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Found 70 results

  1. Hi folks ! first, sorry for my English, I'm not English I start this diary a bit late; my plants are currently finishing their 4th week of flowering But I wanted to share with you the beginning of this grow My Set up : - 70x70x160 MarsHydro grow tent - Lientec QB 320 HRM-XL 150w - RVK Systemair Sileo 125mm(5') - 2x circulation fans 15w Strains : 2x Northern Lights 1x OG Kush 1x BCN Critical XXL Substrate : I've prepared my own SuperSoil, no liquid fertilisers, only water and black molasse. I used roots juice, humic and fulvic acids during the veg. Germination stage (started October 9th) seeds in distilled water for 24h Then, I put them in cotton pads. unfortunately the Critical didn't sprout I had to reloaded a second one a week later. The NL's germinated very quickly After germination I placed them into 0,25cl pots for couple of weeks Day 1 : Day 9 : I repotted them into 3L pots into my SuperSoil with mycorrhizae. 2x Northern Lights on the left Critical back right OG Kush front right Day 15 : My SuperSoil mix seems to be appreciated 2x Northern Lights on the left Critical back right OG Kush front right See you for the next stage
  2. E83502EE-452C-4094-88EC-1D8E68A9511D.jpeg

    From the album Northern Lights / OG Kush

    Northern Lights / OG Kush
  3. 37166140-3240-4C9A-A929-19AB1BB2A5D1.jpeg

    From the album Northern Lights / OG Kush

    Northern Lights / OG Kush
  4. Hello UK420, I was recently lucky enough to be given about 90 tester seeds by a friend. He said they were from HSO - he is a good friend of one of them (Eric, I think.) The deal was that I would pass him cuts from any selected mothers I found. Fair enough - I am good for my word. Apparently the seeds are F1s - Strawberry Surprise X Gift of Fire.I am not sure if this can be verified here? Maybe! I call the cross "Strawberry Fire OG" in the absence of a real name so far. (Well, when not referring to it as SSxGoF F1, that is..) Also, I am not sure of the intentions with this line. Another friend believes that if the line works as regs then HSO will finalise the cross with 2 females, for a feminised version to release, This sounds feasible, I suppose, Time will tell. I hope he is right as this means that the regular version won't be released, which makes my seeds more unique! My plan is to work out the different phenos and find some great examples from each of those phenos for mothers. The second best (ahem) of those mothers will be shared with my friend, as promised and any other great females I find will be used for various projects (see below) and to fill my own medicine cabinet and head-stash. If the line a very good then I will outcross the best of each phenotype to some pure haze males for seed stash as I am low on haze hybrids and I have some good haze male potential (including a real purpley/fruity kind of thing going on) that I want to test cross to an OG hybrid and this seems like a great one to use. I also want to inbreed my females to a selection of SSxGoF F1 males (as many as I can) to create F2s, in case this line is never made with regs again. After that? who knows! depends... Also, I am on the lookout for a really tasty medicinal plant from this line as I have some very ill friends who rely on my medicine and would really love a strawberry version of OG kush to help them with their various ailments (including grand mal fits, various uses for various cancers, menopause, arthritis, extreme care-giver stress, depression and as an alternative to alcohol for an addictive personality..amongst other things) I am not sure how I have come to be the sole medicine provider for all these very wonderful people who would otherwise be suffering. It really should be legal for them to be able to buy or grow their own medicine and not rely on the good will of farmers like myself, who are willing to give up on commercial energy in order to provide free medicine to those who can't get it themselves. Still, if you are one of those farmers, like I am, keep going for as long as you can. Some of the poor souls who rely on my medicine really are in stressful or extreme situations. If they can keep going - I know I can.. Anyway - back to the plant... So far I have planted out the first batch of seeds and found 9 females, 8 of which I have kept os mothers (and 1 which I managed to fuck up the clones of. I hope it is the worst one or a re-veg will have to be performed.... There were as many males, which I didn't keep (that will come later) The mothers are clones, mainly, as I ended up flowering the seed mothers once the clones rooted (all but 3 which I am still waiting on the clones to root...should be any day now.) One of those seed females (no. 5) if being flowered outdoors, by hand (ie I am putting her in a dark room between 8pm and 8 am, roughly then outdoors when sunny or in the heated greenhouse when raining or cold) and is doing really well so far. It is large and has small flower clusters forming. No smells or resin yet. She looks to be more on the Strawberry Surprise side than any of the other females and has the least kushy 'look' about her - although there is definitely still kush in there. Two are under lights and well into the flowering cycle now (nos. 2 and 3.) The flower clusters and turning into chunky little buds. Resin is starting to form and both plants stink to high heaven. One is very much an OG Kush style bag appeal having mother fucker ( no. 3) and the other is not quite so neat and tidy but still very much on a kush tip (no. 2), just slightly more towards to Strawberry Surprise side than no 3.. There are other seed females under the HPS lights but they are not yet flowering as they have only been in for between about 1 and 4 days so far. The plants stretch about as much as you would expect with kush and the more on the side of the Strawberry Surprise, the stretchier and slightly less indica-like the plant becomes - but always on a kush vibe, really. All the plants, both the ones still vegging or the ones just flipped or the ones now flowering properly are very much on the kush side. Maybe the one I chose to flower outdoors was the least kushy (no. 5) and not quite straight out Kush - but the others are (to one extent or another.) I will post photos when I can be fucked, so that you know what I mean - also, so you can see the flowers forming and resin starting to accumulate. It is a shame you can't post smells on here as this plant is smelly. Easily holding their own with the Skunk that they are in the room with (my own cross of various US skunks, which is smelly and skunk and fairly fruity and floral in a nasty kind of way but not managing to overpower those 2 Strawberry Fire OG Kushes!!!) The 2 smelly flowering SFOG plants (so far) are not of quite the same phenotype, as I stated, and their smells are not quite the same but really quite equally pungent. they are not totally different at all but i haven't yet pinpointed either as there are a lot of other aromas going on in that room and I need to harvest a couple of nearly finished plants (that Skunk plant and a fruity Three Blue Kings...) before concentrating on what those 2 smell of. I am sure that the outdoors girl (no. 5) will start to produce resin soon and I will be able to discern some aromas from her too. She is not so kushy and I wonder if her aromas are going to be sweeter and further towards the Strawberry side. I do hope so! Time will tell. She seems to be loving the outdoor / greenhouse things and looks a picture of health. All my plants are organically grown. If you would like to know how or have other questions then ask away! I have been growing so many years (now decades) and have tried so many ways. They can all be successful but organic is easily the best way for flavour and the most fun and rewarding and provides the best quality flowers, in terms of health IMO - no nasties. get it right and the yields can be rewarding too.
  5. Had some OG Kush the last time I was in amsterdam and I was blown away by how mellow and tasty the smoke was. Probably low key my favourite smoke when i think back on that trip... Does anyone here have experience growing it from seed? and if so, what breeders would you recommend to buy from? on a side note, attitudes july promotion looks pretty tasty so Im hoping to buy some OG seeds and take advantage of that deal..
  6. Hi, everyone - hope you’re all doing well and keeping safe. It’s that time of the year again. Can’t believe it’s come round so fast. I’ve spent the last few weeks tidying up the greenhouse, checking supplies and I’m just about ready to get growing again. All we need is some decent weather this year. There was far too much mouldy stress for everyone last year. In a selfish way, I’m hoping the lockdown stays in place most of the summer - it’ll make growing in the garden a little easier without the threat of someone popping round. Anyway, I’ve had a dilemma this year in what to grow. I had a lovely selection of seeds from @Dinafem-Mark. After last year, I thought I’d go down the auto route. My plan is four strains and I’ll plant two maybe next weekend, and the other two the week after to stagger them a little. I might throw in a Shark Shock CBD as it’s been sitting in my cupboard since last year and I’ve not tried any CBD strains. This will be the only photo seed I’ll do, but I’ll leave it for a few weeks before I decide. So here’s my 2020 line up: OG Kush Auto White Widow Auto Gorilla Auto Bubba Kush Auto As you can tell, I love my Indicas! The weather is supposed to be turning cooler next week, so I’ll probably pop the first two in soil next weekend, and the other two the weekend after. I had a significant birthday a few weeks ago and my lovely hubby bought me my first bong, so I can’t wait to get these girls ground up in it. Anyway, I’ll be following everyone’s diaries again this year. Good luck to you all - this is the best growing forum on the planet so your advice and support is much appreciated. Stay safe x
  7. Hello folks I hope everyone is doing fine during this pandemic and lockdown. This is my first proper guerrilla grow, I say proper because when I last tried a couple years back I didn't really put much of an effort when I first tried a couple years back and ended up carrying one of my plants back home to my back garden to finish off. So firstly her is a list of plants/seeds that I have on the go for this year... Photoperiod x1 OG Kush (it's about 4-5 weeks old now) x1 Gorilla Autoflowers x1 White Widow XXL x6 Roadrunner If you're new to Dinafem and haven't heard of Roadrunner that would be because it's a fairly old strain and I don't believe there's any info on it on their website let alone the availability to purchase it, though I think you might be able to purchase seeds of this strain from vendors like Attitude. I've never kept my seeds in a refrigerator so I was quite worried that they wouldn't germinate and I thought "ah to heck with it, I'll give 'em a go and see what happens". To get my seeds started they all went into a shot glass of water and have been left till they crack open and the taproots come out. I don't have any early pictures of my OG Kush so apologies for that. But before I get to the pictures of the plant and seeds here's the two plots I gotten to work on(I may make a third plot).
  8. Quarantine grow of OG Kush and Gorilla Setup : 3.3'x3.3' grow tent 4'' Fan and carbon filter 300W of VERO29 DIY COB LED SCROG Net Nutes Greenleaf Megacrop Greenleaf CalMag Greenleaf Bud Explosion Mykos extreme bennies Had a rough start, my cheap PH pen broke the day I made my reservoir which resulted in my seedling being in 5.0 PH solution. Getting a new pen was pretty slow because of COVID19. The poor babies mutates and looked like shit. After 5 days of being in the corrected reservoir they look much better but are pretty beat up. The sativa phenos of OG Kush are looking pretty bad. Day 20 Of OG Kush Day 19 of GG4 Day 15 of Gorilla The GG4 is much bigger than the others and I'll try my best to train it to be even with the rest of the canopy. In red -OG Kush Sativa pheno In Green -OG Kush Indica pheno In purple -GG4 clone OG Kush Sativa phenos looking beat up 1/2 The other 2/2, looks fried, will it ever recover? OG Kush Indica pheno 3/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 2/3 OG Kush Indica pheno 1/3 @Dinafem-Mark
  9. Webp.net-resizeimage.jpg

  10. resized.jpg

    From the album Dinafem -OG KUSH -Gorilla

    Day 30 OG Kush 26 Gorilla GG4
  11. The Snow-G Kush

    From the album Snow-G Kush

    (Strawberry Surprise x Gift of Fire) x OG Kush (breeder male, HSO)
  12. From the album (StrawberrySurprise/GiftOfFire) x OG Kush

    (Strawberry Surprise x Gift of Fire) x OG Kush (breeder version) - the fat pheno
  13. Just wondering if anyone has grown any Gorilla Glue #4 or any stardawg both of which are auto flowering. I am planning to plant the seeds into Jiffy pellets and then outdoors when the time is right. what kind of success rate did you have and is there anything I need to be aware of. I had a problem with aphids last year, so any advise on how to prevent aphids from getting on the plant would be much appreciated.