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Found 219 results

  1. harvest

    Need help. Planning a guerilla grow this year but have nowhere to dry my bud if all is successful. I like to plan ahead and not leave myself stuck so has anyone any experience outdoor drying or any ideas I can do it not in my home it would be a great help.
  2. Just thought I’d create this to find out what soil mix you guys use for outdoor growing. Last year I ran biobizz all mix which didn’t seem to be working fine then my spot got compromised. Good luck in 2020 gorillas ✌️✌️
  3. New to gorilla growing and have a growing scenario I'd like to sound out and hopefully get some advise on. 52' N. A reed bed which is the last in a sequence of 6 lagoons each filtering cattle shit with the run off flowing in to the next but has been lying dormant for 10 years now as concrete tanks are preferred for European regulation and is now overgrown with limited access in a it never existed style. Facing South. Currently a covering of reeds along with nettles scutch and a variety of native grasses on the surface of the lagoon. My plan is to clear an area of the surface and grow in tyres with a small amount of light soil on the surface. I have read that the canna indica plant thrives growing on filtration reed beds and am hoping that an autoflowering indica cannabis would too. Again am a noob so open to all or any advise. Is planting in a tyre with soil necessary? Is an autoflower the right call?
  4. Well it will soon be in a few months time to plant our seeds. This time I shall wait till end of May beginning of June to start my Autoflowering seeds, as I realise the auto's aren't photoperiod sensitive. seeds. last year I grew gorilla glue 4 and star dawg, didn't do to well, I was told it is a weak breed and more suited to growing in doors. This year I want to grow some auto's that do well in the outdoor UK climate in pots. please also keep in mind we may also have another hot summer with temps in excess of 35c-40c I am looking for something that will give me a good buzz and relax my body, being in a wheelchair I get a lot of spasms so I need something that will relax my muscles, but also make me feel very relaxed. so good THC levels. Please can people tell me what is good to grow, on a latitude 52 in the UK, give me a good yield even though they are auto's. Good in a vaporizer and give the feeling I am looking for. Also good online sites to get my seeds from, preferably from uk sites. Many thanks to all.
  5. Hey everyone I am a bit late with uploading but a mate told my about this community and that I need to post my outdoor for some tips and tricks sorry I only got no foto
  6. Good afternoon all! i am new to UK420 and new to the whole growing scene. I have wanted to get a grow on the go for years but have been waiting to buy a place. Well that time is coming very soon. i have done so much reading over the last week on here and have learnt a lot just from reading. what I would like to know is what sort of equipment, specialty soils, additives, gadgets id need to get it all done from start to finish. i have been looking at getting an 8x6 polycarbonate greenhouse as a starting point...
  7. Hi guys, I planted an outdoor very late on, 4 weeks ago. Due to the terrible weather plant stunted for weeks so I bought a tomatoe tent. There's roughly around 6 week of veg left before it starts to flower. Could I expect anything decent from this or will it stay a dwarf. Its an alien gorilla planted in batmix and has had 2 feedings of 2ml per ltr of biobizz grow and it has shot up over the past week.
  8. Hey, Following taking on an allotment plot, growing my own fruit and vegetables and the passion for seeing things grow, I thought I would try my hand and start growing my own weed too. I live in the SE UK and the wether is usually a few degrees (c) warmer than other areas. I started 4 seedlings of “Early Bud non-feminised seeds”, knowing they were mould resistant and better for cooler climates. in March, using regular seed compost, I started the seeds on the ledge of a south facing window (only natural sunlight). 2 died and the surviving 2 went in to veg. They grew nicely and at a fast rate After a month of vegging, and the chance of frost gone, I slowly transferred them outside, in to larger pots in my well secluded garden. It was at this point I realised that they would just keep growing until the natural light turned to 12/12 around September time and it was only April . At around 10 weeks I identified both as fem and they grew and grew through the early summer months. In July my partner started freaking out, as they were 5.5ft tall, wide and already stinky if you got close At the beginning of August, I got permission to put them both in a poly tunnel on a local farm, until harvest and drying had been completed, in exchange for some of the produce (pic1) There was a huge raised bed that I dug 2x5ft trenches, filled up with canna terra and hoped for the best. They flourished over the coming weeks and the largest is 2.2m tall, 1.6m wide, with 25 growth branch’s. The second is 2.2m tall, 1.6m wide, with only 14 growth branches (pic2) They’ve started to flower, I think about week 2/3 (pic3), and although i feel I’ve done pretty well to get where I am, I’m struggling to find much info about my current growing scenario...few questions I could do with some help on: is the flowering period longer for plants flipped by natural sunlight vs what it says for synthetically flipped plants? Is there a correlation between bigger plants and bigger harvest? Do they look ok/on track? Anyone tried the “Early Bud” strain before? Any tips guidance or feedback? Any idea on the harvest amount - I appreciate there are lots of factors, so maybe a range? Cheers in advance for your help
  9. 7252019211921.jpg

    From the album outdoor 2019

  10. Mango bubble cloud (dr krippling) Anyone grown out the autoflower version of this strain yet? Not found much about it online in way of grow diaries, I was given two seeds free because an order was messed up, cracked and they’ve both been an interesting grow so far, both made unusually slow progress in veg to the point I thought they were stunted , then one has stayed fairly middle size after shooting up but has three prominent colas,the pictured one is now 104 centimetres from top of the coco in the pot , hope this lady knits herself some fine buds together. Interested to see if anyone has pics of a finished plant. Only had one of them out to get pics , both in coco using canna a and b along with seaweed, molasses and pk boost at different stages
  11. I’m New to the forum well a returning user been a good few years though. Anyway I'm gonna do a dairy I’ve chosen RGS auto lemonade OG these will be getting done outdoors LAT 51 I’ve got six pips and going down the organic route. Using plant magic’s range to feed them, fingers crossed for some good results lets hope we have a decent summer with plenty of sun. Day one Thought I’d do a side by side experiment regarding pot size/growth/yield rate etc. Soaked all 6 beans in water for 24 hours until they sunk. One has gone into a 6.5 litre final pot size straight away. Another has gone into 11litre final pot size the remaining 4 have gone into 0.5 litre pots which they will stay in for 10days and then be potted up into 11litre final pots. Awaiting heads to pop up now will keep you all updated.
  12. Anyone else a fan of gradually repotting auto’s? You read not to but I am a firm believer that if you don’t leave them to settle too much that it doesn’t cause early flower and seems to build a better mass. I’ve started in between 5 and 10 litre final pots but after fair results once looking at the final root ball I’ve been a mix of surprised and disappointed that there was much more potential. This one has went from a seed starter pot, to the middle sized one (both in seed and cutting soil) to its ‘final’ fabric pot in its final medium which was a b and q branded soil with no added nutrients. Also to note she was started on my window sill in a mini propagator then eventually moved outside, never saw a light. ^ This picture from today, the top three are from 8 days ago.
  13. So had the bright idea of starting another outdoor grow a little later than I would have hoped for but fingers crossed
  14. Hi UK420, I'm looking for high CBD Outdoor Strains for next year, but finding suitable strains is difficult. So far I've found the CBD Crew Outdoors Mix and CBD Blue Shark, but it would be nice to know if there are any other strains that I could pick from. Requirements: * ratio of at least 1:1 thc to cbd, but would prefer 1:2 and beyond * easy to grow in the UK outdoors * would be nice if seeds weren't too expensive Thanks
  15. 4wks.JPG

    From the album Natural Grow

    outdoor grow at 4 weeks
  16. Hello everybody, first post here. I'm having an issue with an outdoor auto and i cant tell what he problem is. I think it may be the work of pests or fungus but im just not sure. Has anyone got experience with leaves looking like this and can drop some advice? Its a Og zkittles auto from barneys farm grow in verve mpc watered with tap water.
  17. Ahoy me' hearties, Glad you could all join me for this special voyage into uncharted waters for the 2019 season - lets hope its a good'n! Firstly many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for making all this happen, providing the beans and running this successful competition for multiple years now! Its a first time for me, I just hope I can do the strains I opted for justice. The girls will be getting under sail at Lat 51 and will be growing in the greenhouse and in the garden. I have opted for two strains, the first being the infamous Critical + 2.0. The hardiness of this strain due to the inbred lineage of a moisture resistant phenotype attracted me, as any outdoor grower has surely ran into the dreaded botrytis when approaching harvest time. Also a 70/30 indica/ sativa hybrid, coupled with a late September finish ticks all the boxes for me. The second of the Dinafem selection I have opted for is the White Widow Auto. Ive seen multiple posts on here praising this auto strain - I believe the aliens had several good results and remember one or two others commenting that it was always a solid performer even at lats several degrees higher than me. Ill be using Jacks Magic (50%) with perlite (50%) to loosen & aerate the medium. In terms of feeding - ill probably use Tomorite or something that I have to hand. Generally i've done just fine without worrying too much about feeding and all that jazz. Cheers and all the best!
  18. As the title says, i have some Sensi A+B for the veg, after getting them used to being outside, i gave it then a week before a first feed to try and reduce stress, its been a few days and they've shown no sign of distress, but the bottles didn't really have a guide for how often to feed them, i know over-feeding can cause problems, so would every 2 weeks for a feed seem ideal? Or can a week be okay without running the risk of over-nutris-them There about 6-7 inches tall, with the stem being at about 5mm thickness at this point, cba going and taking a picture at this point
  19. As the title says, i have some Sensi A+B for the veg, after getting them used to being outside, i gave it then a week before a first feed to try and reduce stress, its been a few days and they've shown no sign of distress, but the bottles didn't really have a guide for how often to feed them, i know over-feeding can cause problems, so would every 2 weeks for a feed seem ideal? There about 10 inches tall, with the stem being at about 5mm thickness at this point, cba going and taking a picture at this point