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Found 30 results

  1. Howdy peoples, I'm brand new here, and to these operations, so would be grateful for any and all help in solving some questions. I've planted mine in Canna Terra Professional Plus, and just started the feeds with Rhizotonic and Canna Coco A + B. Looking around I see so many different opinions on whether theses are the correct nutes for this medium (though it kinda says so on the bag). Also, is it cool to mix all 3 into the same feed? And how long does a feed mix last? i.e. I mixed 50L in a tub, but only use 10L at a time, is this bad practice, should I just do 10L each time, or will the feed mixture last? Thank you in advance for any help :-)
  2. Hi all, I fucked up and ordered Bloom nutes for soil (Dutch Pro) and I needed hydro. I can't return them as they're open as I didn't notice until I was about to use it . From what I can see on the Dutch pro website, it's just not as strong. What do you all think? can I use it or have I wasted £50? I'm using a Wilma System The Hydro nutes: 4.9%NO3 5.9%K2O 1.3%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn 0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.4%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo 2.1%P2O5 1.4%MgO 0.3%CI 0.021%Fe 0.006%Zn N-P-K 5-2-6 TOTAL The Soil nutes: 4.4%NO3 5.5%K2O 1.1%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn 0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.2%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo 1.7%P2O5 1.0%MgO 0.2%CI 0.013%Fe 0.004%Zn
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new here so firstly I would like to say hi to everyone and that I look forward to what I hope will be a long journey here on this forum. I have never grown before and I am currently prepping for my first, I will be germinating this weekend. I have just been calibrating my new pH & EC readers (both are Essentials) and getting base readings for our water. Here's where things are getting a little strange, we have an undersink reverse osmosis filter (we've had this for some time now as I don't want the tap water for obvious reasons, I have however replaced all the filters a few days ago to get the best of the best for my girls-to-be) and I know manufacturer (iSpring Water Systems) specification is that water pH should come out at 7.4, it came out at 8 which is fine for myself and will just have to use a lot of down, but the EC reading has come out at 0.8, which even as a virgin grower I know is waaaay higher than the majorities. I know that during filtration some ionised minerals are added (calcium, magnesium, sodium & potassium), but this has thrown me off completely as I now have no idea where I'm at with nutrients. My plan was to start the seedlings off with around 0.5-0.6 EC (assuming a base of 0.2) as I am growing in coco, so 0.8 is already higher than that without any nutes added. Should I just treat this as my base? Should I use normal tap water? I really am lost and have no idea how to even find the answer. Any help or general beginners advice would be hugely appreciated. I'm so excited to be joining this wonderful community and can't wait to progress, happy growing!
  4. Hi guys, So I'm just about to start a new grow / mummy hunt and my supplies are in need of restocking. Previously I've used various boost products, and I've done OK. My question is - would I have done just as OK if I save my money and not use any boost at all? Maybe replace using boost with something organic like molasses? What are peoples thoughts on using boosts, are they any good, can/do I get better or more ganga? I've read a good few dairies on here from folks who've grown a lot longer than I, using minimal nutes & adds with awesum results. I usually use these during a grow...do I need to or can I drop some? If so, why or why not? Base stuff Rooting stuff Enzyme stuff PK stuff Boost stuff Silica stuff Open for all thoughts, lets try and keep this as objective as we can where possible tho.
  5. Hi all I posted a few weeks back, asking for some help and advice as my friend (@maverick40b) and I are getting set-up for our first grow, we got some good feedback across the various posts we put up and some great help along the way. It seems like this has now been going on for a while but we believe we are now very close. We have put together an itinerary of the equipment we have gone for and think is necessary to get everything setup. This is now our final step before committing and spending alot of money on this, we would appreciate any feedback and advice from you guys, what do you think of the list? have we forgotten anything? would you change anything? reasons for changing any equipment? Any other valuable information? Itinerary • 1 x BudBox Pro - 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m • 2 x Adjusta-watt digital dimable 600w light kit • 2 x Easy Rolls & Hooks Set (Pair) • 2 x LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed light switching) • 1 x Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 6" (150mm) x 12" (600mm) • 1 x Systemair RVK 150mm L1 In-line Duct Fan • 1 x 5 metre length of 150mm Flexi-Ducting Aluminium • 3 x Duct Clip 60-170mm • 1 x 5 metre length of Jack Chain 2.5mm Width • 1 x green power 6 way power box • 1 x Agrolab Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer • 8 x 12 litre Root Pouches • 8 x Round Pot Saucer (Black) 12 Inch • 2 x Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme 50 Litres • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow 1 Litre • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Bloom 1 Litre 1 x Bucket (for mixing nutes) • 1 x 10ml Syringe with 0.5ml Graduations • 1 x 2 tube t5 propagation kit • 1 x pH and EC test kits thanks for taking the time to read through this post and we appreciate any feedback or advice given no matter how big or small. Happy 420 everyone
  6. anyones used remo nutes or genesis would love to know your experience with these notes
  7. okay guys sotoday whilst feeding my girls i noticed 2 buds had yellowed in the middle. the beast from the east has been over and iv had my ballast on 660. the plants have stretched even more and im guessing this pheno is slighlty more sensitive than its sisters. is this light, nutes, bad ventilation ? iv rearranged and retucked some buds through the scrog again, im just hping to get reasurrence. so what do you guys think light or heat burn ? got a normal bud below and here we have the estranged bud. obviously im a novice this could be simple and im overthinking. but i just want reassuring theyre not herming out or anything any response would be appreciated guys
  8. plantFeed.jpg

    From the album Advanced seeds grow

  9. Hi guys have been using biobizz with soil for a few years now and have had a fair bit of good success with it but since ive moved it doesnt seem to be working as well as it was not sure if it the difference in the tap water or not ph at my new place is 6.2 from the tap i cnt remember what it was at my old place but im sure it was around the 7 mark can anybody recommend a good range of nutes that will be good with my standard tap water an not have to worry about a mag probs?? Cheers in advance
  10. Hello folks. My grow is starting this week!! As excited as I am im also nervous.. Just need some general guidance really. Gonna be growing in coco and I want to add perlite? What ratios should I be using? The kit I bought came with clay balls should I be using them? I was hoping also to water every other day if I can. Also I don't really know about feeding and nutrients. I have canna a and b and the flower boost. As you can see im a super amatuer but I want the best results possible any and all advice welcome! Cheers in advance folk
  11. Hey, lurking for a while but this is my first post! Recently invested in an 8-pot Autopot system with a 100ltr reservoir, will be growing in a 70/30 coco/perlite mix and was looking for some advice on which brand of nutrients to use. I've been eyeing up the Cyco Platinum range or the Canna Coco nutes, but I'm aware Canna also have Hydro nutes. Anyone have any advice or recommendations regarding these or any other nutes? If anyone has grown in Autopots with coco before would definately appreciate you chipping in your 2 cents. Open to all ideas. Thanks guys
  12. Good morning guys.. Just a quick one.. When i water my plants with a feed if the plants doesnt take all te nutes up and some of the nutes are left in the coco then next time if i feed with plain phd water will that reactive the nutes that are in the coco from the feed before for the plant to take them up? Or will the nutes just stay in the coco and create salt build up?
  13. Hello guys, im about three weeks off my first harvest, its been ok but I think I can do alot better. Firstly id like to understand abit more about the diffrent ways people grow then id like to pick witch way is best for me, im a complete novice still. Fir my first grow Iv used a barky mix from homebase( I want to use something better for my next grow possibly soil) Iv used five gallon pots( cheap things frm Bnms bulky and I forgot to put drainage holes in) definitely want some better pots for next grow. As for nutes Iv been useing old timer Bloom for flowering and I used some pound lqnd nutes for veg( I know I can do better than pound land nutes)reading through alot of topics im seeing alot of this soil need to be used in these pots with this feed and thats that, so im not even sure if the nutes I have old timer is doing anything for the kinds of barky soil mix im useing or whether my pots are good enough. Im currently looking at biobizz all mix/light mix on ebay, if I brouht some what nutes would I need what are the best pots to buy? Iv seen some air pots for about a fiver for one 10l is that good, do I want air pots? This can all be a little confusing, and some of you might think these questions are stupid but this is something I wanna do for the rest of my life so I wanna do it right. Peace and one love everyone hope your days been good, any and all feed back is very much welcoming.
  14. I am new to the forum and enjoy reading the opinions of so many people. I have a fair few years of growing under my belt and probably over 50 grows since 1985 when I first started. It might be more like 100... I digress! In the old days we butchered 400 watt warehouse lights and made reflectors out of any old sheet metal, normally from the skip of a local firm. There wasn't any Coco but there was soil and basic feeds from AG Shield, Pickerings or Comptons Agriculture were Pot Nitrate, Mono KP, Epsom Salts and Lawn Feed were made into stock solution etc. We used to veg for a size of about 24 inches and flower until the pistils went brown, the smoke was never flushed and it was strong stuff the old original Afghan strains we later called Skunk 1 and 2, but until about 1990 we could only get seeds out of VIZ, the comic for adults! I remember smuggling 50 JH seeds shoplifted by a 'mate' from Amsterdam, i was sick with anxiety all the way home on that horrible ferry to Hull, I never realised it was legal to buy the seeds! Most plants produced around 5 ounces with nothing more than topping and feeding your own brews out of a tomato growing book or indeed anywhere you could get a recipe from. Most farm supplies had brochures, leaflets or instructions as to the use of most chemicals, so a mixture in pounds and ounces got weighed out on mums kitchen scales of Pot Nitrate, MKP, Lawn Iron, Epsom Salts, Horse mineral supplement and Molasses, it kind of worked! The leaves were our guide as we couldn't get or we wasn't aware of EC meters until 1990? We also discovered Canna A-B around 1990 and bloom boosting with MKP and the good old Corn Syrup fed to pigs, bloody good stuff that was! Anyway the leaves yellowed, curled up, curved, swerved, spotted, dulled and went every colour from red to dark purple before harvest but the smoke was knock out and yielded well, certainly 5 ounce as an average. These days if I try hard and go 30 inch in veg with a commercial strain like BB/NL or WW then its near to 8-9 but as a normal grow in Coco with Blue its 4-6 and yeah its stinkier but commercials like the old NL were better for you're stealth as they were low odour! I have an old Polaroid somewhere (that was a photograph that developed inside a liquid folder after popping out of your dads camera for the babies among you) depicting my prize 4 plants under a single 400 with a fan the size of a 747 turbine ducted up and out of our mums old cellar! I hope I can find it because those babies were pretty impressive tops! So today we spend £35 on a base feed like Canna Coco A/B which is fair enough for 5 litres but for the 4 plant man buying a litre its £15!!! The Canna base range of Coco, Soil and Hydro are the best available in my opinion. I remember it when it was clear and contained no iron or copper sulphate. Then we have the 'additives' pro bloom booster, micros, silicate, hammerhead, bud blood, bio boost, top gun, bud candy, terpinator, resinator, pk13/14, cannazyme, zone, rhizotonic.... blimey we should be growing our own Penicillin! I am not an addict for the additives but I do love to open a bottle in my local shop of something new and miraculous that promises me big, oily, tasty buds, mega lush growth and stems the thickness of Arnies forearm... but my question is "Do they work? Do some work? Do none of them work? Or do the nutrient companies just cash in our desire for better product and our gullible trusting nature... We aren't wary of the advertisers or videos on You Tube because anyone who dares to comment with "I used it and its rubbish" gets removed! Or at least mine did... This is a little bit tongue in cheek and obviously we are all adults with a brain and can choose whether we go spend £20 on a bottle of water that contains a secret ingredient we can't be enlightened with... How did Advanced Nutrients retain their credibility when the 0-50-30 Bloom Booster Pro got dropped because people cottoned on to the fact it was just MKP, Iron Chelate mixed with some copper sulphate and then ground to a finer powder to look and smell amazing! We are now told that KP ratio should be 1-2 not 2-1 but wouldn't a big nute company like AN have known this for years? Of course they would because researching the needs of a crop is easy for a fertiliser manufacturer. Can you imagine YARA turning round after 15 years of selling the Vitamax mixture of 20-10-20 to Potato farmers saying "oh sorry chaps but actually we've got that wrong its now changed to 20-20-10 but don't worry you've only lost about 20 ton of spuds" I think you get the picture... Also can someone tell me the significance of PK 13/14 if the PK ideal is 1-2? It just so happens that the ratio of NPK showing 0-1-2 is none existent in commercial fertiliser so that includes 0-10-20 or 0-20-40 etc and why? Well because some turd at a nutrient company saw we couldn't go out and buy it from the local agricultural suppliers at £30 for a 25 kilo sack so decided to make their own and then poison our brains with a new regime of 0-1-2 as the miracle formula!!! Or am I just getting cynical in my old age...
  15. Yo, My EC of runoff higher than when I mixed the nutes. It was 1.5 going in and 1.7 in the runoff. Is this ok?
  16. Hi fellas, my Flora Nova Bloom is coming to the end of the bottle, was very happy with it but would like to try some other nutes against Flora nova. So feed half plants with Flora nova grow bloom and other half with what you recommend. Give me grow and bloom you like and use with good results. Growing Dinafems autos critical and WW. Thanks
  17. I'm starting a grow in my wilma big 4 again... Cracked a dynachem, white widow and 3 big red... Typical only 1 big red has Germed leaving me just 3 plants so I'm cracking a hippie killer also. Going to be growing in the V1 wilma big 4 using a coco, clay pebs and perlite mix. Last grow I used chempak with reasonable results but very open to some suggestions for any easy peasy all in one nutes that won't break the bank. I'll try and keep a diary once vegging in the wilma and hope to get some followers and great advice along the way - this will be my second grow and looking to beat 3oz per plant which is all I managed last time due to temp and ph issues. Thanks for your replies
  18. I am coming to the end of my 3rd grow, I have been using the 3 part gro (micro bloom grow) are there any better ways to feed and which is the best. I know everyone has there own favourite brands but any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  19. my big bang autos are now 16 days old from seed using bio bizz light mix bio bizz grow and bio bizz bloom should i start feeding them now ?? anyone recommend amounts as i no autos are sensitive to nutes
  20. my autos are now 17days old they need watering now as soil bone dry should i add some nutes ? im using bio bizz grow and bio bizz bloom i wanna start feeding them now but how much and grow and bloom or just grow for now ? thanks
  21. hi guys im not sure how to put pics up on here and last time i put a link for my gallery on it wouldnt work but its day 53 and im wondering if my little babys are ok,because they have had no bloom nutes whatsoever and this is my first ever grow kinda wondering if im doing something wrong as they were supposed to be done around the 60 day mark (i know not to listen to what the sellers say but they seem behind to me) any help and input appreciated thanks in advance guys happy blazing
  22. Hi guys, just was browsing the net and saw this product with good reveiws so was just curious if anyone has used it an what you think ???
  23. Hi Everyone Opinions please: I have always used Canna products on my grows which at present are in a converted Wilma to DWC and all is well, i have followed their grow schedule and have used the full line of products. Now i am coming to the end of my present grow which will coincide with almost running out of most of my Canna goods and i have started to have a look at other companies andf their grow schedules, now Plant Magic's looks very simple and has only a root stim, your grow and bloom A&B and a boost (for a 3 week period ??? ) so compared to Canna it seems a lot less, although i see for the grow & bloom it doesnt state how much ml/l is needed..... So am i over complicating it all with Canna and making it more expensive than i need to...???... Has anyone changed from Canna to PM have any final yield comparisons??? Thanks Hyde
  24. Can someone comment on my Afghan Kush Ryder please? This grow is being tracked in my other post, but I would like feedback on this specific situation. I checked on the crop tonight and after watering I noticed the change in colour of the plant. Last watering I didn't add nutes as the plant had suffered very minor nute bun on the tips, this watering I added a small dose of 2.5ml per 5l of water. I am doing a wet/dry watering cycle, she seems to need watered approximately every 4 days. I'm also looking for comments on this watering cycle/method, it seems like a lot of water to add in one go. Looking at the plant, since the last pictures were taken the plant has changed colour significantly. The higher leaves have gone yellow/lime and the stems and smaller leaves on the bud have purple in their colour. Is this significant and what does it show (good or bad health? stage in life? etc) As you can see, the lower outer leaves are a nice green and look ok. Comments appreciated as I don't want to screw up after coming this far. Already bricking it about the drying/curing process!
  25. Hey I just started using floranova by gh and as much as the final crop turned out ok, the solution was hard to deal with. I found it was too sludgy and left a nasty film on my nutrient tank. And considering I lost a quarter of the product to a hardened state in the bottom of the bottle, I was a little disappointed with gh this time. So now I'm asking, is there an alternative 1-part nute that you could recommend? Something that's a little easier to deal with and has less of a mess left behind. Anything helps, Cheers