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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone hope your doing well. Wacky times at the minute, I was in the shop and some old fella looked at the till assistant and outreaches his hand after he dug out a treasure trove load of coins from his pocket! Then drops them all on the counter which seemingly took forever haha sounded like hail! But whilst doing this he says "Put them in the charity box Son." and the best it about it was the bloody box was literally 4 inches from where he dropped them onto the counter. The till assistant must have been looking around for Jeremy Beadle. This here diary will be one containing glimpses into what beers I'm drinking for instance, I'm drinking birra moretti tonight. Night before it was erdinger dunkel, that will make your pish smell alright. Usually hit the holsten pils though. The odd funny pic may slip on into the diary and even the occasional joke if they are PC enough. Really looking forward to doing this diary for everyone and a big thanks to the UK420 team and @teehee @splifi @Professor_X @Slippy One @zeroG @diyleduk @Lamster67 Sometimes for me just talking/writing shit and trying not to be a dick is the best medicine going about! So pop open your can of smingles or get tucked into your Jen&Kerri's here comes the first wave of my diary hope y'all enjoy so dim the lights and roll up a doob for the one time extravaganza the one and only Why"A"Ree! nudge nudge get it, don't be too mean about my bushweed botch up hoping it's more of a Wow"A"Ree than a Why"A"Ree. Enough of me talking gobbledygook. The grow will be of a plant I germed and vegged so far under a 6000K 40w light 600mmx600mm in size. Once my last grow has finished drying I will be moving it into the room with a lumatek attis 200 the whole way through from when I re pot it into a bigger pot from the 3.5 litre pot it is in at the minute, until its flowered and I get our auld danye son to go in and karatekid the fuck out of it. I'll be using the highly recommended clover multi purpose soil straight out of the beg, right! The beg! I have some blood bone and fish meal and also some potash I might or might knock into the soil when potting up. Don't know, think of this grow like the pantomime, feel free to shout in yer 2p, like don't be adding that ya gluebeg! Lucas formula with some other stuff added in. I know it was devised for general hydroponics nutes but I'll be doing it with advanced nutrients because I heard ya can, so spit your tea out, bite your tongue or call me a buffoon that's what we are rolling with. The room size that it will be moved into under the influence of the attis 200 will be 1.2high x 1.1wide x 1.4long. Snugger than a family of unwelcome roosting pigeons under your PVP panels. Thanks again everyone really hyped to have a stab at this comp, took me ages even just getting thisone post up but I really really don't mind I like to pour the contents of my grey matter onto the white matter in the latter half of the day. Right must stop with the rambling her patience is wearing thin and my eyes are on fire looking at this screen for 4 hrs! I'm so not handy with computers and phones, or maybe it's the water fuckits and morettis I've been doing. Thank fuck this saved I thought it wiped, phew here's the plant porn Bye everyone
  2. Right boys and girls, I am now finally in a position to start my grow for this year! After a major fuck up on Parcel Forces end my initial order from Sweet Seeds has been lost, although I am still awaiting a refund I decided to order some more seeds and as per my title i've ended up with some Nirvana Bubblelicious and Sweet Seeds Sweet Nurse. I also got some free Seedsman Amnesia too and a nice face mask. I have upgraded my system since last year and I hope they'll allow me to perform a better grow with no popcorn buds: Carboair Carbon Filter as my last one did nothing to mask the smell Scope 275 V2 from DIYLEDUK Some fresh Air Pots rather than fabric I'm just about to pop the seeds to germinate, stay tuned for an interesting ride, no doubt i'll be learning a lot more as i plan to LST these one's.
  3. Nirvana Northern Lights

    From the album Diyleduk 2020 comp entry

    Hey everyone this plant has been grown under a 6000K 40w light for about a month and a half in the corner of my room just plodding along :)
  4. Nirvana Northern Lights

    From the album Diyleduk 2020 comp entry

    Hey everyone this plant has been grown under a 6000K 40w light for about a month and a half in the corner of my room just plodding along :)
  5. 1.jpg

    From the album nirvana white widow

  6. White Widow.jpg

    From the album nirvana white widow

  7. 20190420-200646-2016x1512.jpg

    From the album Pre 99 big bud

    Day 7 of drying..
  8. tent.jpg

    From the album nirvana white widow

  9. Tent .jpg

    From the album nirvana white widow

  10. Cupboard 1.jpg

    From the album nirvana white widow

    flowering start of white widow.
  11. 5c1a222b69b53-pre99bb.jpg

    From the album Pre 99 big bud

    day 4
  12. Seedlings :)

    From the album Pl4nKs INDOOR

    3 x AK-48 2 x Lemon OG Haze AUTO Freebies from Nirvana

    © Pl4nK

  13. Hi, first post here. I've read a lot of great advice already, but still a few questions..... Is anyone else trying the Blueberry kush AF (Nirvana) outdoors this summer? I'm going to be starting late (mid June) 5x Blueberry kush AF (Nirvana) 10 - 15 ltr smart pots. Biobizz all mix / extra ??? In a south facing secluded garden 51N. I would like to keep it all as organic as possible, but I read Autos don't like 'hot' soil. I don't have time to prep the substrate! Any suggestions? Also, as I will be in the tropics for the winter I would like to try some other 'balcony' suitable strains. (low odour, short) I've read about Nirvana's blue Mystic auto and Vision's NL auto, which both sound great for the Job... Any advice would be greatly appreciated! One Love! Zibzabs 40% 51N / 60% 31N
  14. Nirvana white Rhino 6 weeks

    From the album Wild Rose Afghani & White rhino

    6weeks in and this plant is a huge yielder. Knock down stone so a little goes a very long way.

    © lasouris

  15. Hi 420 I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with these AK48s? I have ordered some the other day because they were cheap and I remember this as being a decent taste / smoke from about 10yrs ago. However I have just read a fair bit about them and there seem to be mixed reports...... I don't wanna be wasting 3mths+ of my life on something that simply aint gonna cut the mustard anymore if you know what I mean. Any info / advice on experiences would come in handy. Cheers