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Found 173 results

  1. Hey guys I'm wondering what Booster/Additives people are using with the bio bizz range besides their bio heaven, top max ect..I'm thinking of purchasing a bottle of Bio PK 5 -8 I am mainly looking for flowering booster I want a nice good flavour Would prefer organic Nutrients thanks all
  2. Well here it is, the official start of my Real Gorilla Seeds outdoor comp diary! Firstly a massive shout out to @panikand Real Gorilla Seeds for making this possible! So, as mentioned in the tags, I will be running a lovely mix of genetics - * Lemon Freeze * Purple Freeze * Fast Lemon Drizzle * Fast Diesel Really excited for what is hopefully a booming summer for all of us to take advantage of and produce some beautiful crops. (Wishing everybody the best of luck) Not sure on exact numbers just yet as the plot has potential to grow some monstrous sized bushes so I need to be mindful of overcrowding for sure. The plot has been vigorously turned over and fertilized with cow manure, compost, mycorrhizal fungi spores, fish blood, bone meal and chicken manure pellets. Bat guano is on standby for top dressing along with more bbm & biobizz bloom if needed. As some of you have already seen, I've scored very lucky with my plot location. Here's a peek for any who haven't. Need to get down in the next week to get fencing posts and rabbit wire up and then lay a thin top mulch of composted lawn cuttings and top off with straw until planting time! All ladies involved in this production will be started indoors and propagated under a kind led. They will be soaked for 24 hours and then set to germ, I don't have Rockwool so will be paper toweling it and kept in controlled temps and monitored. Once popped they will be planted into a blend of biobizz light mix and Westland multi compost to do them until plant out in mid May. Going to have a proper measure up to see what I can get away with space wise and obviously select numbers to suit. Germination will begin from next week! Thanks for dropping in! Be safe, be green... and don't be seen!! TT
  3. OGKZ Week 4 Under a Mars Hydro SP250 and TSW2000. 540watts Total. Organic Dry Amendments and Liquid Seaweed.
  4. Psicodelicia51days.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2020/21 comp + old photos of 1st grow hash

    Gonna be Psyco at the end :)
  5. GorillaGirl51days.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2020/21 comp + old photos of 1st grow hash

    Silverback Gorilla :D
  6. We're very happy to announce that we're now re-stocking the Ecothrive/Indoor Organics Eco-life soil on our website, and it's now just this moment gone LIVE! Boxed and plain packaging guaranteed.... no heavy item surcharges when you buy from us beefcakes either. Get your orders in so you don't miss out! Link below.... https://diyleduk.com/collections/soil-coco/products/eco-life-soil
  7. Really happy as Seeds arrived today courtesy of @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt Thank you very much gentlemen. grow diary time! I'm going to be growing them in a 1.2m tent with a 600w HPS. (Clip fans, etc.) I'll be doing three of each variety. Three OGJ and Three OJ. Six total, Alongside three sweet seeds speed autoflowers I will be doing a seperate diary for the sweet seed autoflowers to show each respective variety off better. Best of luck everyone. May the best man win!
  8. hello you outdoor growers, this will be my first proper outdoor grow on this site, i've been growing veg for years so i'm sure it will be a breeze! my biggest issue is camouflage so i'm looking to grow them around some sunflowers and maybe some runner beans. any way, i have just wetted 6 pots of gold label super duper compost, if they don't go in the ground they will be in that, haven't decided, maybe some in both. i just called my hydro shop, and he will do call and collect, fucking result as this is going to be a long summer i reckon! well that's all for now, best of luck to all the other outdoors growers, if the weather stays like this we'll be well in! e2a, i have also a fuck ton of tomatoes to use as camo!
  9. Hello, Started a thread in the nutes room regarding this topic for other brands but does anyone know how organic intense are? I appreciate they were probably not made by an old silver haired which doctor but do they contain synthetic "stuff"
  10. Hi there learned freinds I'm looking for the simplest way to make hash from small amount trim/fluff. Looking at a 30cm round, stainless steel seive screen it's 100, would 120 be better? I'm aiming for one pass then throw the spent stuff in coconut oil in my slow cooker (works a treat with avb) Ive decided on the screen method as the cost /mess of other methods, ice bags etc. Just need some advice on best screen for a decent yield vs quality on the end result. Thanks everyone, have a whopper!
  11. skunk47 (euforia X ak47)

    From the album Seedsman

    Ive crossed my ak47 with an excellent euphoria auto. They are both female and very strong plants.

    © bluntz27

  12. white widow (clone)

    From the album Seedsman

    © bluntz27

  13. White widow (clone)

    From the album Seedsman

    A clone from my white widow photo.

    © bluntz27

  14. Day54

    From the album 1st grow pics

  15. Hi and welcome to another year of Sweet Seeds fun in my little corner of the world near London. I have been growing in a 10x8 shed at the far end of the garden. The back 1/3rd of the shed is partitoned off and insulated with 10mm foam and double bubble metallic insulation foil - All staple gunned to the shed walling. There is an 8" acoustic box using phonic ducting to extract the air from the partitioned grow area into the rest of the shed - Not directly outside, the shed door is lame with a 1/2cm gap all the way around it and this has served well in ensuring decent fresh air exchange without the loss of all that lovely warm air which keeps the grow area a lush 25-32 depending on what power I set the lights or extraction to. There is an 8" passive intake hole within the shed to the grow area. With the lights I have two ballasts with simple reflectors, 275w-660w and a 400w-1100w but I have been and shall continue to run them at 400w each for the veg cycle. The bulbs are Sylvania blue for veg and first two weeks of flower then its on to using the Sylvania dual spectrum bulbs. I shall be sticking with the BioBizz stuff with the addition of Plagron Batmix for the final pot up. i have been using the following: Rootjuice, Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, TopMax, Alg A Mic. Well I think that's the main points of the setup, now to let you know they just went in to 12/12 I took some clones from the last grow I did which was associated with last years Sweet Seeds Grow Competition and so I have 4 Green Poison and 5 Sweet Cheese. Here they are from back on November 3rd all pushing roots and ready to pot: Sweet Cheese at the top, Green Poison beneath. And here they are in their first pots in my little 40x40x180cm tent which I also have within the shed - This has a 125w CFL, no fans, no real intake or outake. I dumped one of the Green Poison, you can see which one above didn't get potted I'm sure Fast forwards two weeks of them being in this tent here they are: I needed to keep them in this tent as long as possible due to my grow area being full of their parents and more. I also had Gorilla Girl in there and now kick myself for not having taken clones from this also considering how awesome a smoke it is - I have been smoking it this past two weeks and its brilliant! Sweet Cheese and Green Poison are lovely smokes also but I just found a preference for Gorilla Girl... Fast forwards some more to 14th December, they have been repotted into BioBizz All mix (I only add plagron batmix when going into the final 11 litre pots) and they are now in the main grow area: Along the way I have been topping them, lots. All the lower growing tips removed as early as possible, really only allowing the best branches to grow and keeping things all tights on height. 24 hours lights on! Moving on to some time later in December things are taking off: And then bringing us to today where I have just set the lights to 12/12: Green Poison 4 are on the left, the other 5 are Sweet Cheese. I will take the time to put up a few shots without the red ambience from the bulbs, plus some bud shots from their mothers since I have a couple of bags full Until then sweet smokes, I shall mostly be smoking Gorilla Girl and waiting on my competition seeds which are Gorilla Girl, Sweet Amnezia Haze & Sweet Pure CBD - This one I will be doing for my two friends in need. Insp
  16. Hi,If anyone With experience could give me some advise id be very grateful.Ive got 4 girls on the grow which are 7 weeks from seed which ive just switched into flower now.I potted them from seed straight into canna terra pro and plants developed well with no problems apart from a little bit of nitrogen toxicity which my plants grew out of.Im on week 7 and have not added any any extra nutrients of any kind. Ive literally just watered at a ph of 6.3, using real lemon juice to lower ph from my tap water.I live in a soft water area in uk so water is decent and i let chlorine evaporate for 24hr before watering.anyway, i’ll get to the point.....I want to stay organic so decided to buy these products to add to my plants but not sure on dosages etc.Guanokalong bat guano NPK 1.10.1ecothrive charge NPK 3.2.3Bone meal NPK 3.9.0 / calciumEpsom saltsWorm castingsGuanokalong palm tree ashes NPK 0.3.14Would this be too hot as a tea or could i bubble some in tea and top dress the rest to be watered in ?im using the kingbo 2000W led light ans have heard that led’s such the calmag out of your plants. Im also noticing purple veins travelling through the plant too so not sure what to do as i dont want to use chemicals like calmag.my growing conditions are good.Room temperature day time is approx 22•cRH / 55%....night time temp 18•c RH / 60 - 65 %but ive bought a dehumidifier to control it better.If anyone could help me id be very appreciative and can also add pictures but because of the led purples lighting its hard to see properly.Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks
  17. Hi there plant warriors! So my autos have been through the blender a bit. Bit of over then under feeding, some calmag Def (using rain water with biobizz) fungus gnats plus colder roots than I'd like at times (roots temps okay now). I've got lots of damaged fan leaves due to this, I'm 5- 6 weeks out from harvest should I defoliate fan leaves that look half n half green/damaged to increase light penetration or carry on as I have and only take em off when they're ready to just fall away? I know this ain't ideal but it's supprisingly full of nice bud sites across the tent and getting to end of stretch. There was a point where I thought all was lost but they're tough ole buggers. Thanks to anyone with that knowledge in the can.
  18. Hey All, thanks for dropping in! Thought I'd try and put together a bit of a "lazy" diary of my Noobie/first attempt at a grow. (Making the most of lockdown). STRAIN- 3 x Tangiematic - FastBuds SETUP- -Bay6 tent- 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.0. -Kind L.E.D k3 600 (370w from wall). -8" inline intake fan. -8" inline extraction fan. -12" oscillating floor fan. -6" oscillating wall fan. -Fan speed control x 2 (cheapy ones) -Scorpion Carbon Filter -14 Litre Round Pots (plastic). Grow Medium & Nutrients -Biobizz Light Mix. -Perlite. -Clay balls. -Biobizz Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, Topmax. -Canna Rhizotonic. -Xtreme Gardening - Mykos. The Story So Far Got off to a pretty slow start with the TangieMatic seeds (6 days to germinate).... yes, i really did say 6 days!!! And to top it off, two of the five beans decided to commit 'seedicide'. So needless to say I started this journey a little bit deflated! Anyway.... Things got more more productive as time went on, the 3 babies came on well... One of them was a little bit 'special' but I showered it with love all the same and it's catching up with it's sisters now. Unfortunately I didn't document any photos of the seedling stage to post but will keep the thread regularly updated as time goes on from this point. Currently on - DAY 27 FROM SPROUT. Employed some LST to the ladies over this last 5 days, flattening and tying them down and every time I 're open the tent the next day they've all stood back up and bushed back out thicker. Going to give them another good flattening/tying again tomorrow as they're literally just starting to show preflowers... So I'm trying to train, expose and force as many potential, even flower sites out of them as possible before the stretch! Started on 0.5ml grow P/L Now up to 1ml fishmix & 1ml Bloom P/L Will introduce minimal dose of Topmax to next feed and slowly continue to increase feeds while alternating between grow & fishmix to support the Bloom. Here are some photos of the girls DAY 27- Ready for another Bending in the morning! (Green is darker in reality- camera seems to make it lighter) Thanks for reading, any tips/info/constructive criticism is more than welcome! One Love! TT
  19. So I grabbed a pack of the SHDxBBG autos as one of my subbie seed choices, Shout out to @brock1 for playing God on this one!!! Cracked 5 seeds off in total, 4 for indoor to replace the Tangies that are currently cooking, and 1 to go in my gardens 'sunny spot'. Seeds have been soaking since last night, currently no movement but I know auto seeds can be a little tougher skinned so I'm not stressing just yet... Soon as I see tap roots they will be potted up in biobizz light mix and popped into a prop to keep humidity up and stuck under 24/0 led. Quite excited to see how these turn out, Will keep updated with photos and info for anyone interested in following along! Stay safe n stay high folks!! TT
  20. I have biobizz nutes/soil going with rainwater, any idea if my pH should be good? I've thought of adding about 15% of my hard alkaline tap water to the solution to bring it up slightly to 6.5. From what I can tell rainwater is 5.5ish but Is brought up by the co2 in the air as it falls, I guess I'm gonna need a pH test really. I thought rain water with biobizz nutes and compost would be golden and my pH woes would be over..... but my plants say otherwise (they aren't too bad but need tweaking). Any rainwater users in soil out there got a two pennies worth would be mucho appreciato
  21. hey i just want some info on using the canna range terra vega and terra flores ill be growing 3x gorrila glue auto by seedsman and 3x lsd 25 by seedsman in a 120cm x 120cm x 200 with a 600 w dimmer set to 250w and moved up as growth grows i be germinating the seeds straight into there pots 3 will be in fabric and 3 will be in plastic 10lt the medium im using is canna terra pro..not the plus as i hear it too hot for seedlings should i ph using canna? also ive got some plant magic bio sillicon and plant magic mage cal will they be okay using with the terra range i live in a area with very soft water so i feel the cal mag is needed ive also got bio bizz top max biobizz alg a mic and their grow and bloom aswell as some root juice are these okay to use with the terra range im really unsure any help its much appreciated thanks regards buddahbuds
  22. I've got some autos about three weeks in and I thought I might be a good idea to feed them, some losing that emerald sheen so I thought why not. First lot gave them 0.25 ml per litre or biobizz biogrow, some still seemed hungry so next feed I went with 0.5ml per litre. I have now noticed some have ever so slightly yellow tips on new main stem growth (barley 1 millimetre on leaf) should I hit them with just clean rain water on next feed? (whole grow will be rainwater) Otherwise they look super happy and are shooting up, there's obviously different phenos in there as some are taller/more squat. I know these autos like light nutes and I'm worried about over doing the flower nutes now (bloom and topmax). Should i just go 1/4 strength of the biobizz chart throughout and flush at the end? Grow is royal queen seeds green gelato auto x5 and x1 Royal critical auto. The critical has a larger rudiralis% and is shooting up way quicker than the gelato (though gelato's are now catching up) the Gelato only apparently has just 5% rudi 50%sativa and 45% indica. I realise I'll have to tailor to the faster finisher with regard to bloom nutes and I'm not a gardening idiot but there's not much time with these auto girls to right any wrongs! They're on 20/4 lights, I made up my own soil mix of homemade compost(very well rotted), bought compost, perlite and coco (coco/perlite around 15-20%) its free draining. Any golden nugs of advice from you lovley lot would be super appreciated! PS going photoperiod next time. With night time flower period. Gonna top the hell out of them
  23. hey yall does any body have any advise for us using canna terra nutes in there canna terra professional soil mix doing 6 autos 3x LSD25 BY FASTBUDS & 3x GORILLA GLUE BY FASTBUDS in 7.5lt pots under a 600w hps with a dimmer set to 250w in a 120cmx120cmx200 tent with a big intake fan enviroments pretty perfect to be fair just wanna know what are the best booster to use with the terra range should i grab their canna boost? ive got canna terra vega + flores im also doing a bio bizz grow so ive got bio grow + bloom root juice alg a mic topmax bio bizz ph - /+ would i be able to use any of the bio bizz product with the terra range ? has anyone here done so ? let me know should i ph with the terra as i dont with bio bizz but when i do some kettle water with tap water to get it the right temp to water the plants the ph is at 6.5 im with adjusting anything just normal tap+hot boild water my ph pen sound off ? or im very lucky aha im in a area where my water is very soft thats what its say when ive checked anyway
  24. cinderella

    From the album My plants from '08 onwards

    © bluntz27