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Found 3 results

  1. Hi....relatively new grower here... I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out a problem I've had growing autos. Specifically, I've grown several autos but despite growing well in veg, the plants effectively 'stopped' mid-flower and did not fully mature. In addition, very little smell which seems to suggest that something was 'wrong' despite appearances. The bud was nowhere near the quality I'd expected although the overall volume of dried bud was good (appx 400g per plant). I've had this issue with several autos - it does not appear to be a one-off. I kept a grow diary with regular photos so can supply further details if required but here are the basic details of my most recent grow: Strain: Dutch Passion auto White Widow (also had the same issue with Dutch Passion auto orange bud). Growing environment: 1x1 metre area grow tent with oscillating fan & air extraction unit 11 Litre airpots Substrate: Canna Coco Pro Plus with appx 30% perlite added. Nutrients: Canna Coco A & B, Calmag, Rhizotonic, PK 13/14, Boost (all from the Canna range) Lights: 2 x SF-1000x Spider Farmer LED's (each @ 97 watts power draw) + 1x150watt HPS. Light schedule: 20/4 then 18/6 for the final 4 weeks. Water: RO water with calmag added to bring typical water ec to 0.4 (target) Watering schedule: twice daily after veg got underway and then three times daily when in flower. Always watered to at least 30% runoff minimum. Input EC and output EC checked at each watering. When in flower, typically flushed once per week as output EC tended to drift too high suggesting nutrient buildup within the coco. EC typically back within acceptable range (i.e. no more than +0.4 ec compared to input ec) after flush. Nutrient schedule: broadly in line with Canna recommended schedule. No major issues with leaf burn although a little leaf tip yellowing did occur. In general, I tended to go a little under the suggested Canna 'light' schedule ec values. Defoliation: minimal. LST: None - essentially left the plants to grow naturally. Temperature & humidity: typically 20 to 25C. Humidity in tent was usually around 40% during flowering. Problem description: Flowering started off as expected at approx 8 weeks after germination but did not mature as expected - no amber trichomes even after 17 weeks when I did the final cut. Some leaf yellowing did occur but regular inspection of trichomes suggested that plants were not developing as expected. One theory is that because the plant was relatively large, the nutrients supplied could not support the plant through to full maturity although this is little more than a guess. I got a big volume of bud off the plant (400 gram dry weight) but quality, as stated earlier, was very poor. Would have happily settled for a much lower yield but decent quality! I researched the requirements for growing autos and am reasonably confident that the overall growing environment was roughly 'correct'. No obvious signs of disease or pests. Can anybody suggest what my problem is? I'm sure if the growing environment were inherently poor then I would not have managed to grow the plants through veg stage and into flower. Thanks in anticipation!
  2. Hi Guys, Been browsing the forum for a few weeks and Impressed by the amount of knowledge and Information that is on here. I'm a new time grower and after researching for a few months I thought I would give It a crack. I was given a seed by a friend of mine which was obtained through a reputable vendor but I'm currently 3 weeks into flower and I have to really get up close to smell anything at all. Is this normal? Seen some Indoor grows that seriously hum even during veg. I've set up a chickenwire structure with poly outer cover. Went with a 25 litre pot with basic organic soil. Experienced a few caterpillar and nutrient Issues along the way but In general she has been a happy girl. The strain is called Fruit Spirit (I'm at latitude 52°). Any Ideas? Cheers
  3. Hi All, Having taken the decision last year to ditch the dealer and to do the do my self, I have set a small space aside in a spare room for my Medium BudBox (75 x 75 120cm) housing 400w HPS, 5" CAN fan for extraction and 4" bathroom fan for intake. I am curently growing Auto Flowering plants due to their size, quick rate of growth and low feeding requirements. My problem is that even after my second batch of plants the plants are failing to produce that nice smell that we all no and love. I wouldn't bring it up on here if they were all of 1 strain but I am currently growing 1 each of the following: Auto Syrup - Buddah Seeds Auto Chiesel - Big Buddah Seeds Auto Bubblegum - 00 Seeds Auto Super Hash - Pyramid Seeds Auto Mazar - Dutch Passion Auto Somango - Soma Seeds (Failed to germ) The plants are on an 18/6 (on/off) light cycle, with tempuratures at lights on averaging at 27-29°C and lights off temperatures averaging 21°C. My last crop of Auto NYCDiesel, Blue Diesel and Blue Amnesia failed to stink out the house whilst drying (A good thing for some, but not a bother for me). What even more disappointing is that the dried flowers don't even taste of anything when smoked, even after 4 weeks of curing in kilner jars! Decent enough high but absolutely no tast on either of the 3 strains! Any help from this experienced community would be of great help. (I did have a search but couldn't find any helpful results when searching "Plant Lack Smell") Many thanks for reading Mecca