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Found 7 results

  1. Happy Easter my fellow canna lovers, and welcome to my 2021 grow diary....so here we grow again as time is edging nearer I thought id better get this up and running while I have some time on my hands. Firstly wishing all my fellow guerrillas who followed my grow last season, and any newbies who have joined the community since, the very best of luck for the season to come. I look forward to reading your diarys, learning and getting a better idea of what you folks plans are this season. So let's do this... right for me a few changes have been made to how I normally go about my business. I generally only ever run photo fems but this season I have taken a somewhat diff approach. I will be running a mix of autos, semi autos (fv) and photos in attempt to have a bit more variety as well as an early prize with some cheeky autos. The vars I have going out are as follows autos.... Cash crop ...cream of the crop Narco purps..cream of the crop Guerrilla glue ....fast buds Sweet cheese... expert seeds Runtz xl... sweet seeds Semi auto/photos..... Affiedaze...real gorilla seeds Purple freeze BX1....real gorilla seeds Fast zkittles....real gorilla seeds Opg x freezland...real gorilla seeds Serious 6...serious seeds Exo mob spurt..... @flighty Purple urkle....pyramid seeds Mwf....alfemco @Amarillo slim plots... knotweed plot Most of the photos and semi/autos are going on my main plot, had this plot a few years now and it always seems to produce some big trees so with some shorter strains going in there this year it will be interesting to see how they get in. I extended this plot last year and have also done another small extension this season to cater for the mwf.. I have had to open up a bit more of this space but it has come at a cost as im now not so well hidden at 1 end. My plan to get round this is once the knotweed grows up I will did some of it up and relocate it giving me back my cover all be it a lil further back. That shit grows rapid so im sure I can safely get myself well hidden again once the season gets going. Also new holes have been dug and are ready for filling in a few weeks time. auto plot... The aim for this idea is to get an early bit if bud and give me the much needed break from smoking last years rewards. This is a cheeky lil field that has been abandoned for a year or so, used to have horses on but is now overgrown so I'd say it deffo has the potential for some small autos. It has a footpath that runs to one side so its a bit of a creep and sneak stylee. Maintaining is gonna be difficult as I could be easily spotted on the land in daylight so it will be a bit of unsociable hours activity if needed ie watering feeds, supports and so forth. Holes have not been dug yet as im waiting to see how much the vegetation grows around the spots I have in mind on the other side of the field, 30 meters from footpath in some rough..Once I know this I'll wait for a full moon one eve and go get that done. regs plot This is still undecided, seen a potential 2 spots but still unsure of the safety of both so once again waiting on the growth of vegetation before deciding on what 1 to roll with. This plot is for flightys exo mob spurt as these are regs and don't want any hiccups with pollination should I not get a chance to visit for a while before they show sex.. (lesson learnt last season) wasn't gonna run these for this reason but they have some nice genetics in the mix so there may be something nice to find. Method.. So all my girls will be going in the ground into 2x3 foot pre dug holes. I have made a few changes this year as I cant be doing with trying to find decent comp and having to ammend the native soil that is prob 70% clay based. So I have been harvesting some topsoil and wood humus from a few unspoilt woodlands that I have been scouting out over the last month or so, although these were not good for growing that certainly had something to bring to the table. I have been doing lots of research into humus this last year with a plan to replicate natures way as much as possible. This should give me everything I need in order to provide my girls with the best possible start to life in the wild. My plan is to premix this with some coco coir, native soil Perlite, and water absorbing crystals and creat a perfect airy mix that drains well but also holds water and is full of nutrition and microbial activity. The main plot has already had some fbb and a coco block added to each hole but still work to be done here with regards to being ready for plant out.. im stock piling top soil from a nearby forest at this plot ready for when the time is right.. this will get mixed up in 1 big batch and holes filled once again when the time is right.. only other additives being used this season are maybe bio bizz fish mix If needed, FBB, and some SOP for later on in flower. Will be sticking to the bottomless builders buckets, cages, and tin towers as well as the perimeter fence for added protection against wildlife pests and so forth. Hopefully it isn't the bug fest we had last season as we had a pretty cold winter but will be using neem oil from the get go to try and stay in control should they decide to dine out on my girls once again. I will be watering from the nearby brook as I did last season the also extends to where the auto plot is so they will be getting the same if and when needed. The regs plot is gonna be tricky depending on what 1 I choose for those as only 1 of the 2 potentials has a water source. I have already created a new route to the water source at the knotweed plot and built a small dam to give me a higher water level so I can fill buckets much easier for watering. germination... Anyone who followed my grow last season will know i don't keep any equipment at home to aid the sowing or raising of seedlings. I normally just use my window cill so no lights have been nessaserry until now.. I figure as I have semi auto and auto vars I will need to creat a better light regime, something more stable so to avoid any stress issues or onset of early flowering. My plan for this is to build a small propagation box that will be placed in my lock up for this process. I will be using root trainers this year for the first time too so im thinking wooden box with a tube heater at the bottom then a shelf with 2 32 cell root trainers sets both with there own 30 cm t5 sunblaster light, and a small pc fan installed for some air movement.. will drill some holes for ventilation too so should be all good.. I have already bought the bits just need the fan still and build the box. I plan to get this set up to see how well it works down in a dark cold garage temp and rh wise. Will still be using the paper towel technique for germination after a 24h soak in tepid water, was thinking been straight in the trainers but some habits are hard to break That just about covers everything for now guys and girls will be updating all progress from now on right here for anyone following along..this is gonna be an interesting 1, full of excitement to get cracking but holding out a few more weeks. I Plan to germinate all photos and semi autos on 4/20 and plant out 1st/2nd week May depending on the weather. My autos i think will get wet around the begining of May and plan to have those out 3/4weeks later.. Let's all pray for a great season and may the ganja gods reward us for our efforts. Wising you all the very best of luck dudes and dudettes Much love Revive
  2. Hi all Like the title says, can you foliar feed with organic nutrients? If so how does it work? I thought organic feed wasn't absorbed by plants directly, at least not by the roots anyway. I would assume its not absorbable be leaves either (I'm probably wrong). If anyone knows any info it'd be greatly appreciated.
  3. Disco biscuits #3

    From the album a HEMPFRUIT ugorg pics

    © Disco biscuit#3

  4. Hey guys, this is my auto grow (perpetual) experimenting with something i came across on sinistergram ........ bio char I bought about 30 seeds over the past 2 months and just planting them with a few weeks in between 10 at a time. I'm mixing coco, biochar and worm castings for a 'soil like environment' with a coco way to grow, the biochar houses the bacteria and pulls in food, really don't know what am talking about but i'v done some youtube research n shit, i think biochar is ph up in large amounts so i've just been adding a good handful per pot and inoculating with the worm tea. I bought this drunk (img below) and it said npk 2-5-6, realized it wasn't but it's all good, this stuff is packed with micros, the N is bat shit which is unknowingly good for flower said an oldtimer once, i didn't disagree after testing, Liquid seaweed all good for denser buds with natural pgs. Anyways, my phones lost atm amma get a new one and upload some auto pics in the few days or so. Seeds -- little kushy, ak-47, ak-48, ak-49, ak-420, ak-someonesmom, and some others i forget easy :/ Lights -- 2 400w hps, 1 600w hps, and 2 mars 300w leds that i add as and when, just hang over one plant with the shit footprint. Food -- as above but with added chicken shit pellets (not much), dextrose, and some other shit Grow room -- bedroom size 20-30 plants atm, could get more at a push Trim gets turned into hash n oil (learning but doing all good!) god bless sonnyB
  5. Organics - To Flush Or Not To Flush? that is the question,vote above and thoughts and comments below please im debating whether or not to flush(water+molasses) for 2-3 weeks before harvest to maximise taste and cleanliness of the buds,i know its said not to be needed but i still see some doing it regardless so i wanted to get an idea of the general consensus on flushing organics,would be much appreciated and might be good for future reference especially for beginners like myself. H4rdc0r3.
  6. Hi guys. Hope you're all good... Wanted to hit the forum today with some organics-related questions. Any guidance anyone can offer will be highly valued and appreciated. I've recently been pretty taken in by the latest wave of 'SuperSoil' hysteria, and always wanting to push results as far as can be achieved, I've decided I want to go back to basics and try an 'organic' mix, which depending on my calculations being correct, may or may not need to be fed with Guano Tea or whatever, an eventuality that I'm cool with; we'll let the plants tell us what they require and when... The reason I say 'organic' in quotations is because I'm told that 'supersoil', and in particular Subcool's mix are not entirely organic as such, and also aren't sustainable therefore not organic as most vegan folks, which I am not, would define them. Also before anyone says it; I know the whole idea of supersoil is to be able to just add water etc. blah blah blah BLAH BLAH (and that's nothing short of fucking awesome, Subcool is the man, but it's just not an absolute requirement for my situation, and I can supplement with EWC / Guano Tea should the need arise). And when I use the word organics in this post it is more the general sense of getting back to basics I'm talking about, not true and pure vegan full-on-ness. The layering of the soil is certainly something I can prescribe to, although many people say it's better to make a homogenous mix and just cut the super with more bag soil when vegging in the smaller pots. I will be layering mine I reckon. I already achieve strong results with my inorganic liquid nute regimen(can get some photos up should someone be keen for a look), but just want to take it the extra mile in terms of the finer points, not just yield and cannabinoid content, both of which are always good at worst and excellent at best. After seeing some supersoil and TLO results over the last few years I'm taking the plunge and I've gone out on the town in sunny Switzerland where I live at the moment and purloined the following: Plagron Bio-Supermix (1.2-1.6-0.35)... Contains feather meal, bone meal, Peruvian and Indo Guanos, Rock Phosphate, Maerl, Bentonite, Basalt, Kelp Meal, Lava Meal, Bacteria and Fungal. (Don't say it please; I already feel dirty using a large-company pre-mix, but some of these ingredients are SO damn hard to come by where I'm at, and the cost of transporting loads of single bags internationally, I just couldn't bring myself to do it) Plagron Bat Guano (3-15-4)... Stimulates bio-life. Will be replaced with Guano Kalong for the purposes of any compost tea later on. Plagron Mega Worm EWC... (100% castings from Dendrobena Veneta) Rich in bio-life and stimulates more of it. Oekohum Bio Univeral Earth... Contains no peat, humus from greengoods and bark, coconut fibre, wood fibre, pumice with bio-fert from horn and semolina. pH of substrate 6.3,range 5.9-6.7; EC 1.9-2.0, 20% organic substances Peltracom 307 Professional Substrate... VERY EXPENSIVE pH stabilized pure peat and perlite mix. EC 0.0 pH 6.0 Oekohum Cacao Gold (2.7-0.7-3 with 0.4 Mg)... A pure cacao shell mulch of sorts with much heavier mid-size chips and flakes of cacao shell (allegedly a waste product from the chocolate industry) Oekohum Bio Nutritional Humus (0.5-0.25-0.35 with 0.15 Mg) Rich in bio-life. Hauert Biorga Composted Manure(0.6-0.3-0.6min through 0.9-0.5-0.9max) 10-15% organic substance from cows and horses, 5-10% from plants. Rich in bio-life. Perlite Hydroleca / expanded clay. Will be smashed up to make smaller aeration chunks I also had lying around the house from my other grows some AN Voodoo Juice and Piranha liquids which so long as they'd be alright to use as liquids in my mix (help, someone please let me know if they shouldn't be added to the soil pre-cook) as I imagine they would be. I won't be adding much Piranha till the plants go in as I'm told Myco dies if there is no root host present within 24 hours, but Tricho does still bind without roots so we'll whack a little in 'fore she cooks; can't hurt... Again if any of this information strikes you as inaccurate please correct me. I'm never too old to learn something new and your advice will be greatly appreciated and taken on-board. So really my question for the organics champions out there is how much of what? Anything else you'd go for? I am formulating enough to make about 400 liters of the cooked stuff, and will have some left or obtain more of the base mix to layer with... I am also working on my mix in the meantime on paper and comparing, researching etc so I will post my thoughts soon as I have something put together a little better, just wanted to get this post up so I could have some replies and thoughts coming in while I went to work on it. I have about 27 days or so till I will need the mix so really need to get on it to have decent cooking time. To a large degree Subcool's mix is the Gold Standard that is widely accepted by those that don't grow organic and don't know but is not so widely and entirely accepted by aficionados of organics in general and I'd love to know why to be honest. I feel the results speak for themselves, obviously, but Sub's mix strikes me as a tad high in nitrogen as I'll only be blooming with this mix with maybe just one week of veg to get the girls settled in when they are potted-up to their final homes. Has anyone else thought this over? Also obviously the 1/3 to 1/2 layering tech that Sub speaks of is in relation to a minimum 7 gallon (approx 26 liter) pot, but he's growing large beasts and few of them whilst I grow more manageable beasts and more of them currently with my inorganic liquids and light-mix combo in smaller 14 liter pots that can actually be filled extra high to incorporate about 15.5 liters. Will I need to adapt my style to fewer, larger plants to take advantage of Subskie's methods? Or will these third to a half full pot measurements be needing upscaling due to the smaller size pots? Jesus christ, that was a long post... Sorry if I killed you with boredom reading all of it but there's just so many questions and as you guys know very well by now I'm sure, the world is full of so called 'expert of everything and master of nothing' fuckhead stoner wannabes that throw about regurgitated, outdated, and often just plain wrong information in the name of appearing knowledgeable among their friends. So I thought the internet and in particular UK420 Forums might have the answers without the bullshit. Everything and anything you've got to say on the matter please guys, please you Americans out there, we love your help, but please save the blah blah about FFOF and Roots etc, you can't get it in Europe. The soil I have is plenty quality( CERTAINLY in line with top end Plagron mixes and actually better I'd have thought); it's more the 'hotness' of the final mixed product that concerns me, so really the advice I'm after is for the proportions of nutrition related stuff mostly. And yes I am sure this topic has been heavily discussed here before and I've read most of the supersoil threads around the net without asking questions and of course if you don't use an identical mix there's gonna be questions, along with the fact that I'm not hardline to using Subcool's approach; if anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear about it. My apologies to the mods if this post should be somewhere else and thanks again enlightened posters of the UK420 forums, it's sites like this and people such as yourself who make wading through the bullshit possible. Cheers and Peace Keep It Rolling Chaps Timmy
  7. Hi, First of all, sorry for my english, it’s not my native language So I had ca 4 unsuccessfull round with very poor yield. As a beginner i made a lot of mistakes, for example over watering, under watering, under feeding, over feeding, adding too much kind of fertilizers, addictives. I wanted to make it organic, so i used the BioBizz line. For veg i used Plagron Grow mix soil, for flower BioBizz All mix soil. As fertilizers i have BioBizz Grow, Bloom and now i have BioBizz Alg-amic and BioHeaven. I want to open a diary soon, but i need some pre-discussion about some topic. I think one of my problem is my tap water source. It has a PH of 8.2-8.4 and an EC of 0,76 (380 ppm on scale 500) after 24 hour sitting. I used BioNova Citric acid as PH down and ph’d to 6.0-6.2. I have ph’d the plain water and the water with nutritients also. Maybe this was also a mistake, i don’t know. Then I bought now a RO system. My RO water has a 20 ppm of salts, and a PH of 8.0 by letting sit. If i add nutes the PH is 5.2. So my questions about the water source topic: What is the best water source in my case? (Tap, RO, Tap + RO) If I go with RO water and use BioBizz Alg-a-mic (plus possible BioHeaven) with every waterings, it will be OK? Will it cure the Cal/Mg deficiency? If not, what else should I buy? Should I ph my water and feed water? How can I prevent my soil of PH goes off? Can I mix something in BioBizz All mix soil?