pathetic. Probably down to me wacking the nutrient up to 1.2EC week 2 and then 1.6EC week 3 onwards. I've started another, germinating and then planting in 1" rockwool cubes, hand feeding Canna Start at 6PH and 0.4EC and they got off to an absolute flying start, however since going in the oxypots they are growing really, really slowly. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? 600w hps over each oxypot XL, 16hrs on 8hrs off for vegging. PH around 6 varying +/- 0.3 at best EC 0.5 (using Canna Aqua Veg) Nutrient temp currently at 21.3C. Just put some silver foil over the top of the oxypots to hopefully bring the temp down a tad. Have nutrient heaters in both, so the temp doesn't fall below 19C The only thing I can think I'm doing wrong is having the baskets too low in the nutrients, so the cube is always completely soaked?