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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys. newbie here. I’m doing a small grow and I’ve hit the flowering stage. my leaves have started going very light green /yellow and started to turn downwards. im not sure if I have a deficiency or over watered. ive attached a couple pics. im using Dutch Pro Auto Flower Nutrients. I think I’ve left changing over from grow to bloom feeds too late. (they’ve only had 2 feeds of bloom) Now I know I over watered on during the veg stage but I thought I got back on track with it. One is considerably larger than the other but they’ve both started to bud. I'm using the Dutch Pro Auto Flower bloom at EC 1.6 any help advice ?
  2. I'm hoping you can help me. I'm trying to decide the best system for me and am stuck. I definitely want to go hydro having only ever done soil before. I've got a 1.2m x 2.4 tent and intitally I had thought autopot would be the way to go but after lots of research I'm leaning towards either 4 of the Oxypot XL (2 in each half of the tent) or going for a 4 pot R-DWC system (although there is the temptation to go for the 8 pot version and take some pots out if it' s too much?). I'm looking at getting either of these set ups from growell as I've got all my other bits there. The guy at the shop has suggested the 4 pot R-DWC system and the only thing that' s making me think twice is that the pots are 19litre oxypots. Compared with the Oxypot XL which has a 70 litre tank/pot, it seems small. I will be most likely sticking to 4 plants with a small possbility of doing a maximum of 8. I guess my natural instinct is with the 19 litre pots on the R-DWC I may need to do about 6 plants in my grow space and if i tried to scrog it with only 4 19litre pots, it would take ages? So would need the extra 2 pots to speed things up. Is this about right? Whereas I'm imagining with the 4 Oxypot XLs, the plants would be able to grow bigger roots and therefore get better yield and quality. It' s obviously a bit of a pain in the a** to fill up the 4 oxypot chambers instead of the 1 reservoir but I'm imagining it not being too difficult if I've cleared the lower branches as I could just get under my net to get access. 1 other issue regarding the Oxypot XLs is I'm not sure how to flush them weekly. Do i just get a pump and a bucket and access one of the sides of the pot? Is this quick and easy? I'm reasonably confident of controlling the environment and will buy a nutrient chiller. I've looked at the hailea models which look good. I believe they can be used in either a reservoir or with the 4 oxypot XLs? And also will need a nutrient heater/s. On a slight tangent, I've already ordered the autopot system from a shop but I haven't picked it up yet so I'll need to be relatively quick as I want to exchange it. On another slight tangent, I've also thought of the potential to connect the 4 oxypot XLs And turn it into a big R-DWC system? But I'm not that handy, although I do have a toolbox so may need help from my brother if it went that route. And I don't want to mess it up. Anyway guys, that's enough. I know some of the questions may be a bit noob but I don't want to buy the wrong system (which I think I already did with the autopot). Thanks,
  3. High guys! I am a complete newb here! I have only ever had one grow a few years ago, after moving to a new apartment I decided to build a stealth grow box, took me a couple of days to get all set up and planted, I started to lst at week 3. I am growing 2 sweet tooth auto's, using; Straight up coco, (never thought of a pertile mix until it was too late), 3 20w warm white CFL's ( these were added after pictures were taken), 1 85w daylight CFL, Not sure of pot size, 1 pc fan ( cool air intake), 1 small pc fan ( warm air exhaust). Please please leave any suggestions or ideas you think may help me out.
  4. Hi Guys, This is the second time grow as last years I starter way to late. This year I started with 4 x purple maroc ferm, 3 died and one has rocketed up. It is in a small plant pot *not in the ground* at the moment and it is around 9-10 inches tall. when should i change the pot or should i put it in the ground without the pot or can i grow it in a bigger pot all together? it is in a portable greenhouse in a good area for the sunlight *when are purple marocs ready to go outside without any shelter or greenhouse? * is it a good 9-10 inches tall the size of a 380ml lucozade bottle if that makes it easier* for the last 2 weeks it hasnt really grown alot its stopped? but growing at the top rather than stem, could this to be with that it needs a bigger pot for the roots to grow? anyone got any tips for purple maroc? and how to stop pests as i checked her recently and their was orange sploshes doted around the plant! started mid april also what fert can i use and when should i use it thankyou for your help guys