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Found 45 results

  1. Hi, so thanks for the help, I’m loving it so far have 2 NL AUTO’s royal queen seeds.. one plant is 4 weeks old and one is 2 weeks, staggered due to only one seed germinating originally so used a third seed.. so basically guys this is my first grow, when I started I was pretty certain that with autos it would be simple with no need to restrict light at the flowering stage and I would have seed-harvest in 9-10 weeks ish.. but since Iv been reading a lot of conflicting info as to times, some people claiming there auto’s have waited to October to flower ? just wanting a bit of clarity really on what to expect in terms of timing and yield. I know it’s all obviously dependant but il list as much specs about My grow as possible - -Northern lights auto flower royal queen seeds -11ltr fabric grow bag -biobiz all mix soil -6.5ph distilled water -quarter measurement of tomato feed (older plant) -sw England in a greenhouse with DIRECT sun about 8 hours per day thank you!! Joe
  2. Hi, I'm a first time grower and 8 days ago, I planted an Auto Northern Lights and Auto Blueberry. Here is my set up; 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m grow tent Viparspectra LED 300w 5" RVK Extractor fan (with speed controller) Tent vent for passive intake Root!t 40w heat mat (with thermostat) 40w tube heater (with thermostat) Automatic humidifier (with humidistat) 7" oscillating fan Lights on temperatures - 18-25c Lights off temperature: 14-18c Humidity level: 60-68% (I live in England, so the weather isn't that great). I'm on day 8 of my grow, and I want to know what people think about my plants. They look like they are starting to turn a little yellow, and the new leafs growing from the middle of the Northern Lights plant looks a bit brown. I have a feeling that it might be because my light was too close. My light height was at 25" from the plant canopy. I moved it up this morning to 30". I saturated the soil before planting with PH 6.5 water, and have only feed them 500ml of PH 6.5 water each since then. I do spray the soil if it looks a bit dry on top. I don't think it's a water problem. A second opinion, or some advice would be greatly appreciated. (Please find pictures below) Many thanks Auto Blueberry Auto Northern Lights
  3. Hi guys, so just started my first grow. im going budget and organic, auto northern lights grown in greenhouse with biobiz and tomato feed. so the guide I’m following for these seeds says 18hours in distilled water until they sink then 36hrs warm dark place, same water but in damp kitchen roll, then plant. Iv just now put them in kitchen roll so 36 hrs takes me to 8:30pm Sunday night but silly old me got my seeds in the post and get going instantly forgetting my 11ltr bags for planting arnt arriving until Tuesday at the earliest..... so question is what’s my best option? Does it matter if I leave them germinating for an extra 2 days ? Or can I plant in egg shells then when my bags arrive plant the egg shell filled with soil and seed ? Or have I failed at the first hurdle thank you for any advice!! Joe
  4. Hi Guys, first post in a while. I smoked for years but just wanting to dabble in growing as for the first time I own property with some outside space and current lockdown restrictions are making if difficult to get any where I live at the minute. so where I’m at is I have a west facing balcony with a 2 small greenhouse in which I already start veg plants for my allotment and grow tomatoes. (60cm wide 30 deep and 120 tall each, Room for 1 more if needed) And iv ordered 5 auto flower northern lights seeds, open to trying 1 or 2 now and saving the rest or using them all.. so my question, what to do now. Looking for advice on germinating, soil/coco, feeding and drying. As I said it’s my first time and it’s outdoors, I’m not looking to invest masses of cash into it until iv got a bit of experience so just wanted the essentials il need to produce half decent smokable buds. thank you for any advice it’s much appreciated as I really am clueless at the minute, my seeds arrive in 3 working days
  5. Hello I was wondering if you were to grow say, something nice and easy like Northern Lights which is heavily indica, and leave it for a long time in flowering making most of the trichomes amber some cloudy, what kind of effect would this weed have if you were to smoke it? What happens if you let them all go amber, does the THC degrade into CBN ? I found this information on another site, is it correct? Not really looking to get high, just want to fall asleep " Trichomes Start Turning Amber If you’re looking for a more relaxing, ‘couch-lock’, sleep aid-type high you can leave your buds to mature to a level where the trichomes turn a darker amber from their previous cloudy look, with almost all of the white hairs on the bud having turned a dark orange or brown colour. At this stage, most of the THC has naturally converted to CBN, which has very relaxing properties and will produce far more of a body-high than a head-high. This can be ideal for growing for pain-management or insomnia treatment, as well as reducing some of the more powerful psychoactive effects that we all know cannabis to possess. " Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, first post on the forums spent alot of time here last month or so planning my grow! I have done some averagely bad grows in the past but have learnt massively where some of my problems were and now I want to make some decent quality buds with a reasonable yield so investing properly and taking the time and care to do things properly this time My last real stumbling block of the whole operation before I set up my pile of equipment sat in the corner is to get my head around soils and nutes. I know there are hundreds of posts out there but none seem to quite answer my questions and masses of reading has led me over numerous different answers which I know could all work depending on strains and grow methods but its really hard to find specific information with background on the whole grow at setup etc! So to the point: 1) Canna Terra or Canna Coco which would you recommend for auto flowers in a non hydro setup? Using 400w HPS in a 0.7x0.7x2m tent so water retention is important, I intent to mix 30% of perlite in. 2) Think of using RQS easy boost in the soil mix and light dosage of easy grow/bloom over the grow, in distilled water, is this overkill on nutrients for an auto flower? 3) Do you use distilled or tap water (i live in very hard water area) for flushing the plant before harvest? For general information: As mentioned growing under 400w HPS in a small but tall tent so got some space! 2 inline RVK's for intake and exhaust going straight to fresh air through the roof and under the eve, on the side of the house that barely see's sun all year around. Running Rhino Pro Carbon filter in the tent. Will be growing a pair, maybe 3 will see once its all setup RQS Auto Northern Lights in 12L pots. I probably won't be doing any LST just to make the plants grow straight up so can fit multiples in the tent. So excited to get my babies on the go but want to make sure I am clued up before making mistakes, so really appreciate any help anyone is willing to give!
  7. Hi every one, hope you are all in rude health! I have a question regarding the water curing of my buds. Briefly: I grew 3 plants (Northern Lights Auto) in canna-coco. The first and second plants were water cured for 7 days with constantly running RO water (water enters bottom of 10 litre barrell & exits the top so making sure the overflow gets rid of the unwanted water). I thought I would cure the third plant in the time old tradition of hanging in the wardrobe. Now though it is shall we say "in the way". So my qusestion is: Can I change after 1 week from air curing to water curing? Would it harm my trichomes? I know technically it shoudn't as Trichs are oil and wont be mixing with the water. I don't/can't smoke so I make something like RSO so I'm not bothered about the taste at all. Cheers for now. Cmoon I also want to ask you guys what kind of a hit should you get when ingesting super skunk oil?..................More later, my wife will explain better than I.
  8. Hi folks, My seedlings are now 2 weeks old and look a bit too droopy to me, it's my first grow & I'd rather try and fix any problems before it gets too late. I'd been running 18/6 on the lights, 600w hps 18" away, temps were getting a bit too hot so I switched down to 400w on the ballast a couple of days ago. Initially I had to keep the lights much further away (hence the stretch) as my temps were wild until I got my ventilation set up better. The pots have biobizz mix in them & I'm wondering if I should repot yet or leave them as is for a while longer, these were the pots the seeds went into straight after first germinating in on paper towels. Any and all advice welcome!
  9. Hi Guys! This is my first grow, thought I'd start a topic for people's advice and to keep up with the progress. Seeds are:- 1x Royal Queen Seeds Amnesia Haze 1x Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights 1x Flash Seeds Lemon Haze 1x Flash Seeds Bubble Hash x Muay Thai So I've got a 80x80x160 grow tent, 4" fan and filter set up with a 250w HPS light(for now) Using 8L root nurse pots with bio bizz light mix soil will be using bio bizz root juice, fish mix, grow and bloom. Have got top max too but not read good things, does anybody use it? Also anyone know anything about the bubble hash muay thai strain? Was a freebie and I'm intrigued! Just potted the seeds and covered with cling film with a temp of 27c and 45% humidity. Any tips at this stage other than patience? Haha
  10. Second grow

    From the album Second grow

    Jack on Left and Northern Lights on right.
  11. My second grow

    From the album Second grow

    My second grow. Jack Herer on the left and Northern Lights on the right. Both 3 weeks and 3 days since sprout.
  12. budding Up

    From the album a simple drobe grow

    51 days
  13. On The bench

    From the album a simple drobe grow

    51 days
  14. In The robe

    From the album a simple drobe grow

    51 days
  15. Over the last year or so I've spent a lot of time digging around the forums researching different strains and seed banks and put together this 'wish list' of stable and well rated seeds... ​ Cheese is my favourite smoke but is very easy to get hold of so I'll order a UGROG Collectors Pack to keep aside for when that time comes. For now I thought I would stick to feminized seeds to keep it simple as I'm still trying to master the basics. Any feedback is appreciated! Amnesia Lemon - Barney's Farm Finishing up now, heard bad things about barney's but am really impressed so far! (250w HPS) CheeseWreck - Seedism BLZ Bud - Seedism LSD - Barney's Farm Northern Lights #5 x Haze - Sensi Skywalker OG Kush - Reserva Privada Blue Dream - Humboldt Grapegod - Next Generation Ghost Train Haze #1 - Rare Dankness Sensi Star - Paradise Caramello - Delicious Original Strawberry Cough - Dinafem Has anyone had any experience with any of these strains? Let me know!
  16. 4 In The Box

    From the album a simple drobe grow

  17. Out Of The robe

    From the album a simple drobe grow

  18. 4 In The Box

    From the album a simple drobe grow

  19. Pre flower

    From the album a simple drobe grow

    day 31 first pre-flower to show
  20. start week 3

    From the album week 2 kalashnikova

    end of week 2
  21. 20160822 123039 600x1067

    From the album First grow

    Northern lights autos x2. 10 weeks... 4 weeks into flower (approx) and getting sticky. No flashy nutes for these girls. Miracle grow plant feed, tomorite, liquid seaweed, molasses. Grown under 9 cfls in a tent.