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Found 25 results

  1. Yo ,Hows it going Recently thought about doing a grow outdoors in Scottish weather, got some Early Skunk Auto Flowering seeds from sensi seeds, heard they were easy to grow for 1st timers looked at reviews and seemed amazing and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips/help from start to finish what do to , just what soil should I use outdoors, feed , times of year to start etc its quite cold over here still but summer is coming
  2. Diary of 2 Roadrunner#2 autos grown outdoors in garden
  3. Lemongrass

    From the album 2018 outdoor

  4. Dinafem roadrunner 2 Day61

    Starting to frost up a bit now
  5. Hi guys I'm looking for a strain of auto's does well in greenhouses/outdoors was thinking something like Dianfem blue amnesia XXL, Original sensible Purple Haze or Buddha magnum which I have heard goods things on here. I'm sort of a newbie (Done a few grows indoors but it was awhile ago) so i'm game for any tips and suggestions too. Would like too though if anyone has had any experience with these strains or a great/bad one with others strains in a greenhouse.
  6. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  7. So my mission begins, a big thanks to all at Dinafem and a big to Mark, once again pulling out all the stops for us seasonal growers I've suffered a real lot the last few months, after herniated disks in the spine, quacks discovered I have aggressive PsA, never experienced so much pain before hence my GG selections are for once..My own saviour. I've chosen Original Amnesia Auto for that personal favourite heavyweight hit and I'm gonna sample OG Kush Auto CBD as my second selection. Also have a few tins of Critical Jacks and other strains from the Dinafem catalogue that I've collected the past few months. I'll be germing in clear pint cups, bottoms removed and placed in coloured cups, transplanting made easy for autos. Pics and video to follow on that. Soil is all native with very little in the way of amendments. Will update on that as I go, just getting started here, well when all this snow retreats Wish you all the best for 2018, may the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face
  8. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  9. Hello All and Happy 420, I am happy to be running a pack of Female Seeds Outdoor Grapefruit as a tester this season. Outdoors at Lat51 Bit of info on them here https://www.femaleseeds.nl/en/p/outdoor-grapefruit-311 i did ok with FMS SexBud outdoors last year(especially the fast grapefuity pheno), so i was quite interested in this strain. My understanding is that the same 'white grapefruit' is used in both these lines and the ODgrapefuit is better suited to OD...i prob would have bought a pack for a gamble so more than happy to put a few out and see what happens Got a few friends to keep them company, i have keen to try the Blueberry Cheesecake so might run this. Dunno have to see how i do for plot space This will be my 3rd time outdoors so still learning as i go, i will be aiming for a mix of plots, strains and finish dates. Started some prep but still loads to do, adding FBB and chicken poo & opened up plot for maximum sunshine. another plot... I will be starting seedlings inside under 24/0 CFL lighting and aim to plant out when they are a couple of weeks old, sometime in May probably. I hope to juggle maturity/plant out/daylight hours so that they don't flower on plant out...Fingers crossed GLHF
  10. Hi everyone, this is going to be my first time grow. I've got pretty much everything planned but I'm a bit torn between whether or not I should plant my auto seeds straight into the final location (outdoors in the ground) after germination or plant them in pots first before transferring once they've grown for a while. The reason I ask this is because I've read in multiple places that auto strains don't take well to be transferred pots, and it can do more harm than good in comparison to just planting into the ground directly. Any advice from personal experience/things you've read would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Greetings fellow gger's and all fellow herbalists, welcome to my RGSC Comp Diary! Firstly a big shout out to Panik for generously providing this opportunity to grow out what most gg's have been waiting for a long time to see come to fruition, these legendary seeds of Kong!! I'll be growing out Whitey Freeze and Green Gold here at Lat 53,.. Popped these yesterday straight into root trainers, no pre-soak, window sill jobby. Once they are up and happy and the weather warms they'll move to a safe spot in garden until I can get them to plot. And here is where they're going: This is a new plot I'd been eyeing up for some time, looks very promising. It's like a sump at the bottom of a slope so seems nutrient rich: Lots of worms! In my holes i'll be putting WRHM at the base, and a mix of homemade garden compost, vermicompost, calcified seaweed and bonemeal: Well excited for the coming season, Jah willing it could be a great one to remember. All the best to everyone gg'ing out there, stay safe and may you have a bountiful harvest.
  12. Poundland specials

    From the album Greenhouse haveagrow

  13. My apologies if this is already a thread but I can't seem to find one like this. So has any ever vegged indoors until the plant was HUGE and then transplanted it outside in the UK at the start of the season? I love the idea of it and yielding massively from one plant. Provocateur.
  14. So how did you guys get into growing in the great outdoors? What made you come up with the idea? Why did you start? Did you make any vital mistakes? What strain? How many plants? What was your yield? What year did you start? Just curious Provocateur.
  15. Hi all. This is my first time growing outdoors and I have one unknown Sweet Seeds auto in a 25-litre (I think) pot. I can't tell you how long it has been growing because I've just let it get on with things along with an occasional feed, and all has been going well. But yesterday I spotted that some of the buds were beginning to turn brown - see pics. Some bits are crispy whereas other bits aren't. Is this bud rot or perhaps sunburn through water droplets? What should I be doing? For info I'm at 52 lat and the weather has been periods of good strong sunshine mixed with periods of Biblical rain. The environment is woodland and they're in soil. Sorry the pics are quite big
  16. Hi All. This is my first grow and first post. I've been loving what I've been reading so far, there is clearly a massive amount of time, love and expertise all over this forum. I've currently got 4 plants on the go in NW Scotland, 3 mexican sativa's and 1 auto dwarf. I started them all under the clear panels of my barn during the very warm late spring we had and carefully potted up as the roots poked out the bottom. I'll admit that I put the horse in front of the cart when I ordered seeds on a whim. I really should have read more about what strains suit Scotland best but I'm here now, so may as well persevere and gain some experience. I moved one sativa outside in a builders bucket filled with compost, soil and perlite around 2 weeks ago and kept the others inside. The guy I moved outside has grown much slower (understandable given he's colder, wetter and had to get used to new soil mix) but he's catching up The other guys that have been indoor are much lankier and large of leaf and look great! I want to get these guys outside pretty soon. I guess I have a few focused questions for anyone that has perhaps sailed these particular waters before! The outside area I'm growing is awash with bracken, willow and all manner of weeds so it's pot growth for sure. Will the pots in the above picture be big enough or should I risk potting up these fairly big fellows into a builders bucket? Should they be staked to protect against wind? It's obvioiusly fairly wet in bonny Scotland. If overwatering of the soil can be a bad thing, is is worth putting some cardboard on the soil to act as a mulch but also to deflect the water? I can then water when needed? When the plant itself is rained on, is this a bad thing or just the soil getting soaked? These are already quite leggy, should I be pruning the top middle shoots from now? Thanks in advance! Tallestman
  17. image

    From the album my outdoor efforts in pots tho

    Top of the lemon plant
  18. From people experience what finishing times have they had on the HFH seed bank all strains from there line information would be welcome Thanks
  19. please advise me guys im growing 3 big bang auto flowers. (first grow) 1. 3x 15 litre pots 2. bio bizz light mix ( was recommended by a friend to use as very light and min nutes) 3. south england temps are lovely 24-30 degrees 4. bio bizz root juice, bio bizz grow, bio bizz bloom when should i start feeding my plants ? how much should i feed them ? how often should i feed them ? thanks for help guys will be uploading pics of plants when got advise
  20. anyone had a go of these? thinking of trying some but not seen much of them on here or the net, only gp autos heard its not the best tasting but gives high yeilds and is meant to have good mold resistance im after a high yeilding, strong indica that will get me to sleep for many nights
  21. So....this year was my third GG attempt. Last year was relatively successful and I was bubbling with excitement for this year. Last years strains were: Maroc- Decent yield, small mould problems, poor smoke in my opinion. KC36- Decent yield, small mould problem, lovely smoke and smell. Outdoor Grapefruit- Small yield, small mould problem, poor smoke. Out of the 10 plants in total, the dry finished yield was in the region of 13-15oz, which I was happy with given the loss to mould (maybe 20-30% in total). With a lack of money stopping me from branching out and trying a lot of different strains, I could only afford a few seeds this time round, these were: KC Mango (Had heard good things and wanted to try them)- low yield (cut two weeks early due to mould), nice smell, okay smoke. Outdoor Grapefruit- Had some leftovers from last year, pretty much same outcome as last year, won't waste my time again on these. Super Cali Haze(auto)- Wanted to give these super auto's a go, 3 of 5 germed, then they were munched by slugs after transplanting outdoors, with only 1 pulling through, it was still impressive though, lovely smell, decent yield for an auto especially considering it almost didn't pull through. I have a lovely patch which has direct sunlight from approximately 09:00/10:00am until 17:00/18:00pm, good quality soil (the weeds surrounding my site thrive every year) to which this year I added BFB, Sulphate of Potash, chicken manure pellets, mycorrhizal, while feeding with compost tea and guanokalong bloom when needed. Last year I only added BFB, mycorrizhal and a light topsoil dressing of dried guano before flowering kicked in, so this year I was expecting big things with all my added extras. But....I seemed to take a step backwards, and I can't put my finger on why? Surely it's not a case of too much additives, both this year and last the plants appeared strong and healthy, producing thick stems with a height average of 5-7ft. The mould problem doesn't help matters, but I could easily overlook that if the yields were good, and I wouldn't complain in the slightest if the small yields I've produced this year were smashing me out of the park, but in all honestly, they are not very good at all, I find myself smoking several joints on the head just to get the 'medication' that I require. It's been seriously disheartening this time round, and for the effort I put in (visiting the site at least twice a week feeding compost tea and organic nutes intermittently). I'm now under the impression that it is largely down to the strain regardless of soil/additives or enviroment for that matter, as the weather this year couldn't have been any better, and I prepped my site nice and early. I've seen other peoples diaries this year and I'm largely impressed with their results, and there seems to be very little that I have done differently, so I definitely seem to be going wrong somewhere down the line. Can someone offer me any helpful advice please, I'm really at a loss as to how I must be the only GG'er in the country to produce such sad looking and tasting bud. It was looking so promising too when one of the KC's got to 7ft before flowering. Cheers guys.
  22. Hi guys, hope someone can help me out. My mother in law, who is about 60 years old, has recently found out she has a couple of broken vertebra's in her back. As a result she is suffering with chronic back pain. She has been on Tramadol, but she just cant tolerate them anymore, as they are restricting her in what she does and when she doesn't taken anything she cant move off the sofa. So i am thinking of buying them some seeds and they can plant them in there garden in spring next year, or i think my father in law may set up a little grow room, as they need some medicinal help ASAP. They live in Brittany, they have a lot of land, in the middle of nowhere, there garden is large enough to hide 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 plants, from there friends/neighbors. so basically i am wondering if anyone can suggest a good strain to grow outdoors, which will help dull the pain, without the total coach lock effect ? i would also like some autos suggestions, for indoors if he plans to do an indoor grow, again pain relief without the total coach lock effect ? thanks GrinderMan
  23. At the salon!

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

  24. Dinafem Cheese

    From the album UK Outdoor Grow 2014

  25. Hi all, thought I'd start a grow report, as u can see I'm new to the internet but not to growing. This will be the first time in 3years tho becuz of children. I have 5 strains this year, 3 autos ( fresen dew auto, blue treacle and critical auto) and power Africa plus sugar haze. I will add photos soon as I now how but as a starting point. The sugar haze and power Africa are 6 weeks old. Blue treacle and critical auto are 4weeks and fresen dew auto are only one week old. All are in a 60/40 mix of john inner seed mix and perlite Any comment or help would be good and please agnore my spelling as I'm dyslexic