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Found 94 results

  1. Like en abody now as some of you might have heard I got me some bubble bags at christmas and I have been waiting impatiently for my crop to finish so I can try em out well they got chopped this weekend past so I spent sunday being a productive little Hazy by popping my bubble cherry and I thought to myself lots o fowk have a hash thread so fuck it here's mine. I will skip the how its made stuff as its well covered in some of the most helpful and informative guides here and I will get down to the goodies right away. I used the 220m work bag and the 160m as a contaminant catcher the hash came from the 73m and the 25m bags the 25m bag takes forever to drain by the way but it caught the most hash so well worth the time in my opinion. First up the 73m pics. 73m 25m And a quick one after a pressing. Pressed Grand total 1.6g of 73m and bang on 2g of 25m well chuffed wi this had a wee try of the 73m last night and half a joint fuckin spannered me I have never in 20 years of smoking had hash this good before consider me well impressed. And a mention has to go to the wee bit of finger/scissor hash I got from trimming this is the first time I trimmed wi sillicone gloves and the amount of goo that I managed to recover was way more then I ever got scraping it from my fingers I got just shy of a gram its also the cleanest finger/scissor hash I have made to date very nice. Finger/Scissor Hash Still quite a lot of green through it tho but it still smoked good. So that's about it for this time round see ye next crop folks aw the best. Hazy
  2. I use a water distiller under a powerful vent hood to reduce alcohol when making small batches of tincture, but a couple of months ago mine started leaking alcohol into the body of the mega home which isn’t too safe I’d imagine. So in the market for something new or just replace my megahome distiller. Anyone use something similar or can suggest an alternative?
  3. HI So I have a very simple and cheap distillation set from vevor to make some oil and tincture for med reasons I recently started putting one drop of my oil to a CBD Capsule (which also cotains tumeric and black pepper/piperine) and tis really does the trick on the fibro Now I came across a blast from the past....secondaryschool.... the soxhlet extractor This would mean less alcoholto use (though according to the comments I have to look inro wintering whatever that is ) Now what I am wondering appart from that Video 1: Anyone uses one of these devices (Soxhlet) 2: Anyone here makes their own piperine (or other extract as addition) if so what do you use ? 3: How much piperine do you ad to the oil drop for drop
  4. Truly part of the anointing oil, I'm sure. Holy it is, blessed are we, the ones who enjoy. Thank each and everyone of you for your hard work and dedication and helping us achieve our goals here on this planet. I may not spend much time here, but I'd like to let you all know the impact this forum has had on my life. And it is great. I started my hash processing journey, becoming famous on this forum for being a "Dr. Frink," and a ten year thread bump. Hash and Hash oil has come a long way in 15 years, but I want to let you all know I love you all. Cannabis is the only medicine that can clothe, heal, and feed us... that we all have the opportunity to grow as much as we need, on our own small amount of personal space. Never forget that. Tell everyone you know. We could literally be building houses, utilizing sustainable architecture techniques, combined with modern 3D printing abilities... out of the cannabis waste from processing hash. Let's start thinking outside the box, aiming to build a better future for everyone on this rock sailing through space. It's our spaceship, let's help make it sustainable.
  5. HI So I am growing for medical reasons Primary intent is to make tincture on an alcohol base ... but I have seen tinctures made (youtube) on glycerine as well... and the follow up vids goes into using coconut oil... My understanding is that oils break down slower and the effect of the cannabinoids is much slower than alcohol (few seconds) Is there a way to get a neat swift oil/tincure that works quicker than the oils which apparently do not break down untill the digestive system? I was looking at from @grobag but am curious on how you would make doses without alcohol
  6. Hi all, I'm very new to growing and everything other than smoking I grew 2 different strains of autoflower in my greenhouse and have been curing them in jars for at least 2 weeks now and they both taste horrible.. i chopped one down early as it had started to get bud rot, i chopped the other down a few days after because i couldn't tell if they were ready or not and probably a little too excited (learnt from that mistake) Anyway i know i have harvested too early and also ruined the taste and aroma from having the fan blow on the bud while drying (again another lesson learnt) but can i make half decent hash or oil from these buds? The blackberry strain does get me a little high after 2 bongs but i have to fight myself to get through one.. and the krippleberry is looking like a waste, its harsh as hell and gives a wierd high, probs from being chopped early but we're past that now aha What do you think? Can I get any use out of these at all? I was thinking hash, oil or edibles just as a way of using them, i hate wasting cannabis!
  7. Is it worth extracting the used weed from doing a bubble bag to make oil with IPA? Thanks in advavance Rhombus
  8. As the title suggest long time lurker been on here a while, Done a few outdoor grows, But today been Hit with some shite news, My sister's got cancer, After some advice on oil ,or any advice on, Best way forward, Advice really on oil, Any help at all .
  9. Hey everyone. After a slow start with this years 1st crop (lighting fail and need of a new grow room) all's lookin' nice now. I have decided to give auto's a try (3x HK's and 1x Peyote Crit which was a freebie) As mentioned, a slow start so I used the greenhouse - plenty of heat (which the HK's love) but lacking in light at the start so they've really shot up! But.....I have built a growdrobe - nothing flashy: 2 x fan inlets (both with covers for when needed) 1 x vent outlet above (no external fan or filter) 1 x removable veg shelf 1 x viparspectra 450w LED 2 x adjustable drop ropes & hooks These girls have had nothing but light, a soft airflow and my magic juice! (nothing special really - just pure cane molasses and Tomatorite) mostly foliar fed when really dry. Getting ready for harvest soon - more photo's to follow. The first liquid extraction is really good - although it's only leaf so very much CBD chill gear! Regards, HKD
  10. Cookin.JPG

    From the album Gonna Be A Good Summer!

    Getting the temps just nice - takes a while to regulate though....can't leave it for a minute.
  11. GoodJuice.jpg

    From the album Gonna Be A Good Summer!

    'The Good Stuff!' (although only CBD up to now)
  12. Just wondering, as I racked up a bit more of a lekky bill over winter than I was hoping for, if the 2000w oil rads use that much wattage even on the lower settings of the thermostat. I am trying to reduce my overall wattage, so Ive moved down from 2 x 600s to just one, which also saved the need for a cooling fan and now its getting warmer ill be buzzing when the radiator comes out, didnt need it at all last week. But lights off temps are still just too low to not need it, so I have it on low while the plants are sleeping. Thanks
  13. So, now that I am growless I am using oil made by another grower. I never got round to making oil whilst growing, not really sure why that is, probably just laziness but then, I'm no scientist and whenever I read up on oil production I kind of shyed away from doing it. Being utterly kack-handed and useless when it comes to such things probably doesn't help, either! The oil I'm getting comes in very pro-looking small capsules, ideal for anyone with swallowing problems such as are caused by Parkinsons, like myself. However, I'm quite fond of the taste of hash and weed, so am taking these under the tongue (sub lingua) rather than just swallowing them. Just pop one in my mouth, and hold it under my tongue till the gelatine capsule breaks down and releases the oil which is absorbed through the very delicate underside of the tongue. Its not just because I enjoy the taste, however. The real reason is that sub lingual ingestion is a good way to get the cannabinoids into your system as fast as possible. Not quite as fast as a hefty pull on a neat spliff, but not far off and much quicker than just swallowing. Just wondered if others have tried or are using this method. I highly recommend it, especially if you need quick analgesia or relaxation.
  14. hello whilst i've got the chance ill chuck these up first, much respect to all the extract creators here, outstanding top shelf stuff blows me away when i see some of your stuff ive posted some stuff in the medical thread but never in the hash/oil thread so here goes.. bit of ISO oil for me old broken back.. (which mrs twigs constantly points out every time i say "i broke my back you know" is no longer broken.. it just aches all the time ) Decarboxylation before we kick off @ 122c for 25-30 mins chuck it in a jar bit more iso alcohol in jar lid on and shake vigorously for a bit then let sit i did this every 5ish min for a total of 30 min got the jug ready cheese cloth type clothy thing on top of sieve for filtration like so you can re-run if you want but thats more for if you did a QWISO i didn't because i washed for 30 minutes 'green gold' i did another 30 minute wash with some more decarboxylated weed using the same 'green gold' iso.. slow cooker time (no photos..imagen a pot of green gold slightly bubbling around the edge thats what it was..) after a spell (couple/few hours) in the slow cooker on low in a ventilated area i got this with 12ml of oil for my back it helps me sleep i use it in the evening when i need to and the next day my body feels amazing its great stuff which you can now decant into coconut oil or butter or any sugar, fat or alcohol for rubs and edibles .. cheers
  15. Hey guys, I'm new to this, and need some advice. I'm thinking of making legal CBD edibles, and so far I've found a couple of organic, non VG oils. One is suspended in coconut oil, and the other two are suspended in hemp oil. The coconut oil one - I'm thinking of getting the 250mg. The seller was really nice and told me that I need to add more dosage for help with anxiety and relaxation, and less for joint pain. The other two are suspended in hemp oil, and they say they have around 3.2%, one being an indica dominant hybrid, and the other sativa. Which one would be the best? I'm gonna start off with cookies. I'm thinking of using the coconut oil one, and mixing it in with the butter. Is that cool? I could also add a droplet to the cookie ball before it's ready to go in the oven (that could be more concentrated?) Any help would be appreciated, guys. Sofia
  16. I don't need no thought control.......Sorry, got ahead of myself there. What if? If I'm just looking for the medicinal benefits and not really looking to get high, would I skip the decarboxolation step? I read that THCa has all the medicinal attributes of THC without the stony, but I'm not sure it's true. I need all the cannaboids, terpenes, all the factors that help with pain, but I need to function too. Thoughts? Respect.........As Always Cmoon
  17. Hi all Just after some peoples insights to their experience using cannabis oil. Ive had it a few times now, well made stuff, decarbed lovely black treacle, but I have never seemed to get much of a buzz from it. Yet, my good pal can have a fraction of a grain of rice worth and he flakes out from the same stuff. I once had a time, I had something like a teaspoon worth of the stuff in the evening, didnt feel much so went to bed and woke up at 2am feeling sorta nice and relaxed. Now I can smoke a spliff, and that hits me fine. I know its recommended to have roughly half a grain or rice worth 3x per day which ive tried but nothing seems to get me going in that respect. I dont think nor would I want to say I have a really high tolerance to the stuff, but does anybody else have this issue with ingesting cannabis materials and not getting the effect they were seeking. I know the oil is supposed to be medicinal, so I will keep taking it as always and subconsciously im sure its doing my body some good. Ive had edibles and canna butter and teas before and they dont seem to be that strong either. I used to be a really bad narcotic user back in the day to the point it got silly and somewhat dangerous, would that have anything to do with it at all? All feedback is helpful, and will never be taken personally as always. Thanks for taking the time.
  18. Hi everybody, I was wondering, if someone wanted to make a homemade butane extraction, as opposed to using the premade glass tubes, what material would be best to use. Im thinking something that the solvent wouldnt break down and thus give plastics in the final product. Would pvc pipes suffice, or is there another foolsafe material to use? Many thanks
  19. Good day guys, Im looking thru the forum and cant find much information about CBD oils, perhaps you all have heard of Rick Simpson's method of making concentrated oil for internal body consumption? Is there any alternatives that might be better than boiling in alcohol ? My other question is how to grow more CBD instead of THC ? please link me up if there is a thread about this thanks
  20. Hi guys sorry I've been away for a while my healthy has took. A dive Tom Daley would ha been proud of.I haven't smoked green for a while now,but to get me off the stinky fags I've been using a Ecig to vape.Anyways one day a pretty tough one n I was down fatigued pain receptor at max and I thought maybe I could mix a pg/VG base add my nicotine them some oil.? What do you guys think hypothetical like ? Can't grow at the moment coke/grass dealer next door just set up shop n have the plod on my back garden I just can't chance it for now however what ya think about ecig juice . Thanks Dirkdiggler
  21. yupits an extract diary, i will probably be asking for help along the way. well to kick it off i made some ice hash today and took some pics the material used was mostly Grapefruit diesel trim and Blue cheese trim but there was some other stuff i found in my freezer and a little bit of bubble gum trim. hope you enjoy! 160 micron and 120 micron first wash 75 micron first wash 25 micron first wash 160, 120, 75, 25 micron 1st and second wash - all grades first wash 75 micron first wash 25 micron second wash 25 micron thats it for now, i will let this all dry out after cutting it all up as fine as i can with a scalpel, i will then press it in plastic using pressure and a jar of boiling water. I will update soon FC
  22. Hi guys was wondering if anyone who has used CLE could give me the heads up on what's required. I've extracted bho before but want to try something that'll make be more productive. I'm planning on using it with plants from this years GG. Any help is always welcome.
  23. The end result... yummy

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

  24. Filter at other end

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

    This filter is simply a tea bag with the contents emptied and then taped on with BLACK ELECTRICALTAPE - getting the picture about the tape?? ITS a GOD SEND When you put the butane through, do it a bit at a time, let it soak in as it moves through - this is KEY I believe. It's also very important that the only place the pressure can vent is down through the filter - hence the need for BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE! Once it is all in the glass lid, place it inside another glass bowl that is obviously larger, with about 1cm of Boiling water in the bottom. The Heat Vs Cold reaction causes the Butane to boil and evaporate quickly - i'm not a scientist that's just my observation
  25. Where the butane can inserts

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

    I have cut the top off a coke bottle, then pushed it down over the PVC pipe and taped on with Black electrical tape. I then just screw the lid on and off and as you can see there is a nipple inserted in to the lid (these usually come with the can of butane).