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Found 4 results

  1. To whoever is reading this I could do with a little advice! My leaves are clawing and it’s doing my nut in! I’m in the 3rd week in veg under 600W HPS using canna aqua vega in clay pebbles, running a recirculating system. 24° in the room 50-60% relative humidity 1.1 EC in the water i had an oscillating fan blowing on them I have now turned that away incase it was wind burn. I’m currently watering 15 minutes every 1.5hr (played around and settled at this), is it too little perhaps? I’m only running a single 600W HPS light for 6 plants which is roughly 80cm away from the tips so I wouldn’t think light damage so only other thing I can think is there is too little nitrogen in my nutrient solution however I’ve followed Canna’s feeding guide so surely it’s not that? any help if you’ve seen this before and what it could be would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi guys my third post here so please be gentle. Got 4 babys starting and i am getting some problems already with them. Got some clones off a friend of mine last week, they were just in little pots not much bigger than a mug. They were just starting to show the symptons of what they are like now. Over the weekend they started to get worse. Just repotted them in some bigger pots (5 litres) using Biobizz All-mix as i thought they may be getting pot bound. One of them seems to have a strange blistering on the leaves Gave them a light watering when i first got them and immediately after repotting them, no nutes added to the water, say 3 days between watering and used approx 500ml water for all 4 plants Temps seem fine 20.C overnight and 25.C during day. Using a 300w CFL light for now. The soil still looks wet after more than 24 hours so i am thinking have i over watered them? Btw, i saw some little brown flecks on some of the leaves, but once i had a proper look, its just specks of the compost that got on the leaves during repotting Lower leaf clawing and brown tip Strange blistering on edge of the green leaves Close up of the blistering (above) Last 2 pics are of same plant
  3. help

    hey guys im a week into veg and i open up my tent to see this today ,i normally water them every 2-3 days and put in about 3L to each plant depending on how light they feel i use room temp water thats kept in with the plants, the one plant is really bad everything drooped over on it, they've all pretty much drooped over tho , the temps of my room been fluctuating by about 10C the last few days as the weather changes could it be something to do with that ? there was no sign of this yesterday is there something that has happened over night or is this because ive over watered them ? and if so how do i get them back to their former glory ? i feel like crying lmao someone come to the rescue and tell me its all going to be okay ?
  4. Hi There, I am currently growing a Power Africa and a G13 Haze. With the Power Africa I am 16 days after flipping to 12/12 and have many flower sites. She is 3ft tall and 3 foot wide and currently planted in a 8 gallon Pot and until yesterday she has been drinking around 7/L every second/third day However after watering with 8L yesterday I have just checked the soil and it is dry. I am using the knuckle deep dryness technique and this has been working but i don't want to start over watering her. Can it be possible that she needs 8L/day? Do plants suddenly get thirsty when they start flowering? Forgot to mention that the room temp is still the same. Thanks Tom