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Found 79 results

  1. Good Evening people, I'm looking for some advisories. My girls are currently enjoying day 45 in veg and I'm looking to transition into flower in the next few days. It's my first grow with an auto-pot system, with a 100l res (purely for convenience of not watering everyday) On the first day that I change the light cycle to flower, do I empty the res the same day and change nutrients from grow to bloom. or do i wait to change the res until the first few pistols arrive? Any feedback is appreciated. Stay safe GS
  2. I have an acquaintance who has been growing cannabis in tandem with myself for many years, out of the blue he has started to use different nutrients, I would appreciate any advice for and against on the following, for the late flowering stage : Westland Superphosphate Fertiliser Fruit and Vegetable Ripener, 1.5 kg Fertiliser NPK: 0.0 - 17.0 -5.0 and whisper it quietly Miracle grow (I hear gnashing of teeth and foaming at the mouth of such heresey) Miracle grow superphosphate fruit and vegetable ripener. We are all aware that the flowering cannabis plant requires lots of phosphate and my acquaintance assures me that he has had no less yield by using these much cheaper ingredients. Your thoughts and wisdom would be greatly appreciated I am, as ever your faithful servant Thomaz Dequincey
  3. Had an amazing grow back in 2018 and used a lot of BioBizz products. Now due to not being able to go out, I have to change location to where I won't be questioned. Reducing the size of my grow as well.. I have a good amount left of Bio Grow and Fish Mix with a drop left of Top Max. I know I'll be buying more, but I am hoping to get away with the remainder of the first two. Still good I hope?? Thanks in advance! Bern
  4. Hello there, For the first time Im growing in coco soil, and Im using canna range. Now I am gonna be soon in week three of 12/12 period and I want to find out from experienced canna users how are they using it. What I gathered from schedule and my own experience with NFT, that I need to use all their products once a week and then just top it up everyday with PHed water and AB as its the base nutrient solution. Can someone give me any tips how are you using Canna coco range, maybe im doing something totally wrong? And Im also using canna boost from day one of 12/12, increasing it until I will reach max usage in about week 4 of 12/12 according to their Medium feed shchedule, and using it only once a week as everything else in their range. Tips are very appreciated.
  5. Dinafem Cookies Auto

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Dinafem Cookies Autos at week 5. Fed using Intense Nutrients Organix range.
  6. Hello everyone, Have been absent for a long time but after my first (semi-failed) grow i have started my fourth grow a few months ago. First time using feminized seeds (BF liberty haze, glookies and pineapple chunk) instead of autos and finally growing in a proper tent instead of a stealth pc build. I am using soil (Biobizz light mix), first time properly using nutrients and i am currently on week 8 of the veg period. I have used Biobizz root juice, bio grow, alg-a-mic and molasses until this point in time. I was planning to use Biobizz Top Max and Bio Bloom. After speaking with a few growers and doing some research online i was told to use Advanced nutrients Bud Candy as well with the two previously mentioned nutes. I also have AN Big Bud (wanted to try it in my next grow). Lastly i was gifted a bottle of Atami bloombastic which is apparently very strong. My question is the following: Can i use this two different brands together? For example can I use BB bloom and top max in conjunction with AN Bud candy? Also can i fit Atami Bloombastic in there? (It is stated in the box that it should only be used during week 4-6 (8 week period)) Thank you in advance!
  7. Hello fellow growers!` So i have a very frustrating problem and not sure how to fix it. So awhile back i had a cal mag def, so added cal mag to an ec of 0.4 as required, this worked sort of, as the plant has gotten older and bigger (still in veg) i gave more nutes as expected, she gets 10ml A and 10ML B of canna, 2.5ml of silicone, 10ml of rhizo, 4ml cal mag. This is good, but i kept noticing a nitrogen toxicity with this mix, then i noticed the NPK of the cal mag was 2-0-0 which is nitrogen, so i backed off the cal mag and gave it 2ml of cal mag, this helped with the nitrogen toxicity but now have a cal def! So stuck in a catch 22 here... temps are 29 with lights on, 25 lights off, i heard the higher temps cause her to drink more and use more nitrogen, could this be the issue? Thanks.
  8. Im having some problems and im not too sure whats going on, first time grower, taken extra care with the nutrients. I use coco A & B , rhizotonic. I had my mix at 6ml a and 6ml b per 5 litres of water, Ph'd to 6.2 but i noticed these spots on my plants, so i thought it was a cal mag defiency, as my tap water has an EC of 0.0! So i added the recommened dose of 1ml per litre of cal mag vitalink to get the cal mag up a bit. Also added an extra 1m a and b to a fresh mix of nutes as the new growth was very light green. And a day after i fed the plant this new mix, the new growth got much greener but now im seeing some of the leaves curling under and looking glossy? Using coco coir, 40% perlite and rest coco coir for good drainage. Its also just had its first transplant to a bigger pot. Any help would be greatly appreciated! For some reason i cant add photos... shows in the edit box but doenst post.
  9. plant growth problem?

    From the album plant

  10. BruceBangerveg36nutrients.jpg

    From the album Bruce Banger

    This is the nutrient line I am using, plus Cal-Mag when needed.
  11. Cheap feed test

    From the album Summer 2019

  12. Going to be installing my feed timer next cycle. So in the next few weeks, be setting up my pump system to be automated. Has anyone seen a jump in their yield from this? I currently feed anywhere from twice daily to every other day. Depending on the amount. Guidance on the subject also welcome!
  13. I have just harvested my first, in a few years and was not entirely happy on the yield..... I am looking to upgrade my additives this time around and run the exact same environment and strain but upgrade to a system rather than hand feed and I am thinking of trying different additives. What are peoples opinions on Buddha Tree additives? Last time around I used the whole shogun range and followed the chart on the milder side of things... I am thinking of using Genesis base nutrients and Buddha tree additives.... any one got experience with both ? Mr_Exclusive
  14. Been looking at a few and not sure I can make my mind up. I saw something that delivered even watering over the top of the plants so one side of the pot didn't get all of the feed. I'm currently watering daily / bi-daily manually. I have a drain system I made myself, controlled by a wier system and a microprocessor to pump out when it fills. So would just be the drip system. I've got my eye on one from Growell, a 12 pot setup. But of course, never having used a drip feed any advice is welcome. Using 25Litre wilma pots currently.
  15. As per the title, what does everyone think of TopMax? I'm using the Biobizz outdoor try-pack at the moment but I've only been using the fish mix and plan to use the bloom soon. However, I have a bottle of TopMax and was unsure whether or not to bother with the stuff. Is it likely to complicate things or does it really help with flower production? I'm Happy not to use it if it's really crap.
  16. Hi, Could someone please tell me if I can feed Canna A, B right to the end or if I need to be starting bloom feeds now instead? Trying to keep costs down started out on a budget now seems to be like I need so much more.. I'm 30 days in, plants look good, supplemented with Cal Mag also. Cheers guys.
  17. Budda Tree coco a+b nutrients

    Trying out new nutrients.
  18. Hi all, I fucked up and ordered Bloom nutes for soil (Dutch Pro) and I needed hydro. I can't return them as they're open as I didn't notice until I was about to use it . From what I can see on the Dutch pro website, it's just not as strong. What do you all think? can I use it or have I wasted £50? I'm using a Wilma System The Hydro nutes: 4.9%NO3 5.9%K2O 1.3%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn 0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.4%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo 2.1%P2O5 1.4%MgO 0.3%CI 0.021%Fe 0.006%Zn N-P-K 5-2-6 TOTAL The Soil nutes: 4.4%NO3 5.5%K2O 1.1%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn 0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.2%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo 1.7%P2O5 1.0%MgO 0.2%CI 0.013%Fe 0.004%Zn
  19. OK, I'm planning to switch from living soil to something a bit more cost-effective. Growing only one or two autos indoors. I've thought about using H&G Batmix, mixing in some worm shit and going with a basic Biobizz Try pack, possibly with ES on stand-by. The problem is the cost. I'm pretty sure there are growers out there doing it for a fraction of the price. Does anyone have an economical solution? I just discovered Vertafort - dead cheap. Anyone use it?
  20. Hi all, running Coco, I usually feed with a consistent pH of 5.9. Doing some studies into Nitrogen and it's major component chlorophyll I came across some range charts. I've previously seen people use Cal Mg with Coco, this would tell me I'm dropping both to potentially zero on feeds. With this in mind, I noticed a 5.9 pH feed actually prohibits the absorption of other compounds. Would it be good practice to range the feeds at 5.9 then 6.5 (progress or at the very least repeatably) to ensure the full range is taken? Any experience on this welcome.
  21. Hi guys, I am about to start growing some autos in 3 gallon bubble pots, DWC style grow. I bought a load of Canna Aqua (not everyone's favourite I know - but I was suckered by some dude's ridiculous looking grow on Youtube ) and I was wondering what type of volumes to use. I intended to just follow the Canna guide for light feeding but I heard that Autos typically don't eat as much as photo plants. I grew some photos in the past and followed the guide and they burned!! Can anyone advise from their experience if the light feeding guide is realistic for autos? If not I will probably just start off one third the recommended and see how they do. I was advised in the past that you know the feed level is correct when the EC does not drop by the time the water is changed. The idea being that the plants are taking the same ratio of nutes and water, or does this just mean that you are wasting loads of food when the water is changed? Thanks a lot, T
  22. So I'm going to order some nutrients and soil today .. What shall I order .. how much do I need .. i have 8 pots .. newbie to growing .. how do I measure and mix them do I use a jug or ?.. any feeding plans would be a real big help .. tia
  23. Hi, Quick question please. I have 80L of nutrient mix left over from last res change. It's been sitting there for about 3-4 days. Its RO water mixed with Plant Magic Hydro chems. Is it ok to use for res top ups or should I start fresh? Does it "go off"? Cheers
  24. Hi everyone! I'm just about to start my first ever grow, Auto blackberry Kush, as I've heard it's a good beginner strain, I'm certainly a beginner!! I have a couple of things I am confused about and wondered if any of you guys might be able to help shed any light please (Setup) I'm using 2 x 11 litre airpots in a 70x70x140 growtent Marshydro 300 wat led 2 x 6 inch clip fans A rhino hobby 6 inch extractor fan connected to the carbon filter 2 x 11 litre Airpots (Nutrients) Canna Rhizotonic Canna A+B Canna Flush (Grow Medium) Canna Coco natural/Perlite I'm confused about how much water and also what ratio of nutrients to add to the water too, I've seen various answers to this question, but I suppose it all relates to grow medium and pot size etc...(i'm using 11 litre airpots) Also I'm unsure if I should keep the clip fans running all the time (even when the LEDs are turned off - I'm going with 18/6 light schedule) I'm also assuming I should keep the carbon filter and extractor running constantly throughout the grow? Sorry if these are dumb questions and I've missed something obvious! Any advice or help would be very much appreciated Thanks guys!
  25. Hi all, This is my 1st grow and about a week into 12/12. I have noticed these shiny patches on a few leaves and some older marks have gone brown along with a deformed leaf. At first i thought water splash but have been cautious and more have appeared and on some higher leaves. They have been fed following the canna coco chart for hard water and normal feeding. So im thinking either environmental or perhaps deficency? I dont think its bugs as i havent seen any but then i dont realy know what im looking for?? My temperatures and rh fluctuated abit since going into flower as we had hotter days and i put in the extra light(250w2700k cfl). At the worst they hit 31°c and 75rh, i have since added 2 pc fans by a vent and temperatures have been more consitant at 27°c 55rh daytime and 20°c 40rh night time, but still varys a little. Im awaiting an extractor and filter when i got the money which im hoping will keep the environment more consitant. They are in a 1x1x2 tent with 2 pc fans by intake vent and a small oscilating fan inside. Lighting is 250w 2700k cfl, x4 55w 3000k cfl and x2 20w 2700k cfl. Thanks.