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Found 9 results

  1. cheese auto xxl

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  2. about time I got this diary going.... @panik Plan is was to grow 6 (3 of each) in 1 x 200ltr no=till pot/bed but as there were 7(lucky omens everywhere) of the zkittzo's so.... I'm now gonna grow 7 plants - 4 x zkittzo's + 3 x lemonade og's in 1.2m2 ish my usual bean popping technique; soak beans in minimal amount of warm water for a couple of hours to bring up to temp after being stored in the fridge, and to soften them up a bit then straight into pellets which have been pre-soaked in warm water, aloe and a little TNC MycorrMax 1cm ish down. I always add the water that the seeds were pre-soaked in as I don't want to lose any of the enzymes that seeds produce/release at the moment of germination if that happened which it shouldn't have done yet in the couple of hours...blah blah blah.... and then labelled wrongly by my other half into a prop, lid on at 24c ish on Tuesday 24th April... 2 day's later Thursday 26th lid still on, just off for pics....6 stirrers DAY 1 DAY 2 100% germ only zkittzo #2 needed a little help with her cap....opened vents on prop.... DAY 4 lid off and lift off.... Put them under a t5 yesterday then 2x t5's today a 125cfl tomorrow to build up to planting them straight into their final 200ltr home under a 400mh on Friday ish any eagle eye's may have noticed a bubba's gift bean in the first pic...same treatment, still a no-show......i'll leave it at that for now... Plan is to veg under the 400mh for 6-8 weeks then flower under a 600hps but there is some cross over from other cmh lights in the groom
  3. Finally, either fashionably late or sneakily waiting to steal everyone else's ideas before I start? Actually I've been waiting for space in a flower groom but equally happy to see what else has been going on with everyone else's pots Plan changed/ evolved many times till now but I think I'm settled on; organic, no-till(meaning worms and wood louse) and some extra little helpers like water retaining crystals. This has been mixed and has been sitting/cooking for a couple of weeks. My soil is a mix of Irish moss peat, e.w.c, rice hulls, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, Epsom salts, trim from last run and some water retaining crystals Also I plan to "pot up/on" from the standard size to the king size(any objectors please speak now or forever hold your ) This extra little bit of soil will have more water retaining crystals, e.w.c and a 1/4 bio tab for when the plant is a little more able to take more food. credit to @crticalcontent for the biotab idea Will also be using/copying @leapsure skemor idea of the tights and collar to help hold it all in and with watering Already thought of the need to hang my pot and have noticed this has already been done too. All going well I'm going to veg for 1-2 weeks then pot up and flick within a few days of that. All this^^^ for a flippin pot noodle Some pics... Beans were soaked in warm water for a couple of hours to bring them up to temp from being in the fridge then popped into pre-soaked jiffy thingy's. Some of the bits and mods... some holes Hopefully back in a few days with some baby bubbas
  4. Someone on here recommended me a few books on organics/no-till a while back and I've finally got round to reading them, really interesting stuff! Anyone interested in "proper" organics should give them a read, they teach you a lot about the magic going on underneath the soil, how it all works together, and what it does for your plants. "Once you are aware of and appreciate the beautiful synergisms between soil organisms, you will not only become a better gardener but a better steward of the earth. Home gardeners really have no business applying poisons, and yet apply them they do, to the food they grow and eat (and worse feed to their families) and the lawns on which they play." Teaming With Microbes Teaming With Nutrients Teaming With Fungi Author: Jeff Lowenfels
  5. sour tangie,tangie and gsc

    From the album crockets tangie, dna's sour tangie,clone fairy surprise(strawberry cheese)

    front left gsc back left sour tangie right 2x tangie
  6. hi all, been using Equisetum arvense (horse's mane/tail)(picked fresh and blitzed with some water) as an organic silicon supplement via foliar feeding/spraying but thinking ahead to autumn/winter when it dies down as to what to use instead?(can I freeze it?) so many options and info.....; Raw's silicon dioxide, silicium G5 siliplant, diatomaceous earth? same as "Raw's" silicon dioxide? many hydro options like Growth Technology Liquid Silicon - 1 litre etc.. guess i'm asking if anyone has much experience of these products when used in no-till/living soils?
  7. Hi There, Ive been really getting into no-till, living soil ideas recently Ive learned alot of great information from listening to podcasts from the US, however im not sure where i will source some of this stuff in the UK, and I want to try and get top quality ingredients for my soil! So, im wondering if anyone can recommend UK based companies that are supplying top quality organic soil supplies, to give you an idea, these are the kind of things Im looking for: Peat Moss Perlite/Pumice & other aeration things high quality worm castings & compost neem / karanja cake/meal kelp meal crustacean meal / insect frass Basalt Glacier/Volcanic rock dust Gypsum Mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes Good quality coco Also interested to hear any tips for building my soil mix
  8. Have this mini auto sour bubblin crack not to sure if she done, do they fade at the end, no much to fade there no real leaves on her here's a link to me diary Peace Percy
  9. A nice chilled video of one of our facilities trying out Probiotics Enjoy All the best D-M.