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Found 62 results

  1. Afternoon ladies and gents! So my seeds courtesy of @Antonio_DutchPassion arrived yesterday, and barely got to see the light of day before going in wet paper towel Here we are 24 hours later she's cracked and been stuck in some wilko coco. Only the best for my girls haha. Hoping to get a little veg on inside and have her out by the end of June the very latest. Massive thank you to the guys at DP. I've experienced this strain before and really hope I can do something good with her
  2. No, not them (though that's still a great tune). I'll be wetting three Shaman seeds this evening, those that grow and produce healthy seedlings will be going outdoors, hopefully before Summer Solstice. Thanks to @Antonio_DutchPassion for generously sponsoring this grow. Will update with pics once they have hit soil.
  3. I'm gonna do a full diary after their first harvest. I've got going...Two Stress Killer (63 days) Northern Lights (46 days).
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for some suggestions on what to grow outdoors/in a greenhouse. I’m after something that has a fairly good yield (I know autos don’t have massive yields). Also what breeder to use. Ive tried some northern lights autos and I’m not too impressed. Cheers guys
  5. Greetings to the world One Love People Get Ready In Memeory of Honourable Robert Nesta Marley: 6th Feb 1945 - 11th May 1981 Welcome to Subs Tropixx 2021 UK yarden of 'erbs an all tingz good, bless up ya'self! So i start by giving thanks to Jah the great light in the the sky to help me and mi plants make through this years journey ahead, Good luck to all the herb farmers planting out this year, Jah bless your green paths.... nuff respec so lets get high and give 'anova year 'anova try...... Rastafari everytime, manners & respect. Yeah, thought i'd set up a likkle page here for mi Bredrens & Sistrens who are interested in some cool vibez, we can share ganja info, you can request updates if im slacking, ask for help & advice, kick back with a Red Strip or Guiness and smoke Chalice or spliff and reason about the world etc, chant down babylon, play some dub and eat rice & pease cooked by me, plenty for all, can you play bongos? can also Nyabinghi all night 'till sunrise if so, all dem nice tingz are welcome. Will be updating mad tingz in here im sure as the year progresses so keep your eyes out, check in from time to time or follow this topic to keep updated. I got a nice list of variety growin this year... a whole heap of deliciously tasty beans inna mi yard, i cyaant wait!! Check it out.... Garden Photos: Critical Neville Haze Early Version (Delicious Seeds) Crystal Candy Fast Version (Sweet Seeds)(2nd time grow, soooo bloodclaat tasty man!!) LSD-25 Fast Version (Garden of Green) Garden Autos: Auto Ultimate (Dutch Passion) Auto Extreme (Dutch Passion) Auto Moby Dick XXL (Dinafem) Auto Robocrop (Cream Of The Crop) Auto Cash Crop (Cream Of The Crop) Auto Runtz XL (Sweet Seeds) Auto Dark Devil (Sweet Seeds) Auto Zkittles (Fast Budz) Auto Gelato (Fast Budz) Auto Gorilla Glue (Fast Budz) Guerilla Grow: Cream Caramel (Sweet Seeds) Sweet Cheese (Sweet Seeds) Sweet Afgani Delicious (Sweet Seeds) Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds originaly, but this time its some wicked self-seed from a gorgeous female plant last year) Affidaze (Real Gorilla Seeds)(whole plant gonna be LST'd, trained then hashed @ harvest, makes the wickedest hash) Tink that should do me for choice . Had to turn down some strains which was a tough choice as i have enuff on mi plate for now, wanted to grow 'Vanilla Frosting' by Taste Budz, turned down Rainbow Cake aswell (up to 3kg yield!), also turned down a NLxHaze coz i gots enuff haze now, so next year probably grow them. Enjoy the journey ahead, see you all around soon, alway remember to Live The Life You Love and Love The Life You Live SubSpecies
  6. I was thinking of keeping few oscillating fans inside greenhouse and I was thinking of installing exhaust fan there too, would that be overkill?
  7. Bud Shot

    From the album Grows

  8. Hey Im curious if it is too late the plants are around 1 or under 1 m. I was thinking of digging them up to a pot and re-potting them outside at sunny place. What are you guys thinking is it too late?
  9. Hi all! I hope we are all doing well. I have a quick question before I begin this year and that is what are people’s favourite nutes? Had a fairly good year last year but feel like the nutes I used let me down so I’m just curious as to what people think are the best. I’ve heard a lot of good about biobizz, can anyone confirm this? just want something g reliable and to help out as much. Thanks in advance guys
  10. Hi All I am growing 7x Autoflowering Plants outdoors this year. I even Germinated the seeds outdoors. I planted the seeds directly into pots i am growing them in. I planted in black 11 litre pots, so i won't need to transplant them into anything else. This year i am growing 3x Northern Lights, 3x skunk 1, and 1x Cash crop, which was a freebie. All the seeds came up, due to the excellent weather, we have been having here in the UK. They get full sunlight from 8AM till about 7PM. My only concern is the temperature of the weather. What temperatures are to hot for Auto's to grow in safely. People say give the plants as much sunshine as possible, but surely if the weather gets to hot, won't that do damage to the plants. My plants are in black pots sitting on concrete slabs. What do you guys think.
  11. Easy everyone! Hope you're all good and HAPPY 4/20! Was going to send an email over to @panik and team to get some advice on this, but figured a lot of people may be interested in this so decided to post publicly, instead. Just wondering what the best RGSC outdoor (fem) strains tend to be, with regards to stupidly high resin/THC production, as well as having citrus or fruity terpene profiles? Hoping to make some live rosin with some freshly frozen whole plants (WPFF) at time of harvest, and hoping & expecting there's some standout strains that have been tried and tested for extract purposes. I want to do a GG plot (alongside our others) with a specific strain or two, just for WPFF extract purposes this year. Thanks in advance! Enjoy your 4/20 everyone!
  12. What are the best ways to protect plants from the deer and similar animals when put in the ground? Do things like hydrogel helps in high humid foresty areas, which are very close to water source, stream? Could I go without watering at all? I was thinking that the plant can basically plugin and get water from the underground stream, fog at the morning. Is the hydrogel needed at all there? thank you very much guerilla growers I would appreciate your opinions and help
  13. Hi everyone and nice to finally be a member. I have to be honest, I've been hesitant about joining up considering the legality of this stuff but now I could really do with some help. First post so please go easy. The situation: I've got an auto Girl-Scout-Cookies in my house on day 22, by far the best plant I've grown to date. I mean, she's enormous for her age and looking lush. My landlord is pressing for a full electrical inspection and it's unlikely I'll be able to put it off any later than early to mid-April. Obviously the grow set-up needs to be taken down and packed away. During previous property inspections I've managed to hide plants in either the garage or the loft but these guys are going to need access to both because they've both got electrical sockets. With work commitments this means that my set-up is likely to be out of action for at least three days and it isn't going to be possible to set something up on the outside patio for security reasons. So that leaves me with two options: Kill the plant then drink myself silly with sorrow. Transfer the plant to an outdoor spot. I have a reasonable spot in mind not too far away. So my question is; if I put it outdoors before the middle of April in early to mid-flowering, will she survive and is it worth it for the hassle? I'd need to seal the whole plant in a bin bag for transportation but not for any longer than 20 mins. I'm down in the south west and haven't seen any frost down here in April before. Sorry for waffling but please help.
  14. Whos grow any rgsc strains autos or normal and did you have good results
  15. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  16. Hello hello, my fresh faced outdoor naturalists (or naturists- whatever floats your boat, but watch out for the ticks) First up for this years diaries and im in. The eagle has landed, in the form of an envelope from Spain These are going outdoors in a couple of months and I shall pray for a long hot summer. Im at latitude 57, just shy of the arctic circle lol. I am using the same plots as last year, but im thinking about topping up the soil holes with some new stuff, cos I need the exercise. I will update once ive managed to get out there and check the sites, with a couple of pics. One of my sites is a bit flooded, in one area, it was the same last year, so im gonna avoid that part and dig some more holes. Should be good, buckle up for some mad adventures.
  17. Well with the summer fast approaching I thought I’d use up some of my seeds that I’ve had in the fridge for a while I don’t like doing autos indoors I like the photoperiods as I scrog in rdwc. I’ve gone with the following World of seeds-Afghan Kush Ryder G-13 labs-fro-yo humbolt seeds Org - Fast Flowering OGKZ Delicious seeds-Northen light blue Exotic seeds-Green gummy. I had a few others but see which of these beans pop up if any fail then I will add some more. I soaked them in water for 24 hours and today put them into root riot cubes. fingers crossed they all come up, not sure what size pots to put them into probably go with 15litres which they will go straight into from the cubes. I’ll be feeding them with plant magic oldtimer nutrients. here they are waiting patiently peace.
  18. TheNew

    From the album schmoakie photos

    1st day in the sun, has been topped at 10 nodes, is 30 days in veg so far, flowering should begin at end of first week of august. was raised indoors to avoid hostile conditions while recovering from the various trimmings, shall source some liquid potassium soap tomorrow and give a light spray just to deter bugs settling in around the pot, i keep an eye on spray PH.... just in case, try to keep it not much higher than 8.5 in dilution. Shall also be using Propolis for mold resistance and B-Toxin for green caterpillars later on when well blooming. Am expecting every baddie to visit so there will be plenty of preventative spraying and hot oil ready at hand Shall see you good folk soon.
  19. Hi, I have a couple of healthy plants which are outdoors in the garden - one Indica one Sativa. Is it wise to take clones from outdoor mothers to be grown indoors? Or would it be safer to start from seed? TIA
  20. Freaky Leaf

    From the album 2020

    A very anticipated Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy FV Outdoors UK, 16th May. Get yuh freak on!! Love it
  21. Out-doe

    From the album Budbox

  22. Hi fellow growers! Apologies if I have posted this in wrong bored as I'm new here. During this lockdown I have decided to grow my own auto flowers to keep me occupied. I am growing in a tomato green house outside and will be planting in a 11litre pot once germinated in light biobizz soil mixed with 30% Perlite. The seeds I will be planting are called Think Different by Dutch Passion as I have read that they tend to do well in UK climates. Below I have listed all the nutes and extras I have acquired to grow my plants.. 1.General Hydroponics Flora, Grow and Micro 2. Plant Magic Evolution Spray 3. Plant Magic Bio Silicon Is there anything else I may need or may be of help? I will be leaving to stand 24hours prior to each water before bringing my PH levels to 6.5 to help evaporate any chlorine etc. I am posting on here for any tips and advice as I cant seem to find any direct answers as to what I wish to know. 1st thing is how often should I water my plants? Every 2 days? and 2nd question is when should I start feeding each different nute and how often? Also dosage recommendations as I have seen people suggest using only half or less than half the amount stated on the bottle. I only plan on growing one plant to start off with as a tester before I go planting all my other seeds. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi all this is my first grow and I am planning on growing out doors I intended on planting 3 frisian de.(any big other big yeilds and very low maintenance you can HIGHLY recommend for a UK grow ) Firstly I plant to germinate indoors with a self watering 2lt bottle in compost. I got 3 different spots close to each other just for 3 plants. My plan to have 3 seprate bottomless 10lt bucket berried with a mix of 50/50 compost and natural soil as the soil seems good anyway I'm planing on adding perlite, fish blood and bone meal and lime in to my mix and then using wire mesh bins to keep rabbits away. I will also cover the soil mix with a weed guard sheet potentially stop any competition growing in the bucket and also using the bucket to eliminate compaction of any other surrounding root systems. I have read frisian dew is low maintenance and I am hoping to only go to site once a month. Plant to germinate mid April and put in the ground once they almost out grow the bottle. Also planning on keeping open buckets in shaded areas to gather rain water as a back up during drought Any advice will be appreciated thanks
  24. Hey everyone Just a little thread for anyone with a favourite auto I'm going to smash some rgsc photos & semi' next year but need a couple autos to make up for the eggs and baskets and all that jazz. Anyway, if anyone has some solid thorough grow diary on any rgsc please link me Thanks anyone and everyone Guerilla fo lyf