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Found 412 results

  1. This is my diary for the 2023 Seedstockers outdoors grow competition. I will be running the following strains courtesy of the ever helpful and generous @Seedstockers-Mark. BCN Critical XXL Fast Mandarin Panties Auto Thunder Banana Auto That's it for now, won't pop any seeds until next month...
  2. Hi Fellow growers, We are going to still throw it in a little late to the show, but better a bit late than never right anyone interested in joining our 2023 Outdoor growing competition, please just reply here and send me DM with the title: DP Outdoor Growing 2023 The strains Pick one Dutch Outdoor strain from the following cultivars : Hollands Hope / Shaman / Frisian Dew Strictly auto growers/enthusiasts can pick Auto Euforia What we need from you Make a full separate diary of the variety of your liking with regular updates/pictures, at least once every two weeks with some pictures and info, and share the best pictures in this overall growing thread as well. You can win Top 3 best diaries will win a seedvoucher for the Dutch Passion webshop (selection will be done at the end of the year in December). 1st place 100 euro 2nd place 75 euro 3rd place 50 euro Only growers that do regular updates and complete the diary from start to finish are eligible to win! It is as simple as that, last year we have seen some pro's and first timers doing very well, so hopefully we will get some of you on board again! But anyone is welcome ofc! Any questions, please let me know... I'm looking forward to welcoming you here!
  3. Yo Growers, Smokers and other cannabis aficionado's! This is the new outdoor thread for the Dutch Passion twenty-twenty-two Growing Competition so welcome to you all and please join in For all the growers that are already going to take part in it : @Girlrilla @OldFord @CheechChongReturns @Ccs141 @Baron von greenback @Greenfingerd @Rennie_99 @e55ex0ldb0y @SHIRE STALKBEANS! Your beans have been shipped last week on Thursday, so hopefully you will receive them this week or at the latest next week. Please keep a close eye on your mailbox the coming days/weeks.. Regarding the Growing competition, please share your progress and experiences in this thread. Weekly photo updates are sufficient but you can do more if you feel like there is something interesting to share If you want to do a separate thread, please feel free to do so You can preferably add them into one of the Dutch Passion subforums, the Dutch Passion Outdoor Grow Competition 2022 or even the Outdoor Passion one. High regards Antonio | Dutch Passion
  4. Award-Winning Cannabis Cultivation Author Jorge Cervantes teamed up with Seedsman for a FREE, Comprehensive Digital Book on Home Growing. ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ is the first cohesive guide to growing cannabis indoors, in a line of digital books that has been released on Seedsman's website, co-authored with Seedsman’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Yates. ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ provides beginner and advanced growers with an easy-to-follow, free-to-access collection of cultivation wisdom through 270 beautiful high-quality photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text. Combining science and love, ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ is an excellent reference for any cultivator, expert, or beginner. Download for free now at the following link: https://www.seedsman.com/grow-cannabis-book
  5. Anyone tried these or got a picture
  6. Finally got round to starting my diary I got 10 out of 10 on the germing, BONUS! Nothing much to see but it's the start
  7. Hello all, I've got three little autos out in the wild and I'm not sure if they're ready to come down or not... this is my first grow, so any pointers would be gratefully received. I'm starting to get a little bit twitchy due to the very wet weather we're having, but looking at the buds I can't see any rot forming yet. A fair amount of the pistils have turned orange now, although on balance quite a few white ones remain... main buds a little further along than the side buds but I don't want to get so jumpy that I chop too soon Pics below, although they're not the best!
  8. 8ED8E3F1-58F5-41E5-A4C4-238997E10192.png

    From the album First timer

    First time planting out this year (properly anyway)
  9. 61A19120-33BD-4FCD-A261-982087EF6847.jpeg

    From the album TheFinisher

    My first attempt. week 7 auto’s outdoor
  10. Dear Growers, Smokers and Cannabis enthusiasts! Now the smoke has partially lifted from yesterday's 420 event we are ready to announce that we will be coming back to the UK420 forum with our Growing Competitions! Hopefully some of you still have some space for this years Outdoor plots because we have some new and old-school strains you might be interesting in We will share the ins and outs probably next week but for now I just wanted to let you know something is coming... Lately I have been talking with a forum member named GirlRilla @Girlrilla and she shared a list of good Outdoor/Guerilla growers that might possibly be interested to join: @Oldford @Lively @Rennie_99 @Lea Valley @Whambud @Murzyn @B-real @Memyselfandiguerilla @Geo1 @Tommy tucker @Exile420 @ocb So from this list, who's actually up for the challenge? Any other Outdoor/Guerilla grower is welcome too ofc! We will be including some of our old-school Outdoor strains like Hollands Hope, Passion #1 and Frisian Dew, but we will also give you guys & gals the opportunity to grow our latest addition to the Dutch Outdoor section Durban Dew : https://dutch-passion.com/en/cannabis-seeds/durban-dew Taking part in the competition can make you win some prizes too, goodies, merchandise and even free seeds. We have more exciting news to be shared soon, so stay tuned!
  11. i took some pictures of the Trichromes of my plants to check cloudiness, i was just wondering what people thought, are any of these ready to Harvest. If they are ready what point is it best to stop feeding them nutes. If they are not ready how long do i keep feeding them. I have already started to flush one of my plants. There are 2 northern lights plants that still have lots of white haired pistals and are only just turning to a different colour, and are still filling out.
  12. Thought I'd upload some pictures of my outdoor grow of my Autos. With pictures of the plants and bud development. Note how different some of the plants look even though they are supposed to be the same type. Apart from the royal Gorilla Auto. Royal Gorilla Auto Blue cheese plants 1 2 and 3 Northern Lights Auto plants 1 2 and 3 So these plants Have been fed at each watering time. Every 3-4 days I started them on April 17th in my PE greenhouse. I fed them PM grow Hard water to start off with, then when they started to flower I used PM Grow and bloom. I have started to flush 1 of my blue cheese plants as all the Trichromes are cloudy, so by the time to harvest hopefully Some Trichromes will be amber. Let me know your thoughts.
  13. I've been out and about a few times over the last week or so, rummaging through the undergrowth as it were, scouting for a potential spot. I think I may have found one. It is pretty close to a well-used dog-walking route, but it is very well concealed, with a shitload of bramble that is way high and would shield from any passing eyes. It needs work, as in I would need to wade into the thick of it and hollow out a little area, but I think it would be possible. There is an easier area just beside it, but I think it is too shady and there is a really good light in the more difficult spot. The only thing that concerns me with it being close to a path, is obviously the whiff-factor. I want to do autos, but are there any strains that perhaps don't chuck up as much? Also, does anyone here use pots rather than direct into the ground? Any reasons for or against?
  14. kc brains

    Hey folks, I picked up some KC Brains regs this week. Such good prices, I couldn't resist. Also read a few reports and reviews on the interwebs waxing lyrical about some of these "old skool" strains. Seem to have a good reputation. Anyone here grown any of his strains? Recently or many years ago? Please share your experiences, opinions. Also, do you have a favourite strain? Peace.