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Found 185 results

  1. So the 2021 season is now upon us, and the time has come for us gorillas to get at 1 with nature and do what we do best... so let's do this... Big thanks to @panik for inviting me into the RGSC outdoor competition and also for all the hard work put into creating these vars for guys like me to grow. First time in a comp for me so I will do my very best to do these beans justice and hopefully grow some beautiful plants that make my fellow guerrillas proud. Good luck to all and everyone entering the comp, I look forward to reading all your diarys and sharing your experiences as the season moves on.. exciting times guys and girls So the vars I will be running in this diary are as follows.. Affiedaze Purple freeze bx1 Fast zkittles Opg x freezeland The plan for these is to grow them out on my main plot, the plot is pretty established now after a few seasons and always seems to produce big fuk off trees as opposed to plants so this should be interesting.. All my plants will be grown and fed organically and watered from the nearby brook if and when needed. Germination will take place in the next week or so as temps are still very low for this time of year. I want to give these beans the best possible chance of rewarding me to there full potential so feel this to be the correct approach to take. I will be documenting everything i do in growing these girls out including pics from start to finish of there progress. I welcome all advice from anyone who wants to give it as we will never stop learning in this game.. questions will always be answered so feel free to reach out if there is anything you want to no that hasn't been explained. I just wanted to get this going so will be updating in due course once I got some beans wet.. anyone interested in the finer details I have another diary running that will be getting updated regularly with practically everything I have done and the steps taken to achieve it. So there you have it welcome to.... Revives RGSC outdoors antics... let the games begin To be continued... Peace out dudes and dudettes, have a cracking Bank Holiday and keep it green
  2. Hi UK420 peeps! Been hiding for a while mostly reading and did some research and save monies for my first equipment and grow Some data Growing: INDOOR Sort: CRITICAL KUSH Seeds Bank: BARNEY`S FARM Seeds type: FEMINIZED Medium: LIVING SOIL (ECO-THRIVE) Growbox size: 35x35x70cm IKEA EKET cabinet Ventilation: NO NAME EXTRACTOR (PC adapted) 2 AC INFINITY TV/STAND cooling fans 12x12cm Lights: 90W FULL SPECTRUM Nutrients: INTENSE NUTRIENTS Training: LST and possibly TOPping Calendar Format: TOTAL DAYS/VEG/PRE-FLOWER/FLOWER Germination started 19/08/21. Sinked nut into tap water with one drop of hydrogen peroxide 3%. Nut cracked on next day and show little tail. Planted straight into the soil. 22/02/21 nut shows up from soil. Today 03/02/00/00 Temperature in box +24, humidity 56%, VPD 0.8kPa . Lights intensity adjusted to 20590 lux or 350PAR Thinking to start introduce nutes in two days time! Will update and put pictures soon
  3. New no-till set up

    From the album No-till adventure.

    4x 45litre ecothrive soil in 60 L pots. First run.
  4. So after getting some some encouraging results with the first try, (ok, less than half made it, but that's still some that did, in my book it's a WIN compared to dismal results I've had in the past (look up my post about growing the Ice strain in Dubai aka dubshit, i think i tried cloning then too, but it did not work out, i don't remember anymore, but on the plus side, the plants grew great and the smoke was incredible!!! (indoor growbox with cfls) [@vince noir rock n roll star was very helping back then with advice about mycorrhizae and training methods, i don't like to treat them that harshly to be honest, but now i get where you were coming from mate, it does make them stronger!, i accidentally bent the top three branches on the mother plant a bit too much and now they have knots in those areas!] ) Anyway sorry for rambling on, i took 5 clones off the mother yesterday and they are doing great under the florescent light, but i raised them closer to it this time, hopefully they won't take as long to root and with a better success rate, let's see what happens, today they look happy in the pots under the cling wrap, according to a cool video i saw i just gotta mist the cling film for the first 3 days then leave them after that, gradually allowing more air to get in and out by poking more holes in the cling wrap, and uncovering briefly for a little while every day, that should do it, they should have roots a week or two later. Did i miss anything please let me know, peace.
  5. So lately I've been looking into all things living soil. I stumbled upon The Future Cannabis Project channel on YouTube some months ago. They cover all kinds of topics but there is a huge focus on living soil. It's probably one of the best sources of good information I've come across so far. In a few of the live streams I've watched Leighton has mentioned the horizonal soil method but I'd never seen any content on it specifically. Last night I noticed FCP had uploaded a video covering how to build a soil bed according to this method. I thought I'd share it here for all the living soil freaks. It takes the mimicry of nature that we try to achieve with living soil to the next level. Check it out:
  6. Living in an apartment, it's not so simple to have a big compost bin. So I was stoked to find this video on how to compost in an apartment space, without having to suffer the smells and the bugs, that means it's game on! So today I did exactly what was in this video, almost, I don't have access to Neem leaves here (people in India sure are lucky that way!) but i did have everything else, here is the video, apparently in 3 months i should have usable compost, let's see.
  7. I just want to be clear with the title, hence the ultimatum, and really, I live chemical free, so if there is no awesome way to use hydroponics naturally, then i am sticking with soil, I still cling to the hope that there might be a good way, that's why i posted this, can it be done?
  8. Hello once again, it's been a while, more than 2 years i think, I've lost count, anyway good to be back on here, I wasn't doing any growing for a while but started again last year. Right now I have a beautiful Landrace Lebanese mother plant, growing under the sun in a pot on the balcony, i took 2 clones from her over a week ago, i don't have access to rooting hormone over here in Lebanon so i used organic honey instead, i heard it gets good results, now, one clone seems to be ok and i think might have rooted, the other is wilty and doesn't look so hot, maybe she won't make it, i put them in soil as i also don't have access to rock wool here, in small pots that are half full, then i covered the top with cling wrap and a rubber band, as a makeshift dome for each plant in this case. i try to give them a bit of direct sun every day, but then move them in a shaded area as i don't want to stress them too much yet, i also periodically uncover them until they start to wilt, then cover them back up again. Today, i took 3 more clones from the mama but this time i decided to try using Aloe Vera gel instead, i have a big aloe plant so that's easy, i hope works better than the honey. So...... have I done it right? what would you suggest? i have not cloned in a long, long time now, and the last time i had rooting hormone powder, that was years ago. Peace and stay free.
  9. Hello, I have very, very little experience with cooking with cannabis or making edibles, even though I always cook all my own food and make my own desserts etc! (i don't eat outside "food") and i would love to incorporate my hash into it, but had had little success so far. You see, my tolerance is very high, and in California I found out that i need to eat an extra strong edible just to have a good time, so i focused instead on vaping and smoking, which seemed to work a lot better on me. Now i have lots of premium Lebanese Red hash, i tried making an edible out of it the other day, by heating up half a gram of the hash, then crumbling it and i mixed it into a tablespoon of organic peanut butter, then i mixed that with another tablespoon of the choco peanut butter that i make regularly, just to mask any taste, and then i kneaded the peanut butter mix for a while as well as i could with a spoon, then ate it all. About an hour later, i could feel something different (i was also smoking up) so then i decided to stop the smoking for a while and see how the ride goes. It did not go that well, it was too mild, this, from half a gram of premium hash that would normally couch lock me if i smoked that much of it! what's up with that? one of the main reasons i avoid making edibles is my fear of wasting the product, and i feel it was in this case, what did i do wrong, do i just need a larger amount? so is eating it that inefficient? Help me get a clue please, i feel like I'm missing something.
  10. 19 days from seed

  11. critical +2.0

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  12. Hey guys, Im wondering where to get good base soil potting mix for the purpose of building quality soil for no till/clackamas coot soil recipe. Most of the base soils are complete crap, infected and infested. I would like to buy something in big package so I would mix it in larger batch and then left it to cook. I was suggested to buy compo sanna but they only make small packages which are quite pricy. I would be very grateful for your help since Im looking forward to solve this issue for very long time ( years) and trying out commercially available mainstream soils only made my heart cry when I saw the plants were suffering.
  13. Hi guys and gals.. so just after some opinions on soil testing for fertility or contamination. So while out scouting potential plots for the season to come i had a great lil find. Soil in this whole general area is about 70% clay to some ammendments would be in need. Well as you can see I had a pretty lucky find that would solve this issue. This big pile of soil/comp looks pretty decent to me in structure but my concern is where it has come from, how fertile it is and if it is contaminated in any way.. the fact the I grow 100% Organically i also wonder if there may be other ferts that non organic in this. So without spending out on an expensive kit or sending away a sample whats they best way to do this? I no i can do a sediment test to see what it is made up of, I can also test the ph, but I want to no how fetile it is really and if it will pose I risk to my girls.. 1 idea I have is to just germ some beans in it and see how they do.. I have loads of regs from last season so its not like a waste of money. I figure small seedings will be very delicate and should highlight any issues the soil may or may not have.. do you think this would be a worthwhile test? All input appreciated.. peace peeps
  14. Evening Uk420 been quite for a while due to moving house, now I’m settled and ready to start growing again. Having a big downsize as I can’t get my 1.2 meter tent set up which is a shame. I’ve got space which I can fit a 75x75x140 tent in so I’ve brought a budbox to hitch is 160 tall and I’ll chop the legs down so it fits where I want it. I’ve not grown in a space this small before so I know it’s gonna be a Challenge. I’ll be scrogging them heavily and keeping them short as possible. I’ve got a PAR+550 led light fixture from @diyleduk which I want to use as it’s given me great results so far but do you think this will be overkill in that sort of space,should I only use one of the units given me 275watts of power? Extraction will be 4inch rvk with carboair filter again to save on space. Also I won’t be growing in rdwc this time I ’m gonna use the ecolife organic soil which is a first for me. I’m thinking about putting the complete bag into a under bed storage container with some holes drilled in the bottom for drainage as this will help me with head room being lower than a 50litre fabric pot I need to maximise the growing room and this is the only way I can think of giving me abit extra. What’s peoples thoughts on all this before I crack on with it? Cheers in Advance.
  15. Hi would this combo of tropic mix with organix grow/bloom work well or will the coco throw a spanner in. Sorry if its the wrong board for this. Thanks!
  16. Well here it is, the official start of my Real Gorilla Seeds outdoor comp diary! Firstly a massive shout out to @panikand Real Gorilla Seeds for making this possible! So, as mentioned in the tags, I will be running a lovely mix of genetics - * Lemon Freeze * Purple Freeze * Fast Lemon Drizzle * Fast Diesel Really excited for what is hopefully a booming summer for all of us to take advantage of and produce some beautiful crops. (Wishing everybody the best of luck) Not sure on exact numbers just yet as the plot has potential to grow some monstrous sized bushes so I need to be mindful of overcrowding for sure. The plot has been vigorously turned over and fertilized with cow manure, compost, mycorrhizal fungi spores, fish blood, bone meal and chicken manure pellets. Bat guano is on standby for top dressing along with more bbm & biobizz bloom if needed. As some of you have already seen, I've scored very lucky with my plot location. Here's a peek for any who haven't. Need to get down in the next week to get fencing posts and rabbit wire up and then lay a thin top mulch of composted lawn cuttings and top off with straw until planting time! All ladies involved in this production will be started indoors and propagated under a kind led. They will be soaked for 24 hours and then set to germ, I don't have Rockwool so will be paper toweling it and kept in controlled temps and monitored. Once popped they will be planted into a blend of biobizz light mix and Westland multi compost to do them until plant out in mid May. Going to have a proper measure up to see what I can get away with space wise and obviously select numbers to suit. Germination will begin from next week! Thanks for dropping in! Be safe, be green... and don't be seen!! TT
  17. OGKZ Week 4 Under a Mars Hydro SP250 and TSW2000. 540watts Total. Organic Dry Amendments and Liquid Seaweed.
  18. Psicodelicia51days.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2020/21 comp + old photos of 1st grow hash

    Gonna be Psyco at the end :)
  19. GorillaGirl51days.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2020/21 comp + old photos of 1st grow hash

    Silverback Gorilla :D
  20. Really happy as Seeds arrived today courtesy of @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt Thank you very much gentlemen. grow diary time! I'm going to be growing them in a 1.2m tent with a 600w HPS. (Clip fans, etc.) I'll be doing three of each variety. Three OGJ and Three OJ. Six total, Alongside three sweet seeds speed autoflowers I will be doing a seperate diary for the sweet seed autoflowers to show each respective variety off better. Best of luck everyone. May the best man win!
  21. hello you outdoor growers, this will be my first proper outdoor grow on this site, i've been growing veg for years so i'm sure it will be a breeze! my biggest issue is camouflage so i'm looking to grow them around some sunflowers and maybe some runner beans. any way, i have just wetted 6 pots of gold label super duper compost, if they don't go in the ground they will be in that, haven't decided, maybe some in both. i just called my hydro shop, and he will do call and collect, fucking result as this is going to be a long summer i reckon! well that's all for now, best of luck to all the other outdoors growers, if the weather stays like this we'll be well in! e2a, i have also a fuck ton of tomatoes to use as camo!
  22. Hello, Started a thread in the nutes room regarding this topic for other brands but does anyone know how organic intense are? I appreciate they were probably not made by an old silver haired which doctor but do they contain synthetic "stuff"
  23. Hi there learned freinds I'm looking for the simplest way to make hash from small amount trim/fluff. Looking at a 30cm round, stainless steel seive screen it's 100, would 120 be better? I'm aiming for one pass then throw the spent stuff in coconut oil in my slow cooker (works a treat with avb) Ive decided on the screen method as the cost /mess of other methods, ice bags etc. Just need some advice on best screen for a decent yield vs quality on the end result. Thanks everyone, have a whopper!
  24. skunk47 (euforia X ak47)

    From the album Seedsman

    Ive crossed my ak47 with an excellent euphoria auto. They are both female and very strong plants.

    © bluntz27