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Found 61 results

  1. Hi guys, I am about to start growing some autos in 3 gallon bubble pots, DWC style grow. I bought a load of Canna Aqua (not everyone's favourite I know - but I was suckered by some dude's ridiculous looking grow on Youtube ) and I was wondering what type of volumes to use. I intended to just follow the Canna guide for light feeding but I heard that Autos typically don't eat as much as photo plants. I grew some photos in the past and followed the guide and they burned!! Can anyone advise from their experience if the light feeding guide is realistic for autos? If not I will probably just start off one third the recommended and see how they do. I was advised in the past that you know the feed level is correct when the EC does not drop by the time the water is changed. The idea being that the plants are taking the same ratio of nutes and water, or does this just mean that you are wasting loads of food when the water is changed? Thanks a lot, T
  2. So I'm going to order some nutrients and soil today .. What shall I order .. how much do I need .. i have 8 pots .. newbie to growing .. how do I measure and mix them do I use a jug or ?.. any feeding plans would be a real big help .. tia
  3. Hi, Quick question please. I have 80L of nutrient mix left over from last res change. It's been sitting there for about 3-4 days. Its RO water mixed with Plant Magic Hydro chems. Is it ok to use for res top ups or should I start fresh? Does it "go off"? Cheers
  4. Hi everyone! I'm just about to start my first ever grow, Auto blackberry Kush, as I've heard it's a good beginner strain, I'm certainly a beginner!! I have a couple of things I am confused about and wondered if any of you guys might be able to help shed any light please (Setup) I'm using 2 x 11 litre airpots in a 70x70x140 growtent Marshydro 300 wat led 2 x 6 inch clip fans A rhino hobby 6 inch extractor fan connected to the carbon filter 2 x 11 litre Airpots (Nutrients) Canna Rhizotonic Canna A+B Canna Flush (Grow Medium) Canna Coco natural/Perlite I'm confused about how much water and also what ratio of nutrients to add to the water too, I've seen various answers to this question, but I suppose it all relates to grow medium and pot size etc...(i'm using 11 litre airpots) Also I'm unsure if I should keep the clip fans running all the time (even when the LEDs are turned off - I'm going with 18/6 light schedule) I'm also assuming I should keep the carbon filter and extractor running constantly throughout the grow? Sorry if these are dumb questions and I've missed something obvious! Any advice or help would be very much appreciated Thanks guys!
  5. Hi all, This is my 1st grow and about a week into 12/12. I have noticed these shiny patches on a few leaves and some older marks have gone brown along with a deformed leaf. At first i thought water splash but have been cautious and more have appeared and on some higher leaves. They have been fed following the canna coco chart for hard water and normal feeding. So im thinking either environmental or perhaps deficency? I dont think its bugs as i havent seen any but then i dont realy know what im looking for?? My temperatures and rh fluctuated abit since going into flower as we had hotter days and i put in the extra light(250w2700k cfl). At the worst they hit 31°c and 75rh, i have since added 2 pc fans by a vent and temperatures have been more consitant at 27°c 55rh daytime and 20°c 40rh night time, but still varys a little. Im awaiting an extractor and filter when i got the money which im hoping will keep the environment more consitant. They are in a 1x1x2 tent with 2 pc fans by intake vent and a small oscilating fan inside. Lighting is 250w 2700k cfl, x4 55w 3000k cfl and x2 20w 2700k cfl. Thanks.
  6. What are your favorite 'SOIL' based reliable go to nutrients that you swear by? I'm currently using the BioBizz range with Maxicrop Original Seaweed, but with BioBizz its seemed easy to overfeed, so you have to keep them lite but i'm still not convinced by BioBizz. I've also tried DutchPro but didn't get on with these at all. So i'm looking for an alternative nutrient regime to feed the Auto OG KUSH strain i've just acquired. Looking possibly into the Fox Farm, Plant Magic - Oldtimer Organic Grow Bloom, or Advanced Nutrients range but still undecided. I'm interested to know what the seasoned farmers on here use to feed their autoflowers with successful results.
  7. Hey folks! Genuine question here about E.C. and how you feed your plants. For me, I tent to go by eye as opposed to regimented weekly grow chart schedules. I just wanted to know with other people are doing with their feeds. I've attached a bunch of images below. I took these off the internet, basic google search, so it's more about their size and development than anything strain particular. So, I start my plants in flowering with an E.C. of 1.2 and I bring it up to 1.9 at most. according to the images below, I would give the following bud development the corresponding E.C. feeding. I would love to hear from others and see what you would do. I grow in soil and use water with an E.C. of 0.0 (not RO or rainwater but a very clean water source!) Thanks in advance! 1 - 1.2 2 - 1.3 3 - 1.3 4 - 1.4 5 - 1.5 6 - 1.5 7 - 1.6 8 - 1.7 9 - 1.8 10 - 1.9 11 - 1.9 12 - 1.9 or flush 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  8. Hiya people, ive got some auto flowering green crack and pineapple express growing out door in pots, im about 3.5 weeks in and was wondering what fertilisers i should use. for the rest of vegetative period u was looking at biobizz bio grow (NPK 4,3,6) and for flowering biobizz bio bloom NPK(1,2,2) was wondering if this was a good shout or if anyone had any other recommendations or advice using these products. thanks
  9. Hi all What bloom nutes can I mix with water and leave sitting in a tank ready to be used, without them going off? I am growing in compost in pots, indoors. I want to be able to fill an 80 litre tank with water, with bloom nutes added, and feed it to the plants through drippers over the course of a few weeks, using a timer. I have the watering working, but nutes I have tried so far go quite strange if you mix them with water and leave them standing. I prefer to use tomato fertiliser, which has worked well for me in previous grows, but doesn't seem to like being mixed and stood at all. Thanks for your help
  10. I'm currently looking for the best nutrients to use with auto pots. I generally use plant magic as I like to try and go as organic as possible but upon reading I've heard that using organics in hydro can clog the system. I'm not sure how bad auto pots are for this as it's going to be my first time using them? i have also not used plant magic for around a year now which generally I have been impressed with but am now reading the brand has changed its products a bit and people seem to be stating it's not as good as it once was. so I'm realy looking to grow for quality and taste over yield so wanted to get opinions on what nutes people would suggest with this setup the nutes I'm interested in using at the moment is:- -plant magic -canna/canna bio -growers ark -fox farm -bio bizz My setup will be a 1.2x2.4x2.2 tent with 4 315w cmh and the 8 pot auto pot
  11. Hi its my first time using Dutch Pro Explode, has any one used it on a G13 Haze before. when was the best times to use and how was it for you cheers
  12. Hey, I just came across these organic nutrients from Bio Green. They do seem to have a lot of products and are expensive at £32 for just 1ltr grow. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with them?
  13. v Hi Guys, So I am currently on day 9 on my veg stage with the ladies on no nutes at all just in ph adjusted water until i transplant them into the wilma 4 pot system with cfl in beginning and 600w MH and Hps later on. Unfortunately finances have become an issue and I currently only have Hornet Hydro Coco Feed A and B. It states on the bottle that it can be used in any hydro system with any substrates but im a bit hesitant. Do you think I would be able to use this for my grow in hydroton and rockwool with a pk booster for flower ? I was just planning of getting hydrogaurd and some calimag. Had anyone used this product before. I would really appreciate the assistance
  14. Slightly odd request but one I am sure many of us have had to deal with in the past... How do I slow down my vegin plants until my flowering plant finishes. I took four cuts from the plant I am currently flowering, and three have rooted fine and I have started them going again... I have a fairly small veg area but it won't accommodate 6 weeks of growth with three plants, so I need to slow them down without harming them. I've managed to stop plants before, but not deliberately and not without doing them harm . So, rthe question is, can I slow their metabolism rather than stunt their growth? My plan so far... I have had them on 24/7 while rooting, so I plan to drop that back to 18/6 to give them less light. I also plan to drop down from 20 watt to a 15 watt cfl and keep them on a light feed... I thought it might also be a good idea to top them multiple times to keep them down - can I take more height off without damage? Any insights would be very welcome!
  15. Used before but want to know if it’s worth using or not? Do you rate it? What’s better? Reviews?
  16. Really need some advice... Since Friday or Saturday this #1 has been looking very dodgy indeed... The grow is in coco using ionic nutes; the plant is under 150watt HPS and the lights are around 1ft above the canopy. So, everything was going well after this plant recovered from what seemed to be nute burn very early on - details in my diary - I flushed and it picked up well. Then, on Friday, I noticed that new growth was small and tight - new leaves were coming in very small and not growing out to the size of the old leaves. Then the old leaves began to yellow from the bottom of the plant up... Two leaves have also shown some spotting... Maybe paranoia, but I'm seeing multiple deficiencies in this plant and that leads me to think its perhaps an environmental issue... Temps have been reasonable - never falls below 22 lights off (av temp 24 lights off) though it has been getting a bit hot during lights on, though not more than 30c. Feed is 0.8ec... Thoughts: it may be calcium deficient - I'd been messing around uping and downing the ec on pre-made feed for a few days, though I did not add additional calmag. I changed to a better regulated feeding regime, though I cannot get my temps to settle into a more reliable and consistent 26c lights on... Very many thanks for any insights, suggestions (aside from binning it - I'd like to save it if I can)! Cheers!
  17. Hi there, I'm new to the scene. I don't know much about giving the plant nutrients. I have looked all over the internet an can't seem to find a simple guide telling me, how much and when I should be giving the plant it's nutrients. Also, what nutrients to use, as there are so many different opinions. I'm looking for an all in one, so I don't have to buy too many products. I have heard some growers say that nutrients don't matter, but I am unsure. Any advice would be awesome.
  18. Someone on here recommended me a few books on organics/no-till a while back and I've finally got round to reading them, really interesting stuff! Anyone interested in "proper" organics should give them a read, they teach you a lot about the magic going on underneath the soil, how it all works together, and what it does for your plants. "Once you are aware of and appreciate the beautiful synergisms between soil organisms, you will not only become a better gardener but a better steward of the earth. Home gardeners really have no business applying poisons, and yet apply them they do, to the food they grow and eat (and worse feed to their families) and the lawns on which they play." Teaming With Microbes Teaming With Nutrients Teaming With Fungi Author: Jeff Lowenfels
  19. Hey guys and gals Another newbie here My favourite strain is Tangerine Dream by Barney's. Best uplifting, energising smoke i have had. Had to bin the mother when i moved So there's my short but sweet intro, no point sharing too much else there wont be much to talk about with ya
  20. I'm about to start growing. I have finally decided on Royal Critical Auto (5 plants) indoor in soil (Plagron lightmix) Would buying Advanced Nutes: BudCandy be good? I have done some research on it but I can't really see if its any good for soil.. what difference would it make to the plant? I see the reviews for hydro growers but no soil. Any advice? Thank-you
  21. plantFeed.jpg

    From the album Advanced seeds grow

  22. Poundland specials

    From the album Greenhouse haveagrow

  23. Hi I am new to this forum and everything else, ehm. I am looking for somebody kind enough to help me understand a few things, as I have searched the Internet and was left really confused. This is the situation: There's a plant that hasn't been on a proper fertilizer schedule, due to a lack of knowledge. She is in a BIOBIZZ Light-Mix soil, and has Bio-grow and Bio-bloom fertilizers available. She started recieving Bio-grow after being 3 weeks old, and about 30cm high. She would have it every third or fourth day, right after watering. I understand now that she was perhaps suppose to be given this much earlier, but this is how it went down. Week 5, she's about 50cm, having the tips of her leaves slightly curved. These are my questions: 1) If you are meant to mix 2ml per liter water of Bio-grow, how much of this mixture does she need? The whole liter? A cup? 2)If you are meant to use it with every watering, does that mean that you water first and then ad mixture? Or is the liter of the mixture meant to be used as for both of those actions? 3)I thought that vegetative faze is suppose to last for about 2 months (during which time the light is on 18-6), followed by the flowering faze for another 2 months (12-12). But, the Biobizz Grow Schedule suggests that the vegetative faze is only 2 weeks long. Utterly confused here. How long is it? 4)Is she meant to be watered and given the fertilizer mixture once a week? (Just to confirm) - and how much water would be advised? 5)How to proceed or better, how to organize the fertilizing schedule from now on? If I have too many questions, I'd be happy to have the answers to at least number 1, 2 and 3 as I have been looking through forums and I can't figure it out. There are millions of topics but none of them are telling me what I need to know. Help would be so much appreciated!