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Found 51 results

  1. Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself, been enjoying the green for some 15 years, starting to get annoyed with the garbage available and the shrinking weights. My main objective is to produce a clean and quality smoke. Ideally with a med/high CBD %. I have spent many hours reading the vast amount of amazing information, I have been motivated by the grow diaries. Looking forward to start my first grow, and that first smoke is going to be marvellous Thanks Max
  2. Thanks for membership looking forward to new ventures and tips etc
  3. Hiya, All you great people. I've arrived here because I was looking at the American site with the similar name. I had no idea 3 months ago that growing weed was so popular!.....I love it, everyones doing it, wow! Ok. I'm a complete novice and until 3 months ago didn't give a thought about growing my own weed for pain control. Yes, I have been taking the CBD oils and the like and yes I thing they do work,.......to a certain extent, but boy, are they expensive or what! Worked out I was spending around £120 per week for me and a little for my wife (fibromylalga) I won't go into my pains & bore the socks of you but am I glad I found this site. To cut a long story short, I found 'Sensi-Seeds' in holland and ordered 8 seeds...... 4 Purple bud Feminised, 2 Super Skunk Feminised/autoflowering and 2 regular somethings (I don't remember) Bad move I know, especially when my wife mixed 'em all up! Then armed with seeds I bought the list below:...... 1: 2ft x 2ft x 5ft growtent 2: one 250 watt halide, 3: Two 300 watt LED grow light, 4: a bunch of fertilisers pots dishes, 5: Coco Coir, 6: Two Lamp Holder Socket e27 with Switch ON/OFF 7: Two pendant style hanging LED growlight bulbs 8: Four sheets of Mylar (don't ask) 10: Trotec Air lock for window venting 11: Garland GAL44LSW 24 Cell Self-Watering Propagator - Black 12: Canna 1L Terra Flores 13: Canna 50L Terra Professional Plus Soil Mix Bag 14: Gro-Sure Perlite, 10 L 15: 8 x Small 20cm Round Bell Plant Pots Planters Plastic Green Colour Garden Pots 16: Grow ligh hangers 17: Inkbird ITC-306UK Dual Relays Plug Digital Temperature Controller Heating Thermostat(No Cooling) 24 Hours Day & Night Cycle Timer,3 Pins UK Socket 18: DIGOO DG-TH1001 Indoor&Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor 19: String 20: 10 of Whitefurze G01R25 25cm Milano Round Planter - Terracotta 21 10 Dishes for pots 22: Masterplug Indoor Power TMS24-MP 24-Hour Mechanical Segment Timer 23: Aluminium Flexible Fan Ducting (5 Metres)-4"/100mm 24: Micro lens (to see Trichromes) 25: Strainer and filter stuff 26: Balhvit3 in 1 Soil Acidity Reader, Soil Plants, potted plant soil pH and Moisture Meter, Light Intensity 27: 8 of Whitefurze G01R25 25cm Milano Round Planter 28: 20 Litres Perlite 29: 3 Core Round White Flex Flexible Cable 0.75 MM 30: Black Orchid BO-AF-100-UK 100 mm 4-Inch Diameter Axial Flo Fan 31: PH Meter 32: Watering can 33: pH Down + enough epsom salts to fill an olympic swimming pool! 34: Syrige kit 35: Magnesium carbonate 36: calcium carbonate 37:All manner of coco fertilisers and sprays to keep bugs off 38: Pea sticks 39: Neem oil 40: Spray bottle 41: more larger pots and dishes to match Bottle of Glenmorange!!....the most important thing. That was ten weeks ago. Next I will give an update to where I am after 10 weeks. Sorry for the long intro but I thought it best just to show what I had bought for my setup.....(and I thought this was going to be cheap!) Of course I know you don't really 'need' all that stuff but I wanted to keep it precise and simple at the same time. My next post I'll bring you up to date and show some of the pitfalls that at least I stumbled through. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ......So with one very VERY large malt whiskey I will bid you good bye, until next time......Cheers! PS. I now know that 8 plants is plainly ridiculous in a tent of this size......2 x 2 x 5 high
  4. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  5. Hi all, I'm new on the forum and the growing world so bare with me please I was trying to find a better section where to post this but I couldn't seem to find one, so here it is. (Moderators feel free to move around, or please PM me before removing as it'll be a quite long one ). So, a bit of background. I've been a smoker/lover for about 20 years, then for unknown reasons I started having bad reactions to (I think) THC so I had to quit Now, this all CBD world is exploding all around, did a bit of research about medical strains and, as where I leave it's impossible to find anything but crap, I decided to give it a go and try and grow my own. Problem is I don't really know if these weaker strains will cause me the same problems when "consumed" So I'd like to stay on the cheap and upgrade further on in case of success. I've ordered some Sweet Nurse Auto CBD 5-10% THC/10-15% CBD and CBD Critical Cure 5% THC/8.5% CBD (and I also received a whole bunch (10/12) of high THC seeds), started buying some of the needed equipment and I'm "building" my tent (80x90x150cm, I used electrical pipes for the structure and I'll cover it with cardboard using emergency blankets as reflective material on the inside). As for lights I went for LED and I got a cheap COB 300w one off ebay (not sure if linking is allowed https://goo.gl/ugPPM6 ) Now the questions: I've been reading about fans and filters but I've seen on youtube some pretty experienced growers having good results without and saying that for air circulation it's enough to open the tent once/twice a day (https://youtu.be/lt-KNNAY80g min 4.14) And adding 1/2 small conventional fans for airflow. What's your take on that? This leads to opening the tent, from my understanding it's ok to open the tent given you respect the light cycle (hence you open it when the light is on and keep it close, especially during flowering, when the light is off). Is that right? Ventilation when the tent in closed. I was thinking to add a line of small holes close to the bottom on one side (where I'd put my fan so that it would kinda pull fresh air in from there) and the same on the top to the opposite side (from where the warm air is supposed to get out). Would that do? Also, shall I worry about the light leaking in from those holes or, making them small enough (say 6 holes 10mm), the amount of light will be irrelevant? Finally, last but not least, I'd like to go as "organic" as possible, avoiding chemical nutes (even because they require flushing and water is kind of an issue on the island where I leave). I do make my own compost (coffee ground, tea leaves, egg shells and all the veg waste from salad, greens, fruit etc...), would you use it when potting? What else you suggest to use as an aid? I think that's about it for the moment, be assured I'll be back bothering you guys with more questions once I'll start! I can't wait!!! I'll probably start with one because of the very small tent, most probably I'll go with the Sweet Nurse which is stated to be ready in 8 weeks from germination! Peace
  6. OK, well here is where I'm at and would appreciate any advice. Been smoker for y.e.a.r.s but got to the point where I'm tired of getting ripped off by kids and have been thinking about growing for a few months now but it all looks so complicated. I mean there is no way I could wire lights/carbon filters/fans etc - I've seen complete grow tents for about 450pounds which is way out of budget but also too big. I'm only looking to grow one plant (at a time) - is that feasible? What are the odds of having a successful first grow? See the yanks are quite into space buckets but not so big over here? My biggest problem would be the smell (I love it but don't think my neighbours/landlady would ) how effective is a carbon filter? Whats a good seed to start with? All advice will be gratefully received x
  7. Hi all I'm wondering if anyone as an idea how to get rid of caterpillars from a outdoor grow in plastic greenhouse a friend recommended bugclear fruit and veg which iv applied but they keep showing up. I think I'm about 5 weeks away from harvest Thanks
  8. Hey I'm new to this site and also a 1st time grower. So excited I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm currently starting a grow from bag seed. It was free as I already paid for the weed in came in. So anyway, im using full spectrum led grow lights in my homemade grow box. I have 2 pc fans (1 for intake 1 for output air) I have an 80w, 60w and 54w growlights with a daylight cfl. There is only 2 plants as my space is very limited. Using miracle grow soil. Oh balance & temp are fine, both checked regularly. Any advice or tips from more experienced growers will be very much appreciated. As soon as I figure out how to post pics, I'll show you my grow so far, 3 weeks into vegging. Happy Smokin'
  9. Hi all, just registered after setting up a grow and wanted to let anyone considering know what I've been up to. Set up indoor tent, 300 watt dual colour CFL 20/4. 4 x 10L pots and Verve Multi Compost from BnQ. Growing White Widow from Dutch Passion and Sensi Skunk from Sensi Seeds, both autos. Just the Verve in the pots with a good drenching of Highland Spring (pH 7.8) at the same time as germinating. Now using Ashbeck water pH 6.2. Tried both paper towel and shot glass and all 4 succeeded. The shot glass seemed quicker to me, left in dark cupboard 24 hrs in the Ashbeck water, until they sank (did push down in water now and then till they sank) then straight to pot. Broke through in less than 24 hrs! All four at 2nd, 3rd leaf stage. Temp running around 30-32 and humidity 70ish (bowl of water in tent). Just watered with 0.5ml Biobizz Grow after 8 days and keeping fingers crossed it isn't too early. Just planning the dry, thinking of just doing it the tent with extraction and fan on, not sure yet though and then the cure. Any recommendations would be gladly received. Really diggin this and wished I'd done this ages ago, in stead of gambling on street weed. Hope this helps anyone thinking of starting up and I'll report more as and when if anyone wants to know. Cheers dudes
  10. Good evening everyone, going to start growing two new plants on friday as i think ive got to cut my losses with my older plants (stem snap). My first few grows ive used Westland compost with added John Innes. The growth was slow i felt and wonder how much the compost may have effected the grow. Does anyone else recommend anything else? Many Thanks for any advice received
  11. Hi all, This is my first post and my first grow, and I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed with my plant. Thought I'd start of with some general information about the grow: Strain - No Idea (Had a few seeds in my grinder compartment and raffled ^_^) Grow Medium - Soil Grow Environment - Being a broke man's grow, there is no tent. The pots are just sat in my room Lighting - 1 300w "full-spectrum" LED Nutrients - Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser 4-1-2 Water - Volvic (Approx 7 Ph) Other Stuff - No humidity sensor/regulator, No Ph control/testing kit So I started on a 24-0 schedule after doing some reading and finding out that bud doesn't actually need a "rest period" to perform well; however after a few weeks of vegging and more reading I decided to swap the schedule to 18-6 because I noticed she wasn't as tall as I was expecting (this could be down to the strain, but the additional reading I did mentioned that the down time gives the plant some time to stretch so I thought I'd give that a go). She's gonna be 7 weeks old tomorrow (from seed), I've done some LSTing and some very light defoliation so far and feel like she should be ready to flower now, but what I'm seeing is telling a different story. To improve the spread of light, I've also been using pieces of cardboard wrapped in foil that act like mirrors and reflect the light to the underside of the plant. I've included some pictures below: So my main questions are these: Will I get a decent yield if I put her into flower now? Should I do some more defoliation and if so where should I focus? Does mirroring the light reduce the plant's height? (I.e, does the reflected light make the plant reach less because there is another source closer than the main light?) What is the cheapest way to feed your plants during flowering? Thanks in advance!
  12. Mini Cola?

    From the album Grow Uno

    From one cola cometh another. Is this normal?
  13. Day 33

    From the album Grow Uno

    33 Days into flower
  14. hello looking at buying Neudorff pyrol bug and larvae killer organic safe on flowers Suitable for all types of flowers, fruits & vegetables. Certified organic by Organic Farmers & Growers Ready to use spray to control aphids, spider mites, white fly, thrips, scale bugs, wool bugs, mealybugs, cicadas, sitka spruce bugs. Also effective against biting insects like caterpillars, beetles & sheet wasps larvae. Works against mature insects, their larvae & their eggs with a low toxicity to bees. Suitable for use in gardens & on allotments. Application: Spray plants & undersides of leaves until dripping wet. but cannot find if it safe to be used on weed says its organic and kills most bugs but does not say about weed any help would be appreciated
  15. i am a newbie and using biobizz fish-mix but was also told by a friend to put chicken pellets down as well as this will help but someone else has told me not to use them as it can make the taste and smell disgusting now in two minds what is best any advice would be very helpful
  16. hi all, i recently moved my girls from a small plastic greenhouse to a larger walk-in plastic one. However im struggling to keep the temperature to a standard i want. So im thinking of bubble wrapping the whole greenhouse and then placing the plastic cover back over the top. Has anyone ever done this before? if so which was do the bubbles go ie facing inside/outside? anything i should be wary of? Any experiences/advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks All Peace
  17. Good afternoon all, I'm in the middle of second grow (first on my own) and like my one previous I have been having a few problems nutrient wise and deficiency wise which I have no idea about. I have been to different shops where I have asked advice but it has never really worked or helped the problems I'm facing and it has really stressed me out for both of these grows, so that's why I have came here to try an end my confusion Id appreciate greatly it if someone on this forum could give me some insight and guidance if you guys have the time. But concerning my problems should I just create a new topic like this and relay the information of my situation ?
  18. Afternoon all, I've been vegging 4 females in my shed for the last 5-6 weeks and plan on flicking to 12/12 tomorrow and I'm getting worried about the stench that's gonna occur in a few days/weeks. I haven't got a tent just the hps and some poorly placed mylar sheeting, I've also got a fan and a dehumidifier if that makes any difference but yeah do I need a carbon filter? I've heard they're quite expensive and I'm quite skint atm plus I don't know how it would fit as I haven't got a tent, are there any alternatives? I'm worried the smell might stink up my back garden which is shared by other houses. Thanks alot!
  19. Does anyone have any info on these strains? I bought them from a uk store I found on google, I've read all that they've said about it but it seems like blag talk to me so just wanted to know if anyone had some experience with em! thanks
  20. FIRST OF ALL I'D LIKE TO SAY HI TO ALL YOU UK420ers !!! IT'S NICE TO FINALLY BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AS A PROPER MEMBER,INSTEAD OF FLOATING AROUND AS GUEST (which has been a few years now). NOW I USE A VPN I'M FEELING MORE COMFORTABLE ABOUT WHAT I PUT UP. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY, ! ok with the intro out the way, i need to ask you guys some advice on some sick AUTO plants i have...... hope the pick is ok but tried to crop to pic to show several problems i think i have .....
  21. newbie

    FIRST OF ALL I'D LIKE TO SAY HI TO ALL YOU UK420ers !!! IT'S NICE TO FINALLY BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AS A PROPER MEMBER,INSTEAD OF FLOATING AROUND AS GUEST (which has been a few years now). NOW I USE A VPN I'M FEELING MORE COMFORTABLE ABOUT WHAT I PUT UP. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY, ! ok with the intro out the way, i need to ask you guys some advice on some sick AUTO plants i have...... hope the pick is ok but tried to crop to pic to show several problems i think i have .....
  22. Hello All... just thought I'd say hi to you all as I am new. I've been toking a long old while now, 20 yrs plus. I have dabbled with vaping over the years but only recently took the plunge and gave up smoking for good... right now this seems one of the best decisions I ever made - I never thought i'd be saying that. So vape wise I've got a Mighty, FireFly 2 and VapCap... there's a special place in my heart for all three. Having said that I'm still learning... Seemingly there's a ton of vapes out there to try out. Next I'll probably give a Cloud Evo and Sticky Brick Junior a go and an OmniVap is definitely on the list as well. Anyways I'm looking forwards to sharing my experiences on hear and reading about yours as well
  23. Hello! I want to make the most of my greenhouse as soon as winter is over, so I'd love to pick the brains of more experienced growers, given that I'm totally a newbie. I live in Hampshire and have a greenhouse with limited heating, and I want to start planning/buying seeds, and figuring out when to germinate them, etc. I imagine I should go with feminised autos, but not really sure. If there is anyone here willing to advise and "mentor" me, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!
  24. Hello! I've just joined hoping I can get some help with the timings/schedule of this year's sowing. I want to get the most of the limited warm weather and sun that we get, so I'd love to get some advice from more experienced growers in my similar situation - just a greenhouse in the south of England. Any recommendations re seed would be much appreciated as well - feminised and self flowering would probably be best, no? I've done some searching in the site already, but I can't quite find the answers I'm hoping for. Thanks so much for such an extended knowledge base though! :~)
  25. Hello everyone - I hope that 2017 brings you health, happiness and wealth. The truth is that I don't even smoke but I am a very keen gardener. After many years of "thinking" about it I am just about to start experimenting with an organic compost (based on sub cools mix and a few additives), 3 x auto flowering feminised Six Shooters - under a 360w dual spectrum LED system. ANY & ALL advice would be VERY welcome....