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Found 59 results

  1. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  2. I opened my DIY grow cabinet this morning to see the far left plant bent over, no idea why this happened, but will it survive or should i get rid? I previously overwatered so i have been leaving it to dry out for a few days, thats why there is a bit of algae on the top layer. Also there is currently no ventilation in there as i heard it was possible to get away with just opening the cupboard doors a few times, not too sure i believe this so ill be installing 3 PC fans. Or would a inline fan be better? Smell isn't too much of an issue as i smoke in the same room. If anyone has any tips for ventilation in a grow cabinet please advise. Medium is BioBizz All Mix soil and i have 3 600w LED lights above (100w true power)
  3. Hi I am a newbie at growing and unfortunately the attic was the only place I could get away with doing one for the next few days it’s going to be over thirty degrees where I live so the attic will get really hot to hot for the plants I think they are five weeks old does anyone have any suggestions ? I was thinking of bringing them down and putting them in my kitchen whilst the heats really strong so they can get some air and hopefully not over heat I do have a cheap air con unit up there but do t think it’s strong enough to contend with this heat does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, great to be here. Im on week 6 of My first grow, Ive got an Auto Speed, Auto Girl Scout Cookies and a Cookies Kush (not Auto). The two autos have gone into flower. Here's the thing, the first time i fed them any form of nutrients was a few nights ago and that was Maxicrop seaweed fertilizer. They noticeably loved it. They appear to be doing okay, although i've never grown before so I have no previous points of reference... They are in a type of compost i've used for growing regular vegetables with great success, its called Carbon Gold, which contains activated biochar, wormcastings, etc. which according to the theory, should mean that nutrients will be available in abundance. Getting this far with them, i've decided I am going to feed them some foxfarm bloom or something like that. By the looks of it, how do you guys think its going... would you say the biochar must be working if plants are looking like this with no added nutrients? Heres a photo with some notes for reference. The pots are 8ltr pouches, im using a diy LED light, similar specs to the SF2000. All opinions, advice etc. highly appreciated since im a "newbie" at this and i really love these plants so i want to do the best for them. Thanks!
  5. Good Morning you beautiful people!! So to cut a long story short ive stopped growing for a good few years now, house move, kids, new job just life in general! When purchasing our new home one of my requests (demands) was that is was south facing for growing in a greenhouse. Ive got a lovely big yard with a 6x4 greenhouse set up which gets the sun from sunrise to sunset nearly. Now back then i was a total newb grower (£20) plastic greenhouse from BnM or something like that. Enough of the speal, i want to start growing again (itll be autos). Since its been many moons since my last (failed) grows and was just after some recommendations. Ive got some Canna Terra and Mills Dna left over from a few year ago are they still a viable growing medium or are there more superior soils out there now? Ive also got some Jiffys left (somewhere) do growers still use them? Rockwool? straight to pot? Airpots? fabric pots? standard plastic pots? I want these autos to take off with minimal handling. If any other greenhouse growers (preferably autos) would like to post there set up in the comments section i will be following and heeding there advice.
  6. Hiya, Three of the leaves on some Blue Dream I'm growing (2nd week of veg today) have started showing these marks. The only thing I can find similar online are plants suffering from thrips or potentially, magnesium deficiency. Am I correct with either of those? I'm a new grower, so my knowledge base just isn't there yet. Thanks for your time. Slum.
  7. Hi guys, so just started my first grow. im going budget and organic, auto northern lights grown in greenhouse with biobiz and tomato feed. so the guide I’m following for these seeds says 18hours in distilled water until they sink then 36hrs warm dark place, same water but in damp kitchen roll, then plant. Iv just now put them in kitchen roll so 36 hrs takes me to 8:30pm Sunday night but silly old me got my seeds in the post and get going instantly forgetting my 11ltr bags for planting arnt arriving until Tuesday at the earliest..... so question is what’s my best option? Does it matter if I leave them germinating for an extra 2 days ? Or can I plant in egg shells then when my bags arrive plant the egg shell filled with soil and seed ? Or have I failed at the first hurdle thank you for any advice!! Joe
  8. Hi all iv been around Reading and learning but not posted this is my first go I no I'm cutting major corners. Iv got a northern light auto going it on about day day 11Its lit with a cheapo led 600w aparrently and a 100w cfl in an old fridge.no nutes and 24h light So all seems to be going OK but a leaf has got some marks on it and don't want it to Continue so early on any 1 no what it is I was thinking It could be nutrient difinancy or possible light burn also I'm wanting to pot and lst it when should I start cheers
  9. Hiya, I'm currently nearing the end of my first week veg on 8 plants in coco (please see my profile for idea of strains, grow tent setup, nutrients etc) and have a question that I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer to, perhaps because there isn't one? I've got my plants (that have just been transferred in the rockwool they germinated in to a coco and perlite mix) under a 600w cool MH from Sunmaster. I'm running a 600w digital ballast, but I understand that dimming is not advisable. However, heat is currently an issue for me (Currently at around 25c-27c lights on temps, but it's been as high as about 31c-32c) I tried changing my lights on cycle overnight to see if it would improve things, and honestly, the additional disruption it causes wasn't worth the 0.5c reduction I got in temps. In order to get the current ambient temp I have (25c), it's been necessary for me to raise the reflector about as high as it will go. I suppose my question is, am I doing my young plants a disservice by doing this? Am I better off dropping to say a 400-450w MH, losing a bit of heat with that and lowering the reflector to get back to circa 25c temps, or am I ok doing what I'm doing? I just got one of those little Highpro fans for the intake, so any advice as to how I should set that up most effectively would be really appreciated, as I currently just have it held in with the drawstrings of my intake opening. I hope this all makes sense. I've been enjoying reading the forums a lot, some very knowledgable people here! Some absolute world class blaggers as well, which is enjoyable in its own way. Anyway, thanks for your time and hope to hear from someone soon.
  10. Hello people,This is my first post btw so it might be a mess lol.I have grown outdoors in the UK three times but I still feel like a complete newbee to it all, I do a lot of research online but I thought it might be a better idea to post into a community and share some ideas.I'm having serious trouble coming up with a feeding schedule for my outdoor grow. I am starting in May because my climate is shit. I'm going to explain my situation and what I think would be a good feed for my babies and I guarantee you will all laugh at the sight of it.I have bought Bio Bizz all mix to pot up in. I am going to mix with 30% of the top soil from my outdoor grow spot. The Semi-Automatic feminized seeds (guerilla gold X Freezeland) are going to be germinated straight into 1gallon fabric pots (debating whether to use jiffy pellets first). Once they are vegging I am going to use 3ml of bio bizz root juice for one week https://www.biobizz.com/producto/rootjuice/ I am also enhancing the taste of my crop using GuanoKalong Extract Taste Improver. 10 ml to the litre all the way through the grow cycle. When the fertilizer from the bio biz all mix substrate runs out I will use Royal queen seeds' easy boost organic dry fertilizer pellets. they are supposed to last for the whole growth cycle. the dry pellets combined with Plant magic plus evolution spray is what I am going to use for veg Once we are almost in June I want my plants outside in the ground. I have dug 3 foot wide holes about 2 and a half foot deep. I then gathered all the top soil from the surrounding areas and filled the hole with it. I did this because the soil I dug was very orange and apparently that means there's too much clay.When I transplant into the holes I am going to use Great White Michorizae paste to make the roots flourish. As the dry fertilizer pellets last for the whole growth cycle I wasn't going to use any bloom fertilizer. I Was just going to use Rock Resinator as an additive a week into the flowering stage and hope for the best.If any of you have grown outdoors in the UK you will know from experience at how small and airy some of the buds you come out with are. I thought the rock resinator could substitute for that.I really am unsure about this whole thing as I am still a newbie and would be really grateful for any changes/suggestions All the best,F.100
  11. Hey guys and gals! Well to start, I had been doing some light reading over the winter on this forum and I have to say its a delight to see such a welcoming and friendly place for info and tips! I decided to have a go at this 'grow your own' business. Ive got a south easterly facing garden with a greenhouse so it gets the sun for most of the day til about 8pm high summer. Ive even used foil insulation to increase the ray trap. Looks like a bit of a grow house! Ive got a full spectrum of veg and flowers on the go for the neighbours curiosity to be satisfied its not a dodgy grow house lol. Anyways, Ive bought Dinafem seeds, all Autos, I germinated the quick kush a few weeks ago, its doing well I think - a nice rich green. My main worry is that its had a bit of a stretch and purhaps the pot its in is a little small? I think its in a 3L pot and Ive read in a lot of threads that 5L is a good size. So my first question is do I stick with the pot or size up? My worry is I should probably size up very soon.. so its a decision that I need to make asap. Whats your thoughts? The pot has a false bottom so the roots arent soaked and a drainage hole. For Soil I used Biobizz light mix. And Ive used a little fishmix and root juice with its 2nd watering yesterday, maybe 1ml/L of rainwater. Im only watering when the pot feels light and the soil under the top starts to dry. This quick kush germinated when there was no real sun for a week so I bought a little full spec LED lamp to nurse it indoors. At the minute its still sleeping indoors with some LED before bed and spending its days in the greenhouse. Too eager to wait! Ive got a Bubba Kush and a Critical 2.0 seed ready to germinate. Those will deffo be going in bigger pots! And by the time they pop out the soil we should have lovely May sunshine, so wont be getting the LED treatment unless we have a month of rain! Cheers! Red P.S. i have photos but as yet unable to upload due to file size?
  12. Hi. First time growing autos and they’re looking really bushy . I’ve tried tucking the leaves as best as possible but it still looks like it’s hiding a lot of buds . Week 2 of flower now , can I trim leaves or will it stress the plant too much ?
  13. newbie

    Got a? How many auto ladies can I grow efficiently in a 12’ by 4’ space. I have 2 600w MH lamps. With a small air conditioner and box fan pulling air through my lights exhausting outside. I’m able to maintain pleasant temps yr round. My area is in east Texas
  14. Good afternoon all! i am new to UK420 and new to the whole growing scene. I have wanted to get a grow on the go for years but have been waiting to buy a place. Well that time is coming very soon. i have done so much reading over the last week on here and have learnt a lot just from reading. what I would like to know is what sort of equipment, specialty soils, additives, gadgets id need to get it all done from start to finish. i have been looking at getting an 8x6 polycarbonate greenhouse as a starting point...
  15. CBD

    Evening all, I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I start a grow. i was wondering if anyone knows how to get a high CBD and very low THC plant. Do I have to get specific seeds? A certain method of growing? my work industry is incredibly hot on drug testing but I take CBD for health issues and it helps, but it can be quite expensive and I’d like to have a go and growing my own
  16. Hi guys, first time grower here, I have very little knowledge as of yet and have come across this yellow mottling on some of my leaves. I have taken some off but it keeps happening to others. I don’t want to keep pulling them off, I’m worried I’ll end up with none left haha. Any ideas on what it is, what’s causing it and how I can fix the problem? Thanks in advance
  17. The beginning

    From the album New beginnings

  18. Hi all,, a couple of quick questions for you? 1, Does your EC have an effect on the temp of you res water? What i mean by this is, does the water in your res warm quicker/easier if the EC in your water is higher? 2, What temp is ideal for a res? Ive modded my wilma so the roots dont go into the res in the thought that i may be able to get away with slightly higher res temps if the roots are in it. Lights off im at 19c and lights on it climbs upto 22c. Ive tried everything to bring res temps down and really dont wanna have to buy a chiller. Thanks in advance...
  19. Hi all,, so i have 5 Original Glue girls in a wilma/1.2 tent with 600w hps just about to finish their 3rd week since i flipped them to 12/12. Id say they have finished their stretch and are showing all their early bud sites in the last 3 days. I cleared up the bottom 3rd of them pretty well after about 10 days of stretch but left the canopy alone pretty much. Now tho the canopy is pretty damn dense and i was wondering weather its too late for me to de-foil the top two thirds to allow more light penetration? Im also a little worried as i'm getting quit a few "sweaty" leafs due to the density and i'm running Original Glue beans that ive heard can be prone to bud rot later down the line if things are too damp/cramped. So do i de-foil now? and if so how heavy and which leafs to aim for? Cheers in advance...
  20. Hi guys and girls I’m looking for you guindence and knowledge, regarding setup for a 2.4 by 2.4 tent. Never done hydro before but my friends have and the results have been positive. I was thinking a gravity fed system 12 pot, but maybe I’m wrong. So any help and advice you can throw my way would be great.
  21. Hi Everyone! Brand new to the community and brand new to growing - so go easy on me! My story in short: Been a daily (nightly more accurately) smoker for 20 years, as has my missus. Supply has never been an issue for me as i have a reliable regular source and have done for half that time. I’m not sure why but it only occurred to me recently that i should have a go at growing it myself as i have the space and would love to save the cash in the long run! So like most in my position I did some reading and watched a ton of videos. There really is a huge amount of info to absorb, but i felt happy enough that i understood how to set myself up and get the plants growing an an environment that they would be happy in. Here’s the description: We’re in the garage. It’s large and has power but it’s no warmer than you would expect an outbuilding to be. Inside i’ve erected a 120x120x200 grow tent. That’s outfitted with a 450W viaspectra LED grow light (about 2 foot above the plants), a small USB fan for circulation and i have a cheap/standard extractor with carbon filter etc. These are all on the relevant timers / smartplugs. To handle the temperatures, there is a small oil radiator connected to a thermostat. My average temps are between 22-24C and RH is usually in the 40% range. As for the plants - i have germinated 2 White Widow X Big Bud (Feminized NL) and 1 8 Ball Kush (Barneys). These are all feminized. I germinated via water and paper towel method before planting seeds directly into a 10cm pot. I am using John Innes 2 potting-on soil and have added 30% additional perlite. Lights are on a 18/6 cycle. Please take a look at the images of my plants taken yesterday at 3 weeks 5 days. To me they look OK, one is a little droopy looking. EDIT: Ican't seem to upload any pics? Not sure why? Reason for the post really is advice on what to do next. I am worried that i have been underwatering them. I only water every 2 or 3 days and not much really, just out of a small water bottle. I add more when top of soil is too dry. Last night i started to worry that they need to come out of these small pots so i have ordered some 3 gallon fabric pots for a transplant. Are they ready for that? When i do transplant i was planning to use the same soil i have which has 5-6 weeks nutrients in it already from memory. After that period i plan to use biobizz nutes which i have bought already. Is this ok? I don’t want the plant to lack nutrients. Also, i am interested in doing some topping/LST etc to help improve yields. I am also interested in taking some clones to have more plants. What do you all recommend on these for a first timer? Simple topping seems sensible enough - but are they ready for it? I feel they look smaller/denser than many plants i see in online videos. All help and guidance appreciated. I am going away on the 18th for 5 days. There will be someone to water but if i need to transplant it will have to happen first. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi guys, so im doing some fastbuds auto flowers and everything seemed to be running completely fine. I did a foliar spray with 1ltr warm water to 2ml neem oil 1 teaspoon of dish soap. stupidly enough i did the spray whilst the lights was still on without thinking about the leafs maybe dehydrating or burning under the lights. The following next morning i came back to my girls looking like they're on deaths door. can anyone clarify what i did here.. whether i burnt them or its a deficiency which im not picking up as a first time grower. Im running, just normal compost soil with a 400w hps light, biobizz grom and bloom. 60/40 soil to perlite. I thought maybe over watering as my leafs are really drooping. just any advice would be lovely! they've been like this for about 2-3 days now. they've carried on growing in height but doesnt look like the leafs are repairing also struggling to upload my photos -.-
  23. Outdoor grower Hi there, Hope you are all well. I would really appreciate some help please! So I'm a first time grower hoping to grow some CBD plants to help with clinical depression and anxiety. Seeds used: 1st Batch 3 x Candida (CD - 1) Feminised Seeds 1 x Dinamed CBD Plus Feminised Seeds 2nd Batch Dinamed CBD Auto Feminised Seeds 1st Batch was started on the 1st July 2nd Batch were sprouted on the 15/16th July and started the process during a waxing Moon as I heard that was good for germination Attached are pictures from batch 1. What I'm finding tricky is how to get correct info to follow. I'm getting really confused as there's so much info online and a lot seems to contradict. I know that I ideally should of started the process earlier but couldn't start until recently. Main question at this stage is how often should these plants be outside in direct sunlight please? The plants are about 2 weeks old roughly and as pictured below Just started to give them a couple of hours direct outside sunlight and the rest time they are either inside in a sunny spot or indirect outside sun. I had to leave the plants unintended for a couple of days and something ate one of the leaves as you can see. Thank you very much for reading and any help would be really appreciated!! It would be so good to be self-sufficient and not have to buy expensive CBD oil especially as the anxiety makes it difficult to work. Thanks again!!! All of batch 1 Close up of Canidida looking good I hope Leaf Partially Eaten
  24. Hi guys hope all is well I’m in desperate need of help.... I had some auto flower Sensi Skunk growing in greenhouse but to cut a long story ( plant ) short my dogs ate them..... devastated my first grow too, I was wondering what’s the best auto to grow outside in a little greenhouse for the uk climate.....like I said I’ve tried sensi skunk but thinking of trying something different
  25. Hi all, this is only my second post so far, I am looking at setting up a bigger scale grow with a friend. I have grown a few plants in the past but never been really serious more as a hobby to see if I can. I have a fairly good understanding of the natural growth of the plants however I have only ever used soil and water I have never added any nutes or had them under lights the full process. My last grow went fairly badly long story short I started them naturally then put them under lights to flower but they didn't grow very well buds were loose no density at all and a very poor smoke, I wasn't expecting it to be amazing but a little better than it turned out. My current grow is going very well (in my own opinion) it seems to be thriving the first time I have ever had a plant under light from start to hopefully finish, I have discovered light burn my plant has grown too close to the light so after a little reading on the problem I decided my best option was to tie the top of the plant and pull is slightly to the side to move the plant away from the light. My plant is going well and I have only used water and grown in normal store bought soil, will the light burn affect the plant? Is there anything I can do to repair it? If I continue only to feed the plant water will the finished product be a fairly good quality smoke (as long as all goes well)? When we are ready with our new setup, from personal experiences what nutes and soil would you recommend using? What equipment would you recommend purchasing? What strains would you recommend starting with? (For good flavour and yield) Thanks for reading this post, i would appreciate any feedback, and any tips or advice anyone can offer.