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Found 131 results

  1. Welcome to my new thread which will be used to document my fun goings on down the back end of the garden for the remainder of this year. Current status: The Sweet Seeds competition has ended and I have a variety of plants in various stages, plus competition-winnings-seeds to germinate. A Cream Caramel clone who nearly died months ago, was waterlogged and took forever to root, the others were fine but this one I have nursed and nursed - Now she has rooted, taken off and I have topped her twice and had some bonsai type fun. I hope she will, in the end, bring nice large half metre long sticks of lush sticky buds: The Cream Caramel clones which did take off well, there were three, are well into flower, I think week 6 is now completed, could be week 7 I am unsure. There is also a single Cream Manderine which rooted well but its other 3 failed to take, so on the left side of my shed I have these four ladies: There are also four smaller Cream Caramel clones nestled in the middle of the shed between the larger Cream Caramels and my new Crystal Candy ladies which were sprouted from seed when I made the original clones. Here are the Crystal Candy ladies, I tried some LST but they were just unwieldy and two grew real high and fast for the sky Here is the largest bud forming up well: Since all of the above are a month from being cropped I have put on some new seeds, Sweet Cheese (on the left), Green Poison (middle row), Gorilla Girl (right side): Here they are in the tent, I had to take out one of the four legs to fit the box in as it is too big but with some black awning covering it - No light escapes. That's just a 125w CFL to keep them happy during night time. During the day the box is moved into the garden to get the best the sun has to offer That's where I am at right now. Fingers crossed ! So my setup is 2 x 400w Sylvania bulbs, not dual spectrum, brand new. Biobizz All Mix soil. Biobizz nutes: Grow, Bloom, Fishmix, TopMax, AlgaMic, RootJuice.
  2. I thought it would be nice to share my (I'm not the first to do it) method for making clones without clonex or powder just using Aloe Vera gel. For a while now I've been growing notill organic but still was depending on clonex for rooting clones. Really wanted to get away from using it and after a couple of very successful tries with Aloe I here I am sharing info. Most of this isn't new information and the method used here is gona be Ot1s method. Although this works well with jiffy pellets. I get an abundance of roots showing out of the jiffy after about 8 days, keeping the humidity at 100%. I forget the name of the active ingredient in the aloe that helps in rooting perhaps someone who reads this and knows could let me know and I'll add it to the info, with credit to that person of course I start by soaking the clones in mix of blended aloe gel and water for 24 hours, at this point they are already sliced and trimmed ready to dip into gel and plant. Next I wash a slice of fresh aloe plant and get it ready for dipping, I usually run a knife through the gel to get it nice an gooey Next I take a clone and dip the clones into the gel and get a nice coating on the bottom of the clone. Next I put the clone into a prepared hole in a mix of soil which has 35% perlite. (it's less than the 50% in the original method, but I try to use as little as possible this is the only stage I add it to my grow) I put 4 per pot Finally the pot gets bagged and tagged I'll take the bags off in aprox 12 days to check on them by that point most if not all of them will have nice roots. This is an oldtimes clone I took 8 days ago just been planted into some soil with a sprinkle of covercrop seed. She's a little pale but in a few days she'll be looking great and ready for more light. Unfortuneately I planted her before I grabbed the camera so I don't have a pic of her roots but I'll post the roots of the ones I took today once they are finished. I always have aloe plants around I use a mix of water and aloe gel, and alga as a foliar feed so this method of cloning comes at little extra cost and is as natural as it comes. I hope someone may find this interesting I found a few vids of youtube about it and it really interested me.
  3. Auto Euforia 1

    From the album Passionate dutch girls

    Shes got over the mag def. shooting into action now.

    © bluntz27

  4. Auto euforia 1

    From the album Passionate dutch girls

    © bluntz27

  5. I’m New to the forum well a returning user been a good few years though. Anyway I'm gonna do a dairy I’ve chosen RGS auto lemonade OG these will be getting done outdoors LAT 51 I’ve got six pips and going down the organic route. Using plant magic’s range to feed them, fingers crossed for some good results lets hope we have a decent summer with plenty of sun. Day one Thought I’d do a side by side experiment regarding pot size/growth/yield rate etc. Soaked all 6 beans in water for 24 hours until they sunk. One has gone into a 6.5 litre final pot size straight away. Another has gone into 11litre final pot size the remaining 4 have gone into 0.5 litre pots which they will stay in for 10days and then be potted up into 11litre final pots. Awaiting heads to pop up now will keep you all updated.
  6. auto Euforia

    From the album Passionate dutch girls

    © bluntz27

  7. Euforia auto

    From the album Passionate dutch girls

    © bluntz27

  8. Hey you guys! Just wanted to take a minute to add this new thread about our new products. After realising that our site may have leaned a little too much towards the Hydro market We have taken on all of the suggestions that have been made and added the following products to our website: Plagron Batmix, Allmix and Growmix Biobizz Light Mix Canna Terra Atami Bi Grow Eazy Plugs Plant Magic Oldtimer Magnesium, Granules, Bloom, Grow and PK Biobizz Soil Range Ecothrive Charge and Biosys Please continue to make suggestions in the future if you see something we don’t have and we will simply stick the item and add it to our site. We will literally tailor our stock to suit you guys needs. Have a great bank holiday
  9. Just a quick heads up, I use these for my mother plants and my outdoor gorillas, as well as my vegetables . The main selling point is it contains up to 4 months of feed and inoculates the plants with mycorrhizal fungi. It also has moisture retaining crystals and other stimulants. They cost £3 for 6 biscuits.
  10. Disco biscuits #3

    From the album a HEMPFRUIT ugorg pics

    © Disco biscuit#3

  11. Hey guys, this is my auto grow (perpetual) experimenting with something i came across on sinistergram ........ bio char I bought about 30 seeds over the past 2 months and just planting them with a few weeks in between 10 at a time. I'm mixing coco, biochar and worm castings for a 'soil like environment' with a coco way to grow, the biochar houses the bacteria and pulls in food, really don't know what am talking about but i'v done some youtube research n shit, i think biochar is ph up in large amounts so i've just been adding a good handful per pot and inoculating with the worm tea. I bought this drunk (img below) and it said npk 2-5-6, realized it wasn't but it's all good, this stuff is packed with micros, the N is bat shit which is unknowingly good for flower said an oldtimer once, i didn't disagree after testing, Liquid seaweed all good for denser buds with natural pgs. Anyways, my phones lost atm amma get a new one and upload some auto pics in the few days or so. Seeds -- little kushy, ak-47, ak-48, ak-49, ak-420, ak-someonesmom, and some others i forget easy :/ Lights -- 2 400w hps, 1 600w hps, and 2 mars 300w leds that i add as and when, just hang over one plant with the shit footprint. Food -- as above but with added chicken shit pellets (not much), dextrose, and some other shit Grow room -- bedroom size 20-30 plants atm, could get more at a push Trim gets turned into hash n oil (learning but doing all good!) god bless sonnyB
  12. I have not personally used this for cannabis plants but these could very well be very useful for your outdoor gorilla plants or maybe even mothers. It doesn't say on the internet but the packaging indicates it contains up to 12 months worth of feed. I've used them for my edible shrubs like Saskatoons and Chilean Guavas, works great. It's a great organic alternative to slow release sythetic fertilisers like Osmocote. It contains beneficial micro organisms like nitrogen fixing and phosphorus stabilising bacteria, it also contains natural humates too. While your repotting you just put it on top of the plants soil surface and cover over with 5cm of compost. They cost £6 for 15 tablets.
  13. I use this organic plant food for my vegetables, mother and gorilla plant. It seems to work well, it too like the biscuits in my earlier thread, contains up to four months worth of feed and inoculatea with mycorhizzal fungi. It smells a little like chicken manure pellets as at least onr of the sources of nutrient. Just wanted to give people the heads up if you were looking for a two in one organic nutrient and inoculant. It's £6 for 2kg, which apparently feeds 40 plants. Just for comparison sake something like Fish Blood and Bone is £1.5 for 1.5kg in Wilko.
  14. living coco

    From the album Food and stuff

    Its been fed with fish meal, kelp meal, remin volcanic rock powder, molasses, gypsum and mycorrhizal funghi. It heated up for a few days now cooled. Will be mixing 20 liters of vermicompost to the coco.

    © bluntz27

  15. Hello Guys! Just a quick thread to introduce the first of our offers. We have teamed up with the Intense team to bring you this amazing deal. When you spend £50 and over you will receive a free bottle of Intense Nutrients Organix Grow or Bloom. When you spend £80 and over you will receive a bottle of both Grow & Bloom! The link for the website is now at the top of the main page. Cheers
  16. Hey guys, I thought you may be interested in this Kali Mist seedling. I vegged her until she was stable and pinched her top, so there were 2 branches. I put her in a heated greenhouse in the back garden in the last week of Feb and just left her, really. The light was crap and she really didn't stretch much at all during that initial phase. It took at least 4 weeks for the flowers to start to show. By the time it was really flowering a lot it was April and the sun was stronger, so she seemed to do OK then. In May, I started to put her in a dark room at 8pm and wake her up at 8am the next morning, to make sure that she stayed in flowering mode by restricting her daylight to 12 hours. By now, the light is not bad at all - at least when the sun actually shines! When it rains she goes into the greenhouse but when it is sunny or overcast but warm she goes outdoors, in order to maximise the light she receives. I always move her with the sunbeam as the sun moves across the sky. She is grown in organic soil, which was prepared in advance with compost extracts and organic amendments and left to mature. She has been fed with low levels of Plant Magic Old Timer's Organic Bloom (2ml/l), an organic tomato feed that contains loads of humid and fulvic acid (at 1/5 strength) and whatever Seaweed Extract I can find (at 1/4 strength) in water from my fish tank (it is warm, chlorine free and full of organic matter - nitrifying bacterias which eat ammonia, other bacterias, nitrates and other stuff from the fishy poo) or rain water from the butt. The plants are mulched with a well rotted compost (a high nitrogen pile) and horse manure. I did let the mulch get too close to the fat stem and it does cause problems if you did that, though. 1 of the branches snapped off when I set the plant down today - I noticed it was wobbly yesterday. Never mind, it was ready anyway.
  17. Welcome to my little part of the world, please do pull up a comfortable seat and sit back to enjoy my offerings for your viewing pleasure. Firstly, I must express my continued thanks and appreciation to the Sweet Seeds team, @Sweet Seeds-tommy, @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp, and all the rest of the gang who make the magic happen for the rest of us ! Last year, I was the lucky winner of the Sweet Seeds 2017 Best Video, I have the trophy in pride of place in my living room, can't for the life of me get a good photograph of it as its glass with white etching on it, will try again later.... This year I will be doing a timelapse of a Cream Devil, from seed to harvest. I have my fingers crossed for many shades of red towards the end of the video to give it that wow factor, we will see ! As I am mid project at the moment I will be starting my main grow for the competition around the 2nd week of December, this will be a wide variety of Sweet Seeds offerings : So, that is me committed, the ball is rolling, tomorrow I shall set up the 40 x 40 tent with a 125 CFL for the Devil Cream. Get the camera all set up, and hopefully next weekend I will have a little 20 second video to show you of her popping out of the soil Until then, keep safe and have sweet smokes
  18. Afternoon. I've mixed my own living soil and have some spare 20L air pots that I'm thinking of using outside. Being pretty new to growing with living soil, will these pots be big enough given they will purely be living off the soil? Should I just keep an eye on the nutrient/microbe levels or just start with bigger pots? Cheers
  19. RAB BIT.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

    RAB BIT.
  20. CATKILL.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

    CATKILL. Outdoor pest control, an organic holistic solution.
  21. Hi Guys Has anyone used ORIGINS PLANT FOOD, it's not perfect as the NPK is 3:2:5, but it's available where I live (not UK mainland). Any experience and results of this stuff would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. Greetings fellow growers!!! Recently germed 3x Crystal Candy seeds, in order to get some sweet smoke come spring time. Hearing about this year's competition gave me the necessary motivation to make a diary - been a while. Sweet Seeds have been really good to this community in the past, a diary about Crystal Candy is the least I can do. Who knows, maybe i can win something along the way. This diary will mostly contain pictures of the flowering stage! Here are the 3 girls... They are now 5 weeks into veg and I've switched them to the flowering phase, today! None of them have been topped. Been doing LST with cable wire They have been vegging for roughly 5 weeks and have been in their final 7L pots since a week now. This grow will be kept simple: Compost: Organic vegetable compost Nutrients: Biobizz > Root juice, grow, bloom and a dash of topmax or algamic here & there. Here are the individual girls #1 #2 #3 Good luck to everyone and been interesting reading through the different diaries so far and looking forward to the results. Cheers from snowy Austria! AT