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Found 14 results

  1. Hi I've been spending waaaaay too much on Cali bud recently and enjoy a bit of gardening so thought why not Total noob with only google for help and support So far I've got the following: SHOGUN Katana Roots - 250mls SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow (Soft Water) - 2 Litre (1L A + 1L B) SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Bloom (Soft Water) - 2 Litre (1L A + 1L B) 1 x Oxypot VitaLink Clay Pebbles - 10 Litres Grodan Large Cuttings Seed Cubes x 24 7.5 cm (3 inch) Grodan Transplanting Cubes x 8 to suit Large Cutting Seed Cubes Pipette - 3mls 7 Day Digital LCD Electronic Plug-in Programmable 12/24 Hour Timer Switch Swiftair Temperature Fan Speed Controller 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 4" In Line Fan Carbon Filter Duct Kit PH Meter Tester Thermo-hygrometer 3 x Royal Gorilla feminised seed (+1 free random) I'm still building the grow area, it will be roughly 1m wide, 1.8m long and 2m high. The LED light is a £60 eBay job, the plan is germinate 2 seeds and pick the sexiest of the two and plant that so just one plant and then if/when it dies I'll have a couple of seeds ready to go. I would really appreciate any advice on my setup, I have 2 main concerns, the LED and nutes. LED: The listing says: 2000W LED Grow light Panel Full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stage: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White, IR(730nm) Coverage Area: about 5 x 5 Square Feet ( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments ) Lumens: 30000lm Lux: 18000lux/1m 15000lux/1.5m Lifespan: >50,000hours LED Power : 2000W Power consumption : energy saving ,only consumes about 220W~260W power and much more brighter Worldwide Voltage: 85v-265v Working environment : -20~40℃,45%~95%RH Working Frequency: 50~60Hz Should I get something better or give it a go? Anything that would compliment the above? I do have a 135w bulb and reflector that was used for photography years ago, should I add that? Also loads of halogen floodlights, I assume they are useless? Nutes: I'm in a soft water area so will definitely get some Shogun CalMag, anything else I should get?
  2. Hi, I'd appreciate some help, please. I have an Oxypot v4 (a huge tub and lid with 4 plant sites) and I'm thinking of connecting another one to each other. The tubs have steeply sloping sides and I'm concerned about leaks from a tank connector. I'm planning on using 22mm push fit plumbing with a straight pipe link of 20cm (shorter pipe=less bendy which might cause a problem?). Any thoughts, please? Thanks.
  3. Anybody have any tweaks for the Oxypot tub, please? I've got 4 singles which I've never used simply because I think the air pumps that came with it are seriously underpowered. Even if I get better pumps I'm not happy with handling individual pots any more (age, you know! Them creaking bones!). So I have an Oxypot v4 (huge tub and lid with 4 plant sites). Any thoughts on maxing this out? Finally, after I bought the v4 I was shown the v9! (9 plant sites!). If I grew just the main cola, do you imagine it be better than bigger trees in a v4? Thanks for your time to read - and reply! Stay safe.
  4. Hello everybody I’m going for my 1st indoor grow and I’ve chosen to give DWC a go as I’ve always wanted to master hydro. ive got a 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8m hydrolabs tent...which is bloody lovely to be honest ive got a 600w digital ballast light with parabolic hood Rhino pro carbon filter 125x300 Ruck hi power fan with a digital fan speed controller attached to that 70l oxypot xl reservoir (with two oxygen stones) I’ve got aquarium water heaters to maintain solution temperatures A fan to circulate air inside the tent I’ve gone with canna Aqua Flores and vega , and have canna start, cannazym, rhizotonic, and canna boost accelerator as my nutes....(I’m sure there is better out there in regards to cost and results but I thought I couldn’t go wrong with them for now) i got got some silver bullet roots too just to be safe ive got a PH and EC meter with buffer solution for both ive done a test run and generally my environment has been running at... LIGHTS ON; 24.5 degrees Celsius 50% humidity LIGHTS OFF; 16.5 degrees celcius 50% humidity IM REALLY HAPPY WITH THOSE RESULTS what do u guys and girls think???? I WILL BE TRYING TO WARM THE GROW ROOM UP WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE OFF DURING THE 1ST 3 WEEKS OF FLOWER THOUGH...AS IM AWARE THAT THIS CAN PREVENT UNNECESSARY STRETCHING OF THE PLANTS DURING THAT PERIOD...would anyone be able to confirm this to be true??? Just going off previous research on that one but thought it might be a valuable tip to any grower if it’s true...? my main area of concern is the PPM of my local rap water... an R/o system is a no go for now but if all goes well I will invest in one for future grows... anyway... the PPM of my rap water is 212ppm (after I’ve put it through a filter jug)... is this fine for seedlings? Baring in mind I wanted to add some cannastart to the seedling solution... And once I start early stages of veg...will this ppm level have too much of an affect to the amount of nutes I can add at one time? Or am I just worrying about nothing? My ph is 6.5 so I will probably need to adjust with ph down to get to around 5.7-5.8 and I’m aware that this will bump my ppm levels up too...? sorry for for the essay! And cheers for reading! Experts please feed me with ur knowledge Cheers
  5. I found this little matey in the roots of one of the girls which are in individual oxypot systems (its about 2cm long)- there is at least one more worm of that size in there and i can see multiple little tiny organism things that will probably develop into little worms. Looking online it seems like its a "western corn root worm" there isnt alot of information on these appearing in hydro systems, apparently its more common in soil. Some of the information i saw even suggested switching to hydro as a way of avoiding these worms. Has anyone had this before? What are the options? Im considering letting the roots dry a little bit before giving them a fresh bucket to see if that will do away with them. The worm i pulled out seems to be dead - it doesn't seem to have any movement.. Currently the bucket level is pretty low and the tiny little ones all seem to be pretty high up where the roots have dried a little - will they die off if i bring the level nice and high and drown them out? Any help or advice is very much appreciated
  6. Morning all, I’m planning on my first grow and after doing a bit of reading i want to give SOG a go. I also want a hydro set up to make watering and feeding a bit easier. My tent will be a 1.2 square budbox and after reading a few threads this weekend, I was going to fill it with between 9 and 12 pots. I’m not averse to coir as I already use it in my garden, and if I went that route, I’d set up a Dripper system from an outside res. However, I saw the Oxypot veg DWC 9 pot system over the weekend and wondered if it would perform well for a SOG grow in a 1.2 tent? It’s about 82.5cm square, so leaves room around the edges of the tent for a radiator and dehumidifier. I’m planning on a 600w digital ballast. Thanks in advance, Al.
  7. Afternoon all! After a bit of research I'm acquiring all the gear for my first grow. The space I have is a 1.2m by 1.2m x 2.2m grow tent. I was planning to do my first grow in batmix but decided I'd rather go the hydro path. I'm now looking at the following: 1 x Oxypot V6 6 Pot System - Needs pumps etc. 6 X Bubbler, Oxy Pot, DWC System 20L 20 Litre Inc Clay Pebbles & Air Pump Kit or 20L Urban Arctic Freeze Bubble Pot DWC Oxy Bubbler Alien Ice Line Hydroponics I may go with 4 pots instead of 6 due to the space. Can anyone suggest if this is fit for purpose for my setup? I was going to use rockwool to germ but would like advice on how others do it. Temps are higish in my tent and it's practically empty. 24-30°C day time and 23-28°C night time - I'll need to bring that down - but will see what the temps are when the tent has kit in it. Thanks in advance!
  8. Is this doable? Currently using 60/40 in the F&D and it just takes too long to dry out, so I want to switch to clay pebbles, but this means I need to change my veg system: I'd like to use the oxypot system to veg then transplant into my IWS F&D system, would I be able to remove the plant from the oxypot without damaging the root system? Or could I put the whole pot into the IWS pot and add more pebbles? Thanks
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using the Oxypoot Quad. 100 Liter all in one 4 plant reservoir. I've got a chiller, so I have the problem of circulating the nutes. Are these any good? Ive heard problems about root disease etc, but are they worth it compared to the chance of a leak if I built my own plumed RDWC system. Cheers for any info.
  10. I noticed some spots on my leaves today. Is it calcium deficiency?? oxypot grow shogun samurai grow a&b soft water nutes silver bullets roots Lights on temps 28-30 off 22-25 ph 5.8-6 ppm 300 plants coming up on 3 weeks veg. Many thanks
  11. Hi, Currently have two Oxypot XL (4) with a new 600w hps bulb over each. I've just started week 5 of flowering. Most plants are 2 feet tall and are flowering nicely. However, after doing a few Wilma grows a few years ago, this seems woefully small. At least half of the plants have lower larger leaves going yellow with purple and dying. For no reason I can fathom. Here's my current environment: Grow room/tent temp: low 15c high 28c, humidity low 27 high 50. Nutrient temp: XL1 = 19.6c, XL2 = 20.2c Nutrient levels: was XL1 = 0.7ec, XL2 = 0.9ec this week have recently gone up to 1.7ec following Canna's light feed guide. (Currently Canna Aqua Flores + Rhizotonic + Canazym + PK14/15) PH *sigh*: 5.8ph (or as near as I get get it as it fluctuates all over the place. Before adjusting, I stick a water pump in the tank to throughly mix for 5 mins and then treat). Going to get a new meter next week, just incase. Is this all down to grow tent temperature? when the lights are off, the yellowing and stunted growth?
  12. Recently when ive looked into my bubbler res ive noticed the odd dead fruit fly or something similar kindof entwined into the roots or floating in the res and just assumed it had found its way in there and died.. More recently ive seen that there are a few live ones flying around in there.. i didnt think this sort of issue was possible with dwc but apprarantly it is.. Ive searched online and its mainly info on soil grows.. has any one else running bubblers had this? Ive got about 4 or 5 weeks to go and the roots certainly look nice and healthy.. any info at all would be appreciated, thanks!! Extra bit of info, im generally letting the res empty most of the way before doing a bucket change where on previous runs ive topped up the res every day.. wether or not this has something to do with it im not sure.. thanks for reading!!
  13. Does anyone else here run autoflowers in bubblers? Id like to know how people go about getting things going... I soak in papertowel using mineral water, then move over to rockwool cube(s) that have been presoaked in ph5.5 water (also mineral) once the seed(s) have popped, they then spend their time in a propagator under a 250w cool white cfl until i get some roots showing underneath.. Once i get roots showing at the bottom of the rockwool cube(s), i get them straight into the netpot(s) among the clay pebbles which also had an overnight soak in phd water with a bit of root stim.. They just seem to take absolutely forever to get going.. they spend the whole time with roughly 70-90% RH, usually sitting at 80%.. temp is always late 20s.. Is it usual for them to have a slow start due to the rockwool? Its now over 2 weeks since they germed, ive got 3 or 4x 2inch roots that have found their way into the reservoir but the plant "above ground/pebble" is still only about 2 and a half inches in size... Im always trying to find decent diaries of people running autos in dwc/ starting seedlings in rockwool but never find anything that i can use as a comparison, if anyone can advise or point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. Peace and love to all E2A, my res temps are 18-22, i keep it low by having the pots double thermowrapped and by putting frozen 500 milly water bottles in the rez, one at a time, changed once per day.
  14. Hi all, as above and the attached picture - http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=326601 can anyone diagnose? Things are going ok.. water temps 22 but i cant do much to lower it at this stage and i figure temp isnt high enough for frozen bottles, rh is around 70-80, temp 24-26c in the 1.2 x 1.2 currently have them on 0.1 ec of veg and root stim, pd at 5.7-5.8 a week ago when i put them in the bubblers, roots all coming along nicely.. any ideas? Im yet to receive my clip on fans due to royal mail and i wont turn on the extractor yet as it causes the humidity and temperateure to drop.. currently under a 125w envirolight.. 2 out 4 dont have the folding out of the 2 that do one has only just started showing but up until that point has been happy as larry..