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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys time to look at getting a new fan have changed up the space a good bit and now using half a room rather than a tent. Room is seperated by a large blackout curtain and black and white panda. And sealed to the walls except for a small intake. I currently run a 200mm rhino pro fan. With a str stepped controller. Serves me well but i do get a buzz from the controller had a sparky look at it and he says nothing to worry about he says if you want quiet to look at an ec fan. been online and to local grow shop and both have recommended a few different options. My fan currently sits in a box filled with noise and fire foam. And the only noise is from the controller and ducting . New fan will sit veeticall on top of the filter and have a straight line into loft with phonic ducting. can you guys help with a few fans . so far seen the hyper fan v2 and ac infinity t8 both stocked at local shop
  2. I am brand new to this growing game. My seedlings will be 7 days tomorrow. I have a clip-on fan running, however it can be plainly heard downstairs and I’m thinking this is because it is on the tent frame (vibration?) Would a floor standing “computer” USB tower fan or similar be quieter if I stand it on something on the tent base? All suggestions welcomed. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, i purchased a really small 40cmx40cmx120cm tent to do a single plant lst/supercrop in to make space of the little area along with one of those new hlg quantum boards. I'm having major issues with my exhaust fan set up and just want help with it as i'm at my whits end trying to get it to run quitely. I went with a black orchid hydbrid-flo 100 4 inch which is cheap and cheerful if it wasn't so noisy for the room. Its really loud and unbareable (this is on its low setting, it has an option for only either low or high) for a bed room and i'm pretty sure that any speed controller i get will just be too expensive for this budget mini grow as well as i've read online that fans with variable speeds should never be plugged into one of those cheap light dimmer plugs that are commonly sold on ebay as hydro light dimmers. I dont know what to do and i need this set up to be really quite for obvious reasons, i want to only be able to lightly hear it in the room and not at all once outside the room. I will of course keep the in line fan outside of the tent along with the large carbon filter. I've been reading on forums all day trying to figure this stuff out, and have just signed up on here to try sort it out. I did however come across this which is a cheap chinese 4 inch fan but at least it has full control over fan speeds which should help i guess. This tent is tiny though, do you think i could get away with two 120mm pc fans as an exhaust instead? To help further, the filter that i'm using is a carbomax 50 (a bit overkill i guess). Thanks guys, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I need some advice regarding options to reduce fan noise. With regards to maximising noise reduction (not accounting for ducting, and placement / hanging of the fan) is it better to: 1. Get an acoustic silenced fan, or box fan (such as Gecko 2)? Or 2. Get a standard/normal fan such as the RVK, and place it within a sound proofed wooden, home made box?
  5. Hello buds, First time grower here and telling my journey here. My main problem is that the air pump I am using is way too loud. I am currently using a Hailea v10 for 3 buckets. Could you suggest me any option that's more quiet? Or any way of lowering the noise? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, finally got my first one up and running. It's been a lot of trial and error, putting things together, pulling them back down etc, but think I've finally got it somewhere near right. The biggest obstacle for me has been the noise of the extraction. I've made a shabby DIY silencer box out of cardboard, rockwool, acoustic ducting and a shit load of tape, hung it from the ridge in the loft and it seems to have (almost) done the trick. I can only hear air movement when I'm inside the grow room and it's cancelled out 99% of vibrations, had my ears to every wall floor and ceiling in the house. However I'm still paranoid, partly because I've been listening so much I can hear next door drop a pin and I'm thinking every noise I hear is "something up with the fan" or its moved, partly because I've boxed in an electrical appliance that's running 24/7, and stuffed it full of insulation is it a fire risk? When this is done I'd like to invest in a quieter extraction system for peace of mind. On ebay I've found things like QBF Low Noise Hydroponics Box Fan and also been looking at the TD fans. Are these any good or is an RVK in a home made box the way to go? Thanks all
  7. Good Evening Guys, I’ve just finished putting up a new grow space in a new home, it was gifted some pretty mental pineapple punch hybrids (-you know, the ones you can’t get your hands on ) Anyway the two ladies are huge tables of ready to go bloom- will post piccys tomorrow as they asleep at present. Everything is....... was perfect, cool and whisper silent with a fresh breeze- apart from the whoosh! From my CF? WTF?! I run two perpetual and mum elsewhere, not decided which one yet will see after first run, if i get there 1m*1m*1.8m tents, 600w digital, extract rhino vari speed fan, rhino CF, 6 inch ducts, non-descript 4 inch inline supply fan. all prefect just that fcuking whoosh, anyone able to help with the physics of this? i have had to put the two girls straight back into the veg room and now every day that passes i just cant commit until sorted so may end up checking out Happy Christmas
  8. Hi my question: is the sound of fans actually noticeable to neighbours? Has anyone ever had a complaint or been let it known to them that the neighbour can hear their fans running? If so what excuses have you used? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, I'm starting to look into making a new wardrobe and I'm stuck on the fan choice. I really need a much silent solution as possible, I've read that it's better to get a 6" and running it at slower speed then a 4" one, can you confirm? Is it worthy to buy a silencer? any recommendation? Is it worthy to spend extra money for the Tornado MDF Acoustic fan? Any other solution or recommendation? thanks
  10. Hello Again My Friends, I wonder if any of you have had any experience with acoustic fans? I've tried Ruck Box acoustic fans they seemed to work to a degree, I just was thinking perhaps some of you may have had experience of using different brands and could tell me if there's anything quieter they would recommend? Thanks BR
  11. High again, I'm soon going to be setting up my growdrobe and thought I'd get some insight on making my fan as quiet as possible, I've seen other threads using similar methods so hopefully it will all work out! I've ordered my fans from Greens - so hopefully the box the fans are supplied in will be ideal size for the d.i.y silencing.. I plan to put the fan in a box.. 2 side of the box will have holes for attaching my ducting to be connected to the fans inside the box / all round the fan I plan to pack with acoustic foam (lots of offcuts not expanding foam) Seal up the box and hope it works! I'll repeat the process for both my intake/exhaust fans depending how noisy they are once they arrive etc. also would the boxes on the floor be okay or should I attempt to hang them too? I'll update my post once trying out my idea but any tips on reducing noise are welcomed!
  12. Hey, Working out the final details for my loft grow and looking for some advice on ventilation. I will be building two insulated boxes, one for veg / mother and one for flower. The flower box will be a vertical setup with 400w hps around 4 foot square and the veg box will be a bit smaller using only CFL's or maybe a T5. The plan! Draw air from the house through a passive intake into the vegging room, connect the veg room to the flower room and then have a CF and extractor fan extracting out through the flowing box and out through pipe used for the cooker extractor fan. The issue is that the kitchen extractor pipe is only 10cm /4 inches wide. From reading the forum and advice I've been given I would need a 6 inch fan in this situation to keep temps under control especially in the summer. Questions: Can I use a larger fan (say 6'') and still connect it to the 4'' pipe? Will this create allot of noise / problems or will I be able to just about get by on a 4'' fan? The alternative is to extract the outlet into the kitchen below, the worry I have here is that I want to be stealthy and having warm air pumped into the kitchen and living area (it's open plan) will look suspicious as hell. Any advice? Cheers SeaView
  13. Hi people, need some help or ideas to stop the swooshing noise that can be heard outside house at front. I only use acoustic ducting Air is pulled through airbrick 1.2x1.2x2m tent 1000w air cooled light 10" l1and 6"a1 rvk fans 2x 90l bubblers Outside> ducting> 6"a1 rvk > ducting > icarus king size 1000w air cooled reflc> ducting > reducer> 10" L1 rvk in grow room Noise only happens with 10 inch on at the same time with the 6" cant hear noise but temps go too high so will need the 10" on through out lights on Has/ does anyonw have the same problem? Any fixes? Thanks