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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all! Exhale is back for some summer fun as promised. Big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for the seeds. Well here we go, I've got a new propagation tent which is kitted out with some nifty little boards from our resident lighting god @diyleduk you can check it out in depth by clicking the link "Project Nursery" in my signature. Seeds were soaked on Saturday in the usual manner, straight in the dirt. This morning I checked the tent and all 5 had pushed their way out, another 100% germination that's what I'm used to with quality feminised seeds! These will be in the Nursery for a few weeks while we get the current crop in the flower chamber cut, dried and in jars.
  2. Really happy as Seeds arrived today courtesy of @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt Thank you very much gentlemen. grow diary time! I'm going to be growing them in a 1.2m tent with a 600w HPS. (Clip fans, etc.) I'll be doing three of each variety. Three OGJ and Three OJ. Six total, Alongside three sweet seeds speed autoflowers I will be doing a seperate diary for the sweet seed autoflowers to show each respective variety off better. Best of luck everyone. May the best man win!
  3. I have finally got my arse in gear and got some of the seeds wet for the contest. I have a lot going on with my own Pineapple Skunk strains I made in my small set up at the moment so I am only able to do a couple of plants. I am not in this to win it as I have so many seeds here I want to pop including a big selection of Dinafems and I also won a load of Intense Nutrients stuff for COCT so the free seeds and nutrients are more than enough for me. It’s going to be fun trying out some new nutrients and growing out some new seed plants and keeping a small diary of the progress in here. Big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark@Intense Nutrients Mattfor sending me the freebies, hopefully I can get some nice photos along the way to show case the seeds and nutrients. I have put 2 OG Cookies and 1 Orange Juice in some wet paper towels for now. Dinafem Seeds and Intense Feeds
  4. The seed has been soaked for about 30hours in a liquid seaweed @1ml in room temp water. Then I popped it into a little hole in a 0.3L pot of pre wetted pm soil. Filled the hole with a sprinkle of compost put with its seedy friends (Hso Ogkz & Dna Holy grail Kush). The Ogkz is for the pot noodle challenge Hso are doing at the moment and will be better documented in their sub forum. This is all about the Dinafem orange juice in here. I will also add a couple of clones of my current grow to this line up. Not sure which two I’ll pick yet though. All for now good Looker’s
  5. First off sorry for the lateness.... And lameness of the diary.... I have had other major things happening in my life which has to take presidence. So big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for gifting me the seeds (And winning them in competitions) ... As per my warning this will not be my best attempt at a diary! I did sprout 4 x critical cheeses autos, but nature had alternative plans for these seedlings and where eaten very early on... So what we are left with is 4 x Critical +2.0 autos... (considering cracking a few more very last minute... incase we have an Indian summer)... In fact... F@ck it.. I am going to do it now....so more auto s to come. 1x Orange juice did have 2 but one didn't make it 1x blue widow Looking forward to trying these strains... I am going to spread these about Abit so will not be able to provide regular pics... But one thing I will provide is some veg pics..... final pics and grow report and more importantly smoke report.... Have high hopes for the OJ and BW so giving it my coastal spot!
  6. It's nice to be doing an indoor diary again, haven't done one for a while. I was given some Gorilla last year and Orange Juice when they were released, by @Dinafem-Mark cheers buddy. 2 of each went in to dirt on Monday and a few days later all 4 were up They are starting off life in the main/flower area while I start a reversal in the veg area. So I'm about 2 weeks they'll go under the 65W QB until all the seed mothers are pollinated at which point I'll move these into prime positions under more of @diyleduk's lights (possibly r-spec Qb's if they're in by then). So there's my intro, expect random updates when I remember to take pics
  7. Dinafem grow

    From the album Delights