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Found 87 results

  1. Hi folks ! first, sorry for my English, I'm not English I start this diary a bit late; my plants are currently finishing their 4th week of flowering But I wanted to share with you the beginning of this grow My Set up : - 70x70x160 MarsHydro grow tent - Lientec QB 320 HRM-XL 150w - RVK Systemair Sileo 125mm(5') - 2x circulation fans 15w Strains : 2x Northern Lights 1x OG Kush 1x BCN Critical XXL Substrate : I've prepared my own SuperSoil, no liquid fertilisers, only water and black molasse. I used roots juice, humic and fulvic acids during the veg. Germination stage (started October 9th) seeds in distilled water for 24h Then, I put them in cotton pads. unfortunately the Critical didn't sprout I had to reloaded a second one a week later. The NL's germinated very quickly After germination I placed them into 0,25cl pots for couple of weeks Day 1 : Day 9 : I repotted them into 3L pots into my SuperSoil with mycorrhizae. 2x Northern Lights on the left Critical back right OG Kush front right Day 15 : My SuperSoil mix seems to be appreciated 2x Northern Lights on the left Critical back right OG Kush front right See you for the next stage
  2. From the album Reds closet diary

    Northern Lights close up with lights on@4.5wks into flower.
  3. From the album Reds closet diary

    Northern Lights twin colas at 32days flower.
  4. Northern Lights lights on.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Northern Lights with lights on at 32 days flower.
  5. Northern Lights close up @4-5wks.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Northern Lights close up @4.5wks into flower. (32days)
  6. Northern Lights @4-5wks.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Northern Lights at 32 days into bloom.
  7. Northern Lights being fed.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Getting foliar and root drench.
  8. Northern Lights closeup.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Dinner time girls!?!
  9. Northern Lights bleaching

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Northern Lights bleaching.
  10. Northern.Lights from above.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    Ariel shot Northern Lights.
  11. Northern Lights light bleaching.

    From the album Reds closet diary

    So I think Ive had the light too close to the plants and its causing bleaching. Either that or just not enough Nitrogen for how close they are.
  12. E83502EE-452C-4094-88EC-1D8E68A9511D.jpeg

    From the album Northern Lights / OG Kush

    Northern Lights / OG Kush
  13. 37166140-3240-4C9A-A929-19AB1BB2A5D1.jpeg

    From the album Northern Lights / OG Kush

    Northern Lights / OG Kush
  14. Hello people. I have a question. I am growing this year 3x blue cheese autos and 3x Northern Lights autos, and 1x Royal Gorilla Auto. Which I started Apr 17th. They are all coming into flowering now. Started off with PM soil grow, and now moved onto PM Soil Bloom. giving 4ml per 7l of water and feeding each plant around 3 litres. Growing in my usual 11L pots with PM supreme soil. I use regular tap water which has a PH of 7.6-7.7 I have heard that if you grow in soil I don't need to worry about PH levels. as the soil should bring PH levels down. is this true? If it isn't true what is the easiest way to bring down PH levels. Might be a little to late now though. If it is then why are my fan leaves turning yellow and drying up. bottom upwards. I am also feeding each time I water them, as the soil is very dry by the 3rd day. Someone mentioned and I have read to feed them each time I water them. I haven't used any calmag this year as I have also read that, if you live in a hard water area which I do, then there is no need for calmag, as the water contains enough minerals in it already
  15. Seedstockers NL-1

    From the album Diary pics

    Five out of five cracked , top stuff!
  16. Seedstockers NL-2

    From the album Diary pics

    And into modules they go (pups xxx subbies to the right, random clones to the left)
  17. Hi, here is a micro grow I finished up last month, A wonderful (Northern Lights) auto by Female Seeds. This grow ran around 10 weeks and finished flowing under 70watts, vegging around 30watts. The plant could of done with a couple of extra weeks as the buzz was not as heavy an Indica that I desire.
  18. Micro Group .jpeg

    From the album micro grown

    2021 Micro grow, Northern Lights.

    © Me