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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys Hope your all well, I haven't been on a while and started a S.A D auto grow around five weeks ago in Clover MPS. So all was good watering them with a drop of Fish mix until week 4 when I over watered both plants and that water had a teaspoon full of Epsom salts in it. The next day very droopy leaves so I did not water for 4 days. Yesterday both pots were bone dry and light so I gave them just 250ml of clean water each ph6. As you can see the leaves are yellow as fook but the leaf droop has reduced a lot. Any advice on what to do know is most welcome. Cheers. .
  2. From the album Auto Speed+ in compacted rich soil

    A Speed+ planted in rich soil (biobizz All mix with worm compost, compacted too much and not enough perlite). Question is, should I try and transplant it, into properly aerated compost, or should I bin it? It's in a 12 L pot in a 1m x.5m small tent, migro 100, 100mm extractor and two stand alone pc fans.
  3. Basically my problem is what the title says, after 16 hours of light my plants are always dropping it's nothing too bad but I don't have a clue why. At the moment I'm using: 6 pot autopot system 400w metal halide (running 18/6) ionic coco grow green fuse grow (stimulator) superdrive formulex 60/40 coco/clay pebble mix temps 68-70 lights off 72-78 on humidity 40-70% I don't run extraction fan during lights off to raise humidity a bit during veg. The plants are looking perfect apart from the last 2 hours of the day when the leaves start to droop, it's not extreme but noticeable. Only thing I can think is it may be over watering as it's my first time using the autopots and from what I can see there's not much time for the roots to get oxygen once the pots are dry until they fill up again. I can try to upload a couple pics of the difference between start and end of day if that helps. any ideas?
  4. Hey my plants seem to be either over watered (less possible) or have oxygen toxicity. here are the pics https://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=galleryℑ=337339 any ideas on how to treat nitrogen toxicity? (or what ever it is) growing in canna coco pro + soil, coco A + B nutrients, IWS flood and drain, smart pots thanks! trux
  5. Hi all, I popped four seeds on Saturday and planted them into moist coco with some nutrients and into the propogator in my grow tent. All seeds popped successfully but still haven't sprouted from the coco. I'm now starting to worry that maybe I've over watered or over fed the seeds and killed them... Is this likely? How long should a seed take to sprout?