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Found 5 results

  1. I want to get peoples opinions on the final flush. Do people flush or not? And if so how do you flush? Do you use flushing agents such as flawless finish or final phase? There are many methods and opinions and I want to hear them all.
  2. Hey Guys and Girls. I am living in Span, Mallorca I have recently purchased 120x120x200cm Cabinet. I Have 5 Seedlings going at the moment. (OG Kush) Past Germination Stage Set tent up with 2 small fans plus fresh air Extractor at the bottom and Outtake Extractor at the top. Potted the seeds in Coco and for the first 7 Nights of Light (NoL) i had them under a house hold 3 bulb lamp i adapted. I then placed 2 new 20w Led Flood Lights i purchased from amazon and have adapted also to go into my grow cabinet. Now they are on there 10 Night of Light. Hours [18h on] [6h off] I have noticed some stretch in them. First week fed them with only Ph Correct water then i have done 2 Feeds with Rhizotonic and Cana Veg mixed in. This is where i am at currently. I have tried to add images however cant seem to do so. Here in these 2 links are the images i have taken so far.. HOPEFULLY THESE LINKS WORK Off site links removed.
  3. Hi guys, I have some questions which I'm aiming at the seasoned autopot user because im just about to set up the 8 pot, 15l system - its still boxed right now until im clear in my mind. Firstly, whilst everything possible will be done to prevent flooding, I'm mindful that this can still happen. I have 2 garland trays that are big enough to fit 4 autopots in each - the two trays between them can hold almost the entire res which would prevent damage in a flood... question is, will putting the autopots inside a tray have any adverse effects on the autopot being able to function? For clarity, the res is situated 18 inches above the floor. The garland trays are around 4-5 inches tall. Secondly, it is my understanding that root control mats will prevent the roots from making it into the autopot trays- presumably this is done to prevent clogging and roots interfering with the aqua valve. So then, if roots cannot get into the tray and if an inch or two of clay balls are put into the pot how do the plants feed? Once the autopot trays are full im sure there is *some* contact with the clay balls but what about the coco? How about when the tray is 50% full? Forgive my stupid question here but i cant see how the trays can ever become totally empty (triggering a refill) without some sort of wicking, which surely can only happen if there is good contact with the coco itself (clay balls dont wick). Am i missing something or is my logic flawed? Lastly, ive decided to use the ionic nutrient range for the first run. Anyone using Ionic with autopots have any tips/diaries, etc? Thank you all for your opinions and advice.
  4. hi guys whats everyones opinion on ugorgs premiere sweet? never grown any of ugorgs gear before but heard good things, any input would be appreciated...
  5. Hey Guys, I went to my plots today Plot 1 is PM there's about 4 and one topping around 8 ft now. Big issue I have is to the east and west the trees have grown restricting light. I know I should have thought about this when prepping but I had a nice Purple Power finish in the same location.(Last year) It's getting plenty of growth upwards but will they get enough light to finish ? There;s pistils but no flower tops producing yet. Here's a couple pics. I've just put down some Pot Ash (sulphate) Here's the other that I think will be getting enough but still no flower tops yet. I haven't spent enough time there to see how much light is getting to the first couple pics. Maybe you pro's can tell by the growth. All this hard work may not pay off. Feed back appreciated friends