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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm not sure what's gone wrong with this grow (only my second!) but these plants are at week 10 today (from seed, grown directly in medium) but there are no trichomes forming at all and there is no smell from the plants at all (unless I give them a rub, then it's not too bad). Any ideas what has gone wrong here? I would expect trichomes by this stage and the lack of scent is destroying me! Having done some research, I think there's an excess of nitrogen but I could be wrong? I have stopped nutes and am flushing with pure filtered water to see if this helps. The heat in the grow room did get out of control with the recent heatwave but much cooler now, so this is possibly heat stress? Not sure if the HPS light is right for auto-flowers even though it is a dual spectrum, might order a UV-B terrarium light to add some blue light as I read that this is what creates resins? Are these plants salvageable or a lost cause? They seem to have flowered but they are small and not very fat Any advice warmly received...I'm pulling out what little hair I have left! FULL DISCLOSURE: I have edited the images to adjust HPS colour caste (having trouble uploading images through UK420, will try and add soon) Background Strain: Fat Banana Autoflower Age of plants: 10 weeks grown directly in media, so no transplanting Media: British Organic Bio Mix (85%), Canna Coco (10%) plus perlite Nutes: Dutch Pro for Autoflower/Hardwater/Soil. I'm taking it very easy on the nutes as the plants are autoflower, tried hard not to overfeed Light: HPS Dual Spectrum about 18-20 inches from plants. Currently set to 240w as heat stress may be a factor here Air: 2 fans for circulation but not pointed directly at plants Extraction: Rhino. Was using in anticipation of strong scent but currently switched off
  2. Not seen my plant for 3 days, just came to water and it looks horrible... Ive looked online it looks alot like a potassium deficiency or a nitrogen deficiency, i cant decide which one.. any advice would be greatly appreciated ill go to my local grow shop tomorrow It's an autoflower mystery seed 25 days old! thanks in advance for any help scratching my head at this one :/ growing in coco 70/30 perlite mix using standard bio series nutrients half dosage for the auto, watering not too heavy when there is roughly half inch - an inch of the top medium dried out. Struggled to edit the photos, im still learning haha.. Thanks for your time farmers sorry to summon you.
  3. Problems1.jpeg

    From the album New album

  4. Problem2.jpeg

    From the album New album

  5. Hi all. Was just looking for some input. Two plants here, possibly the same strain just two different phenos. But that said, they do look like they could have maybe had different fathers due to cross pollination. (Bagseed) Day 51 of flower, and both are showing signs of Nitrogen deficiency. Now, I understand that this is normal, in fact I am pleased. However, could anyone maybe provide input on what they would do about the lightest green plant, as this I suspect to be a heavier sativa strain, thus meaning it will take longer to flower, ergo my question...Has it faded too early? I’d say the purple variety with more indica traits will be done in a week or 2 max. But the light green plant seems like it is only halfway done!!! Could I throw some EWC on top for a nitrogen boost? Or is it far enough along to leave be. Thanks for any input. Happy growin
  6. hey guys seems the older bigger leafs on the bottom of my plants are turning yellow and dying ive worked out that its a nitrogen deficiency what would be the best thing to add nitrogen organically ? but also ive read that nitrogen isn't needed on flowing as much as veg so as im a week into flowering will it be okay or should i add some just encase
  7. Hi guys, my plants are on day 32 of flower, yesterday i noticed that a few of the leaves were starting to claw downwards, could it be N toxicity? they haven't had any grow nutes since the flip to 12/12, only bloom, and i started pk boost last week. This is only my second grow, first one went t*ts up from day one (Very poorly prepared ) but this one has so far been a breeze (touch wood) so i'm hoping this doesn't throw a spanner in the works now. Anyway i'll attatch some pics, what do you guys think? Big thanks in advance guys and sorry about the crap pics Also hoping you guys could spot any other problems that may be going on that i haven't noticed? Cheers Guys! BTW the one at the front left is only half a plant as it was chopped in half by my gear coming down on it!
  8. as u can see from pics my leaves are going funny 6 weeks old autos and as u can see from other pic the top of the plants are doing great can any one help me please ??? is it lack of nitrogen ???
  9. Okay, I don't know what has happened differently this year, but for some reason pretty much all of my photoperiods are showing some rather extreme signs of nitrogen deficiency. Numerous leaves and even side branches from the lower section of the plants have turned yellow and then brown, before dying and falling off. Yesterday I had to remove several brown, dead lower branches. Obviously a lack of nitrogen kills off growth and stalls the plants growth, so this is a serious problem which is really annoying, especially since my photoperiods which initially started off well and fast, are now appearing stunted. I have tried to treat the nitrogen deficiency with weekly trips to my plots in order to apply nitrogen enriched fertiliser, but this isn't resolving the problem and is just buying me a bit more time, as the problem is gradually worsening each week. Things have become so bad at one of my plots that I am now ignoring the 1 cap of fertiliser recommendation and instead using 4 or 5 caps of fertiliser per milk jug. And even after such a heavily concentrated cocktail of feed, I still return the following week to see even more yellow leaves... I just don't get it!? What could be causing such an extreme lack of nitrogen? Could it be linked to the fact that my holes are not overly that big, and that they only contain around 10 litres of compost at the most? Although I don't see how that would matter because the roots can surely tunnel into the surrounding native soil and where cannabis grows in it's native range, it doesn't require pre-fertilised soil. I don't really understand what is causing such a big nitrogen deficiency. Also, what can I do to avoid this problem next year, besides having bigger holes with more compost... like what amendments can I make to the soil and is there anything I can put in the soil to bolster nitrogen levels & sustain the plant with enough nitrogen for next season? I have heard people mentions sea weed as a fert? My plot is quite far away to travel to and it draws attention when visiting 10-20 times a season to apply fertiliser, so I only want to be making 2-3 trips between plant out & harvest, as opposed to these weekly trips. How can I sustain these plants with nitrogen? Thanks
  10. From the album LED/DWC first crack

    Sleestack skunk split to two branch's experiment,trying to find out how many branch's and how many plants to get the best production in my small space. Also this plant is particularly dark which suggest too much N to me even tho it has had the same feed as the others.