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Found 245 results

  1. Any ideas roughly how much longer this will take, when do you start to flush it and any tips for taking Better pics?
  2. Hey everyone! I’m excited to be back on here and journaling my grows again. This is my second attempt (first was 3 years ago) and cannot wait to get started. Let’s grow! Here’s one of the beauty’s from last year.
  3. Howdy, I'm getting the itch guys, and I'm not talking about the type @Henroidcaught off @guerillamann who'd also given it to @B-real. I'm talking about wanting to visit the plants. Is it normal to be this uncomfortable leaving them alone? How long r u guys leaving autos between visits? I'm trying to hold out for the 5 week mark for first visit.
  4. Hey there guys, looking maybe for some tips and tricks outdoor auto plants. I’m based southwest so weather is quite good at the moment I have got 3 white skunk seeds ready to go. Got some BioBizz all mix soil and some fabric 10L smart pots. wanted to ask on the purchase it says is cool / cold temperate strain what sort of weather does it need and will rain water be better then normal ? Any tips in advance be much appreciated. il keep this posted soon as I plant it in soil be in couple of days.
  5. I hope someone can tell me what is going on with these plants. Especially the green crack with the drooping leaves. So the first 2 pictures are of my Auto green Crack, and the second 2 photo's are Auto Blue dreamatic. I was hoping if someone can tell me why the leaves are drooping on my Green crack auto's or is the normal as they are flowering. I have been watering but not over watering, they all have now had 2 feeds of plant magic bloom. the blue dreamatic seems fine unless someone sees different, but my green crack autos the leaves are drooping. Please help
  6. Green Crack looking perkier

  7. what's happening with these plants.

  8. Hi all, I hope all your grows are doing well. I have a question regarding feeding Auto plants. Taking into consideration that Autos don't get anywhere as big as normal plants How much and how often are you supposed to feed them. I have my 5 plants in 11l Pots in plant magic soil. They have started to flower, so I am feeding them plant magic bloom. The bottle says 3-5ml per litre but I have only fed them 1-1.5ml per litre once per week. They have only had 1 feed so far of Plant magic bloom, as I don't want to get nute burn, and I am guessing those recommendations on the bottle are for normal plants not auto's. can someone please enlighten as to how much and how often Auto's should be fed, and when to start using Plant magic Bloom Boost. I did also use Plant Magic Grow in veg stage, once again, less than the bottle recommends. Thanks G
  9. Hi Can someone take a look at these images and tell me what I am doing wrong or what is happening. I have planted 2 Autoflowering Green crack beginning of may. I transferred outside about 2-3 weeks ago. I am using Plant Magic soil supreme in 11l pots. I germinated the plants in Jiffy plugs and then transferred into pots once big enough. But as you can see from the images the leaves have got weird colouring on them. Can anyone identify what the problems could be. I have only just given them 0.75ml of plant magic soil grow in 0.75litre of water recommendation is 2ml to 1 litre, but I have read to give them under manufactures recommendation, while plants are still small and young and then to increase dosage as plants get older. Also plant magic soil should have enough nutrients in it to feed a young plant, not sure for how long though, until I am supposed to start feeding. See pictures below.
  10. Just a quick bit of advice please all. I've got my 2 emergency outdoor autos and they're looking ok so far and about 4 weeks or so into flower. The problem is I only left them is smaller spots smaller pots for stealth but then larger one is needing feeding every day. Is it too late to transplant and if not how to best minimise shock
  11. Hi, there probably is the info somewhere, but couldnt find it but just got a couple questions regarding my first grow! i basically just found a few bagseeds, from a while ago planted 3, and 1 has actually come along really nicely! just transfeered into a bigger pot as it outgrew the first! First question is, my garden is south east facing and gets probably a solid 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, from behind some sliding glass doors, which is definitely doing the job for now. my main question is, am i headed for trouble once in the vegetative stage? ive read they requite a lot more light, some people leaving them on 24 hours of artificial light. I have a super bright LED bulb to stick in the cupboard in case, its basically 16W (equivalent to 140W halogen, 1600 lumens) it also says day light 6000k on the box (not sure what that means), is this going to help? will this be any good for flowering as well or am i best just moving it to my glass doors for the day then sticking in the cupboard. also would moving it out of a cupboard, everyday the fact its 1 cool LED negate the need for a fan? also bought 5 real deal feminized auto flowering seeds, will they be almost as simple as letting the them chill by my glass doors? Thanks and sorry if all this info is out there somewhere this just seemed simple. heres a few photos of the plant and the spaces i have to grow (just waiting for the beer to finish brewing in the bigger cupboard then gunna obviously clear it out) just for a reference. Anyway if anyone does have any reassuring words or advice to improve my success, it'd be much appreciated! Im just looking to get some nice smokeable bud without spending a fortune on kit Thanks in advance and hope everyones having a chilled, healthy time!
  12. outdoor

    Any ideas roughly how much longer this will take, when do you start to flush it and any tips for taking Better pics?
  13. Daft question but iv just started moving some bigger plants outdoors but how does it work if I’m feeding them in pots an it rains? Will it flush the nutes? Sorry for daft question haha don’t want leave em out an go out for night an it pour down
  14. Im not exactly new but ive also had a long time off. I am completely new to autos though. Basically its important to me to know exactly how long an auto takes from planting to harvesting, and I'm seeing a lot of confusing terms. my question is... How do i know how long autos take, a strain guide might say "flowering 8-9 weeks", or they might say "full life cycle 8-9 weeks" or "blooming stage 55 days" and so on, etc etc etc. I'm confused because they mention flowering or blooming does that mean, for example, a plant might VEG for how ever long, and then, BLOOM for "55 days". How long is veg, How long is bloom with autos, how long is ALL of it? How do i find out how long it takes to PLANT it and HARVEST it? Im sorry if im not making sense, I'm just confused by the difference in terminology I've seen while browsing online.
  15. Thought I would update you all with my progress well I’m waiting for my led lights to finally come but been Using good old sunlight so far ones been two weeks grow the other two days please can you tell me what else needs to be done. Going to transfer them to a bigger pot later 5L if not mistaken.
  16. Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the best way to test PH levels in water and soil, I think my water from the tap is around 7.5 after doing a little research, I know the ideal PH levels should be around 5.0-6.5. what can I use to test he soil PH levels also, as I am guessing the tap water I have been using increases the PH level in soil also. Is it best to use things like litmus paper you can buy from pharmacy or a electronic reader. If PH levels are to high what is the best way to lower PH levels to an acceptable standard. and will PH levels of 7.55 do harm to the plants if I carry on. I am growing outdoors in 11l pots in plant magic supreme soil. hoping that rain water, when it rains lowers PH levels in the soil from the tap water. I am currently feeding plant magic soil grow, mixed in tap water.1.7ml/0.75L recommendation is 2ml-4ml/1L Once per week, I am noticing slight leaf curl also and tips of leaves yellowing. Might be due to nute lock as PH levels to high or nitrogen toxicity. Please help
  17. Outdoor blueberry auto

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    Growing amongst my chillis Unlike the chillis this is in soil. Have a few seeds so going to test mediums and compare results
  18. I think i have a problem

    Weird leaf coloring
  19. Hi, so thanks for the help, I’m loving it so far have 2 NL AUTO’s royal queen seeds.. one plant is 4 weeks old and one is 2 weeks, staggered due to only one seed germinating originally so used a third seed.. so basically guys this is my first grow, when I started I was pretty certain that with autos it would be simple with no need to restrict light at the flowering stage and I would have seed-harvest in 9-10 weeks ish.. but since Iv been reading a lot of conflicting info as to times, some people claiming there auto’s have waited to October to flower ? just wanting a bit of clarity really on what to expect in terms of timing and yield. I know it’s all obviously dependant but il list as much specs about My grow as possible - -Northern lights auto flower royal queen seeds -11ltr fabric grow bag -biobiz all mix soil -6.5ph distilled water -quarter measurement of tomato feed (older plant) -sw England in a greenhouse with DIRECT sun about 8 hours per day thank you!! Joe
  20. Hi all just wondering, what are safe night time temperatures outdoors, if the plants are still young and in 11l pots, in the UK. what temperatures should you consider bring them inside, and what temperatures are ok to leave them outside. I live close to Cambridge in a town, warmer than coastal areas. Many thanks
  21. Hey everyone and thank you for the warm welcome I recently got some some seeds and germinated one which was barney auto blue cheese did the glass of water technique and then put it on a damp paper towel and left for few hours then boom we had life... I brought some perlite, all purpose compost and vermiculite and 2 5/10 litre fabric pot... after two days of potting in the final pot and covering with a plastic bottle I think I killed my baby so I transferred it to a smaller pot/cup and brought it back inside for recovery. Please help and tell if she’s really dead or can she be revived.
  22. harvest

    Need help. Planning a guerilla grow this year but have nowhere to dry my bud if all is successful. I like to plan ahead and not leave myself stuck so has anyone any experience outdoor drying or any ideas I can do it not in my home it would be a great help.
  23. Planted 1st May in biopots after an overnight soak in tap water. Sprouted 3rd May. Once established they will be going into multi purpose compost. Indoors/outdoors combo for now, will be moving outdoors when vegging.