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Found 12 results

  1. I've just started off my first proper batch of autos this morning. I've been wanted to try autos for a while. I've done the odd one before. A few in the greenhouse, some unsuccessful attempts indoors with crap genetics and I did help a friend start to finish with a Blue Kush autos grow. I've kind of forced myself into a position where my next batch of scheduled cuts, which were due to go into the shed next week, are not ready. I rooted them but didn't realise they'd gone into flower slightly and now look like they need a reveg. Rather than waste the available flowering time in the shed I'm taking the opportunity to run these instead. I've chosen 3 Bears OG from Mephisto and I hope I can do them justice. I bought a pack of 6 although there were 7 in the pack. I planted 6 in rootits and I'm going to save one for the greenhouse later this year. I have other stuff vegging but I'm going to give these priority over everything to give them a good start. Just got to wait and see how many pop up!
  2. white widow novice indoor grow

    From the album in the tent

    Just finished building the tent.
  3. Hello UK 420, new to this forum. Interested in advice from other growers as this is all new to me and fed up of having to rely on the black market. Me and also a friend have decide to do a setup up each and grow our own strains. All very exciting but also very daunting. A friend that grows recommended a x2 4 pot 25L wilma pot system. With x6 600w omega sunblaster dual spectrum bulbs. with a 5" rhino incline fan and 10" rhino pro carbon filter. with various nutrients. Originally was going to convert a room, but have decide to go with a tent suits me better to keep it out the way of the family. After looking across the forum. Overwhelmed with various things to go for. The Green tube tent for instance looks great. Would really appreciate, If you could help me through the list of things i need to begin before i go purchase the stuff as I'm unsure of the list I've been giving and is a big investment for me. Heres what I've got down so far. Greenlab grow tent unsure of what size needed for 8 plants. x2 4 Pot 25L wilmasystem ( also seen auto pots they look good ) x6 Omega Digi-pro euro digital grow light kit is has ballet and euro reflector. ( this seems like a lot ) 5" twin speed Rhino incline fan 10" Rhino pro carbon filter with ducting and clips Plant magic bloom 5L Box of shooting powders 500g ton of bud Rhizotonic 5l PK/13/14 1L Canna coco A+B 5L ( any changes and advice will be really appreciated. what tent to go for, are the wilma system worth while or should i use another. x6 lights seems loads swell as the nutrients. I'm sure theres things i haven't got on the list i need aswell. look forward to the feedback can't wait to get the ball rolling a big 420 thank you
  4. Ok so after my first grow room was more suited to growing Sherwood Forest I went back to the drawing board and after getting plenty of sound advice and spending my new year reading a 20 page post on bubblers I have built the following... It is a 32L Tougher Box from HomeBase with 4 golf ball air stones being fed by 2 Hailea ACO-9602 super "silent" adjustable air pumps (I believe a lot of the noise is coming from the stones plus pumps turned up full blast sat on bare wooden floor) I strapped the lid down whilst I made a cuppa and on my return 10 minutes later, found a considerable amount of mist had built up on it. Airlines are to tidy. Unfortunately neither hydro shop I visited had 4" net pots so bought 2x 5" ones... just need to decide how to best approach their layout. There is room for 2 pots comfortably, 3 maybe and 4 would be manic. Due to the size of the tub and the tent I reckon 6 tubs would fit but 4 tubs with 2 plants in each would be more than sufficient. The tent is to finish off with a 6" (150mm) Mountain Air filter with RVK fan and ducting, once thats here will get up into loft and look at practicality of venting into a very low pitched roof with no storage room Room itself is to tidy... looking at moving an old wardrobe in that would serve very well as equipment storage and seed starter space as well as the possibility of a mother box... I'll consult the community further down the line. pH'd my tap water and found it to be 8.0... was a brand new meter that had been freshly calibrated so will test again tomorrow and see what the deal is. I think that is everything pretty much covered so as always hints, tips and constructive criticism are always welcome! @stu914 what ya reckon?
  5. Hello i am a novice grower looking at planning my new grow for next year i am also disabled lost all my friends after i had a accident at work and don't know anyone that smokes so i have no one to chat to about it i have wrote to the home office and government about legalising cannabis i have got about 20 replies from the home office & government all saying the same thing that cannabis is dangerous. I have e-mailed and spoke to my local mp about legalising cannabis would not only benefit peoples health but also the economy i would like to chat to new people but also having Arthritis in my hands it may not be possible to reply straight away thanks
  6. The money shot

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

    She might be small but she's still beautiful IMO

    © DKH

  7. Tiny girl

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

  8. Jack Herer Auto

    From the album Jack Herer Auto

    This is my setup, nice and cheap, cost me about 150 for everything.

    © DKH

  9. Hello all I'm prepping my first growroom for a medicinal grow but I'm pretty new to all this. I've had a few pointers and I've searched the forums for room advice and tips but I wanted to know if anyone had any pointers. I'm using some seeds recommended by a friend of mine as he grew Chem Dawg and it was great for pain relief and neural discomfort from stress headaches. I got them from Medicann seeds and I'm pretty happy with the grow process but I'm not too sure about the best way to get the best benefits from it. In terms of aiding with pain relief for someone who hasn't smoked previously (not me) - would people recommend vaping or tinctures/cooking to help? Any help appreciated greatly Ta
  10. Been planning to grow roughly 14-16 plants on and off for a few months now. I've been looking at the GL 150 which is a (5x5x6) tent. I fancy the look of the Auto Bomb seeds which look look simple enough and can possibly be used in a SOG.However, I have my eye on a few of 'Sweet Seeds' which are rated highly on here! Not really fussed on how much I end up with but I want something to get me through summer...so anything short of 2 ounces per plant will suffice I reckon (2) 400w's or (1) 1000w should be fine but I'm not 100 % on that! ...Not looked in detail at those Rhino extraction fans,notes cooling fans etc yet but I'm learning everyday.Also I'm swaying towards 6.5 L pots in soil also. I'm preparing to be absolutely butchered haha but ALL input is welcome . Thanks guys.