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Found 147 results

  1. black lebanon in nft.JPG

    From the album Super Sativa Seed Club "Black Lebanon"

    plants put into system at 29 days from germination
  2. Please post any general questions you may have and we'll get back to you ASAP
  3. Hey. I am using the GT424 NFT system. Obviously when the water level is near the minimum I empty it out and fill with fresh nute water. But it does kinda annoy me tipping almost 20 litres of nutrient rich water away. is there anything anyone uses the water for ? any way to stop it being so wasteful ??
  4. hi all. so i now have my plant in my GT424 NFT system... question is how the heck do you do LST ?? obviously in a bucket i would drill holes and tie branches down, but not so easy in the NFT tray
  5. Hi All, Very glad to have found a UK based community, hopefully the start of something great. So to the point... I am on my second grow so I managed to tweak a lot of problems I discovered before I started my second. I am running 2x GT424 tables in a 120x120x200 tent, I found a post here about minimising the pump sounds which worked a treat so that's one issue I've dealt with. But now I find myself hearing the feed running back into the reservoir, the noise for me isn't the end of the world (i actually find it quite therapeutic) but I live in a terraced house and I can hear when the neighbours dog farts so I'm sure they can hear me and it concerns me. I had thought initially when I was setting up again to have my spreader mats run down into the Res to transport the water down but then I thought that may give the roots a path. Has anyone found a decent solution for this? Anglo
  6. Hi... I am a new grower and my local shop swears by NFT so i bought the GT424 setup... However they told me to start of running the pump for 15mins twice a day... then when the roots are bigger to run the pump for 15 mins every two hours.... BUT Nutrient solutions * who make the system) on all their videos say the pump is always running... So what would you all suggest ??? Cheers
  7. having finally booted up my rather antiquated laptop i thought I'd make a rolling diary for my grow space prior to starting my first grow. somewhere underneath two layers of foil lined bubble wrap is a Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty (0.8m wide x 0.6m deep x 1.4m high). Tent was chosen as its one of the very few that will fit the space i have. making the tent coat was a labour of love, all seams are sealed on both sides with silver insulation tape and the inner skin has foil flaps around the intake, outtake and electrical ports. Outer skin would have had them too but i had a rather weighty bifta and the thing was built and in the loft before i realised id forgotten them Outer layer rolls up around an old broom handle and is then held up by the bungee cables around the cross beams, inner layer opens out double door style.. inside is a Medusa Hydroponics Lotus P1 NFT system. this seems to be a pretty new piece of kit but i chose it over the GT205 as it gives me a little extra space within the tent. Lighting is a Scope 220 from our very own @diyleduk Intake is via a 4" semi-passive set up (boosted by an extractor fan built into the room below) and extraction is handled by a 5" Black Orchid Centri-Flo fan with built in speed and temperature control. Squeezed into that 25l brewing bucket is a 5" CarboAir 50 filter to remove any funky odours before the old air is pushed out of the eaves. At the minute I'm just running it empty and keeping an eye on internal and external temps and humidity prior to embarking on my first grow, readings are within reasonable limits and seem pretty stable for now but time will tell.. I've got a few ideas for future grows, first of which will probably be a small water heater to keep res temps up (depending on how they do in the future). I'd love to hear any ideas or recommendations - thanks for reading
  8. I’ve noticed a few times that I get dead spots when checking both pH and EC. If I stir the nutes I get steady readings, I have an air stone in there as well, so was a bit surprised. I calibrate my bluelab pH meter every month, so not that. Does anyone use electric stirrers? If they’re worth using, I might knock something up with some old pc fans and some magnets. I’ve seen it done on YouTube.
  9. So it's been about 6 months since i've done a diary, i've done 2 crops under these par+ led's, and the results have been very poor compared against concurrent hps grow. The idea of this diary is to see what i'm doing wrong or to confirm that there's a lot of hype about led's. The comparison grow starts in a week and i'll keep them in the same diary (same strain). The plants go into system at about 2wks old..
  10. Trays/LightsOrientation

    From the album Angloproblems

    To give me the best light coverage, would it be better for my lights to run parallel with my trays or would I be better off having them as they are (in the picture)?
  11. So I'm 8 weeks into an autoflower grow, 2xRoyal Gnome 1xNorthern Lights both from RQS. Being my first grow, I have made some real noob mistakes, but have learnt so much from doing so. The biggest being - don't grow autos in NFT The Gnome in the centre is so far away from flower compared to the other two. Should I give her more time, or chop her down and give more space/light to the other two? This could be problematic when flush time comes also. Any suggestions would be most welcome 2x Gnomes left and centre, Northern Lights on the right. Gnome Left Northern Lights Gnome Centre
  12. fade

    Hi am fairly new to Organics and coco I have been watching how people achieve different colour fades in amended organic coco buy letting the plant starve of nutrients come end of harvest just wanted to know if this is possible in a full hydro system like Nft or in hydro clay has anyone ever achieved pinks reds and purple leaf fade in a Nft system I flushed mine for over 2 weeks and still plants healthy and bright green maybe I should flush for a month with plain none ph tap water and change the tank everyday? Or is it down to the strain genetics? I chose to grow organically in coco as I prefer the cleanliness to soil and less chance of pest but I prefer hydro to the eas of watering Thanks Any info appreciate
  13. with my loft tent set up and ready to grow its about time I started my first diary Around the 1st May i dropped my Dinafem Critical Mass CBD seed into water and popped it into a mini heated propagator. 24h later and it'd cracked and the tap root was starting to emerge so i placed it carefully into a rootit sponge and placed the lot into my temporary veg cabinet. she had some difficulties throwing her shell off so after a day or two i eased it off and left her to get on with things - unfortunately i hadn't noticed that a bit of shell pith was still clinging on and this prevented the cotyledons from properly opening for another day or two before i worked up the courage to cut them free with a razor blade now 5 days from germination shes starting to spread her wings a bit - shes not coming on as quick as I'd have liked but i suspect i may have left her in the closed heated prop for a little too long, plus the closed cupboard with no ventilation is hardly a perfect environment - will definitely have to have to work out something better for next time plan is to let her settle into the rootit sponge, then once she's happy move her into a 4" rockwool cube and hand water for a bit before dropping her in the NFT tray... super excited (and a little nervous) to finally have my first grow on the go - looking forward to some home grown weed in T minus 12-16 weeks and counting
  14. dutch passion in nft system.jpg

    From the album Dutch Passion Orange Bud

    finally after 3 weeks there in..
  15. I have got a NFT system. It is looks like exactly the GT100 just a bit smaller. It is 90 cm x 90 cm, or 3 'x 3'. It has the same res, tray, feeder bar. I bought an adjustable pump too. I read several topics but i didn't find answers for my questions. 1. Is the spreader mat some kind of geotextil? I have this on a large roll (i think it is 1.5 m x 100 m roll and maybe 1-2 mm thick and white). I assume it is good (it's not chemically treated), isn't it? 2. I read that the mat is good to drop to the res because it eliminates the dripping water sound ( i will use air stones in the res). But how much? Below water line is fine? In this case the mat not will be too wet due the capillary action? 3. I really really hate rockwool. I tried it several times but always failed (salt build up, Ph problems and overwatering). I found an alternative which called easy plug and easy block. The plug is 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm x 3 cm and the block is 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm x 6 cm. It has been made of organic materials like root riot, rapid rooter. It has an 1.0 EC and a steady PH of 6.0. But it's bottom is flat. Can i use this in NFT? I can't see why not the NFT instruction says i can put a well rooted coco or even soil plant onto it. What do you mean? 4. I am very afraid of overwatering on the NFT tray. Should i put something below the cube? Just to raise a bit from the mat. I read several opinion about water pump running time also. Run constantly but adjust the flow. Run on timer. Even one post said in the beginning not use the pump the plant get some moisture due the capillary action of the mat (if it is in the res). Can you give me some solid advice? I don't want to fail just in the beginning
  16. Hi All. I was hoping for some advice on changing from an NFT system to a DWC recirculating system. I am currently running a sog on 2 NFT 604's under a 600w light, however the space I am using has limited height at around 5ft alought around 3x3m floor space. Because I have limited height I am running around 10 plants in each tray that are switched to flowering when around 8 inches tall and i'm currently averaging around 14g per plant finishing at 8 weeks flowing. I have been considering changing to a DWC recirculating system as I would then be able to grow from seed instead of clones and be able to change the strain regularly and cut down on the number of plants I have running. I would be looking to build a 6 pot recirculating system myself but I am unsure if I will have enough height for them yield the same as I am currently getting off the NFT (Would need to get around 2oz per plant) the plants could get to around 3.5ft before any light burn. I can spread the system out and even bring in another 600w however I still would like it to be turned around in 9 weeks, I can veg them elsewhere for a few weeks before going into flower however I wouldn't have the time to do a scrog as once i have them vegged they go into the flowering room and I run it perpetually. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  17. Ok I've been having problems with the ph rising out of range overnight I'm in a nft 604 tank with 8 clones Everything was going swet untill a week ago..thd oh started rising out of range overnight from 5.8 to 6.5 I would correct it and the same would happen the next day before this I would set the ec at 1 and it would fall through the week untill about 0.4 then a tank change when the ph problems started i increased the e.c.to 1.5 thinking the e.c was too low There's been no improvement and the plant are looking sick curling leaves and a slight yellowing I've dropped the e.c and gave them a flush over night but the same is happening Can any body help ? !
  18. HSO Black D.O.G @ The House of Freax I thought it fitting to start this diary with one of my alltime favourite tunes, Black Dog by the mighty Led Zeppelin. So ive just popped 3 BDOG beans into some Root Riot cubes First up is a huge thank you to @HSO-Mark and all the guys at the office who made this grow possible by supplying me with some very nicely packaged HSO beans. So i decided to get these in now ready to take the place of my Dinafem girls that are in the tent at the moment. I moistened the top of the cubes with a small drizzle of warm water and shook off the excess before putting the seeds into the cubes. As soon as they show themselves they will be put into the Aerogarden for a few days to help bring on the roots before i put them into 4 inch cubes ready to be put onto the NFT tray when they have developed enough of a root system to get them started properly. Ill be using Ionic nutes and additives throughout the grow as usual. Just gotta wait till they pop their heads up now and then i can carry on with this diary. Cheers for looking in. To be continued.......... Freax
  19. Hey people im on my first NFT Grow using the 60 litre tank indoor grow room 8" Extractor 18" Movement Fan 600W HPS Nutes - Shogun Hydro Bloom A&B using around 1-2 ml per litre also Silver Bullet added for the roots using 20ml per water change PH is always around 5.8-6.2 EC 1.2 on bluelab truncheon Tank Temp stays at around 21-22 light off/on Water change every 7 days Growing 3 Critical Kush (plants and buds look mean and only just over 3 weeks into flower) Hey people ive been away for 4 days ive come back an noticed my PH had raised up to around 6.8 which being as no one is around to keep an eye on them im guessing standard plus they are due a water change later. Now i've noticed my leaves are getting a weird pattern im guessing Mag Def? I have cal mag here im wondering if i can use this an at what dose when doing a change. As said this is my first grow so im still getting my numbers dialed in
  20. 2scrogs-48.jpg

    From the album two systems two scrogs

    Candy cream buds

    © rabthegrower

  21. 2scrogs-47.jpg

    From the album two systems two scrogs

    Candy Cream scrog

    © rabthegrower