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Found 8 results

  1. IMG-0114.JPG

    From the album First time grow-Auto Northern Lights

    Plants after drowning them, not sure if they are recovering.
  2. IMG-0113.JPG

    From the album First time grow-Auto Northern Lights

    Plants after drowning them, not sure if they are recovering.
  3. IMG-0112.JPG

    From the album First time grow-Auto Northern Lights

    Plants after drowning them, not sure if they are recovering.
  4. IMG-0111.JPG

    From the album First time grow-Auto Northern Lights

    Plants after drowning them, not sure if they are recovering.
  5. Hi Guys, Wonder if can help, I think I have underwatered my plants but just wanted to check please see the images below! 400HPS 6.2PH 26-28deg 24hour lights, dropped it incase they needed a bit of cooler period as I know i am on warmer end of scale 22-2 Growing royal cookies auto. Many thanks
  6. Hi all, my autos are starting to preflower at around 3 weeks old and the leaves (mostly on the new growth) have begun to droop and curl down. Everything I can find online points to overwatering but I've been cautious not to overwater and have only fed when the pots have been dry and light. Could they be underfed? The soil feels slightly moist and quite loose but definitely not dry. Up to now they've had plain water, a 1/3 strength feed and a 2/3 strength feed (Biobizz schedule). Also struggling to keep the humidity above 20, could this be causing them to curl like this? Thanks in advance to any experts that can diagnose from these pictures
  7. Hi guys sorry I couldn't post in the problems page but I really need some help! I have 2 plants curling down, I think it might be overwatering? I haven't been doing the 20% runoff thing as I was so afraid of over watering that I only watered a little every couple of days instead of properly watering every 5 days. I'm using canna terra pro soil in 4 litre pots, no nutrients used yet, the plants are 2.5 weeks old, about 5-6 inches tall, have 2 pairs of good leaves on them and starting to grow another pair but I'm pretty sure this problem is slowing the growth rate down. I examined the soil and it feels really cold and damp at the bottom up until about the middle of the pot. I also have 1 plant that's starting to get little brownish yellow patches on the leaves. I've looked around google and thought at first that it might be a N problem, however I do not use any nutes only the ones that's already in the soil so I'm about 90% sure it's an overwatering problem (the leaves are proper curling down not just twisting like an N problem). Any ideas on what to do??? I've bought some perlite that should come tomorrow, I'm planning on mixing a shitload of that in with the soil to hopefully improve the drainage, I'm also going to drill the holes at the bottom of the pot to make the a bit bigger, should I put some holes in the sides as well to get more oxygen in there?? Any help is appreciated, this is a first time grow btw! Thanks alot
  8. Hi Guys, Looks for some pretty fast advice. This is my first grow and it's clear Ive made mistakes along the way (repotted a freebie auto lemon and I think I stunted it during the transfer) but hey its about learning as you go. Anyway, recently my plants are starting to look like this and I am desperately trying to work out whether this is under/over watering - looked this up online a hundred times but still not really any the wiser! Any help/advice would be really appreciated. PS - I know temps are running a bit high but that was before extraction fan was running at full blast Set up is - Spiffin Triffids soil 400w lumatek dimmable hps (currently running at 250w sl) 4" rhino fan + filter